First Look: The Sly Collection in HD for PS3

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Hi there, My name is Glen Egan, I am the President of Sanzaru Games, a Foster City, CA based independent video-game studio. We are very hard at work bringing The Sly Collection to the PS3 and I just wanted to use this brief post to tell everyone a little bit about our studio and what’s going to be in the game. Sanzaru Games has been making videogames since 2007; the PlayStation historians out there may remember that we were responsible for the PS2 version of Secret Agent Clank. But this year we are sinking our teeth into the PS3. In case you missed all the E3 action, here is a quick rundown on The Sly Collection…

Sly Cooper 1 PS2 Sly Cooper 1 PS3

The game will feature all three titles in the Sly Cooper series: Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus; Sly Cooper 2: Band of Thieves and Sly Cooper 3: Honor Among Thieves. They have all been remastered in HD with up-rezed textures and full 16:9 widescreen rendering to deliver the most vibrant, crisp Sly Cooper experience yet. Sly Cooper 3 will also be playable using the latest 3D televisions, which are extremely cool — I wish there was a way to demonstrate it online, but I think the best thing to do is to swing by your local Best Buy (or whoever) and checkout a demo of the Sony Bravias. It is a very nifty new way to experience the game and from the moment you see it you will be hooked — I know I am! Players will also now be able to earn Trophies as they play through the games and yes, I can confirm officially that there will be three platinum trophies awarded, one for completing each game. We will also be adding a series of cool PlayStation Move mini-games to the collection. We’ll have more information on the mini-games in the coming weeks.

Sly Cooper 3 PS2

Sly Cooper 3 PS3

We are all big fans of the Sly Cooper series and the opportunity to work with Sucker Punch and Sony to bring the games to the PS3 is awesome. Sucker Punch created the amazing Sly Cooper universe and we have learned so much from working with them — their kung-fu is very strong as I am sure you can tell from the spectacular game inFAMOUS! The guys have been super helpful getting everything together for us to work on and things are coming along great.

Sly Cooper 2 PS2 Sly Cooper 2 PS3

So that’s it for now, we will definitely have more info on the game to share shortly, so watch this space!


P.S. Go try a 3D TV — they rock!

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  • Very cool

  • Seeing_Red_Again

    Very nice, looks great. Can’t wait to play these games.

    BTW, how much will The Sly Collection be at retail?

  • Hey! Wild Arms and DarkCloud collection remastered with trophies Next! 8)

  • Looks great…even though I have a BC PS3 I’ll still be rebuying these.

    …best Sly yet….implies more to come!


  • I’ve never played Sly before, but this is giving me all the reason to try it out! (Three Platinum Trophies FTW!)

  • Can’t wait. Loved Sly Cooper, I never had time to get the third one but I loved the first two. I spent hours collecting everything. Reminds me of the old style games from my childhood.

    P.S. If you want me to try out a 3DTVs put some of those things closer to me, San Diego is too far.

  • never played sly too so im really glad sony is bringing this. hopefully more ps2 hd revisions gets released complete with platinum trophies. not 1 a gow collection 2009 and sly collection 2010. obviously next up is ico and sotc, even tho i have those games already they’re just to epic to play all over again for the platinums.

  • Will the Move mini-games be required to earn the Platinum Trophies?

  • oh yeah. move integration on classic titles is an awesome addition!

  • I think I love you guys! :’) This is a definitely a pick up on first day game. Will there be any reserve goodies, like a poster? *wink wink*

  • This looks so awesome! Day one buy for me :)

  • is it true the box art sports the new “CLASSICS HD” PS series?

  • hmmm? Will it be a full $60 or $40 like GOW collections? Eh… either way, I’m picking this up on launch day.

  • Always wanted to play these but this beats buying them for the PS2.

  • Looks great! I have all of the original Sly games on the PS2, but I’m hooked on this game now!

  • I beat all of these games on ps2 now i shall conquer on ps3! Im going to say that this will also be a first day buy for me!

  • Any future Crash Bandicoot games in the making?

