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Jeff and I are busy wrapping up more of our interviews from E3, so look forward to another deluge of previews in the next week or two. Good stuff like Spec Ops: The Line, Two Worlds II, and a few surprises. Are there any E3 games you’d like to know more about? Let us know in the comments.

Otherwise, it’s a beautiful Independence Day weekend and I’m about to head to the park (and maybe sneak in a little Red Dead later). Have a great, safe holiday weekend!

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

  • Dead Space 2 for PS3: E3 2010 Interview — Dead Space 2 details such as the Javelin Gun, new Necromorphs, and why stomping is better than ever.
  • Trinity Universe for the PS3 Releases Tomorrow — Read up on the new PS3 RPG from NIS, and learn how to place Meteorites on your Planetary Rings.
  • PlayStation 3 System Software Update v3.40 Available Now — PlayStation Plus, web-based photo albums, video editor and uploader, user ratings for PSN, new power save settings and more.
  • ModNation Monday: Online Changes and Creators Showcase — See what’s shaking in the online world of ModNation Racers.
  • PlayStation Plus: Available Today — The floodgates are open! Early adopters get three free months, read on for more details.
  • Fat Princess: PlayStation Plus-Sized Discount for Fat Roles DLC — Subscribers get 20% off this expansion that adds pirates, ninjas, and giants.
  • PlayStation Store Update — Monstrous update with the launch of PlayStation Plus, Lego Harry Potter demo, inFAMOUS full game download, Trine price drop and much more.
  • Hot Shots Tennis: Get A Grip – Available Now! — Just 20 bucks for this RPG-style PSP tennis game. Now with 100% more Helghast!
  • New to PlayStation Store: LocoRoco Midnight Carnival Strategy Guide — A discount for LocoRoco Midnight Carnival on PSN, and new interactive digital strategy guides to help you win.
  • Warhawk Tournament July 4th weekend, 75% off “Fallen Star” DLC — This weekend the battle rages on for Warhawk supremacy. Are you in?
  • First Look: echochrome ii for PS3 and PlayStation Move — This upcoming PSN puzzle sequel lets you use the PlayStation Move like a “flashlight” to cast shadows that you can traverse.
  • Digital Comics Store Update — DMZ, High Moon, new Batman: Hush from DC, Black Panther from Marvel, and Mystery Society from IDW.
  • Burn your Dread: Persona 3 Portable Signed Soundtrack Drawing! — Atlus celebrates the upcoming launch of this PSP RPG with a soundtrack giveaway.
  • First Look: The Sly Collection in HD for PS3 — Widescreen, HD quality, Trophies, 3D, PlayStation Move for this this Sly Cooper trilogy remastering. And: comparison screens! Oh, baby.
  • Celebrate Canada Day with the PlayStation Video Store! — Canada gets some Video Store love, and just in time for Canada Day!
  • E3 Encounters: Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom for PS3 — From the creators of Folklore, this buddy-based puzzle adventure has a distinctive visual style.
  • Coming Soon to PSN: Mystery of the Crystal Portal for PSP and PS3 — This new PlayStation mini puzzle game hits PSN next week, and we’ve got video and screens.
  • Coming to PSN: Patapon 3 Multiplayer Demo for PSP — Patapon pops onto your PSP next Tuesday with a free multiplayer demo — screens and details inside.
  • PlayStation Network Video Content Update— Hot Tub Time Machine, Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, The Crazies, and new deals on Alien and Predator films.
  • Step Your Game Up with PSP and PSPgo — SCEA Senior Vice-President Peter Dille introduces Kevin Butler’s PSP protege Marcus Rivers.
  • New inFAMOUS 2 Gameplay Video on Spike’s GTTV — Cole shreds New Marais while pursuing a mysterious speeding limo. Who’s inside?
  • Play the MAG Beta with Zipper!

