What PlayStation Move Setup is Right for You?

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Now that E3 2010 is in the books and all of the launch details around PlayStation Move have been announced, I know a lot of you may be wondering exactly what you need to start playing motion-controlled gaming on the PS3. So, here’s a primer that spells out all the great options that will be available and how much it will cost you to get up and running with PlayStation Move.

PlayStation Move bundle set

The PlayStation Move platform consists of the PlayStation Move motion controller, the PlayStation Eye camera and, of course, the PS3 system. We’ll offer various options for you to choose from depending on what hardware you already own and what kind of PlayStation Move experience will satisfy you. Here’s a breakdown of prices depending on your current situation.

What Move Setup is Right for You?

I don’t yet have a PS3

  • Your best option: *PlayStation 3 Sports Champion Move Bundle
  • How much it will cost? $399.99

PS3 Move Bundle

I have a PS3 and nothing else

  • Your best option: **PlayStation Move Bundle
  • How much it will cost? $99.99

Move Bundle

I have a PS3 and PlayStation Eye camera

  • Your best option: Move Motion Controller
  • How much it will cost? $49.99

Move Controller

*The PlayStation 3 Sports Champion Move Bundle comes with: a PS3 system, 1 PlayStation Move motion controller, a PlayStation Eye Camera, the Sports Champions Blu-ray game and a PlayStation Move game demo disc.

** The PlayStation Move Bundle comes with: 1 PlayStation Move motion controller, a PlayStation Eye camera, the Sports Champions Blu-ray disc game and a PlayStation Move demo disc.

For those of you who own a PS3 already, the PlayStation Move Bundle is the complete Move package, offering everything that you, your friends and your family need to enjoy PlayStation Move in both single-player and multiplayer modes. The PlayStation Move platform is designed to be flexible. We’ve done our best to give you plenty of options, both in terms of gameplay and hardware, so you can customize your PlayStation Move experience to fit the way you game.

For the vast majority of PlayStation Move games, you can play with one motion controller when playing solo. There are some titles that give you the option to play single-player with one *or* two motion controllers if you would like, such as Sports Champions. It’s completely up to you. One title launching this fall that is an exception worth noting is The Fight: Lights Out, which requires two motion controllers to deliver the best possible experience, tracking both arms and your head with one-to-one precision.

In many games, when you’re playing against friends or family, you can all share one motion controller – in a game like Start the Party!, for example, players can just pass the motion controller around. You will need more than one motion controller only for simultaneous game play — for example, if you’re going head-to-head with a friend in a Sports Champions gladiator duel, you will each need your own motion controller.

PlayStation Move

The PlayStation Move Navigation Controller is an optional add-on that brings directional buttons, an analog stick, and two face buttons into the PlayStation Move’s control scheme. The sleek Navigation Controller essentially replicates the left side of the DualShock 3 controller for familiar and natural control. At $29.99, we think it’s a wonderful supplement to the PlayStation Move platform, especially for games like Heavy Rain, where you control a character, but it’s not required for any of the PlayStation Move games. The DualShock 3 controller that came with your PS3 will let you do everything the Navigation Controller does in all PlayStation Move titles.

It all goes back to the PlayStation philosophy that every consumer is different, and everybody benefits when you get to make your own choices. An extra motion controller or a navigation controller are additive to the PlayStation Move experience. For some of you, aiming a bow and arrow with two motion controllers in Sports Champions will be the enhanced realism you’re craving; for others, one controller will work just fine.

Bottom line is, we’ve got you all covered. We hope we’ve provided enough great options for all of you out there and can’t wait until you can get your hands on PlayStation Move come September 19th.

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  • Glad its cheaper then I thought!
    Going to get

  • I will be getting the $99 bundle, looks like a good deal

  • I cant wait :) ill be going with the second bundle

  • I hope that is a mistake for the Playstation 3 Move Bundle. It list every thing you need except a dualshock controller.

  • Since I just experienced the Yellow Light on one of my two systems, I am currently considering purchasing another new system, which leads me to my question….

    What is the HDD space on the ps3 included with the Sports Champion bundle? Many rumors have been started, lets get a real answer, if we can.

  • It’s actually cheaper to buy a PS3 and the Move bundle seperately ;D

  • Can I buy a PS3 Move Bundle from Europe without worrying about “region lock” or some other incompatibility? That’s all I need to know =P

  • Option 2 for me, but will it come with the trigger thing or just the move?

