New inFAMOUS 2 Gameplay Video on Spike’s GTTV

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Many of you may have read that Sucker Punch showed inFAMOUS 2 gameplay to media behind closed doors at E3 (see the E3 inFAMOUS 2 trailer). Today, Sucker Punch wanted to provide you all with a sneak-peak at what’s in store for the game. Last night, Spike’s GTTV aired a special gameplay unveil of inFAMOUS 2, the evolving story of reluctant hero Cole MacGrath as he journeys to the historic Southern city of New Marais in an effort to discover his full super-powered potential.

As you’ll see in this electrifying new gameplay, Cole has some new melee combat and cool new super powers. Be sure to watch out for Cole’s new super-charged Ionic Vortex.

We’ll have much more to come on inFAMOUS 2 in the coming months, so be sure to watch this space!

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  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Sony should buy Sucker Punch and put them under SCEWWS before they sell out and go multiplat like Insomniac Games.

  • O_O AMAsing

  • Insomniac ? Sell out? , come on guys, they’re independent , they’re free to do what they did, now more people can enjoy they’re awesome games, if you are a fan you’d want more people buying their games right?

  • Have to side with Pullus here. Also, Insomniac still makes console exclusives.

  • looks great,

  • sighs changing my shorts…..

  • Looks awesome! The first one was a little slow for my tastes so I never bought it, but this looks really cool!

  • Can’t wait!

  • look great A+ but old Cole was much better

  • Looks good, but I kinda want to know why the dramatic Cole overhaul?

  • Cant wait 4 inFAMOUS 2 gonna get dat on release day special edition

  • everything inFAMOUS just got better. great way to show the world what were in for come 2011.

  • I hope sucker Punch doesnt pull Insomniac. I know its not that simple but it would be nice if they joined Sony world wide studio group aka Sony acquires them.



  • hate the cattle prod, hate how cole looks and sounds

    that being said, i LOVE EVERYTHING ELSE

  • 2011 is going to be 10X better than 2010 (for games, at least)

  • @1

    Why would going multiplatform be a bad thing? ….

    It increases the fanbase and more people get to enjoy the game since not everybody can afford to buy all the consoles.

  • looks freakin sweet!! can’t wait, i’m actually digging the new cole more than the old

  • For everyone arguing FOR Multiplatform:

    If devs go Multi that means they have to split their efforts. One of the consoles will most likely get a crappy port. Games have to be dumbed down for that other console. Who cares if gamers of that other console get to play PS3 games?!? I don’t, if they wanted to, they’d buy a PS3. That’s why Multiplatform companies will immediately have to downgrade their games to be played on that other inferior console. But hey, keep arguing for Multiplatforms and you will get more crappy games like FF13. Imagine what GTA4 could have been?!

    Many developers have already come forward and said that other console is holding this generation back. Not only due to its hardware, but also due to the fact that you have to fit games on a itty bitty DVD-9.

  • I love how it feels more cinematic! Kinda reminds me of Uncharted 2 now which is always awesome! Lots of nice explosions too. Can’t wait to try this out for myself

  • @spunnups

    couldn’t agree with you more! exclusives allow the developer to push that one specific console to its limits! GTA 4 could’ve been revolutionary had it been built with the PS3 as the only platform as well as the blu-ray format

  • Holy crap!! I adore the first game (day-1’d it) but the traversing and fighting look so much more intense here! And that attack at the end… I let out an audible “hell yeah!” Day 1 for me again!

  • I still HATE the new cole and new cole voice!
    But this does look cool!

  • @Glacier exactly, which is why Agent made exclusively by Rockstar for the PS3 could be what GTA4 should have been. It’s why FF Versus 13 is being hyped. Games designed specifically with the PS3 in mind churn out fantastic efforts like LBP, Killzone 2, and Uncharted. You don’t see games of that caliber on that other console.

  • @everyone calling out Insomniac as if they turned into Nazis!

    you guys neglect the fact that it’s STILL Insomniac Games. The guys who haven’t failed to bring us quality in every franchise and game they’ve made since the beginning.

    Insomniac already has a separate studio in North Carolina for those of you who didn’t already notice. They’re working on their own projects and no doubt this expansion was made in order to make up for the extra work they’ll need to do to go multi-plat. No matter what, I know that Insomniac is going to make all the right decisions in making a multi-plat games, even if they have to make any sacrifices their game is going to kick ass no matter what!

    Why focus on what GTA4 “COULD HAVE” been and not focus on what it IS? It’s a freaking great magnificent game that got tons of GOTY awards.

  • inFAMOUS 2 is looking a whole lot better than part 1. inFAMOUS 1 had to many issues.

