First Look: echochrome ii for PS3 and PlayStation Move

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Hi everyone! As most of you have already heard, we will be coming out with echochrome ii later this year. It was announced at E3 and we’ve received a lot of positive feedback. For those of you who don’t know what echochrome ii is, here is an interview and demo with our team to show you exactly what everyone has been talking about.

Remember all the fun you used to have playing with shadows as a kid? Now you can bring back those exciting feelings of shadow art by utilizing the PlayStation Move motion controller and the PlayStation Eye camera! With its unique way of using Move controller as a flashlight, you will control light and shadows, rotate levels and change the way objects are viewed and the shadows they cast. The ultimate goal is to lead your character, that can only walk on the shadow, through the path from beginning to end. Beware, as there are hidden goals, jumping pads, holes, transporting elevators, and so on. Rotate the level itself to create a specific shadow – the possibilities are infinite and there is always more than meets the eye as every person can view each puzzle differently.

Also, echochrome ii features an artistic presentation style that fans of the franchise will recognize, however, this time with bold colors and lively music to put any player in the gaming mood. Players can also look forward to the new use of color, which gives hints to help players through the puzzles.

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  • So I’ve been wondering, does this game work only with PS Move or can it work with a standard controller? I’ve loved all the echo-related stuff released up until now, and would hate to have to miss out on this.

  • My god…I fell in love with echochrome the minute I heard about it, so just MORE is unbelievable. Echoshift mechanics had been seen before, but was still challenging. Now this…THIS is something that the Move was created for. Definitely a day 1 buy for me. Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you so much for your support!

      Yes, echochrome ii has a unique way of using Move controller, which looks like a flashlight anyway. : ) A perfect game for Move, as you say.

  • Amazing! Echochrome is one of my favorite PSN games. Thank you for making the sequel.

    • Many thanks for your kind words! Although developed by the same team, echochrome ii is very different from the original game. I’m sure you will like the game!

  • HAHA! That’s awesome! The Move will make this game very awesome. Will this game be on the PS Store?

    • Yes, it will be on the PS Store.

      Indeed, echochrome ii will be a perfect game for the Move! Playing with shadows and making shadow arts brings good old memories of childhood as well. : )

  • Wow!! That is great. Great use of the move controller.

    • Thank you for your comment. Yes, echochrome ii has a very unique way of using the Move controller. Very different from other Move titles!

  • My #1 reason for getting Move! Awesome!

  • Loved the original echochrome, and this is definitely a great step up from the original mechanic.

    Looks like it was really made well for the Move controller, and looks to be just as puzzling, if not more, than the original echochrome!

    Cannot wait to get my hands on it!

    • Thanks for the love and support!

      I’m sure you will love echochrome ii as well. The team is working so hard now, so please stay tuned!

  • I think the title should be: “First Look: Echochrome ii for PS3, using PLayStation Move. The way it is now, I think, makes it look like PS Move is a platform, not a controller.

  • Loved echochrome and echochrome ii looks like it won’t disappoint!
    Keep it up!

  • This is a genius idea. Very Original. I don’t think there is another game like it out there. Great reason to buy Move.

    • Thank you so much for your comment. I’ll convey your message to the team. I’m sure they will be happy to hear your kind words!

  • Just waiting on the release. Day 1 purchase.

  • Epic is the word 2 use on this game. Will this also come out on the psp?

  • Echochrome with the rave sticks.

  • Alan Wake with the move would kick ass!

  • hopefully ec3 will get 3D-SUPPORT! =D
    i can totally UNIMAGINE 3D PUZZLEZ! =P

  • looks great i raly hop silent hill 8 will support move like you are holding a flashlight.

  • I like it!

  • Wow this looks great. music as well sounds good

    • Thank you for commenting about the music! I love the music as well. I was working all three days at E3, and every time they play the echochrome ii trailer, the music was so soothing and I felt so relaxed in the chaotic show floor.

  • Eek…

  • im impressed by the originality of how they use Move.
    Im sold!

  • Very good use of move…very impressed indeed.

  • Looks great, I guess the only thing I am not so sure I like is that the shadows and the character look so far away, too small.

  • I dont have a PSP so I dont have echochrome, but now it seems that is going to be featured as a PSN game for the PS3, why cant we play all games for the psp also in the PS3? is beyond me, there are a lot of games like Patapon and echochrome that I WOULD purchase with no hesitation if I could play it on the PS3.
    Now back to the topic, this game looks sweet, but the look, the graphics looks more like a techdemo, I liked the drawing look of the original, maybe this game needs a coat of artistic presentation, ad some Digital Noise so it would look more realistic and less Computer generated, also the shadows could look more realistic too.
    If I have the move by the time this game is out I will buy it first day, looks original and fun.

    • Thank you for your comment. the original echochrome was released on both PSP and PS3, so please check out the PS Store. : )

  • I hope this game supports the regular Dualshock 3 as well, in case I don’t get a $100 controller to control a $10 game right away :-P

  • Sugoi! Definitely picking this up when I get my Move!

