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Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans, and a belated Happy Canada Day to those of you slightly north. Like most of you, we’re spending the long holiday weekend with our families, but we’ll still try and squeeze a few posts in tomorrow, as well as share these links with you today.

Especially timely is the first one – a series of patriotic tracks to play on your favorite music games if you’re stuck inside today, courtesy G4.

Happy grilling/fireworks!

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of June 28, 2010)

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  • Final Fantasy Versus XIII please, people want it but you guys aren’t talking about it. Please keep it exclusive to the PS3.

  • Jeff,is the mobile site of the forms under maintence because I haven’t been able to access them on my psp,all I get is a message saying “an unexepected error has occured”. There is nothing about me being banned. Please Reply. thanks!

  • any news on a new resident evil posibbly RE6? and wheres resistance 3?

  • happy forth to all of you as well.

    I love playstation

    Thanks again for E3 guys

  • Hot Shots Tennis is absolutely fantastic; thanks for translating + bringing it over to NA! I LOVE tennis games and this one is a lot of fun.

  • Will CSI ever be added to the store?

  • just curious, what’s with the ideas not being posted on blog.share?

  • There are freezing issues with some PSone classics such as Resident Evil 3. I’m saying that here cause the ideas are not being posted on blog.share, and I want to get the attention of somebody in the Sony business if they can help that is.

  • Also, do u know what’s going on with Resident Evil Portable for PSP or u can’t say or don’t know?

  • Nice pics of The 3rd Bday, already seen most of them on Parasite Eve’s profile on facebook, I heard it comes out in Japan this winter, hopefully a US release date isn’t too far off. Hopefully in the beginning of Q1 2011 no later.

  • You guys should release a demo of The 3rd Bday if possible, I already posted that as an idea on blog.share. Allrighty, I’m gonna try not to take up most of the posts, lol.

  • Sonicfan11589 stop with all the spam say what you gotta say and end it. your posting is worse then people who double dip a potato chip.

    I hope we see more footage of inFAMOUS or Killzone 3 at the VGA later on this year.

  • Got a question about Playstation Plus, I hope you can answer it. If I have 2 Playstation 3’s, with one account on both of them (lets say this account “A” has Playstation Plus). Would I be able to download the updates to both PS3’s and use all the games and dlc as long as account “A” is presnt on both Playstation 3’s?

    Assuming the first answer is Yes, would it be possible to download the updates automatically to both ps3’s if the 2nd PS3 had a second account “B” as its main login for auto login?

  • @12 I’m not spamming, I’m asking a few questions, and I stated I wanted to stop posting so much, also I was really curious about why blog.share aren’t showing any new ideas, so please don’t take things the wrong way.

  • And also, one of my posts was referring to a link posted on this blog.

  • Can only people with US PSN accounts use Playstation Blog.share?

    I added a few but none appeared up on the site. They were not duplicates as far are my search could reveal.

  • okay happy 4th of july everyone!
    anyways,i’m currently playing trinity universe and i’m having a good time at it.but,i just wish that this free agency period its over with… cuz its drving me crazy and to think that the miami heat has all this money and they cant seem to keep his A-player..
    i’m hoping that by this thursday or friday i will hear good news regarding this free agency issue.also, i’m glad that the world cup is ending because the vuvuzuelas are driving me insane LOL

    well,i’m also waiting with eagerness nisa’s press conference cuz i want to know which titles are forthcoming this fall/ this is surely a good time to be an rpg player! :0

  • Go Playstation Home!!

  • Happy 4th to everybody.

    Really can’t wait for InFAMOUS 2 and Gran Turismo 5 really looking foward to them.

    Also Jeff, I really think that the US PS Blog should do what the EU PS Blog did with the PSN+ giveaway. It really brought the community together there and I think it could do the same here:

    Please look into this!


  • here go a link worth posting….

    Eyetoy vs. Kinect

  • Just added my first idea to PS Share. here it is:

    Use Amazon GC Balance in PSN Store
    We should be able to use our Amazon Gift Card balance as a payment option in the Amazon PSN Store in addition to the current payment option. This feature would be very help to users like me.

    Hope this idea goes though and happy birthday america!

  • @ 10 I shared an idea that involved giving us deals and it never showed up

  • What up?

  • nice update =)

  • i dont give a dang wat yall talking about jus give me the new map packs for call of duty: modern warfare’s resurgence map pack.
    i just want to know since there aint no post about it when call of duty: modern warfare’s resurgence map pack going to hit. If it aint this is some bull and i’m taking my business to xbox.

  • Fix the Account issues first. Sub to Masters and activation

  • FreshPrinceBKLYN

    i’ve purchased 50 tickets from midway carnival and did not receive any

  • thanks for the happy canada day we dont get that much up praise up here in the great white north

    oh and MW2 buddy #27 simmer down its not that great

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