Live on PSN: Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Pack Tour

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The Resurgence Package is here! The second game add-on for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is now available on PSN, and brings with it five additional multiplayer maps, including some of the most unique and awesome places you’ll ever have a firefight.

Modern Warfare 2: Resurgence Pack for PS3 (Carnival)

As always, we’re focused on bringing a little something for everyone in the Resurgence Package. Take Carnival, a desolate and large amusement park that’s perfect for objective gametypes and offers some amazing vantage points atop the wooden roller coaster “Dragon’s Den” or the looming sniper spot positioned high above “The World Of Tomorrow.” This place is like nothing you’ve ever seen in multiplayer before, with distinct locations all around the map which are perfect for calling out enemy positions and working tactically with your team.

Modern Warfare 2: Resurgence Pack for PS3 (Fuel) Modern Warfare 2: Resurgence Pack for PS3 (Trailer Park)

Fuel is a sniper’s haven in this massive desert oil refinery with wide-open areas and extremely long sightlines. If you’re running and gunning, stick to the buildings in the center or take the underground tunnel route to get out to the snipers in the surrounding rocks and oil pumps. Trailer Park is maze of thin sheet metal fencing, torn up trailer units, and cluttered recreation areas. Trailer Park is ideal for the FMJ mod, and offers some insane Headquarters matches due to the soft cover points and thin walls that surround the objectives. We’ve also brought back two more fan favorite and classic Call of Duty 4 maps; Vacant and Strike. We’ve made some key tactical changes to both maps that veteran Call of Duty 4 players will pick up and start taking advantage of immediately. Such as the opening of the back room by Objective point C in the marketplace on Strike, and the now more accessible top floor of the flower shop overlooking the main street. On Vacant, the back gate of the office complex that leads to the hallway will now be open on specific gametypes like Demolition to give the defending team a faster route to the objective.

Modern Warfare 2: Resurgence Pack for PS3 (Vacant)Modern Warfare 2: Resurgence Pack for PS3 (Strike)

That’s just a bit of the new details you’re about to discover when you jump online and start exploring the five new locations the Resurgence Package adds to Modern Warfare 2. You’ll also notice we’ve changed up the playlists to introduce some new game modes and accommodate the new maps. You can now choose to play exclusively on the new Resurgence maps by choosing one of the two Resurgence playlists at the bottom. Just like last time, Resurgence and Hardcore Resurgence offers a variety of game modes to play. We’ve also introduced two completely new mosh-pit style playlists called “Barebones Pro” and “Objective Barebones Pro” which both have Killstreak Rewards disabled. So set up a new create a class, strip off Cold Blooded because you won’t be needing that, and see what it’s like to go head-to-head with no air support to worry about.

Most importantly though, let us know what you think. We’ll continue to change up the playlists based on YOUR feedback. So if there is a gametype variant or cool combination you’d like to see in a future playlist update, be sure to follow me on Twitter (@fourzerotwo) to keep track of those changes and let us know your thoughts!

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  • feel better now?

  • Sorry i won’t pay $15 just to get killed by a 10yrs old camper…those maps are amazing but the way the game works sucks

  • For $15?!? The Carnival is the only map worth anything in this pack. And I already bought the COD4 map pack back in the day. Why should I have to pay for them again?

    But please keep them coming out on Live first. That way I can go to a friends and try it out first so I dont have to waste my money on your overpriced and rehashed maps!

  • Carnival is my favorite.. :)

    • I agree. It is one of the maps that have been in development the longest, and with original art assets, it really stands out in the multiplayer.

  • guys stop the goddamn bashing/whining already, absolutely no one is forcing you to buy these: crying over it only makes you looks childish.

    go bash on Medal of honor instead…MW2 is good, BC2 is good but a mix between the two SUCKS.

  • Fix join session in progress on PS3 in private matches like you have promised!!!

    • Thanks for the feedback. We’ve added the ability for the host to kick players in the last patch and I’ll keep the MP team aware of the need to block joins all together for hopeful inclusion in the future patch.

  • Bring back Capture the Flag! Also, a playlist that excludes MW1 maps would be nice. Also, put the new maps in the regular playlists already. There’s no reason to only have them in the Resurgence playlists.