    Courtesy of Jeremy Dunham

  • Zipper Profile: Jay Embry — This week we meet up with Jay Embry, Test Lead. It’s his job to help make sure that Zipper Interactive’s games are as polished as can be.
  • Zipline Podcast, Episode 10 — Lsten as Joe regales us with stories of odd and interesting, err, “features” that were removed from titles prior to hitting store shelves.
  • UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves banner

    Courtesy of Arne Meyer

  • Double Cash Weekend! — Get a head start on level 80 in UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer. Earn up to $150,000 per match from Friday 7/2 through Wednesday, 7/7. See you online!
  • The Lab: July 2010 Schedule — “The Lab” continues in July with our newly revealed schedule for the month, including Plunder Pistols Only variation and a Grenades Only variation.
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    • I’d like to know more about Steamworks for PS3 coming with Portal 2. Maybe Gabe could pop by the blog… :P

    • i really want to know if inFamous 2 will use the karma system? and what about Moya? who does she work for? i heard Zeke’s voice in the trailer so im pretty sure he is coming out in the game? will Sucker Punch do the same thing like they did with Mass Effect 2 where you the decisions you made in the first game affect the second game?????

      • I know it will have a morality/karma element, I was told that at E3, but I think the details are a ways off. Your other questions are good, I will investigate next week.

    • Great week for PSN and Spain!!!

    • Hey guys I think you need to make PSN+ more widely known. I’ve had a bunch of people asking me what the heck that gold cross on my profile is.

      And also lets get some new info on Mortal Kombat (2011) !!

      • I guess the gold cross is doing its job :-) But seriously, there will be plenty more to talk about with PlayStation Plus in time — we’re not going quiet by a longshot.

        And as for MK, be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the Blog over the next week or two. :-)

    • i wanna know if psp GO owners will be able to play Eyepet ?

    • Are The Behemoth going to announce the release date for Castle Crashers this following week? Maybe an surpise for this Tuesday would be great.

    • @5 and Sid is there any work around or adapter for the camera for the PSPgo because both invisimals and Eyepet for PSP look great and I would like to get them but I purchased the White PSPgo on launch day and does that mean I’m SOL?

      • No workaround that I know — the camera was designed for the pre-go models only. Maybe you can borrow a friend’s?

    • I know there is nothing else to report but I need more 3rd Birthday info soon!

    • ok , thank you for the info Sid , can you let Erick Lempel know that a lot of PSP owners would like to have an active psn friends list if its possible

    • I’m also curious about the status of Castle Crashers…will there be any news on that front anytime soon, or at the very least, a trailer for the game (to happily download)?

      This will be a good summer for 2-D beat-em-ups, with Castle Crashers, Scott Pilgrim, and Shank! I just hope CC comes out real soon as I (and many others) have been waiting for it since the announcement last July. Any news at all would be greatly appreciated!

      Thanks for taking the time on weekends to answer questions, Sid.

      • My pleasure. No news to share from the Behemoth team, but you might try hitting them up directly on Twitter.

    • oh Sid Famitsu japan listed White Knight Chronicles coming to the psp , is there any plans to bring the game here on the states ? i love White Knight Chronicles ps3 and i will most likely get WKC2 but as im now used to expand my ps3 favorite franchises on the GO im now very interested in getting WKC psp

      at # 7 i have tried Invizimals at E3 and its a pretty fun game too bad is not coming to the psp GO

    • I want to hear more about mortal kombat and sorecery.

    • @11 yes it is too bad because as much as I want to play the game I am not going to buy a PSP3000 when the PSP 2 is going to be just around the corner.

    • When was Sonic Adventure coming again?

    • @14 I feel stupid now, the 11th birthday of Dreamcast 9/9/10

    • Hi Sid, What happened to the More PSN+ info? The blog post on launch day had nothing in it.

      I cannot understand how SCEA is standing by it’s decision to tell us nothing in the face of every other Region providing a complete list of content for the first two months and taking the time to answer everyones questions.

      -Still no info on the first two months content
      -Still no specific difinitive answer regarding Qore subscribers(The Sony email CSR replys posted by people screem “I tried to get an answer but was unsuccessfull so I’m just gonna paste in the normal no refunds on PSN purchases reply”)
      -Fieldrunners was specificly mentioned in every blog post but isn’t available for download(PSN+ was promised 2 mini’s a month and Age of Zombies is the only one up)

      I can’t believe I have to repeat this again: How do you expect is to pay $50 a year for something you refuse to provide an appropriate amount of information about?

    • Wow No Eyepet for PSP Go?

      I guess it’s all for the better. That crappier version of a camera that’s been out in Japan for 4 years and Europe for 3 years is going to be dead in the water in North America anyway.

      The original one was 1.3MP and 4 years ago that was good enough to use for other things. the 0.3MP camera coming now is just good enough for the games and useless otherwise.

    • Any plans for the Playstation Blog at GamesCon 2010?

