Coming to PSN: Patapon 3 Multiplayer Demo for PSP

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I have been having a strange urge to walk around with one eye covered, humming hyper-addictive chants looking to impale anything (or anyone) looking to start something… especially two-dimensional-tribal-mask-wearing enemies.

Why the hyper-aggressive musically induced comic mischief rage? Probably from the days I’m spending rocking out the new (very, very new) Patapon 3 Multiplayer Demo — now with more multiplayer!

Patapon 3 for PSP

So you say, “What’s so special? Patapon 2 also had multiplayer!”

Well let me enlighten you with a few cool single-eyed-facts (to keep it in theme, I’ll limit them to three):

  • Patapon 3 is a whole new chapter in the Patapon saga
  • There are some really cool new characters, including the Superhero Patapon.
  • To experience the awesome multiplayer adventures that lay beyond Patapolis, you’ll have to go through a strange portal called “the internet.”

That’s right. Patapon 3 has entered the interwebz (so to speak), with exciting new adventures that you can play with your friends via a Wi-Fi connection. This demo is but a peephole glimpse into a new world full of larger-than-eye enemies, super stylized eye-watering graphics, and eye-popping excitement.

Patapon 3 for PSP

Patapon 3 for PSP Patapon 3 for PSP

Should I tell you more? Ok, fine. The Patapon 3 Multiplayer Demo adventure can be downloaded for FREE on Tuesday, July 6th from the PlayStation Store… exclusively for your PSP.

If you are looking extremely confused and asking yourself, “what is a Patapon?”, here’s a quick recap of the story so far (now I am making squiggly motions with my arms taking you back in time).

The Patapons are an extremely ferocious warmongering tribe, whose only passion is to dance, sing, and pillage their way through the countryside in search of their beloved Earthend. Their adventure is a musical one, where you, as their leader, must lead them into battle with a series of timed-specific commands (attack, move forward, defend, retreat). Each command has a unique sequence (i.e. Circle, Circle, Square, Circle = attack), and each sequence must be entered in-time to the Rhythm of the Earth (an infectious 4/4 beat).

Why not give it a try this coming Tuesday?

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  • how big will the download be?
    i’m running a bit low on space ATM

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      Dear iggy_ogg, fret ye not. The price to welcome the Patapons into your home is a paltry 110MB.

      Aside from that, have you tried using SONY’s Media Go data manager? You can back up all your downloaded content, music, videos, etc. Here is the link:

  • i love patapon!!!!! will this demo be transferable in the full game like patapon 2 was?

    i cant wait!

  • Looks cool, will the demo be available in the UK?

  • Happy to see it coming back. Love the Patapon series, will definitely be buying this first day.

    Awesome job to the developers, you guys rock! Thanks to Sony for giving them a great system to put their creation on for us mere mortals to play with.

  • vey happy to see more psp games getting the spotlight here , hope to see AN ACTIVE PSN FRIENDS LIST on the psp someday , gonna try Patapon 3 multiplayer demo

  • Why not make a Patapon Ps3 version With Online/Offline 4 players Co-Op and Vs Multiplayer, and of Course… TROPHIES! If u do this guys i will love u long time! XD

  • Why isn’t Patapon just a PS3 downloadable game? I don’t want to play Patapon on a portable where I generally play it on the bus or something and don’t even have the sound turned on.

  • I love Patapon.

  • I sure wish I could play this game on the ps3.

  • Should have put this on PSN for PS3. The PSP is sinking fast if the latest NPD results are any indicator.

  • PLEASE, can you make it a PS3 game? is that so hard? really?
    I love this game, have played a couple of times on a borrowed PSP, but I have no plans for a PSP, I just would never use it, but a PS3 game, hell make the trilogy, that would be a BLAST.
    Make it happen, Patapon Trilogy for the PS3, PSN game or HD collection remake on a bluray, whatever it is, we all will purchase it.

  • I love playing Patapon at max volume and taking in all the confused stares from the people around me :)

  • When will we get PATAPON for the PS3!!!

  • It’s really great to hear about this and it feels like the game is coming out in a month or two.

  • Those screenshots look incredible!

  • Pata pata pata PON!!

  • I can’t argue with Chris characterizing the Internet as “strange” :P

  • #Headset?

  • Yes! Patapon is amazing. Kind of wish the games didn’t go PSP exclusive.

  • i will download this, it would be cool if patapon was for the ps3

  • is that the only new demo thats gonna be up?

