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Seeing as the World Cup Final is going on right now, and more people are watching it (myself included) than will watch anything for the rest of the year – at least – I’ll keep this short. Here are your links for the week; now continue enjoying the match.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of July 5, 2010)

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  • 1st! jeff, this has been a good week overall. because the miami heat suprised me in getting lebron james and chris bosh along, when i heard the news my head exploded XD

    i just cant wait for the season to start in order to see our new players play together!

    anyways,i was wondering the other day if sorcery would support the normal dualshock controller and also if the game is truly an rpg and not an adventure-like game?needless to say that this game has my interest as of now :0

    oh i hope i dont sound like a deadbeat but man you guys gotta fix the ps3 browser because it freezes up alot. i hope this issue is solved in a not too distant firmware update!

    • We’ll have more details on Sorcery as it gets closer to ship, but as I understand it, it’s being designed from the ground up for PlayStation Move.

  • There was a pice on a new Medievil being under development from PSM3, or is that too much under speculation/rumor to post/comment on?

  • I heard there are more Disney PS1 games coming to the NA PSN, when can we expect them, is it this upcoming Tuesday or the following or I’m guessing ur going to say that I’m going to have to play the waiting game which is my biggest foe, lol.

    In case anyone’s curious about the Disney PS1 games, they are:
    -Toy Story Racer
    -Toy Story 2
    -A Bug’s Life
    -The Emperor’s New Groove,

    also u guys should start releasing 3 PSone classics on every update day like u used to in Q4 of last year or earlier, at least give us both Toy Story Games and I’ll be happy until Crash Team Racing comes.

    • i know that one of the Toy Story titles is coming up real soon (this week or next). I don’t know about the rest.

  • What i meant by earlier is that u guys might have posted 3 PS1 games on update day in either Q3 or I was right by my first thought and it was Quarter 4 of 2010. I just stated that in case anyone was confused by my comment before.

  • jeff who are you going for spain or the netherlands! and also Soldner-x DLC man i cant wait!

    • I really didn’t have a strong affiliation to either. I’m just glad it didn’t go to penalties.

  • Spain should win. Any news coming this week on new PS+ features?

  • Spain should win for sure.

    I hate that i’m holding off on buying games like sam & max and tales of monkey island because i’m waiting for a PSN+ discount to be applied to them. I am sure this hurts sales in some capacity. There should be PSN+ discounts on release date of ANY/EVERY item on the store.

  • Jeff, could you please get a word out of Edios and Rocksteady on Batman: Arkham Asylum 2?

  • Hey Jeff, any updates on Castle Crashers coming this week? Also some Shatter news would be nice.

  • Is there any game that would benefit more from a 1hr trial than Siren?

  • SPAIN!!!!!!!

  • Why was there no Trophies with the excellent LBP Marvel Level pack for? :-( Shame that.

  • :D Spain has done it!

  • Ummm I’d like to point something out to Kaz Hirai that he might want to consider the next time he makes a statement:

    ” So any technology we do bring needs to be forwards and backwards compatible for the same platform.” and ” We like to think that we’re keeping a very stable platform for the lifespan of the product – we did this with the original PlayStation and the PS2.”

    Backward Compatibility was broken with the PS2 hard drive and no Slim PS2 is capable of playing Final Fantasy XI. Special versions of Socom if I remember correctly ended up being released as a result of this decision.

    That’s excluding the whole BC with consoles deal that we’ve dealt with this generation (which kotaku, ign, and others are still giving the PS3 flack for).

  • Jeff you should add me so we can hit up some gang hideouts in Red Dead!

    • Man, I cleared those out months ago! Got the silver trophy for doing it all in one go. Maybe when that DLC comes out…

  • Spain has WON!!!

  • Thank God the world cup is over (I didn’t watch a single match), I won’t have to see any more footage of soccer in my local news for a while.