    • If ur the right person to ask Sid, will we see more PSP retail games coming to PSN such as Crisis Core, Shadow of Destiny, since u guys seem to be putting more games on PSN that are not retail releases, such as Midway Arcade Treasures.

      • It’s largely up to the publishers on how the want to distribute their games, so I’d try expressing your interest to @SquareEnix on Twitter!

    • @16
      Guess you’re beginning to realize why 50 dollar yearly subscribers are getting an extra 3 months free on top of the 12 months we’re already getting lol.

    • @19 What I meant was u guys are putting up more games on PSN that are not NEW released games.

      • There have been some already and I’m sure we’ll see more, but I don’t know of anything specific.

    • ok thanks for the respond Sid, all us gamers really appreciate the responding whether it’s negative or positive.

    • @Sid

      The only reason I ask was because of the accessories that were unveiled at E3 09 I was under the impression it was ready for production but I guess it was just a prototype/R&D unit?

      Could you possibly find out more for me or did the PSPgo sales not get to a high enough point to justify production of these adapters?

      Here is the image from Kotaku’s site form last year.


    • So, I’ve decided to use my post to give the spotlight to some ideas in Share so that we can be sure they’re given consideration. I know there’s a lot to wade through in there, so I’m just helping you out in a sense.

      PlayStation Plus Voting, by izekial27
      What Would be Awesome From PSN Plus, by SpadgePhantasmic
      Resumable Game Updates, by Onarum
      New Tab for PS Blog Share “Implemented Ideas,” by favian

      I didn’t include my own because it would’ve been shameless self-promotion. That being said, take a look at my ideas. =P

    • yes Sid , i voted on share already , i have a lot of psp games that support infrastructure mode and quite a couple of friends and family to play those games online and its really frustrating that the only way to play with them is to call them up by the phone and let them know where to join me lol , dont you think it would be really kool to have access to our psn friends list on the go ? i do , it would keep me more connected to psn for sure , anyways thanks for your answers at least you are taking the time to respond , i really appreciate it

      • Totally, it’d be a nice feature. Thanks for voting on Share, that’s the most productive way to state your case!

    • What you mean this old thing Sid?:

      It would be doing gangbusters if you guys would fix Share’s problem of nothing new having any chance of gaining traction.

      There’s also the problem of PSN+ members being promised 2 Mini’s a month and the second mini promised for month one(Fieldrunners) is MIA with no explanation.

    • I’m with Sonicfan (22): way to be on top of things, Sid. Some form of acknowledgement, good or bad, is appreciated. All the same, I don’t blame Grace Chen for not responding on the store updates- I wouldn’t want to jump into that pit either and I get the distinct impression that she’s probably got other duties to attend to. After all, deliberately ignoring complaints when one has plenty of spare time just doesn’t make any sense.

      • Thanks for the kind words! When you’re busy it can be tough to carve out time to answer reader comments (as you can see, I’m doing it on a Saturday!). Luckily, this is part of my role so I can usually find a few minutes here and there.

    • Sid,

      Is there a way we could here more about Sorcery. The demo they showed at E3 is looking great. I would like to know more details about gameplay, story, release date, etc.

      BTW, Who is developing? Is it a first party studio, or is Sony just Publishing it?


    • Sid,

      Are you (SCEA) going to disclose the contents of the second month of free/disconted content for PSN Plus before its release (i.e., while the June/July freebies are still available)?

      Having two months of confirmed content might help convince people like me to pony up the $50. The first batch contains only about $5 worth of items which I would otherwise buy (I own WipEout HD already, for instance). If I knew for sure that another $15 worth of stuff I want would be available next month, I might sign up today to get that $5 worth of content. As it is, I would be gambling that future months would be better than the first one.

    • Okkk I subscribed 1 year for PS+ hoping to get the best out of it. Someone please tell me why WipEoutHD isn’t working for me?! It downloads and when I update it to 2.20 i believe it becomes corrupted data . . Help Me =/

    • Is there a specific date that we have to subscribe to PS+ by in order to get the extra three months free? I already own Wipeout and the Warhawk DLC and would prefer to sign up next month, but I don’t want to skip one month and then end up not getting the three months.

      Any idea how long that promo is going to last?

    • Hi Sid,

      Are there any special plans for Comic Con? Any PS3 exclusives being announced?

    • I just realised that Playstation Tweeted where Fieldrunners and the dynamic themes are at.