  • It would be great if there is a bundle for the hardcore gamer. A time crisis bundle would be perfect

  • You should create some applications for Move like a mini “Paint” application and simple “Image Editor” for casual people to get used to the precession of the controller then integrate it with other applications like the Web Browser and Video Editor.

  • @8 if you mean the gun thingamabob, no, you have to get it separately.

  • Sounds good Sony! Day one purchase for me can’t wait!

  • Hey Peeps at Sony, how about a Motion Control and a Navigation Control Bundle?? But either way, day one buy for me :) I <3 PS

  • Option 3 is me, but are you guys planning on having say a bundle, 2 motion controllers and sports champions for those with the camera already?

  • I already have the move and the nav controller ordered but I would really like a bundle with both or a dual Move bundle

  • I know I may be in the minority here on the blog, but I am looking forward to playing some game (e.g. RE5) with the Move. I think the precision afforded by the move allows some games to be a really neat, and look forward to games involving shooting in particular as the move can allow for an that extra measure of quick precision.

  • I think there should be a bundle with 2 motion controllers. Or include the sub controller. It’s not fair to do what the Wii does and release the two parts that make up one controller separately so they end up being $80 each. Especially since not everyone wants to drop $100 for the camera and controller in the first place.

    I’ve already spent $200 on four dualshock 3’s so that my whole family can play LBP, now if we all want to play with Move, thats another $250+ for four controllers and the bundle.

  • Why doesn’t the bundle come with two motion controllers, a sub controller, camera, and game all for $99.99? Now that would compel me to buy it. But to be forced to pay (one way or another, to play some games, I will NEED two motion controllers) upwards of 180 dollars for the additional motion controller and the sub-controller (because we all know the dual shock in one hand will NOT be comfortable and will probably cause aches for some) and 40 dollars per game is unfair, especially in this economy when people can’t afford anything but need entertainment to distract themselves from these troubling times. So what’s the deal?

  • @18+19 sorry didn’t realize you posted the same request

  • I have pre ordered my Playstation Move and definately will be getting it on release.
    I have ordered the PS Move bundle… but don’t I need 2 move controllers for some games? Have seen people using one move controller in each hand. So I need the move bundle PLUS ANOTHER playstation move controller?

    • You do not need 2 motion controllers to play any of the games in Sports Champion. If you’re playing solo, the majority of games can be played with 1 motion controller.

  • Option #3 is missing “Sport Champions”

    Can we buy it separately? Will it cost $39.99?

    If so I’ll go with option #2, even though I already have an Eye. $39.99+$49.99=$89.99. $10 Eye? OH YEAH! I’ll just sell my second one back to Gamestop…

  • Why can’t the nav controller be with the bundle?

    At that price. I would rather drop an 50 and grab a Wii and know I have some decent titles to play.

    I shouldn’t have to go out and find soemthing else while buying a “bundle”.

  • Why not a bundle with a MOVE Controller, Navigation Controller, and a game for the people like me who already have an PS Eye? I don’t think any one of us wants to use the PS3 controller as a medium to control character movement while using the Move controller to aim and stuff. Looking at people paying RE5 with the Move controller and a PS3 controller looking troublesome and annoying as hell.
    This is the problem with SONY, you guys have amazing products, but when it comes to marketing it to the consumers, you tend to fail a lot.

  • hope they’ll do a socom 4 bundle that way you’ll get everything fom the PS eye to the navigation controler and an awesome game

  • Sub controller sold separately?

  • Oh yeah. A Socom 4 Bundle with a Move Controller, Navigation Controller, Socom 4 Game and Camera for $119.00 would be great!

    Personally I already have a camera so none of the bundles are good fits for me.(from Eye of Judgment) :-(

  • Does the stand alone Move controller come w/ a demo disc? Or does the Sports Champion retail copy have the demo disc?

    If I just buy the Move controller(s) and Sports Champions, will I still somehow get demos? (Tiger Woods is what I’m looking forward to trying)

  • This product is a clusterfunk of confusion. It seens Sones is not even entirely sure what they want to do with this, or who they want, or they think they want to aim this at. But the way it is done and the level at which it is priced me thinks it will end up being aimed at no one.

    The appeal for core gamers simply isn’t there, or at least not for the time being by the looks of it. And no casual gamer is going to drop 400 on a sleeker looking Wii clone.

