DeathSpank Delivers Justice to PSN Tomorrow

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Hey everybody this is Darren Evenson and Chris Mitchell from Hothead Games. We’re here to talk about combat in DeathSpank.

In case you don’t know already, DeathSpank is an action-RPG mixed with adventure gameplay. A lot of people are saying it is like Diablo meets Monkey Island which is appropriate because Ron Gilbert, the co-creator of Monkey Island, was the Creative Director for the game. The quick summary is that the game has a ton of action, a ton of loot and is as funny as hell.

An early design goal for combat was that it needed to be approachable but with surprising depth. Gamers had to be able to pick up the game and figure it out immediately but make little discoveries as they continued to play.

The first thing players use are mortal weapons. This large collection of blunt objects and sharp things do physical damage to enemies. They’re an effective and satisfying way to smash enemies or put holes in them.

Deathspank Deathspank

Next up are what we call elemental weapons. These are imbued with mystic energies that are more effective on the right enemy, or far less on the wrong one. For example, you can use fire weapons on ice monsters, nature weapons on ghosts, you get the idea. It’s a simple thing but results in the player constantly making small tactical choices.

After that are Weapons Of Justice, crazy-powerful items that are most effective when DeathSpank’s Justice meter is full. How do you fill that meter you ask? Good question. Well the slow way is to button mash. The fast and totally more fun way is to create your own combos by using a variety of weapons, filling the meter quickly while doing bonus damage. Weapons of Justice can fling lightning, stun enemies or drive them into the ground!

And then there’s Runestones. These are looted from extremely hard to kill creatures but give DeathSpank some of his coolest abilities. To use a Runestone, DeathSpank uses a Weapon of Justice in one hand and an elemental weapon in the other in a two-handed strike for devastating results. Enemies are flung into the sky by geysers, have souls pulled out of them or are filled with dozens of flaming swords.

Deathspank Deathspank

We’ll stop there but mention things like tactically divine airstrikes, poison-coated crossbow bolts, and portable black holes (no really). On top of all that there’s a whole defensive side to DeathSpank, with dozens of potions and over a hundred pieces of unique armour for the min-maxers out there.

Ok this is usually the part in the post where the developers mention something they ‘heard in the hallway’. We’ll let you in on an industry secret, those are totally contrived, they didn’t hear anything, there probably wasn’t even a hallway. Have fun storming the castle!

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  • this looks good – demo please! :D

  • Day one purchase for me. whats the price guys?

  • yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yeah I’m going to for it around this time tomorrow.
    IGN has it listed at MSRP: $14.99
    It supports 2 Player Local Co-op from what I understand.

  • Looking forward to tomorrow!

  • Will it be out in Europe on wednesday?

  • HOLY BAT DUNG! Much love to Sir RON GILBERT AND HOTHEAD for finally releasing DEATH and bringing it PSN! Looks amazing, just one question. Who voices the lead character?

  • Looks like junk.


  • ive been reading up on this for a while now……. so glad to see it finally arrive…..wish today was 7/13….lol. cant wait to see what new psn plus things they have in store

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    The voice over guy is Captain Quark!

  • Looks fun but I don’t know that I’ll get it. I like PSN titles and have several but I just got a slew of new PS3 games and won’t have time for this one.

    FYI all posts about new PSN titles should include prices upon release. Thanks! I’ll keep this one on my radar for sure tho!!!

  • Hey guys, Darren and Chris here. Let’s answer some of these questions:

    $14.99 US Earth Dollars

    A US demo will be available July 13, the year of the Ratt \m/

    Yes, we have 2 player local co-op, easy to drop in or out. Ambidextrous players may be able to play both characters by using TWO CONTROLLERS AT ONCE! Are you man enough? Because we aren’t.

    DeathSpank’s voice is none other than Michael Dobson, a man so into the role he showed up to work in a purple thong every day. He’s so into the role he insisted we call him “Fleshspank”. A man SO into the role he keeps his children in a homemade orphan bag.

