Battlefield Bad Company 2: Onslaught Mode Now Deployed

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This is Daniel Matros, the new community manager at Dice. As you may or may not know, we just released Onslaught mode for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Just wanted to give you some more info on what you can expect in this new co-op experience.

Onslaught is co-op in the sense that you get to play with a squad of up to four soldiers against endless waves of A.I. enemies. Endless until you take the base flags, that is. The people who are actually doing the Onslaught are you — the players.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Onslaught for PS3

Atacama Desert is a real favorite among Battlefield players. In Onslaught, this huge, vehicle-heavy map is ravaged by minor sandstorms that give it a limited visibility.

This makes Onslaught approachable on two totally different levels. First, it is the perfect place for newcomers to hone their squad tactics without having to face human opposition. On easy or normal difficulty, this should be very manageable by a team of four soldiers playing together. As long as one of you stays alive at all times, the others can keep spawning in.

For the elite squads out there, crank up the difficulty to hardcore and see how quickly you can clear the maps — then compare your best times on the global, Onslaught-specific leaderboards for bragging rights.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Onslaught for PS3

The enemies keep attacking as long as you don’t capture a base and advance. Prepare for the fight of your life on Hardcore difficulty!

I played a bunch of matches on Atacama Desert on the hardcore setting today. After 20 or so epic fails, the junior product manager here at Dice and I hooked up with two more soldiers and swept through Atacama’s three bases in 13 minutes. By no means even close to the fastest time in the world, but a nice first attempt to try and crush in the days to come. Two of the guys in our squad today finished up on Atacama in just seven minutes. See if you can beat that.

Oh, and I caught executive producer Patrick Bach in the corridors earlier today. I asked him to give our readers on the PlayStation.Blog some inside info on how to succeed in Onslaught mode:

Keep your squad tight and make sure to experiment with a mix of different kits. It’s all about finding the right weapon for the job. You wouldn’t try and blow up a tank with a sniper rifle — even though you CAN headshot people with the repair tool, actually.

Solid advice. For more on what is happening at Dice and with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in particular, stay tuned on our blog. Hope to see you guys online, and do let us know what you think of Onslaught!

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  • that-acmilan-guy

    So far Dice did not give us any free DLC, all we got was some stuff which were already included on the disc but for some reason have to unlock with time. Why not give us a true free DLC?

  • Keep up th excellent work Dice! It’s greatly appreciated!

  • Onslaught has been pretty fun thus far. Yes, I would welcome some actual new maps but the game is fun even without them. My congrats on the Medal of Honor multi-player by the way, that’s some really good work there.

  • Would pay for this but to be honest I believe this should’ve been held inside the game or addon as free dlc. Or included into psn plus.

  • Does this cost money??

    or not.. No mention of cost as I skimmed through..

  • Hey can you guys please make some avatars for are psn cards. Thanks inadvance.

    -worth the caps sorry mag-

  • Battlefield Bad Company is the best FPS out in the market by far . lots of variety , lots of vehicles,weapons . Not to mention Destruccion and the gameplay is awesome.

    Onslaught is really fun when u squad up with ur friends to get the best time . my friends and I finish Atacama Desert in 8 mins , now we will try to beat that 7 minutes . global online leaderboards for onslaught is not working yet , so I can only compare my best times with my friends not the whole world .

    This game is worth every penny .

  • this better be free for playstation plus subscribers! :D

  • Stop whinning about , oh this should be free oh this is locked content . whatever it is is hell out of better than any FPS !!! .

  • hi. i thought this mode was a great addition to the game! and i hope to see more maps for those who bought it, 10$ was a bit steep for 4 maps.

    keep it up!

  • This is old, Came out awhile ago.

    I want more BGBC2 DLC/Trophies now.
    More Co op dlc, More maps for online new ones, and New game modes.

  • Onslaught has been out for a few weeks now
    Uhh, thanks for giving us old news? *awkward laugh*

    Also, why not promote that bundle?
    The one that comes with onslaught and 1943 for $20?
    Thats a massive deal

  • I love onslaught. But in case you guys are reading this…

    MOH needs some serious improvement. The game is about as dull and unique as a pile of rocks. After BFBC2 I really expected more from DICE.

    The guns are completely lifeless and very unsatisfying to shoot. Knifing is terrible, especially compared to BFBC2. ARs dominate, SGs are basically useless, Snipers have no use when ARs are better at range. IEDs should be based on a motion or proximity sensory. The spawning keeps camping at a minimum but it makes it almost impossible to plan any kind of attack.