    The past shows that optional console peripherals with no weight of support behind them all died quick death. If Sones was serious about this then they would pack a PSEye, Move + sub controller in every box of PS3 regardless of configuration. Then maybe it would stand a chance.

  • If there’s a bundle that includes the Motion Controller and the accessory controller I’ll get that.
    I’ll just wait until such a bundle exists or there’s a sale.

  • Good to see that I am not the only one that want a Move and a Navigation controller bundle. That is such an obvious bundle, yet SONY don’t seem to get it. Why not bundle the two for $70 or $100 with a game?

  • packing a Move controller with a game should be the solution for those who own a PS3 and PS Eye. $50 for the controller and the $40 for the game is $10 less than the PlayStation 3 Sports Champion Move Bundle which includes the game. I love Sony but they don’t seem to have their marketing in sync. Example is purchased the 52′ HX909 3D ready TV when they were announced, got it on June 25th and then this last week they but out bundle offers with it. Now, they have matched and gave me the difference in price as well as the items included in the bundle which I had already purchased but this should have been something arranged from the product launch. But, oh well. Can’t have my cake and eat it too!!! Now, I want to go play Fat Princess. HAHA

  • I would love more bundle options as well. Maybe coordinate with retailers to do more bundles? Amazon would be great start.

  • For people who already have the camera,
    you could have made a bundle too… like i dont know 2 games with move controller or 1 moves with the sub controller and a game or something else around that…

  • Wishing it was September already. Btw, when are we going to know the launch titles? I want Socom 4 Day 1

  • Totally getting this.

    And to the whiners complaining about all these magical bundles–they offered 3 different bundles. A lot more than the competition. Just get whatever fits you.

    Get a PS Eye on Craigslist or Ebay for 15 bucks.

    If the Move ends up making you BETTER at FPS than a normal controller, it’s going to sell like hotcakes to the fraghead market (who care about KD ratios and such). That’s a HUGE market.

    And from what we’ve heard from major gaming sources, it seems as if the Move will INDEED make you better at shooters.

  • These are just the official Sony bundles, relax people. Major retailers will create their own bundles.

    Walmart already did it with that wonky Microsoft Kinect controller, so you’ll bet they’ll do one for Move. As will Amazon and etc.

  • The second one for sure!:D

  • @29 Kamiboy
    Exactly. Sony cannot market this to the hardcore games because of the lack of hardcore games for every time of gamers. Nor can Sony market this to the casual with the price. I honestly don’t see casual gamers spending $400 on a PS3 for just one controller when they can pay half of that for a Wii and get both a game, Wiimote, and sub controller.
    For the $400 bundle, I would actually include a sub-controller in that bundle also.

  • I agree with BloodyCow, a “Hardcore” bundle with one move and one Nav Controller would be a good start.

  • I’d like to request some sort of elegant solution to the camera. I’ve had the PSEye since it came out and it’s been sitting in the closet ever since, because there is no good way to position it on/near my television. I Cant sit the camera on top of the TV or it will fall off, I have no room in front/beneath the TV to place it either. It would be nice if Sony came out with some sort of universal mount for the camera to maybe clip on the top of flat panel tv’s.

  • Is Sports Champions the only Move bundle available? I was hoping for an EyePet bundle like the one in Europe with the game and PS Eye.

  • why is there no bundle with the little extra pice?

    how neccessary will this piece be for gaming.

  • Looking forward to PS Move!

  • xSLaYxDAxSLaYeRx

    i kinda wanna get the 1st bundle because i need a new ps3 cuz mine has like no more memory but im just gonna get the 2nd bundle

    Cant Wait!!!

  • Not much of a bundle when is costs $1 more than buying it in two smaller bundles!

    I already have the eye, but since you guys are being jackasses and bundling it up so nicely I’m going to get the bundle and get another one for $10, then trade it in towards another game.

    Since I already have the eye, Heavy Rain and RE5, and I’m getting KillZone 3, Socom 4, and LBP2 anyway, it would be mad not to add so much value for the low low price of $49.99.

  • all of the bundles look alright except why dont we get a move demo disk i we already own the PS eye. i think sony should of bundled the game and demo disk with the stand alone controller two. or maybe 2 move controllers, a navigation controller, the game and demo disk as a bundle

  • Why oh why is it called the “Navigation Controller”?

    That’s just a dumb name.

  • Retailers will do their own bundles people.

    And for anyone wondering about the launch games, the list is already out. Just google it.

    It’s like 31 games.

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