New in PlayStation Home: 3 New Personal Games + Killzone 2 & Monkey Island 2 Items

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With every passing week more and more awesome games arrive into the ever-expanding world on PlayStation Home. And this week promises to continue in this rich tradition of compelling content and exclusive gaming experiences, as we release three highly-anticipated games for use in your clubhouses and personal spaces.

By popular demand, our friends at VEEMEE are delivering special versions of Darts and Pool that you can share with your friends in the personal location(s) of your choice. To sweeten the deal, those of you that have already added VEEMEE’s London Pub personal space to your collection will receive a discount on each of these games ($1.99 for Darts, $2.49 for the English and American Pool package), which will be available from the Exclusives store beginning this Thursday, July 15th. So take this as your “cue” to “dart” on over to the PlayStation Home Mall and prove once and for all that you are the King (or Queen) of two of PlayStation Home’s most popular games.

Fans of the recently-released Midway space will finally be able to add the Trigger Happy-in-a-Box game to their collection of personal games. This game will be available at a discounted price of $0.49 for players that have purchased the Midway Bar Key (similarly, if you purchase the Trigger Happy-in-the-Box game at its full price of $2.99 you will receive a discount on the Midway Bar Key). Be sure to add this game to your collection by visiting the Midway space or the Exclusives store in the PlayStation Home Mall starting this Thursday.

Last but not least, the long-awaited Killzone 2 Radec costume will be made available this week along with additional Monkey Island 2 items. You can pick up the former from the Threads store in the PlayStation Home Mall while the latter can be found in the LucasArts store come this Thursday.

Killzone 2 Radec costume

See you in Home!

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  • Thank you! No more waiting on the queue at the bowling alley and hoping friends can jump in on it. I can just kick their butts in my own personal space!

  • awesome video. love the small message at the bottom.

  • When will we be getting our next IREM update? Japan gets 1 almost every other week we haven’t had an update in a month or 2. Japan has 5 IREM spaces already when do we get our next space?

  • additions this week. cant wait tobuy all three for my space

    • The two pool tables (English and American) plus the Dart game should allow everyone to have an ultimate “game room” of their own.

  • Good to see Radec. Is FevaArena being taken down? What about the Feva Points shop? Just Cause 2 stuff from last week tomorrow? Thx

    • FevaArena Global Pitch Area is not schedule to come down yet, so we can all continue to enjoy it. The Just Cause 2 stuff is coming soon.

      As for Radec, I want to see you all form an army, then storm Central Plaza tomorrow!

  • I just wanted to thank you for the Soccer Jerseys and for your obvious dedication to us at home…as crazy as things get at times and as outspoken as I can be…I truly do appreciate tremendously yours and glasswalls efforts here in Na…
    Thank you.

  • Nice! Glad to have Pool tables!!! :D

    How much is the Radec costume? Will it be a bundle?

  • hey Locust. Awesome Update! Like many others, I have been waiting on these Pool Tables for a while. Its even cooler to see that we are getting Darts, Pool and Trigger Happy all on the same day. I can never get tired of Arcade Games and Active Items in Home. Keep em coming :-).

  • Cool. I do have a request though. Can you please expand the limit for active items for clubs & personal spaces! Since you’re releasing more of these type of items, I would really like to have the limit expanded to like five. Not two.

  • Hey Locust_Star thanks for the update!

    One question. Could you tell us the regular un-discounted price for the pool tables and dart boards?

  • Sweet update. My wallet takes another hard hit.
    I am surprised by how addicting The Midway has become. 99 cents for dozens of Home items is hard to avoid.

  • Don’t remove the minis space! :(

  • Ah pool tables finally! The dream has come true!

  • King0fHearts2007

    So when are we getting EA poker tables?

    Also when are we getting the Hall of Fame, Shrink, hovercrafts, TV’s and radios?

  • Will the Feva Arena still be available? I like the idea of interacting with the other regions worldwide. thank you

  • are we going to get any new hairstyles or outfits for the girls!!!

    Any ETA for the new central plaza for NA??

    Pleassseee give us a hint :)

    My local bestbuy knows me by name now I buy so many cash cards LOL for Home

    • Our friends at Lockwood Publishing/Outso are bringing a nice selection of new items for the ladies of Home tomorrow. I think you’ll like them.

  • Thank you SONY!! This will add more value to the Home experience than you guys think! Keep adding content to PlayStation Home Apartments like NETFLIX and a sterio to play YOUR music but I have been waiting for pool tables and thanks!!

  • PS Home: Free Stuff for Playstation Plus Members!!

  • Sweetness!

  • cant wait for the pool tables tomorrow!

  • How about a Killzone game space?????????

    Any more free items in Home ever??? PS3 games don’t offer items, clothes, or even personal spaces. You have to buy everything and that is just lame.

    Wat some 3 or 4 PS3 games offered free Home rewards?? Thats sad.

  • Paying to play Midway on Home sucks even more. lol

    • You can play all the games in Midway for free–you just have to pay a little attention to the notifications. Every few minutes, there is a free minute of game play for one of the games, chosen at random. Plus, Miz Fortune has a countdown timer in the top left of the screen for a free play every 5 minutes.