      So nice of you to not provide that information at launch.

      • Yes, certain bits of the PlayStation Plus content roll out over the month. Apologies for the lack of clarity there, but we’ve updated the post to address this detail for other readers as well.

    • BTW Sid I think the expiry date of the three months is August 3rd(I assume before the store publish that day). I can’t remember where I read it though.

    • hey sid, is there a reason why we haven’t gotten anymore video tutorials of ps3 firmware updates on the blog? i subscribed to plus and would love to know more precise details on “automatic downloads” feature before i set it on.

      • Good point, I think things have been extra hectic since E3, but I’d like to see these kick back into gear. As for Automatic Downloads, it’s pretty easy — you just turn it on and select a download timeframe. It’s under “System” on the XMB

    • I would like to know more about FIFA 11 and Rage.

      Thanks Sid!

      P.S. I Really think that the US PS Blog should do what the EU PS Blog did with the PSN+ giveaway. It really brought the community together there and I think it could do the same here:

      Please look into this!

    • Hey Sid! Hope you doing good!
      Do you know if Kingdom Hearts will come to the PSN for PsP go users????
      I saw the trailer for psp games in E3 and it showed it with the psp go but no sure…

      • Thanks, you too! Not sure where this stands right now but I’ll ask around. You might also try hitting up @SquareEnix on Twitter

    • ProjectInfiniti

      Got my PlayStation Plus subscription today. I picked up the three-month package because of doubts but now I regret not getting the year package.

      I REALLY love it so far and after playing the trial of Infamous I will be buying the full game this week along with a few of those games on sale :D

    • Sid, How old do you have to be to be a vendor?

    • all i want to know is can we have some type of white knight chronicles 2 getting a western release date? i dont want an official date but know if its coming in 6 months or so, maybe Q4 2010 or Q1 2011? please dont make us wait another year? alot of people like this game alot and we need an release date for na, and by the way IM LOVIN PLAYSTATION PLUS!!!!! GOOD JOB SONY!

      • Glad you like PlayStation Plus. I only know of WKC2’s status as it pertains to Japan for now, but if that changes we’ll let you know!

    • I want to know more about Ghost Recon Future Soldier?

    • loving Hot Shot Tennis Get a Grip , Sid when is Valkyria Chronicles 2 coming out ?

    • i would love some information about ALIENS: COLONIAL MARIENS. i have ben patiently waiting for this game for about 18 months or so now, and since the initial release mentioning, not a word has been leaked. i have even tried to check the sega site, as well as an official Aliens website for the game, without so much as a word.
      hoping that maybe the game will come before the forthcoming prequel from ridley scott, because would be entirely sweet. i am hoping somewhere along the line you guys even heard the slightest bit about the game due in late 2011.

      • Me too! I’m a big fan of Gearbox and Aliens. I’ll be sure to check in with the team about it. Last I heard a few months ago, it was still well underway.

    • what happened with the Marvel vs Capcom 3 post?

    • Yeah we were told to expect a content listing soon, and the update says July 30th but I think they meant to say June 30th lol I know Plus is new but we really need more info about the content, so each month’s dynamic themes will be spread out?

    • thank you for the video store in Canada
      i purchased ancient aliens the series, and i’m wondering why i’m not able to remote play my purchases, i purchased it, it’s mine. isn’t it? i know i can transfer it to the PSP but to save space, i would rather remote play it, so what’s up with that?

      also, now when i plug my PS3 cam it say’s unknown USB device detected, the blue light turns on but the PS3 does not seem to recognize it. what’s up with that? does anyone know if my cam has the blue light of death?

      and i have a QuickCam Pro 9000 webcam, and when i use it to video chat, the quality is really good, i was wondering if Sony will ever allow us to use 3rd party cams to play our PS3 cam games and maybe even for PlayStation Move?

    • when will sony start work on a true successor to the psp? Nintendo is already WAY ahead with a touch screen and 3d screen AND a 3d camera, which means that if sony doesn’t want their psp to go the way the dreamcast did, they’re going to need to release a sucessor to the psp and soon.

    • Final Fantasy Versus XIII please, it’s the game that everybody wants but you guys aren’t even talking about it.

    • I wanna know more about Batman AA 2 and Shank looks awesome i’ll get that.I wanna know more about the playstation plus too.

    • Is there anything on The 3rd Day? Haven’t really seen any info on it & was curious

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