    I am sorry but as much as I really don’t want to like MW2 its a much better game in just about every regard. BFBC2 is obviously the best… but, I really hope the last couple of months before release can iron out some of these issues.

  • Love this game, Got “Onslaught” and “SPECACT” waiting for Vietnam later this year, do think that there should be content FREE to PSN+ Subscribers

  • Where do I get my ingame screenshots? I take a screenshot, and the manual says to go to the website. I check under my soldier but nothing is there. Am I missing something?

  • after the deceptive dr pepper fiasco with the specact kits I will not be pumping any money into this game.

  • so basically its conquest mode with A1 enemies rather than human enemies

  • more maps please! *with a fat princess voice*

    onslaught is a lot of fun. thanks for the dlc. i really wish there were more online maps. how much time and money does it cost DICE to convert single player maps to death match games? maybe my expectations are a little high? i apologize if they are.

    anyways, the battlefield franchise is one of the best out there. i currently own 1942 through bfbc2. bfbc2 is my favorite along with bf 2142. it would be nice if an updated version or sequel of the 2142 experience be available for the current gen consoles. 2142 kicks halo’s patootie!

    keep up the good work!

  • @5

    Its $9.99 for download

  • @Daniel Matros: I’d like to see an updated version of BF 2142 for the PS3. I’ve been playing BF 2142 on my PC & the graphics are quite poor when compared to the graphics of BF:BC2. But I like the different weapons & vehicles and this could be a very big hit on the PS3 if done properly.

  • I got this! It’s worth it!

    I love BFBC2 DICE. Keep bringing more content for this awesome game! I hope to see new maps from Bad Company 1 to BC2. And please PLEASE!!!!!!! WAKE ISLAND!!! Listen to the community! WE. WANT. IT!! ^_^

    Thank you again!

  • i got it bych and it was kool probally 2 extreem 4 u little kid self

  • SierraNovember47

    Don’t buy this DLC : it’s wasted with a lot of bugs ! Many people have big problems with it and Dice and EA don’t do anything to try to fix it : they are too busy to count the money they gather on our back … See that :

  • BF:BC2 is by far my fav shooter. I can’t get enough! I was really excited about onslaught mode, but feel it’s kind of lacking in some regard. I wish I could earn more than just XP in the mode. I’d also like to see more enemy vehicles.

  • I like a lots this co-op mode the thing is that is content already on the disc but for 9.99 dont matter. Still waiting for NEW maps on the King of FPS today. Sorry but english not my first language.

  • I forgot, there seems to be on error on the leaderboards i dont see anyone score or times posted on the list.


  • Dont get me wrong, onslaught is fun but I want to see more maps for a game mode (rush, conquest) that actually allows you to rank up on…. Hint Hint dice! Keep up the good work tho.

  • Hello DICE.
    I would like to know why all new maps given from you are prepared from those old ones. The community voice wants the same: NEW free maps for rush and conquest mode. I’ve near a 40rank and BFBC2 make me boring now. All is the same. CO-OP mode is boring because all bots are always in the same place on map so there is no challenge even on hardcore mode. OK, so please tell as, are you going to give as a NEW VIP maps?

  • ZOMG!!!! UUUMMMMMMM… can you guys please fix all the bugs and lag and crap and crap in Onslaught mode please!!!!!???? i kid you not on more than one occasion i emptied an entire clip on an enemy, emptied my entire rifle ammo and even knifed the enemy and he did not die!!!! WTF!??? and not to mention i constantly get kicked out of matches… my internet connection is excellent and i have no problems on multiplayer….. fix, fix, fix…

  • Please fix the problem of onslaught mode i’m also having same problem …. not on more than one occasion i emptied an entire clip on an enemy, emptied my entire rifle ammo and even knifed the enemy and he did not die , why ? And not to mention i constantly get kicked out of matches… my internet connection is excellent and i have no problems on multiplayer….. fix, fix, fix…soon ….

  • all u complaners shut it be glad it ain 400 ps bucks

  • also y aint any1 complanin about codds lag?

  • OK, so whats the story with BFBC2’s onslaught mode?? sounds like a few people are having the same trouble as me… shooting people all day long, knifing, roadkills, tanks main & secondary guns (have tried just about every weapon in every kit) still NOBODY IS FALLING DOWN!!!!! Then on the odd occasion it lets me play properly (about 5 out of the 30 attempts I have made) It boots me after about 2 minutes!!! I have no problems in normal multi-player, or with ANY other on-line gaming…. have i just wasted my money!?!?!?!?!?! (and some seemingly unattainable trophies???)

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