Fat Princess: PlayStation Plus-Sized Discount for Fat Roles DLC

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In case you missed it, check out our blog post from last Friday where we announced a load of new Fat Princess sweetness (courtesy of awesome dev team Atomic Operations) coming to PSN on Tuesday June 29.

You can see highlights in the video below, but cut us a little slack since this was shot weary-eyed just before E3 and we hadn’t had our royal makeover yet:

We’re also happy to announce that Fat Princess is doing her part to help roll out the red carpet for PlayStation Plus. Fat Roles DLC will be featured at a discounted price of $3.99 (20% off regular PSN price), and will also include some exclusive free Avatars!

Stay tuned, see you all on the battlefield, and as always…

Cake for everyone,

The Fat Princess Team

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  • I picked this up last night after signing up for PSN+. My kids love it!

  • Yeah I’d rather pay 5.00 then to use the discount. It’s just 5 bucks and for a game thats awesome. I don’t mind paying the full price.

  • I wish they would of made it split-screen. Being confined to the same area as you partner will be very frustrating.

  • I’m definitely going to buy this…not sure on the PSN Plus, though. If I didn’t already have Wipeout, I would get it for sure.

  • PS+ FTW!!! 8)

  • I think I will be getting the 3 months of plus. I will end up spending over 70 a year but taking out 17 from my wallet every three months dosnt hurt so bad especially when I have Hot shots tennis and other games to purchase soon.

  • Yay, got my voucher thanks to the PlayTest! Thanks Sony! Cake for everyone! :)

  • This game was great. DLC should have been out ages ago though.

    Do people still even play i might get it.

  • Oh never mind… Just read the avatars were PSN+ exclusive

    Oh well

  • I thought they said we get a free 3 month trial,then we can purchase Plus if we want?
    Not buy plus and get 3 months free.

  • quick question at present i can”t access the video side of the psn store because i live in trinidad and tobago can someone at sony tell me if i pay my $50US via the psn cards will i now be able to all services offered by the psn now with ps plus????

  • Please Answer me:

    Does the Coop players (meaning: not you, your friends) gain trophies for you by playing alongside in games?

  • I got Playstation Plus and the Fat Princess DLC. I love it!

  • Does the co-op come in a patch, or is it part of the DLC?

  • cool how many co-players ?

  • split-screen would be better otherwise the 4 giants on the same spot will be unbeatable it could be if it was split-screen but it would happen less.

  • 20% off LOL. Just say a dollar off geez.

  • 20% isn’t a great discount. True that it is better then nothing, but retailers often have B1G50%, which is better then your discount. Retail is the way to go to purchase playstation items. Typically cheaper and discounted more often.

  • Terrible discount.

  • I wish I could try out PSN+ for a week or maybe even a few days just to see if I want it.

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    Too little, way too late. And I wouldn’t call $1 off a “Plus-sized discount.”

  • I love Fat Princess and hope this new DLC brings new life to the game and additional DLC. I want to be able to play as the king character teased awhile back. Cake for all. See you on the battle field.

  • 1$ discount only?

  • like the same screen stuff but one person cant be worker because they would have to keep running back to thr towers and stuff while your friend whos a warrior wants to go after the princess

  • @23 this DLC is new, I actually think the $1 off was generous for brand new DLC. Love Plus, signed up last night. Deborah can you check into why we have one static theme and no dynamic themes as promised? Or are they coming in today’s store update? We’re also missing Fieldrunners.

  • @ Redwatch1, I doubt you will get access to video side after getting this, videos are blocked because of copyright why they cant be shown outside the U.S.A

  • See you all on the Battlefield Bad Company 2 as well as Fat Princess LOL

  • Prince_of_da_Bay

    did they take out the blood?

  • Alpha_Angel_MaxX

    Nice work with PSN plus!! By the way any idea when the naruto ultimate ninja hero 3 is going to be downloadable for PSP Go?

  • I just got mine after getting the PS+, I also got that 2 nice avatars! Really funny ones!

  • the new characters definitely freshen up the gameplay.

    I’ll take a dollar off…now I only have to justify $49 more dollars for PS+ :P

  • yay for cooop!!! too bad I still get the red snail and cant play the game.

  • Dear Deborah and Matt,

    Thank you so much for my code! I was at the play test a few months ago, and I would love to come back whenever you guys invite me back. You guys are the nicest people! I will play Fat Princess hopefully this Friday when I get my PS3 back from service from Sony! Love you guys and Fat Princess, keep up the amazing work on this game!

  • wow save a whole super $1! Thats alot i can use that extra buck to buy a avatar!

  • @1 You let your KIDS play this game? What the hell is wrong with you?

  • @35 Whats wrong with kids playing this game, just turn off the blood?

  • got mine last night

  • I already posted on the last thread so I won’t bother you with that, but is the co-op feature working with all of you? Because mine don’t and I don’t know why :'(

    But one again, thanks for everything you’re doing with this game!

  • Awesome DLC… just wish it was FREE for PS+ users… but I gotta say since getting ps+ i am playing games like wipeout hd which had been collecting dust since the first week times I tried to play the game either a) froze my ps3 or b) just didn’t want to get me online in the game…. but now it seems to work.. I would LOVE to see more DLC for free on the PS+ part of the store, it might convince people to get the service, I signed up for the 15 month bundle..

  • does anyone know how to set up co op?

  • You gotta push start with the second remote when the game is running!

    You’ll have more explanations in the manuel “how to play” located somewhere in the main menu.


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