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Another week, another big batch of official PlayStation news. What was your favorite story this week?

So far this weekend, I’ve been brushing up on my Medal of Honor beta skills since the latest patch, trying to get through Mexico in one piece in Red Dead Redemption, and plunging back into one of my favorite PSN games ever: PixelJunk Monsters. What have you guys been playing?

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

  • Coming Tomorrow to PSN: Family Feud for PS3 — No “survey SAYS” jokes here, just valuable info and online multiplayer details straight from the developer’s mouth.
  • ModNation Monday: Sweet Tooth Strikes Back — Twisted Metal returns in 2011, but you can ride with Sweet Tooth today.
  • Qore Episode 26: Killzone 3, Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, & PlayStation Move — Fresh details on some big upcoming games, plus a free PS3 theme. Protip: Now free for PlayStation Plus subscribers!
  • Today on PSN: Patapon 3 Multiplayer Demo — Get a free taste test of this eight-player rhythm battle game for the PSP — only from PSN.
  • PlayStation Store Update — A big week, with new PlayStation Plus content (Fieldrunners!), Monkey Island S.E. 2, plus Persona 3 Portable and Patapon 3 demo for PSP.
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2: Onslaught Mode Now Deployed — Tips and tricks for the new DLC. Did you know you could headshot enemies with the repair tool?
  • PlayStation.Blog Share – New Community Controls — Take a tour of new Share controls and UI, and an update on ideas are in action so far.
  • PlayStation Home: WipEout, PlayStation Minis Event, Just Cause 2 & Sodium Updates — TONS of new events and spaces in Home this week ranging from the small to the big to the really, really big (Fat Princess).
  • The Tester Season 2 Casting Opens Up for Community Voting! — Check out a highlight reel of The Tester submissions and vote on your favorite contestant. “I will have my vengeance!”
  • Digital Comics Store Update — Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One, more DMZ and Marvel Zombies 2 (both staples of mine) and free selections for this week.
  • E3 Encounters: Spec Ops: The Line for PS3 — Fresh from the E3 front lines, I report back on this improvisational squad shooter that features morally challenging decisions.
  • See yourself at our E3 Hot Shots Tennis meet-up — Our E3 community meetup featured big games and big names from the game development scene. See what our guests had to say about Hot Shots Tennis!
  • God of War: Ghost of Sparta Picks Up 9 Awards, 4 Nominations at E3 — Also see the E3 gameplay video, which shows off Kratos’s new tackling abilities as well as a spear and shield.
  • Watch Fighting Game Masters at EVO, Play Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on PS3 — A new Marvel vs. Capcom 3 E3 Q&A kicks off news of this weekend’s competition in Vegas and open MvC3 gameplay.
  • PlayStation Network Video Content Update — [REC] 2, Brooklyn’s Finest, and a sale on 80s goodness such as RoboCop, Terminator, and Troll 2 (Nilbog!).
  • E3 Encounters: Two Worlds II for PS3 — A first look at an upcoming open-world RPG with ultra-customizable characters, spells, and towns.
  • E3 Encounters: Scott Pilgrim vs The World — This 8-bit retro love letter is debuting exclusively on PSN in August. Jeff gets down and dirty with the details in this video Q&A.
  • Fat Princess Battle Royale in PlayStation Home — What are you doing on Tuesday the 13th? Wanna hang out with the creators of Fat Princess?
  • Test Your Skills Against MLB 10 The Show Cover Athlete Joe Mauer at MLB FanFest — MLB FanFest starts Monday in Anaheim, and we’ll have Joe Mauer AND a demo of MLB 10 The Show in 3D.
  • UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves banner

    Courtesy of Arne Meyer

  • REMINDER: The Lab – Plunder Pistols Only — Don’t forget to log into UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer this weekend to check out the next episode of “The Lab”—Plunder Pistols Only.
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    10 Author Replies

    • well Sid, i’ve been playing blazblue calamity trigger to prepare myself 4 blazblue continuum shift( yes i know they changed some of gameplay in blazblue continuum shift BTW )
      have u played blazblue calamity trigger?

