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Jeff and I are busy wrapping up more of our interviews from E3, so look forward to another deluge of previews in the next week or two. Good stuff like Spec Ops: The Line, Two Worlds II, and a few surprises. Are there any E3 games you’d like to know more about? Let us know in the comments.

Otherwise, it’s a beautiful Independence Day weekend and I’m about to head to the park (and maybe sneak in a little Red Dead later). Have a great, safe holiday weekend!

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

  • Dead Space 2 for PS3: E3 2010 Interview — Dead Space 2 details such as the Javelin Gun, new Necromorphs, and why stomping is better than ever.
  • Trinity Universe for the PS3 Releases Tomorrow — Read up on the new PS3 RPG from NIS, and learn how to place Meteorites on your Planetary Rings.
  • PlayStation 3 System Software Update v3.40 Available Now — PlayStation Plus, web-based photo albums, video editor and uploader, user ratings for PSN, new power save settings and more.
  • ModNation Monday: Online Changes and Creators Showcase — See what’s shaking in the online world of ModNation Racers.
  • PlayStation Plus: Available Today — The floodgates are open! Early adopters get three free months, read on for more details.
  • Fat Princess: PlayStation Plus-Sized Discount for Fat Roles DLC — Subscribers get 20% off this expansion that adds pirates, ninjas, and giants.
  • PlayStation Store Update — Monstrous update with the launch of PlayStation Plus, Lego Harry Potter demo, inFAMOUS full game download, Trine price drop and much more.
  • Hot Shots Tennis: Get A Grip – Available Now! — Just 20 bucks for this RPG-style PSP tennis game. Now with 100% more Helghast!
  • New to PlayStation Store: LocoRoco Midnight Carnival Strategy Guide — A discount for LocoRoco Midnight Carnival on PSN, and new interactive digital strategy guides to help you win.
  • Warhawk Tournament July 4th weekend, 75% off “Fallen Star” DLC — This weekend the battle rages on for Warhawk supremacy. Are you in?
  • First Look: echochrome ii for PS3 and PlayStation Move — This upcoming PSN puzzle sequel lets you use the PlayStation Move like a “flashlight” to cast shadows that you can traverse.
  • Digital Comics Store Update — DMZ, High Moon, new Batman: Hush from DC, Black Panther from Marvel, and Mystery Society from IDW.
  • Burn your Dread: Persona 3 Portable Signed Soundtrack Drawing! — Atlus celebrates the upcoming launch of this PSP RPG with a soundtrack giveaway.
  • First Look: The Sly Collection in HD for PS3 — Widescreen, HD quality, Trophies, 3D, PlayStation Move for this this Sly Cooper trilogy remastering. And: comparison screens! Oh, baby.
  • Celebrate Canada Day with the PlayStation Video Store! — Canada gets some Video Store love, and just in time for Canada Day!
  • E3 Encounters: Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom for PS3 — From the creators of Folklore, this buddy-based puzzle adventure has a distinctive visual style.
  • Coming Soon to PSN: Mystery of the Crystal Portal for PSP and PS3 — This new PlayStation mini puzzle game hits PSN next week, and we’ve got video and screens.
  • Coming to PSN: Patapon 3 Multiplayer Demo for PSP — Patapon pops onto your PSP next Tuesday with a free multiplayer demo — screens and details inside.
  • PlayStation Network Video Content Update— Hot Tub Time Machine, Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, The Crazies, and new deals on Alien and Predator films.
  • Step Your Game Up with PSP and PSPgo — SCEA Senior Vice-President Peter Dille introduces Kevin Butler’s PSP protege Marcus Rivers.
  • New inFAMOUS 2 Gameplay Video on Spike’s GTTV — Cole shreds New Marais while pursuing a mysterious speeding limo. Who’s inside?
  • Play the MAG Beta with Zipper!

    Courtesy of Jeremy Dunham

  • Zipper Profile: Jay Embry — This week we meet up with Jay Embry, Test Lead. It’s his job to help make sure that Zipper Interactive’s games are as polished as can be.
  • Zipline Podcast, Episode 10 — Lsten as Joe regales us with stories of odd and interesting, err, “features” that were removed from titles prior to hitting store shelves.
  • UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves banner

    Courtesy of Arne Meyer

  • Double Cash Weekend! — Get a head start on level 80 in UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer. Earn up to $150,000 per match from Friday 7/2 through Wednesday, 7/7. See you online!
  • The Lab: July 2010 Schedule — “The Lab” continues in July with our newly revealed schedule for the month, including Plunder Pistols Only variation and a Grenades Only variation.
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