    It’s so NOT! So yeah… there! Defeat that logic. Try the Junk demo.

    More answers soon.

  • Online co-op? Or no?

  • Been looking forward to this game, need to fix ps3 first but def getting it soon.

  • DeathSpank’s voice is totally not Captain Quark.

  • @ Darren

    Thanks for the answers! Question though…

    What if you only have Moon Unit Dollars? Is it easy to convert?

    *Gotta look up this “Michael Dobson” character*

    • Want a job?

      Moon Unit dollars convert to Earth Dollars at a one to one ratio unless it’s arbor day.

      Michael Dobson is an amazing voice actor that’s been in piles and piles of stuff. His imdb goes on forever and barely scratches the surface.

  • Thank god for a demo. Sick of these PSN titles not getting a demo upon release. I made several purchased that I regret because there was no way of me trying them before buying them.

    I still don’t understand why SONY hasn’t made it mandatory as yet for developers to release day one demo for all PSN Game release.

  • I played this at E3 and it is fantastic. Been waiting to buy this since then! Fun & hilarious.

    @FredPunella you couldn’t be more wrong.

  • When you try this demo you’ll be like “Wow, I’m going to buy this game!” Because you know, that’s what demos are for.

  • No need for a demo here, I’ve been following this game for a while, it’s an instant purchase for me.

    Can’t wait for the store to update tomorrow!

  • What is this game, i’ve never heard of it before today?

  • System?

  • Looks and sounds absolutely awesome! Can’t wait to play it! :D

    Any chance there is any deal for us with PS+ ? :)

    • And we think YOU’RE awesome, stlthriot. Hope you enjoy it!

      And sorry, but we’re not a part of the PS+ service at this time. But if you count “playing an awesome game” as a deal, then you totally get one. :)

  • I can’t remember when I had heard of it, but I know that it had to have been in the past. It triggered something inside of me that said “Wow, I’m going to buy this game! CHARGE IT!”

  • Do PlayStation Plus subscribers get this game at a cheaper price?

  • Are you launching in Europe this week as well?

    • Our Executive Producer was saying some stuff to us before, and we kind of tuned in and out. You know how it is. But I think he said something about coming out in Europe on July 14th.

      So yeah, only two more sleeps for our European peeps.

      (I totally just came up with that one now.)

  • 1080p?

    • I just finished confirming with our audio technological department, and I found out what you’re looking for, and_cap:




      OH, YES!

      However, cutscenes are stereo due to download size constraints.

  • Pimped Single player Fat princess. That’s what it looks like to me. By the way I bought Fat Princess but barely played it.

  • You Guys should do a Toejam and Earl game, I totally got that vibe watching this video.

  • seriously…a mix between diablo & M.I.? all u had 2 do was mention Diablo…im in!!!!!

  • If I change armor does the appearance of the character change also? My wife is into that type of thing with this type of game and if she is into it then that means I get to buy it… does the little Spanky change with his equipment?

  • Ill buy it when ps+gets it cheaper. This ps+ makes me not want to buy anything in fear of stuff being discounted down the line. Shame there is no online mp.
    These games kind of demand it.

  • Well sir, YOUR WIFE will thrill to over a hundred pieces of armor that show up both in the inventory screen and in-game! Style DeathSpank the way you want! Style your wife the way you want! It’s win-win.

  • This game looks like so much fun i can’t wait to play it! I love the humor and art style, but mostly the type of game that it is! I’ve been waiting for a hack and slash action rpg that’s ton of fun with co op. BTW I love your random replies haha. And isn’t that voice actor Captain Quark? hahaha

  • Hopefully you guys have job spaces available in a few years! I would love to move off Vancouver Island to make games instead of going to California or Montreal.

  • If you’re just handing out jobs I’ll gladly take one :P

    Seriously tho, local co-op = SOLD! Developers could learn a lot from you guys.

