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I’m biased, but I think last month’s E3 Blog meet-up went pretty awesomely. You may have seen the amateur video of the event (and Kojima’s suprise visit), but the Hot Shots Tennis team went a step further, producing a really cool video featuring the attendees of our meetup.

Things to look out for: Frawlz and Dave from Sarcastic Gamer, Mr. Destructoid, Hiphopgamer, longtime PS Blog commenter Delriach, Hot Shots US Producer Chris Hinojosa-Miranda, Hiphopgamer’s championship belt, Rey Gutierrez’ awesome PlayStation tat, and yours truly, tired, sweaty, and hopped up on a cocktail of caffeine and adrenaline.

Were you there? Did you see yourself?

Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip is now available on UMD and PlayStation Store download for $19.99. In true Hot Shots form, it’s also really addictive.

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  • No I wasn’t there :( , looked fun. Hot Shots Tennis is awesome!

  • Hurry up and make HSG6 or Open Tee 3 already darn it.

  • Yup planning to get a PSP(don’t know if I should get Go or 3000) alongside with MGS: PW and Hot Shots Tennis, and Patapon or LBP. I wasn’t there but I wish I was, I can guarantee you that I’ll be at E3 2012 meetup though(can almost guarantee a new console reveal by that time ;))

    Anyway Jeff what happened to Live Chats with the devs? How come you guys aren’t doing it anymore? Hopefully it will come back soon say with Zipper(for Socom), Media Molecule(for LBP) or Polyphony(for GT5)! I’ve already submitted it on Share but the stuff I put on Share NEVER show up.
    To Refresh yur memory:

    • We’ll do some more – we’re just down a staff member (hopefully not for long!), and they’re kinda time intensive.

      Also, that idea is in Share – I’ve seen it.

  • Did I say or? I meant and :p

  • Yay! I’m being interviewed! Honestly, the game is tons of fun. Again, thanks to Sony for putting on that wonderful event!

  • Team Kaizen shows up at 1:53! Thanks again for the kick-ass party, Jeff! you guys rock!!!!

  • I’ve played so much of this game lately. I must have played the demo an hour a night for 10 days, now that I bought the game I’ve been maxing out characters like crazy.

    Game play is awesome! No question about it. The Story mode is kind of ridiculous – lol – but the game play completely shows off and makes you forget about it while you’re in a match.

    Spreading Happiness to the world through Tennis? lol

  • Hey, is that Cyrus (from the Tester) behind the window on the right side of the preview image for the video?

  • I SAW MYSELF @ 3:02 when the screen went Black. There was a reflection!

    THANKS SONY for including me in your video! :D

  • rafael_martines

    I imagine a HD version of this game, with Platinum Trophy AND Playstation Move

  • Woot. Thanks for the mention Jeff. Don’t forget I write for PS3Attitude ;)

  • Saw myself too! Had a blast at the get together. Well done Jeff and the rest of the Sony team!

  • This is all grate for LA but what happen to us NYC people. There is a Sony Store here. I would to see that over here in my parts. Only thing was the Move at the Sony Store..

  • oh cool hiphop gamer was there i like him

  • The game is like crack. Super addicting. Finished story mode, beat the director of the club. I have over 22 hours into it. Need to beat the old guy hidden toward the back of the island then go against Gloria.

    The game does have some problems. It seems like when you start playing the better players they add what I call a clutz factor. Its almost as if the AI takes over and makes you miss shots you always made before. I know sometimes it has to do with low stamina.

    The computers skill also goes way up and down during the same game depending on if you are ahead or not. It feels like you sometimes have little control over what happens during a game. But if you are persistent you’ll get a game where it doesn’t happen as badly.

  • Isnt delroach the writer for that charity website?


  • Shoot I think I saw my Arm there but most of the shots I’m just off screen or blocked by Hip Hop Gamers Head :-D. Ohh Well what matters is I was there and had a Great Time & got to go to E3. It was a Awesome time and playing Hot Shots Tennis:Get a Grip was a blast with somebody else. It felt very competitive and fun going back and forth across the court. I may have lost to a girl but I had a Blast doing it! :-) I would Definitely recommend this game to others.

  • Is the EU blog at any point having a meet-up!? Would be great to have this kind of thing in Copenhagen or maybe London… Wish I lived around LA/SF for these kinds of things!

  • Hip Hop Gamer!!!!!

  • How come that guy on the left in the fedora has no eyes?? That looks so creepy.

  • jeff gota say thanks for evething that week (again), for everyone that didn’t know, i was the VERY last guy to get into the sony presser and e3, i jammed after gettin my stuffed signed by kojima, made it there at 11:30am and was still last, lol
    thanks for everything jeff!! also im not Social Media rock star like you and sid, but if you guys need a padawan to do the interviews i guess i could ablige =)

  • i have yet to buy the game, but the demo is highly addictive. and for @20, thats not a bad price at all.

  • I saw me! They put me in there a lot. Even my Robot dancing with the destructoid mask on!

    Thanks for featuring me Playstaion Blog!

    -Kristen from Game Meets Girl

  • why do they always interview the guys who look like the last time they saw a naked female was at birth .

  • I can barely see myself at :12 when the camera walks upstairs. Remember I was the one who shouted out “Three Sixty!!” Then everyone laughs… Ha ha ha

  • Dammit I mean :34-35 Next to the guy in blue :P

  • Ahaha I’m in there multiple times, the only guy cool enough to be in a blue Home shirt! :) Snagged that in a Home bag from SCEE at E3 2009. Woot!

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