    • Thanks for the feedback. We’ll be doing more playlist changes in the future, and CTF may make a return. We’ll also be added the Resurgence maps to all playlists tomorrow (Tuesday July 13th). The reason they’re not in all playlists from launch is to allow a larger percentage of users to get the maps, because once you have them, you can only matchmake with users who also have them in each playlist. Therefore, leaving them out of the main playlists at launch allows you to have an option and a larger pool of players to matchmake with.

      Regardless, we’ll be merging them to all playlists tomorrow morning now that player counts are high.

  • dudes you guys are just wimps great maps stiff price but if your complaining about campers you guys nduck the hole point of onle gameplay is learning to get around them you know idiots talking like they know

  • well nothings wrong an im buying it specialy to creep out my cusing im always gonna beat im if i hide in the clown

    • Correct. The ‘Stealth Clown’ technique is scientifically proven to be 100% affective 70% of the time.

  • HAH! People still play this?
    I’ve been too busy enjoying BF:BC2 / MAG / MoH beta.



  • Activision has gone too far, look what they did to Infinity Ward:

    Don’t support Activision, they aren’t even giving the developers the time or money they deserve to make the game. All Activision cares about is the money and not the people who make the games that make them the money. Activision wont stop until we stop them. Say NO to yearly craptastic COD games, say NO to over-priced map packs, say NO to letting them get your hard earned money for glitchy and horrible online modes, say NO to Activision!

  • ‘ distinct locations around the map which are perfect for calling out enemy locations and working tactically with your team ‘ ?

    seriously ? did I read that right ?
    does anyone in modern warfare 2 ever work as a team or use tactics ? not likely . they’re too concerned with kill/death ratios and hacking for 10th prestige to play as a team and 99% of them wouldn’t know the difference between tactical play and a doughnut .

    if anyone actually does play with real military tactics they’re accused of camping , guess what ? armies camp , they set up defensible positions and hold them . or they patrol as a team and communicate , nobody in mw2 does that .

    • I play with quite a few people who like to work together and use strategy. The best thing to do is utilize your friends list and the party system to play with people who are the same mindset as you and who can work together with. A team who is communicating will also dominate a group of pubs lone wolfing it. Communicating has to start somewhere, I’ll typically join pub matches when I’m playing solo and no one will be talking, but once you start communicating yourself then others will typically follow suit and help call out enemy positions when they die – which is useful to know.

  • Hey oldage9 stop being such an obvious troll fanboy. these are people with legit concerns, the only jerk bashing here is YOU!!

  • Put a bundle with both map packs for under $20 and then i might consider playing again.

  • First thing im gonna do after work… buy this DLC!

  • ……..i’ll rush to this map pack the same way i rushed to the first one…. Ooh, Oh oh……..wait, i’m still having too much fun with Bad Company 2. I’ll wait for the $9.99 “BUNDLE” If i remember or still care. 8)

  • Too late. Playing other games.

  • As Karsgul said, put a bundle for a price under $20 and sell it to us; you greedy activision empire, i actually love this game, but you really must be on crack to try to sell us, 3 new maps for $15; and if i want both packs, i have to spend $30 for 6 new maps….mmm no thanks, im going to think if i buy your next cod game to support treyarch, but you activision really suck

  • so i think we should have a 16 person free for all as one of the new game types, and maybe a hardcore mode for free for all, also why cant gun packs be updated or something, i mean you cant find a way to download us some new guns? personally id love to pwn with a dragunov instead of a barret .50, i mean i know that the guns are probably in the software automatically, but i mean, if theres a way to get us more maps, can’t you get us more guns?

    • Thanks for the playlist suggestions. Of course, it’s possible to add anything to the game (guns, maps, etc) – however when we’re deciding where to focus our efforts when designing DLC we look at what can affect the largest portion of players and get them the most hours for their buck. Maps typically win that debate as anyone can enjoy them fully for countless hours. Regardless, I appreciate the feedback and make sure it’s considered in future design meetings.

  • creative stategist eh? you know what would be a creative strategy? Releasing this on both consoles simultaneously. Why should we be excited that we’re getting these expensive sloppy seconds?