  • I have three things I’d like to bring up that you could hopefully get in contact with the right people for:

    1) Qore’s Killzone 3 menu section has a song in the background- is/will it be on sale anywhere in the near-ish future? Is it part of the KZ3 soundtrack or…?

    2) Peggle recently received an update, v1.01, a massive 103MB but I can’t find any information on what it does. Hopefully, you can put in a word with PopCap games.

    3) How does the auto-update feature-set work with PlayStation Plus? Or is it not there yet? I’ve yet to see my PS3 do anything of any sort in terms of automatically downloading or updating.

    • I doubt that anyone will be selling any of the background music tracks at any point soon. I’ll have to dig around for the rest.

  • Hi Jeff,

    Will Sony have a conference at Gamescom this year?

    • I don’t know the details – SCEE runs the flow of our Gamescom presence (while we take the lead at E3, and SCEJ at TGS, as you’d imagine). Have you checked out our European blog?

  • The Octopus was right!!!! I hope he starts predicting Premier League or maybe even Champions League games now. :)

    Congrats Spain! 4 years and I’ll hopefully be in Brazil, and in 32 days the Premiership starts again, and In 6 days Chelsea’s Pre-Season Starts, Still A whole lot of Football coming up and I can’t wait. :)

  • I knew you didnt comment on rumors/speculation but I was hoping that it was official not a mere rumor. Oh well…

  • Jeff, StargamerX is asking about the update for Shatter that will include the new modes in the PC release.

    You did one of those PSeye chat things with Mario about it when they announced it, don’t you remember that?

    StargamerX, people are bugging Mario on the Sidhe forums and he still hasn’t given a timeframe.

    @Jeigh: That wasn’t a 103mb patch, it was a redownload of the entire game again with some updates done to it. That’s how PSN game updates work. You don’t download patches, you redownload an entirely different ISO.

  • RE: Shatter
    Wasn’t there going to be the addition of multiplayer? Chris posted about it in March.

  • Never mind, it was Chris on March 30th.

  • Go Spain. Too bad the US didn’t go to the finals

  • A shame Sony doesn’t have any good exclusives coming out for the PS3 this summer. Looks like the PS3 is going to get stomped next NPD. Maybe the people at Sony should consider putting something out June/July next time.

  • DeathSpank still coming out this tuesday? DeathSpank is on my list of psn titles too buy and maybe BlackLight: Tango Down in the coming months.

  • @jeff,thanks for telling me about sorcery beign just made for any case, i’ll be looking forward to more info about the game

    @14 you got a good point there

    @26 sometimes its not sony’s fault i presume.sometimes devs are working or ironing out their games for the fall.also,have you tried trinity universe? thats an exclusive right there! now if that does or not look good to you thats another matter.cheers!

  • i want a new MediEvil game , doesnt matter which platform is coming out , i just want to play a new MediEvil game

  • Whatever happened to Castle Crashers coming to PS3?

  • hey anynews on earthworm jim hd is it supposed to be released on tuesday’s update? also can we please get a jak and daxter 4 (made by naughty dog) or a hd collection (im asking anyone who will listen lol)

  • Hey Jeff pleeeaase help me man iv been asken around for awhile about these games but iv just been ignored….I want Diablo on the PSN aswrll as Mortal Kombat Trilogy, both are classics so whats the hold up? Sonys gotta realize theyd make a but load a money from both.

  • @ 22 krae_man

    I’m certain that that’s not how all PSN games are updated, but, at the very least, that would make sense in this case since it was (maybe just extremely close to) the exact same size as the game itself.

  • Death spank !! I hope it’s nice and long . Like Castle Crashers.

  • I know this has nothing to do with these topics but I really need help. So the hubby is playing MGS Peace Walker and it keeps on freezing on the cut scenes, any ideas what might be happening? Thanks for your help

  • @ #17:
    I know Jeff! Poor guy Lol!
    Here you go, I’ll give you 25 free seconds XD

  • I’m pretty sure that’s how they all work Jeigh.

  • I’m so ready for this game!!!

  • No comic-con gathering?

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