E3 Encounters: Scott Pilgrim vs The World

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Without question, Scott Pilgrim vs The World is the most popular game at E3 that I had barely heard of. I didn’t know much of the Edgar Wright-directed, Michael Cera-starring movie hitting later this summer. I had never read any of the comics by Bryan Lee O’Malley (though I’m rectifying that now).

All I know is, I played a game that took me back to my gaming childhood: 8-bit beat’em ups with brightly colored sprites, old-school music, and couch co-op. And when I loved it, I wasn’t alone; Scott Pilgrim vs the World pulled in awards and nominations from sites like 1UP, Gamespot, IGN and Joystiq, and was one of the most talked about games of the show.

The key thing to note: Scott Pilgrim vs The World is debuting exclusively on PlayStation Network, and that you’ll be playing it in just about a month: August 10th.

You’ll be seeing a lot more about Scott Pilgrim vs The World here on the PlayStation.Blog in the coming weeks, including updates from Comic-Con and a post directly from Anamanaguchi, the famed chiptune band who behind the game’s sountrack.

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  • I can tell he was struggling a bit with his English- much love for his mastery of it thus far.

    Kind of wish we’d gotten some up-close looks at the game. I’ve heard about it, but this is the first I’ve actually seen of it. I’m loving the Streets of Rage reference- I LOVED that game series. (A little less with each sequel, but isn’t that true of all love? =P )

  • Give that guy credit on his English
    You can tell he trying as hard has he can

    This game looks good same as the movie n comic, Cant wait till Aug. 8th Has the price been decided?

  • Great series, looking forward to the game and movie but I really wish there was online co op. Still a day 1 buy for me though

  • I’ve been so geeked out over this movie and game, I really don’t know how to describe it. If you go to youtube you can see the game trailer for it, which is all about gameplay. The animation is pretty slick, the combat looks fun, and the fact that it’s 4 player couch co-op makes me smile uncontrollably!

    The best part is, we’re getting the game and the movie in the same week!

    So yeah, I’m looking forward to this one. Just a little bit anyway!

  • Wait wait wait…exclusive? O.o that’s news to me.

    Also don’t suppose you guys could get an Scott Pilgrim vs the world OST ready as well?

  • This looks so fun…would be a welcome bonus for a PSP release :)

  • I am really excited for the game and the movie, i’ve read the first volume . I have Vol. 2 and 3 on my coffee table waiting to be read. Edgar wright is one of the best directors in film industry right now, gotta love Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz:-)

  • Interesting, thanks for the heads up on this game. I’d not heard of it until now so I’ll def keep an eye on this.

  • Really excited about this game, hope it turns out as good as the graphic novels!

  • Ah HELL YEAH!!!
    This game makes me totally forget about another similar title (ie: Castle Crashers)!
    I remember seeing a trailer for this game a month or so ago, and it just looked to retro and full of awesome. Can’t wait! This is on my must have list and now I have something to look forward to next month!
    Thanks guys and gals!

  • I don’t know who this Scott Pilgrim fella is, but I can’t wait to play this “sequel” to River City Ransom!

  • hmmmm intresting ill try it out it better be better than most movie games

  • all i heard him say the game was about was kissing and cows.

  • I’m excited for this game but haven’t heard a mention of online play at all. My best friend is moving 3000 miles across the country next week and he would be the guy to co op with. Guess I’ll have to solo this one.

  • Great!!! I love the old street fighting games! I can’t wait – and August 10th is my birthday!

  • Never heard about scott pilgrim before this game butttt it looks awesomeeeeeee DAY 1

  • i still need to read that comic.

  • I loooove SP, my only, ONLY problem with the game, is that it is called ‘Scott Pilgrim: vs. The world: the game’ instead of just ‘Scott Pilgrim: The Game’. I feel as if its just limiting the game to vol. 2… o well, nothing i can do i suppose. Looks fantastic though! cant wait~

  • This game looks awesome, and great interview. That guy did a great job even when he was struggling a little bit with the english.

    Thanks Jeff!

  • This game is going to be awesome. I’ve been watching it since it’s first trailer. Definitely buying it first day.

    Plus, Scott Pilgrim is badass.

  • No comic-con gathering?

  • Pretty Sweet. A mainstream game set in my hometown of Toronto. I haven’t seen that before. Hopefully you get to see the CN Tower or Rogers Centre (Skydome) in the background.

  • lol looks pretty awesome. :D I’ll consider buying it after seeing the price and some reviews. Hamsterball at $3.99 is screaming my name right now though…

    By the way, I had no trouble understanding him. *shrugs* And actually, i’m with #22. :D Nice to see a game set in Toronto. Im from there, despite moving away recently… Should be cool to see.

  • I just got the first 4 volumes from my libraray and read them through the night just hours ago, and I must say that I love it. It feels like what “Love Roma” would be like if it were to take place in Canada, and was more into the indie music scene and videogames.

  • Looks sweet. I’m wondering if its like River CIty Ransom…. Are there weapons, money, and can you pick up enemies/other players?

    River City Ransom is one of my favorite NES games. So I’m hoping this is like that. Thanks!

  • @18 Zezzler
    I think they’re just going for a recognizable brand. Ya know, for the guys who see the movie and don’t get that its based off of a comic.
    It’s supposed to be pure arcade beat em up action. Not unlike the TMNT game they remade a year or so ago.

    For those who wanna be in the know, the guy responsible for the sprite design direction is Paul Robertson. The guy behind internet hits like Pirate Babys Cabana Battle.

  • “It’s all about kisses and cows”? It isn’t 20 years ago, it’s 2010! I would try this game for free and that’s about it. This game should be included for free with another purchase from the playstation store.

  • If it has some form of Ubisoft Crap DRM where you can’t play it unless you’re online, even though it’s offline, I won’t buy it out of principle. Disappointing if it doesn’t have online co-op.

    But this is one of my most anticipated games. i assumed it had online. Like I said really disappointing if it doesn’t, cause not all of us live in places where such things as “Friends” exist.

  • “If it has some form of Ubisoft Crap DRM where you can’t play it unless you’re online, even though it’s offline, I won’t buy it out of principle. Disappointing if it doesn’t have online co-op.”

    I’m worried about this too. Please let this game work without some ridiculous lock out that ruins the enjoyment of the game due to some thing as minor as not having a very reliable connection. :(

    I also wonder if the sound track for SPVTW will be available for download as I’m sure there are a lot of retro fans that would love to get their hands on it. Although if this is really like an 8 bit game I bet it’ll probably have a “sound test”. :)

  • Hi guys! I am the guy speaking with this weird French accent in the video. Thanks for the support on Scott Pilgrim.

    I see that a lot of you know your classics well. You won’t be disappointed. After it comes out Aug 10th, I challenge you to find all the references of cult/classic video games embedded in SPVTW. ;)

    About the 8bit music tracks. Yeah! We have some surprises for you that will be revealed a bit later. Stay tuned… :)

  • its going to be so good ive been waiting for a game like this for a wile

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