Hot Shots Tennis: Get A Grip – Available Now!

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Get out your brightest highlighter and draw a big circle around today’s date, Tuesday, June 29, 2010, aka The Best Day in PSP Tennis History.

This is the day that Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip (as a UMD or PSN download) makes its North American debut, and for the wallet-friendly price of $19.99!

That’s right, the wait is over… all your portable tennis needs are finally answered! Get ready to spend countless summer nights unlocking characters, costumes, courts and secret levels. Oh, the joy.

But I don’t have to sell you on this… you’ve already gotten a taste of the supremely awesome gameplay with the demo (released last week!) and your thumbs are sore from maxing out both your points and loyalty level. You’re gotten a glimpse into to endless (hyperbole!) rows of customization options. Your smash hits are unstoppable and you are ready to name your first child Emily (or Hugo, it’s up to you).

Fifteen new tennis Hot Shots; exotic locations and brand new courts (like the colorful World Television Studios); hundreds of matches and weeks worth of gameplay; a bajillion costume combinations and crazy outfits; fierce, in-your-face ad-hoc competitive and co-op multiplayer matches… is there a better way to spend your summer?

So it’s settled: head out (or click out) and pick up (or download) your very own copy of Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip before you go mad with envy and end up looking like this dude… sheesh… he definitely needs to Get a Grip.

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