Coming Soon to PSN: Mystery of the Crystal Portal for PSP and PS3

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Do you like adventure games in the “hidden object genre”? Then we’ve got great news: On July 6th we release the very first PlayStation mini game in the hidden object genre, a popular genre among casual gamers. Meet The Mystery of the Crystal Portal, a game that will challenge your attention and associative skills.

From the very start of the game you’re involved in an adventure. You meet the journalist Nicole Rankwist, whose archeologist father disappeared during his study of the mysterious Crystal Portal, and together with Nicole you start your search of Mr. Rankwist. During your quest you visit various locations around the world, and in each location you are required to find hidden objects and thus, unlock the next scene with more puzzling tasks. The gameplay has a twist in that hidden objects in each scene are brought together in sets, and often objects of one set will be revealed only after you find all objects of another set in the same scene. These brain-teasers keep you excited throughout the game, so that you don’t want to put it down!

Mystery of the Crystal Portal for PSP and PS3

Mystery of the Crystal Portal for PSP and PS3Mystery of the Crystal Portal for PSP and PS3

The game will be available for $4.99 already next week for the PSP (it’s also compatible with the PS3). There will be six countries to visit, unique mini-games, the ability to zoom in and out and more. Check it out when it hits the PlayStation Store on Tuesday, July 6th.

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  • Cool, My daughter and I love the hidden objects games. A must buy for us. Thanks!!! We’ll buy all you make.

  • Be nice to have a decent hidden object game for PSP, and mini games is never a bad thing.

  • Nice, it looks like fun.

  • i like this kind of games but just a question, it is full screen but i doubt its 1080p is it?

  • A nice hidden object game. Gotta give it a try.

  • Great gef getting it, love hidden object games, btw miinis need trophies!

  • I have a couple of these type of game but the minis one isn’t always clear on a ps3 . hopefully this one is a larger file size for better quality pics

    • Julia Palatovska

      The full size is 1024 pixels and the graphics are of high quality. On PS3 you also can zoom in and out and scroll the screen. Let us know, whether you enjoy the game on PS3!

  • este juego es ideal para mi esposa!!!!

  • looks good to me, i will pick this up tuesday!

  • I wonder if my girl would like this?


  • Do people actually buy these mini games?

  • PSP?!?! So no Trophies? Sorry, but that sucks.

  • #11

    Yes they are great on the psp.

  • Awesome to see adventure games, even if it’s of the casual kind, on PSN. Hopefully we’ll see more full-out adventure point-and-click games – my favorite kind of game – on PSN in the future too. Good step forward!

  • Minis are WAY over priced. I have never purchased one because of this, however I became a PS+ member and got age of zombies for free last Tuesday… for all the negative reviews the game was casually entertaining, but very easy and short.

    Please discount this for PS+ users 50% and i might consider this game.

  • @ElektroDragon

    No, that doesn’t suck. Minis are primarliy PSP games. They just happen to now be compatible with PS3. Of course there are no trophies. Its disgusting how many “gamers” are only interestein trophies.

  • My sister will love this, I’m buying her a PSP for her birthday, and will giver her a PSN card to buy this, nice game.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Julia, why don’t Playstation minis support trophies?

    • Julia Palatovska

      This is simply limitation of the platform, we do not control this. However, DiscoJer provided a good explanation below. :)

  • They aren’t overpriced. This games sells for $6.99 on PC at most places. So this is $2 cheaper (and you get to support the publisher more directly, while PC game portals take a gigantic cut).

    And Minis don’t support trophies because they are on the PSP, which is easily hacked, thus making trophies pointless, since people can get them without doing anything. Though trophies are already pretty pointless unless you have OCD (though many people do have that it seems).

    Anyway, my question is, there is a sequel to this game on PC. I don’t think it’s published by G5, so is there any chance of it appearing on PSP?

    This is an excellent game, one of the best HOGs around (I have it on PC) but at the same time, it’s sort of half the story. I mean, it’s not a cliffhanger exactly, but at the same time, there’s more to be told (which the sequel does).

  • Thanks for another game in this genre. I think PSN has “Interpol” also on the store right?

  • Five bucks? The price is right, I’ll check it out. I always liked hidden objects books when I was younger :)

  • Thanks for bringing this game to the PSP. I love these types and have a slew of them for another handheld system beginning with the letter “I”. They are great ways to pass the time. And the price is right.

    My only concern after playing a slew of these is the blurriness that comes when you zoom in on sections. A number of the games on the other system are very poor at this – the graphics takes a hit that zooming in is actually quite useless. You just lose too much.

    Here’s hoping that this game doesn’t suffer from this. Also, I want to say thank you for creating a video of the gameplay. The descriptions in the Minis section on the PSN do not give enough information for many people to make a decision whether to purchase the game with their money. A video goes a long way. Keep it up. Lkg forward to this.

    • Julia Palatovska

      Hi there,
      Your feedback is very important for us, thank you for this! :)

      The graphics is of high quality in The Mystery of the Crystal Portal and stays crispy whenever you zoom in. So you can expect no blurriness!

  • will it be free or discounted for PS+?

  • I like these types of games. They really work your brain

  • Heh, I actually already follow you on Facebook (won 2 of your contests so far, even).

    But I have seen the PC sequel on BigFishGames, but not a peep on your page about it, so it made me wonder.

  • my husband and I really liked the co-op play in Interpol, but found the blurry/pixellated images frustrating sometimes. (The “story” was total crap, but that only hindered our enjoyment a little bit.) I’m not a complete trophy whore, but I would prefer PS3 native versions of these kinds of games so we can see the art in full, native 1080p widescreen and hear high-quality/HD audio.

    Most minis look awful on our 50″ HDTV, the original resolution is sinply stretched so the pixels are enormous. Their small size tends to dictate low audio quality as well.

    Please consider PS3 native versions of your future releases.


  • The game looks great, I love Interpol so will buy this this week. I wish minis had trophy support too.

  • Sounds like WHERES WALDO??? book turned into a game, if so ill get it!

  • looks interesting

  • Please make more games like this! My girl loves it!


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