Today on PSN: Patapon 3 Multiplayer Demo

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Patapon fans, rejoice! Today is finally here (today being Tuesday, July 6th). In a few hours — as soon as the PlayStation Store refreshes all its content — you’ll be able to download the much-anticipated bite-sized summer snack known as the Patapon 3 Multiplayer Demo.

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Are you ready to play to your heart’s content? Are you already tapping your feet/toes/fingers in sweet rhythmic anticipation? Yeah you are…

So here are the contents of this hypnotically musical multiplayer adventure (insert mood music):

  • Ad-hoc and Infrastructure Multiplayer (1-8 players)
  • Co-op and Competitive (Capture the Flag) missions
  • Introduction of the New Super Hero Patapons
  • New Enemies
  • Intro to the Patapons’ new adventure

As mentioned before, this is a multiplayer demo, so you’ll need either an internet connection to fight along/against other players world-wide (that means around the world!) or four of your bestest local Patapon friends to enjoy this demo… and since it is free, there is no reason why your friends shouldn’t have a copy.

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