  • Guys at IWard, you don’t take care of your game. You donot release updates unless it’s for DLC. My question is why?

    Uncharted 2 has updates every month, along with new additions from time to time and the DLC with 2 maps, co-op mode, skins for $6!
    And you’r bringing us boring little maps for $15!! See the difference?

    As to my opinion of the maps, I got them from a friend and they really are not worth the $15. The only map I enjoyed is Carnival.

    I hope you guys release more updates to atleast address issues. There have been two hacks. First, people get into the last prestige without getting any kills? How??

    Second, there’s a hack for getting all Spec Ops trophies without actually achieving them. The game sucks from glitches to weapons to unfairness. Sorry to say that, but I expected more from you guys!


  • I don’t own MW2 on PS3. I own it on PC and I must say it is virtually unplayable these days. Every server appears to be hacked, players are able to kick you, ban your ip and prevent you from joining new games. I’ve been a fan of the IW made Call of Duty series on PC since the first one.

    Mr. Bowling, please take some time to speak to the MW2 PC community about what you guys are doing address these issues. How about you creatively strategize a patch to fix it all.

  • the post is a week late but that’s OK…got them when they came out…the maps are great..when will the new maps be on all play lists?

  • hey pirateharlock, I’m sorry if I hurt your little feelings. :(

  • also black ops will be the bomb, atleast it’ll be balanced too.

  • Oldage get lost, MW2 is rubbish, COD4 was a BRILLIANT game, this rehash MW2 is nothing but a POS

  • Ouch. The animosity is coarsing through this post. Sounds like there are some issues to work out. I only really play KZ2 online, which only has one glitch I can think of, but it was infuriating enough that I can understand the frustration going on here.

    I just can’t believe they aren’t tired of making these yet. Maybe if people stopped buying them…


  • and I’m sorry but WHY THE HELL would a mix of two games that a lot of people love, be a BAD idea? Its a genius idea, lets hope its not made for facists and 10 year olds this time though…

  • Killzone 2 is freakin awesome!

  • armaank, I wrote it wrong (also pm’d pirateharlock) mw2 can be good SOMETIMES and it is NOT better than cod4, I agree.

    BO also looks better.
    (and the “mix is bad idea” is just an opinion, live with it)

  • Said it once, was deleted, but I’ll say it again:

    Go to hell, Bowling.

  • Comment: ‘B:BC2?’, ‘KZ2’ or ‘MW2’ depending on which you think is best!

  • Hmmmm..why so late? Why pay for something so late..hmmmmm?

  • @armaank BC2.

  • SOCOM 4 and waiting…cod=noobs

  • @myself KZ2

  • This post is a little late isn’t it?

  • infinity ward are by far the worst developper ever.I cant remember the last time i played a game with so much glitch.

  • by the way armaank check your PSN messages.

  • Why would I care about buying DLC from companies (Infinity Ward and Activision) who don’t care about me (a consumer with a ps3)? I’ll wait till Treyarch’s next game.

  • Modern Warfare 2 and tactical should never be uttered in the same breath. Battlefield Bad Company 2 is the best multiplayer FPS out right now. MW2 was fun the first month or so it was out. Then we got bombared with glitches and 10 year olds with double shotguns. Sorry no buy. On a high note though, my 12 year old nephew bought both map packs. So there ya go.

  • Fix the rock glitch on Fuel.

  • I bought the map pack for COD4 but I did not buy these past 2 map packs. The price is a little steep but I still would have bought them, except by the time the map packs come out on the PS3 I don’t play online enough anymore to justify the 15 or 30 dollar price.

  • @Oldage, I’ll check in a moment, but just to say, I respect that our little conversation didn’t become a fanboy argument, there are too many idiots on the internet, glad to see you aren’t one of them. On another same note, KZ2 kicks BC2’s ass anyday!… Just kiddin’ haha!

  • Why doesn´t the stimulus pack work anymore?

    • The Stimulus maps are in all playlists (excluding the new Resurgence Playlists). The dedicated Stimulus playlists were just replaced with a dedicated Resurgence Playlists. The maps are still in the rotations though. You can also always play them in Private Match of course.

  • @46

    It does work. Its in the normal map rotation now.

  • ur mom is the map rotation now

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