    • Not a bad week. I’m certainly enjoying PS+, especially that special warm feeling that comes entering into my own special little section and watching as the nickels and dimes don’t add up. It feels sort of like having a manager at the local grocery store as your best friend who says “nah, man just take it.” …Not that I’d know anything about that… >.>

      By the way, Sid, Jeff, anyone: please, please find out what song that is playing in the Killzone 3/menu section of Qore. Is it off the KZ3 soundtrack, or part of Qore, or..? Either way, I must have it! I’ll stoop to recording it with my laptop if I have to- I’ve been listening to it in the background for the past 20 minutes.

    • Really good week especially for ps plus subscribers. Go Sony!

    • Looking forward to what else you guys have in store for us. Hopefully more info on FF13 versus and The Another World.
      Ps3 needs a bigger RPG library =p

    • Hey Sid, if u can answer this, any chance on more price drops of PSN games, such as Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, I would really like to get it for no more than $25, I already have it on 360 as well as tekken 6 on 360 and psp, but I was slightly disappointed in the psp version of tekken 6 compared to the console version and I don’t want to spend $40 on a potentially much inferior version of a game I have for 360, but if anyone wants to tell me, I’m guessing soul calibur: broken destiny is better than the psp version of tekken 6 in terms of features since tekken 6 psp’s customization feature is much more inferior to the console version than i thought as well as other features.

      • Thanks. These decisions are up to the publisher, who in this case would be Namco Bandai — I’d shoot them a note over Twitter! P.S. I’m a big, big Tekken (and SC) fan. :-)

    • Plus Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny has been released for almost a year at least in retail stores though and I think it deserves a price drop.

    • destroying noobs in red dead, really looking forward to the new packs coming, hoping for a PS Plus discount *wink*

    • Sid you should add me and test your skills lol

    • You guys missed some share ideas that need to be moved into the “Ideas in action” area

      Idea #11453: Portal 2 on PS3

      Idea #19975: Qore should be included Free with PSN Plus

      Idea # 721: Move the Store update day to Tuesdays

      Idea # 655: 1-5 star user ratings for PSN content

      I’m sure there are more.

      You should implement Idea #24846: Report ideas as in action to help with all the ones you missed.

    • Still ticked off about the total lack of any official statement regarding current Qore subscribers looking to upgrade to PSN Plus.

      • As in, getting credit or a refund for existing Qore subscribers who upgrade to Plus? The official statement is: there’s no plan at this time to offer a credit or refund.

    • Hello Sid! I have a few questions that I hope you can answer.
      Who reads the Ideas posted on Blog Share? I’ve submitted Ideas concerning two games. Do developers read these ideas ? or does someone from the PlayStation blog passes on the Idea to them ? Final question, Do Japanese developers like Team ICO and FromSoftware get these Ideas ? Thanks in advance.

      • We have some folks from the PlayStation HQ reading over to filter out dupes (or outrageously preposterous ideas).

        It’s up to the individual teams and such to read the idea database on Share, but word definitely gets around. Can’t comment specifically on the two teams you named, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    • @9 idea #721 is a duplicate of my idea or the other way around, either way it says idea in action for my idea.

    • Got a question about Playstation Plus, I hope you can answer it. If I have 2 Playstation 3′s, with one account on both of them (lets say this account “A” has Playstation Plus). Would I be able to download the updates to both PS3′s and use all the games and dlc as long as account “A” is presnt on both Playstation 3′s?

      Assuming the first answer is Yes, would it be possible to download the updates automatically to both ps3′s if the 2nd PS3 had a second account “B” as its main login for auto login?

    • All I want 2 know at this particular time is why no Resistance 3 announcement yet? A yes or no from the Insomniac “big Shots” would be most welcome. Sorry to jump off topic >:)

      BTW: PSN Plus … Brilliant idea lets squash Xbox over the next couple of years !!!

    • @sonicfan11589

      It’s like they only read your idea’s subject and not the body. Your suggestion was update the store on wednesdays and the comic store on thursdays.

      That’s not what happened. But your title was “update the game store before the comic store”

      Oh well, there are two “video store in Canada” so there is room for both of ours I guess.

    • Any news on Shatter multiplayer?

    • @StargamerX

      Word from the Sidhe Forums is “It will come, still no timeline”

    • Found another one Idea #1345: Automaticly download game updates. That’s part of PSN Plus.

    • Another one Share idea #2009: HBO content on the video store.

    • Share idea 9925: flag similar ideas

      Okay, that’s all I found going through the top 100 pages of share ideas(based on votes).

      There are a ton of duplicate ideas. I flagged the ones when I remembered what page I saw the dup idea on but not all. Hope other people flag those.