  • sweet, loved the demos that came with my PSP.. will download for sure

  • Please don’t focus all on multiplayer, I play patapon for the singleplayer. :(

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      Oh there is single player! So much stuff! I wish I could tell you more but I’ve already said too much!

  • I understand you have to have some things exclusive to the PSP to encourage people to own that platform. The problem for me is that I can’t stand mobile platforms. I don’t like the tiny screens regardless of what type of games are on them. I really wish the game was a PSN title or even a PS3 retail title even.

    P.S. Hey Jeff (if you’re watching) got any advice for someone trying to get into soccer for the first time?

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      I don’t know if I can give you tips on getting into soccer… but if you have any tips to cheer me up from Brazil’s loss this morning… I’ll take them T.T

  • I’m insanely depressed by how good this game looks. I tried getting into the Patapon series to only find that my horrible timing prevented me from progressing very far into the main storyline. Hope everyone else thoroughly enjoys it, this new installment looks fantastic.

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      Rinaldus91, let me bring a ray of sunshine into your day: the timing system is going to work to keep in time with your lack of rhythm. Come out of the corner and give the demo a try! It’s free!

  • Pon Pon Chaka Chaka!


  • Don,Don-Don,Don-Don!

  • I’m very happy right now. Can’t wait for Tuesday!

  • YES!!! Cannot wait for Patapon 3!!!

    *goes back to playing Hot Shots Tennis: Get A Grip*

  • This will be so awesome, when i saw those 3 seconds of Patapon 3 at the Sony conference, i stood up and screamed : YEAH BABY ! YEAAHHHH! I’m a fan, send a t-shirt lol :p

  • I definitely want a PSN download of Patapon!

    Rock Band drum support is optional, but would be kinda cool…

  • can’t wait to play the demo, will we get a special item again once we play and beat the demo like the previous 2, it would be cool if there’s like a patapon vs patapon mode

  • first off YES! cant wait for the demo second question on the final product will it have some sort of transport of the patapon 2 save? like how patapon can transport data to patapon 2 because i spend tons of hours on patapon 2

  • just wanna say how much i enjoy these games. they certainly are charming. i bought the 1st one used, dowloaded the 2nd, and will definitely be dowloading this new installment. come to think of it, pata2 was my very 1st full game dowload for my PSP!

  • Yes! Another infrastructure-multiplayer game! And it’s Patapon!

    I really had trouble playing the first one, as there was no pause/countdown-back-into-gameplay feature. Is that going to be a feature in Patapon 3? I understand that would be pretty chaotic on the online-multiplayer mode, but maybe for the single-player experience?

  • There will be no one to play with online, so it’s really no different than Patapon 2, which honestly didn’t get much play. I’m still struggling to get much time in with Peace Walker. Should’ve made it a PS3 game.

  • I Love Patapon
    |—————-THIS MUCH—————-|

  • Pon Pon Chaka Chaka
    (I’m building up enthusiasm for Tuesday)

  • You know, I’d dig a PS3 version of Patapon. The art style would really pop in HD.

  • I wish this was on playstation 3… in HD…

  • THANK YOU!!! I literally yelled hurray when i saw this post. And then crapped my pants when you said that its going to have infrastructure. THANK GOD too because now i dont have to beg my fiance to play with me. Now just have the patapon2 save game transfer to this one and you have a bonafide hit, also it wont piss me off that much after spending over 100+ hours on Patapon 2.

  • What about us single player Patapon fans? I’m probably going to buy the game anyways, but a demo wouldn’t hurt.

  • Chris, can you tell us if Patapon 3 will keep the traditional style of boss battles? You know, with stagger, item drops, and amazing tunes to par?

    I’ve played a lot of the Japanese demo, and I’m very impressed with this one… it might end up as my favorite!

  • Great, even MORE of a reason to become more addicted to these games after getting a PSP again recently. What are you doing to me Sony? :-D

  • Looks sweet. Still have to finish the first one, those last few missions are HARD. I like a challenge though :)

  • Also, forgot to mention this in my earlier comment, but I’d like to know… The trailer for the new game looked WAY too serious for Patapon, please tell me Patapon isn’t going “Bomberman Act Zero” on us :(

  • Wait, does this mean that this multiplayer demo, you can play with others over infrastructure, or with others like ad-hoc?

  • OMGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, PATAPON 3 *fangirl squee* Hoping to get 120 hours this time!

    Hey, just wondering, what about that Patapon 3 teaser we saw at E3? They said we were supposed to get the demo on June 23…what happened? Why didn’t we get it earlier (although those lucky Japanese got it)? :(

  • Are we going to get an actual UMD at retail this time, or another empty box?

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