      If you are willing to spend 99 cents, you get a ticket for 50 games. That comes out to less than 2 cents a play! There are 100 rewards available from Midway at 10 per game, plus a free Darla’s Den personal space. That’s pretty rad!

  • VERY GOOD JOB GUYS!! I look forward to buying more stuff in HOME this thursday. May i ask if any Anime costumes are currently under development?

  • I’m with LeoMindfreak08. Free Stuff!

    Now to wait for the commoners to complain because they aren’t cool enough to be PS+ members.

  • @ NotoriousGamer (20)

    That’s not true. I got a Prinny trophy statue from Disgaea 3 and a giant White Knight statue from White Knight Chronicles. I’m not sure what you have to do to get each, but I definitely got them from the games.

    • You’re right Jeigh, there are several titles that have rewards, and we hope to have many more in the future.

  • Excellent update this week, can’t wait to get my hands on Darts, Pool, AND Trigger Happy in a Box! One question – do the pool tables count as interactive items, as in, can you only place two? We really need to get that number increased with all this great content.

  • Any ETA for the new central plaza

  • WaveLightning777

    Are the 1.99/2.49 prices for the darts/pool tables the normal prices or the discounted prices? And whichever one is the case, what are the prices for the other price point?

    • The Pool Tables are $3.49, but discounted to $2.49 if you own the London Pub. The Darts game is $2.99, and a buck off if you own the Pub.


  • THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH! I can’t wait to get my hands on some of those portable personal space games.

  • will there be any Irem items in this update

  • I want some Monkey Island in my HOME

    • LucasArts isn’t done yet bringing us more fun Monkey Island items! Do you already have the LeChuck’s Pirate ship personal space or the Guybrush Threepwood or LeChuck outfits?

  • oo_Silent_Bob_oo


  • I hear by challenge Glasswalls to an epic pool battle!


    Cool update, glad to more and more interactive content in the personal spaces, could you guys work on upping the limit to more then 2 “Active” items per space?

    Also fix the gamers lounge, it keeps freezing me like a tongue on a pole in the dead of winter.


  • Hey GlassWalls
    When are you going to FIX the FREEZING everytime someone goes to the GAMERS Lounge. I can’t go there and many others can’t either. When we get there WE FREEZE!!!!! NOT JUST ME!

    ALSO, I’ve signed up for CLUBS but have never been approved for a few of them. ALSO there is a club called JEWS Suck that needs to be removed.

    MOST IMPORTANT Fix the Freezing going to the Gamers Lounge.

  • Any reason why certain Lucas things were removed? Like half the Star Wars costumes and Indiana Jones costumes? Along with the Yoda statue.

  • why do grown men :p stick out tounge at another on these blogs…?? weird but on topic,, nice to get these and yes i have the Pub space so dicount for me yeaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

  • The Radec costume looks very cool. But are the Chimera from the Resistance series ever going to come to Home?

  • This is great, thank you for bringing us the wonderful news, Locust_Star! And thank you for making it possible, VEEMEE! (What a horrible time to be broke though…T_T Gotta wait till payday next week!)

    So, is there going to be any possibility of having Freezeball in our personal spaces? That game’s pretty cool.

  • umm, quick question since this item seems a little different. Will you be able to keep these items sitting in your apartment? I don’t want to have to bring the table out every time I want to play in my own apartment.

  • Nice add for the PS home. Keep it up.

  • Oh cool, more virtual things we can buy for real money instead of stuff we unlock in our games through the merits of our performances or victories.

    (Psst, that’s what sucks about PS Home.)

    Thank you, Sodium, for pointing PS Home in the right direction.

  • I have to agree with LeoMindfreak08, free (or even discounted) items in Home for Playstation+ subscribers would be sweet.

  • christian3167474

    Haha :p
    Rest assure my fellow Playstation(R) 3 users and members of the Playstation(R) Home society that you will see me with that outfit on soon I never miss a up-to-date outfit nor space or event. Looking forward to new updates. ^^

  • Is the Gamers Lounge ever going to be fixed? Everytime I log on and see one of your go to the gamers lounge message of the days it makes me wonder if you guys like sending peoples PS3s to their graves. That’s some top tier trolling right there if true. Anyway we’re in the midst of a heatwave here in the northeast, yet the lounge keeps on freezing us out… :p

  • Hey, can we see some ISA costumes from Killzone 2? I’d love to get an ISA tactician costume, or even the Engineer, Medic, or even Sniper class. The TAC is where it’s at, though.

  • I’m a bit late to be making a post lol.

    Good update, I like the idea of offering discounts to those who have purchased an item or apartment already, encourages Home users to buy more and save more money as well, more bang for your buck :)

  • k, ty for answering GlassWalls! =D

  • cannot believe u only just getting the killzone outfit …. u will enjoy as its awesome and good 4 mixing with other stuff , pool table are cool 2 as is the just cause 2 outfit …. have 2 agree about active items though , we need 2 b able 2 put more in our pads

  • Locust-Star & GlassWalls
    Thank you again for the great update,just like many others i was waiting for the pool tables.
    GlasWalls you Quik today!made you happy to i guess :)

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