    • TEZ-RaViNlUnAtIk

      will we ever get the option to change our psn account name, this could be added to plus! or at least the ability to purchase from store or something.

    • TROLL 2!!!!!!!!! Now, we are getting somewhere!! Thanks.

      And please share this film with the people of Japan and Europe (JP+EU PSN).

      Grandpa Seth will be proud.

    • Im with Jeigh i hope its on killzone 3 soundtrack sound epic.

    • is anyone having problems with facebook when they log on with there ps3,,because i am,,it wont load my messages,,i can’t send messages,also i can’t put comments on anything,,if anyone else is having this problem please let me know

    • Hi again sid. Do you know why qore isn’t psp f”riendly”? I’m not talking just about not being able to play qore on the psp, but also why doesn’t qore feature psp (or psn games) on their upcoming releases segment.

      Also, any future plans to make the forums section of more suitable for the ps3 browser? Ever since the site had its re-design, the web site hasn’t run properly on the ps3.

    • good week for sony

    • krae_man   The flagging is done on blogshare , there is a flag as duplicate function right below voting area .

    • The fact that PSP got an update. It was cool, but the update doesnt work and causes problems to the umd psp games now (P3P, Peace walker, just to name a few)

      its really getting on my nerves, the psp deserved a long overdue update, however this isnt the update i expected…

    • Thanks guys? It was all me :p

      Also Sid, I’m not just talking about Qore subscribers with issues left looking for a prorated credit to upgrade to Playstation Plus. I’m also talking about Day one Qore subscribers whose subscriptions ended with episode 26 looking to upgrade to Playstaion Plus. The second Year of Qore was total crap because all the stuff Qore used to get(demos, free games etc) was being saved for PSN Plus. What Qore was, was changed on us without warning.

      Thirdly, that isn’t the official statement as none has been made. Seems like Sony has decided to hide behing the existing “no refunds on PSN purchases” policy and deferring making a decision regarding this specific issue likely forever.

      It’s not working though Sony, like my grandfather says “not making a decision, is a decision”. I wish someone would man up and publicly say “we’ve decided to offer you nothing” instead of this “nothing to announce at this time” and “Qore is not the main attraction to Playstation Plus” non committal nonsense.

    • Sid,
      I filled out the ask for yesterday, i am just not sure if i sent it to the right area. If possible can you somehow redirect it to the right area if you know someone in that department and if it is in the wrong area.

      The problems i been getting since the update is that games are getting the “data install corrupt” “save data corrupt” messages. Also, since the update, A few games have been hanging (freezing) on me. Persona 3 in particular. I restarted the game a few times to try and pass it up, and it still freezes. I even traded in the game a few times to see if its the psp or the game. It still hangs on me. 3 brand new copies all hung since the update. I had zero problems before the update. Now that I am updated on 6.30, i have been having nothing but problems. I played Persona on my friend’s 6.20 PSP, and it works perfectly, however on my 6.30 PSP, it hangs. The exact same game. I also tried One of my other friend’s 6.30 Updated PSP, and the game hangs.

      It worked perfectly on my 6.20 PSP before update, after the update it hangs and i get corrupt message popping up. It hangs on other 6.30 PSPs, but works perfectly on a 6.20 firmware psp. It has to be the firmware update.

      • No, you’re good, you submitted it correctly. I would also hit up @AtlusUSA on Twitter to loop them in as well.

    • If sony looks at the PSP updates section on their forums, they can see that other people have been having problems since the update. Also at at the persona 3 boards area, people have had the same complaint.

      Its a physical UMD copy of the game. not the Digital version.

    • I really want the medal of honor beta. I hope it will be teen but I am sure it won’t. Sigh

    • Krae just because you don’t like the statement, doesn’t make it any less official.

      Everyone that has commented on that, have all said the same thing. How about you stop spamming the blog with your incessant for a change.

    • whats up people

    • Oh before I forget, I want to thank Atlus for being the first company to have a blog contest open to Canadians too.

      Can’t wait to get by Signed soundtrack whoo!

      More contests open to both Canadians and the Americans plz.

    • Quick question. I’m hearing about Qore being offered to PS+ subscribers. I subscribed maybe 6 months ago to Qore. So does this mean that after the remaining time of the subscription, I will be receiving Qore for free for the remaining time of my PS+ subscription?

    Please enter your date of birth.