  • go try a 3d TV?? you say that like we can just run out and buy one… im not done paying for my HDTV, so i sure wont be getting any kinda 3d TV anytime in the foreseeable future… i really dont see that many people really jumping on the 3d TV bandwagon… its just too expensive and no one really wants to wear those clunky glasses…

    as for the collection, good to see more past Sony mainstays getting this treatment… how ’bout some Destruction Derby…????

  • easily some of the best games on the PS2…

  • I can’t wait for this come out. Instant buy.

    Please DON’T have Move required Trophies. That would be…annoying at the least.

  • As someone who never played the originals, I cannot wait for this collection.

  • Possibly an Ico/Shadow of the Colossus collection next? That’d be EPIC…

  • @ 13 ….it will be $39.99 according to Gamestop. Great deal for 3 games that i missed 8)

  • Only way i’m getting a 3DTV is either A you give me one for free, or B I wait till the prices have dropped… a lot.

  • glad I held off on picking up the old PS2 versions (glad I have a backward compatible PS3 still)

  • @22 I hope so too

  • I’m very excited for this. I somehow missed this series on PS2, so l’m looking forward to play in HD.

  • Looking forward to this. I never got a chance to play the originals on PS2.

  • what about the frame-rate? looked pretty choppy on the E3 video

    • Hi there,

      The E3 demo video was made very early in development, the final frame rate will match the previous games (which were very good ;-)



  • Three remastered HD classics with seperate trophies for $40?


    I have to admit. I went to check out a 3D system at Best Buy the other day and the tech is VERY impressive. I did not think the 3D aspect would work so well with a home television, but I officially want one now. Maybe next year when the prices drop.

  • I’m a big fan of the Sly Cooper series and complete them all, so I can’t wait for this game to come out for the PS3 and complete them again for trophies(FREAKIN SWEET!!!).

  • Price???

  • Please don’t screw this up, Sanzaru Games. If this collection is done poorly it could GREATLY decrease our chances of getting a few more PS2 collections on the PS3 (TEAM ICO!!!) so pleeeease do your best w/ this.

  • Never played this games on the ps2 and for 40$ and 3games that’s a DAY ONE BUY.

  • @18…some of us can…and by implication your still on SD…so why not save a few more bucks and go 3D when you do jump to HD.

    ProTip…there are early adopters in every tech…if their were not you wouldn’t have your $299 PS3 right now.

  • I loved the first Sly Cooper. One of my favorite games on PS2. The platforming was awesome. I liked the sneaking around stuff too and I hate Metal Gear games.

    The second one went “open world” where you tediously had to navigate this big area to find the next level on the map. Not a fan of “open world” games. I hope if there is a 4th you can just choose the next level like the 1st Sly Cooper. I think like the second Super Mario Galaxy where they got rid of the annoying map world, developers are starting to realize that people just want to get to the action.

    Not sure if the 3rd Sly Cooper has the “open world” to select the levels but I am going to buy the collection to play Sly Cooper 3. Glad this is coming to PS3!!

  • Will Sly Cooper 3: Honor Among Theives be avaible in regular 2D as well?

  • Jak Collection next, please!

  • This is spectacular. I hope to see other collections like this in the future (MGS and Team ICO are at the top of my anticipation list).

    I played the first two sly games and enjoyed them, but never got around to the third mainly because the games just were not as cool looking on my HD TV. Now I’m excited to play the third.

    Please charge the same as the GOW collection to make this an unstoppable series of “Classics HD”

  • The visuals shown at E3 did not look very good. Will we get 60fps like the GoW Collection?

  • I will love to see GT1,GT2,GT3 and GT4 remastered in HD that will be Glorious!!! along with MGS3.

  • Now all we need is a COD Collection, and a Medal of Honor Collection, as well as my personal fav, KZ/black combo HD collection pack for PS3!

  • One of my favorite series on any system; a day 1 buy for me. Keep the remastered classics coming Sony!

  • This looks really good.

  • Definitely getting it!
    MGS HD collection anyone?

  • Cool. I need Shadow Hearts HD collection remastered with trophies + bug fixes.

  • Looks nice. Might pick it up, but I already own 1-3 on PS2

  • Awesome job on the conversions! Looking forward to the release.

  • looking totally great

  • Waiting for a price and release date for this collection to start saving. Since it’s 3 games with extra Move support my guess is it will be $49.99.

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