  • if they go multiplat it means they have to dumb down the game for a system that still uses a 10gb cd

  • this looks a mile better than what GTA IV looked like..

  • @spunnups i agree with you

  • cannot wait for it to come out. looks awesome. i agree with ekoluchin, the first was a little slow. but it looks like this will make up for the first one.

  • games looks great i just hope they change his voice… i liked the old coles vioce. i dont think a guy can change his from a guy sounding voice to kids… to me it ruins the game

  • Cole is brutal. Love the game improvements. At a min, new voice is needed. One less pretty boy. Sounds so fake.

  • @spunnups

    Yeah exactly, PS3 has the best exclusives, hands down! I’m excited to see what Rockstar has in mind for Agent.

  • i dont mind da new cole, an improvement in my opinion, i dont understand why every1z sooo harsh on him!

  • @Farreach its not even 10GBs, nor is it 9GB, its more like 7 because they have to use a certain amount of space to stop piracy.

    For everyone wondering , MGS4 used 50 GBs and GT5 is likely to use that much as well. LBP and Resistance 2 also used over 15 – 20GBs

  • I watched this last night on GTTV on my HDTV and honestly watching this online does not do this game justice. Seriously watching it on a computer screen isn’t a compliment to it, unless you have a huge one. I hope this gets put on the PS store.

    Anyway I agree with the prospect of Sucker Punch becoming a part of Sony’s WWS, just like Media Molecule. I don’t mind multiplat games, but people who say that studios that focus on only one console don’t produce better games for that system are delusional. Uncharted 2, God of War 3, InFAMOUS, Heavy Rain, GT5, and many more are prime examples of focusing on only one console and producing the best games on the market. Look at Bulletstorm, great game but would I put it on the level of Gears? In my opinion definitely not.

  • This looks incredible. Looks like a huge improvement over the first and I loved the first. The faster hover power is a very welcome change.

  • It does looks great, but the whole thing, the cinematic and few elements in game reminded me so much of Uncharted 2. I’m not sure if that is a good thing tho

  • @spunnups and everyone else arguing against multiplatform games, I believe that you only have such an objection to the idea since it’s the PS3 that gets stuff with the bad ports, or should I remind you all of Bayonetta and Batman Arkham Asylum? Having played and beaten the first inFAMOUS (meaning that at one point, I owned a PS3, and intend to get another in the future) and as a current owner of an Xbox 360, I don’t mind the idea of multiplatform games. Why? It gives me the choice of which console I want to further invest in. What if I love a like inFAMOUS, but hate the controller of the PS3? (which I did, my fingers kept slipping off the triggers. Look at my trophy list in that game, however, and you’ll see that the poor triggers did little to hinder my success, meaning that I’m not making excuses, the triggers really do suck.) I simply prefer the controller of the Xbox 360 a lot more. A game like inFAMOUS would make me buy a PS3 to be able to play it, but I would PREFER if I didn’t have to do that in order to enjoy a great game. Without the beauty of multiplatforming, I would have missed out on Assassin’s Creed 2, Batman Arkham Asylum, Prototype, Soul Calibur 4, and some other stuff.

  • omg this game looks really good but, for some reason it reminds me of uncharted 2.

  • Sweet Jesus this is incredible. What is Sony feeding them ?


  • spunnups shut down Pullus and Camron lol

  • I miss old Cole. The new guy looks like someone out of a Saturday Morning cartoon.

  • That looks absolutely amazing. Should’ve been at E3.

  • man cant w8 for this game!

  • @Protoman Yeah the PS3 got some bad ports in the past, but not in the future. All of EA’s titles lead on the PS3 now. Burnout Paradise lead on the PS3. Games that lead on the PS3 always turn out better.

    Your whole argument is basically opinion (controller probs), I’m stating facts. Plus, I’m talking about games that stay exclusive are, for the most part, miles better than any multiplatform effort.

  • that-acmilan-guy

    A very big leap in graphics, i though the visuals were the only thing that was disappointing in infamous 1, but they seamed to have that covered well. I especially love the transitions from cutscenes, the smooth animation and especially destruction!

  • saw this at e3 and you might not be able to tell but the graphical quality is right there with Uncharted 2, no lie

  • front_line_-lp-

    My favourite game of 2008, I just loved it, the only fault it had with the game were some of the platforming elements. Infamous2 looks amazing and with the new platforming elements it looks like they’ve really stepped up their game. I hope they support Infamous2 with DLC this time, if anything GTA4 proved that DLC for open world games can be successful and I really hope that they follow suite with this game. Can’t wait.

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