Digital Comics Store Update

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Hi Everyone- Here’s this week’s Digital Comics update.

We have another strong offering from DC Comics this week. The offering is highlighted with a free issue of Zuda’s aquatically themed Azure, and the second issue of last week’s best selling comic, God of War #2.

Also from DC, we also have the four issue mini-series Kingdom Come. Set twenty years into the future it deals with a growing conflict between traditional superheroes (Superman, Wonder Woman et al.), and a growing population of amoral irresponsible new vigilantes.

From Marvel we have more Marvel Zombies and some classic The Invaders (1975). Set during the opening days of World War 2, Churchill bands together an elite fighting unit, including Captain America, to battle the Nazis.

Check below for the full list of new arrivals and as always head to for more info or to view our full catalog and pricing.

  • 2000AD Prog # 1688
  • Astonishing Tales (2009) # 5
  • The Authority: World’s End # 1
  • Azure # 1
  • Batman: Year One # 4
  • Criminal: The Sinners (2008) #3 & #4
  • Devi # 8
  • DMZ: On the Ground # 13
  • Donald Duck and the Niece of the Black Corsair
  • DoubleDuck # 6
  • Fables # 15
  • Fethry Duck and the Unlosable Challenge
  • Gen13: World’s End # 21
  • God of War # 2
  • Green Lantern: Secret Origin – Part 4 # 4
  • Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War – Part 5 of 12
  • Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War – Part 6 of 12
  • High Moon: Chapter 1 # 3
  • Hope Falls # 4
  • Huey, Dewey, Louie and the Day Before the Exams # 1
  • The Invaders (1975) #1 – #4
  • Justice League: Generation Lost # 5
  • Kingdom Come # 1
  • Marvel Zombies 2 (2007) # 2
  • Night Owls # 2
  • Planetary/Batman # 1
  • Ramayan 3392 AD # 8
  • The Sadhu # 8
  • Snakewoman # 8
  • Stormwatch PHD # 13
  • Transformers: Lost in Space # 3
  • The Unwritten # 2
  • Wildcats: World’s End # 1
  • X-Mickey # 15

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    Wheres manga?!

  • Please when will we be seeing manga. i really want to put this comic reader to use.

  • Thanks for batman: Year One :))

    Excellent classic

  • Bought myself the rest of Green Lantern’s Rebirth #s 2-6 & Planetary/Batman today keep the comics coming and I’ll keep my wallet open.

    Still waiting for more of The Runaways though please bring them out. And bring some Deadpool out sooner than later.

  • Invaders?? Seriously? They didn’t cost $1.99 when they were new!
    $.99 maybe, but 2 bucks is a ripoff.

  • Please never bring this to the canada psn store. plz plz dont.

  • Give me Superboy (Kon-El) comics!

  • Canada????

  • Back in 1975 spending $0.99 was like spending $4.00 now in 2010.

  • Just finished the new issue of Hope Falls. Lookin forward to the finale. Make that and the finale to Cages available next week PLS!

  • Thanks for GOW #2 but yeah, still looking for some Silver Surfer.


  • I want to see Scott Pilgrim on the comics store. Please!

  • Why should us Canadians be a step back when it comes the updates about PSS?
    I mean now we have the VStore (after 2 years) but then no comics and all the other services as well ?
    Is Playstation better in US ? Why ? We pay the same prices but we don’t have the same services !!
    But… i will always support you Sony, after all !
    Thanks for remember Canada on 1st July !

  • So that is only two free comics this week. Still waiting for:

    – A free Comic Book Day or Preview Comics section that is similar to those great DC Comics that give you a good preview of the comic and send you back to the PSN Store or a local comics shop.

    – More comics with included audio commentary and a dedicated section for such comics.

    – Any possibilities for comics with developer video commentary in the future(and yes at that point, it stops really being a comic)? So how about you bring over all those “motion comics” from the PS3 PSN store and give them their own section in the PSP’s Comics Store? :-)

  • Thanks for god of war #2

    Thumbs up you guys! :)

  • I wish PS+ would score me some discounts on comics (or free). But, I would have thought they would offer some movies and TV shows, too.

  • I need more BATMAN comics, I want to know what happens after hush.

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes


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