  • This looks amazing! Getting this next month, why? I need to finish Dead Space akdhdkjhadkANDLEGOHARRYPOTTERkjdsahadskj (huh? what was that?) so my eyes can bear with so much awesomeness… i-i-i- i can’t even watch the trailer…

  • I love the look. And the princess bride reference . Diablo kicks ass.

  • There are alot of “Bird’s Eye View Shooters” on PSN, what does this bring to the genre?

    • Well ForgiveMyAim, I’m glad you asked.

      I’m going to list a few of the 24,340 things that DeathSpank brings to the genre:

      1) Wicked-sweet combination of RPG/Adventure, which has never been accomplished in gaming history as it is in DeathSpank. This is our chocolate and peanut butter combination… our 11 herbs and spices… our very own ancient Chinese secret. You have to play it to truly understand, because mere words cannot capture the essence of this bliss.

      2) Crazy-unique art style. From the rolling pop-up book world loaded with pseudo 2-D objects, to an insane cast of characters and enemies with fantastic animations and personalities, the art in DeathSpank is top shelf.

      3) Intense humorosity. That’s right, we’re making up words now, because that’s how we roll. Let’s just say we had to keep mops close to our play testers to deal with the loss of bladder control. Yeah… THAT funny!

      I could go on, but this reply is already too long. Check out the demo if you’re not yet convinced that DeathSpank is going to be one of the most entertaining gaming experiences of your life. You won’t be sorry. :)

  • @32 Kirkpad

    What do you have against montreal? lol

    On topic, this looks interesting and you got me with diablo. Cant wait for diablo 3 loll

  • @ Darren

    If you’re offering, i’m accepting.

    My demands are as follows:

    1. 46 weeks paid vacation (accept Moon-unit/Earth Dollars since they’re on par)
    2. My own secretary who must be on call all 52 weeks of the year.
    3. One Thousand Dollars! (*spoken in a Dr. Evil voice*)

    If you can meet those demands, you have yourself a new VP of Sarcasm & Community Relations.

    I await your reply,

    joostin (Yes that is my real name, like Cher)

  • Darren, Chris, I have a question. If DeathSpank were an animal, what animal would he be?
    [On a side note, first day buy.]

  • I just watched the above trailer…and I will be buying a PSN card tommorow, and purchasing this amazing piece of software…give us online Co-Op down-the-road, and and some DLC, and you’ll definately get more money from me. DEATHSPANK!

  • You guys are awesome and your game is awesome. I’m buying the crap out of this tomorrow.

    Hey, I’ve actually met Michael Dobson at an anime convention before :o Funny guy. I thought the voice sounded familiar…

  • I’ve been waiting for this game seemingly forever. The whimsical art style, the Ron Gilbert humor, the quirky action adventure gameplay. All of it. Now it’s finally here tomorrow, I got a $20 PSN card to buy it right when I get off work (if the store is updated by then) and I will play till my eyes bleed. Thank you so very much for delivering great value (10+ hours of adventuring) and a varied experience with all the wonderfully designed environments and enemies. I simply cannot wait to dive into this parody love letter to action rpgs. Finally some of the big guns are coming out on PSN, we missed out on Shadow Complex but at least we have this, Scott Pilgrim and Dead Nation on the way… I expect more! My money demands it!

  • This is the kind of game PS+ users should be getting a discount on…

  • i dunno. while following the psn store for the past few years, i find that i honestly can not believe a single word they print until it actually appears onto the store. this has happened to no fewer than what 20-25 games in recent history. again sony you honestly need to keep your promises and deliver when you say you are going to deliver, not a month or so later or whenever you decide to release something because you feel like it.

  • A PSN game in 7.1? Sweet. DTS makes it that much better.

  • I will buy this day one,consider me sold.I love games like this.PSN needs to have more like it.A big thank you to hothead games.I think online multiplayer would be great for this game too, maybe if it sells good we could get an add on or something *hint hint*

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