  • looks great getting it deff good job guys

  • echochrome didn’t interest me that much but I might have to check out this one if I get PS Move. I’m still deciding whether to get PS Move or Kinnect.. ahh!

    • I’d have to vote for PS Move. :) The level of fidelity is very high and I’m sure you will enjoy it.

  • @tenshin- There is a PS3 version on Echochrome…

  • I wish I could say this looked more than gimmicky. Echochrome was such a stellar experience that it looked like it would evolve in pretty much any direction except the one it actually did.

    But maybe the Wii and the Sixaxis have left me disenchanted with motion sensor controls. I don’t know why people are bothering with motion sensor hardware to this extent when nobody has been able to produce a proper zapper light gun hardware or supporting software since Duck Hunt on the NES or the Genesis’s valiant attempt with the Menacer.

  • Move system seller! And you can play it while sitting down! :D

  • This is the Move game that impressed me the most.

    Buying it Day 1!

  • Can’t wait for this game and I love how you guys are still bringing the play create share to this title. Got the first one and will be getting the second one.

    Thank you guys for making the level editor tools user friendly also.

    • Many thanks to your comment.

      Yes, the “Play, create, share” concept is becoming common in today’s gaming, and it’s important that the level editor tool is user friendly. The one in echochrome ii will be the same way, and I’m sure you will enjoy creating levels. Please stay tuned for more details later!

  • Bravo!!! Very impressive and creative! This just turned into a must buy for me.

  • One of the best parts of echochrome was essentially doing an “anti walkthrough” of many of the levels. Launching the little guy and then catching him right at the exit. Finishing a level in a few seconds.

    I can’t wait to see what kinds of trouble to get into with this one! >:D

    • Thanks for your comment. Much like the original echochrome, the possibilities are infinite and there is always more than meets the eye. Each time you play it, the experience can be unique and different. :D

  • I got to try this game out at E3. Probably one of my favorite games to play :)

    I can’t wait till it comes out.

    • Many thanks for your support and I’m glad you enjoyed the demo at E3!

      Please stay tuned for more updates in the future.

  • That is BRILLIANT! (pun absolutely intended).

  • @#27 tagout

    How could you decide for Kinnect? can you see the level of quality experiences Move is offering right off the bat? There are so many possibilities with the Move’s technology and it will only get better. If you go the Kinnect way you’re only getting very lame, simple, casual stuff to play with that (and not very precise at all, room space and lightning limitations, as well as number of players and their positions (doesnt work while sitting, etc.)

  • Does it only support the move controller ?. Please,would it be possible for me to use the dualshock pad ?

  • I loved echochrome, but it was difficult/unusually designed to create and share levels with other people, has this been improved? What about having co-op levels with 2 flash lights or competitive face offs? It makes all games much more fun to play with a friend.

    • Thanks for your feedback. The team paid attention so that the level creator in the original echochrome was user friendly. Could you elaborate what was so difficult for you?

  • Easily one of the best uses of the Move controller at E3. Game looks fantastic. Great work to the best producers on the PS Blog.

  • Eh if I wanted to play with a flashlight, I would just go outside during the night…come on is this the best you could offer us?

  • This is THE game I’m getting a PSMove for. I <3 the Ecohchrome franchise, and its great to see what original game ideas devs can come up for motion gaming.

    Just one quick question, will ECII be released on the Move's launch?

    • Thank you so much for your loyal support! echochrome ii will offer a brand new experience to the fans of the franchise!

      Please stay tuned for more news including release date.

  • Definitely one of the most impressive and innovative concept i’ve seen in a looooooooong time. I’m already sold on the Move, but this practically sealed the deal for me :D

    • Thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated! I’ll convey your comment to the team in Japan. : )

  • WOW! Really impressed with this game! I know everyone is saying it but wow! Would never have thought to use the move controller like that! Innovative and seems to be intuitive! Planning to get move when it launches so as long as I do, will definitely buy this game…Well done!

    • I had the same impression when I first saw the game too. Thank you for your support and please stay tuned for more updates!

  • Ok, this is actually kinda cool! Very creative!

  • This looks amazing! And may have just sealed the deal for me. If the Move control continues to spark the imagination of developers and results into new ways to play then Sign me up!

    • Thank you for your comment. echochrome ii definitely has a very unique way of using Move controller and gameplay. I’m sure you will enjoy the title!


  • You guys are masters cause Echochrome was such a crazy game. I loved it so much and i’m definitely buying the MOVE for this incredibe sequel. I was waiting for the game that will make me buy the MOVE and Echochroe II is the one!!

    I love what you guys do and please keep up the good work.

    Question : can it be playable with the DualShock 3 as well ?

    • Thanks for your compliment! I’ll convey your comment to the team in Japan. :)

      The team designed the game to offer the most fun and the best experience when played by Move controller.

      If you are getting the Move, wouldn’t you rather play it with Move?

  • I’ll be perfectly honest, I didn’t care for the first one that much. It just wasn’t my style; HOWEVER, this looks absolutely amazing. Generally motion controls are sorta gimmicky, but this just looks like a perfect use for the Move.

    Keep it up; I’ll definitely add this to my collection when it’s out. No question.

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