Trinity Universe for the PS3 Releases Tomorrow

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Hi everyone! I’m back to remind you that Trinity Universe will be shipped for the PS3 tomorrow!

After my last blog post, I received many positive comments regarding Trinity Universe from you all. I have to apologize that I haven’t been able to reply to every comment, but I gotta say I was so happy to hear that you are looking forward to Trinity Universe and Atelier Rorona!

Trinity Universe PS3

When there are two main characters with their own stories, it is usually the case that one gets more attention. Kanata (the male character) has been getting more attention, I believe. So today, I want to talk about something special for other main character, Rizelea!

If you start with Rizelea’s story, you can utilize the Meteorite Workshop. Meteorites are cosmic stones and crystals that drift to the Netheruniverse. Well, they drift throughout space, so it isn’t just for the Netheruniverse. There are many different kinds and types of Meteorites, and you can strengthen your characters’ parameters by equipping them. Expand upon their natural strengths or compensate for their weaknesses — it’s up to you.

Trinity Universe

Trinity UniverseTrinity Universe

Equipping Meteorites on your Planetary Rings sometimes give you special effects, called Planetary Effects, such as regaining HP every battle turn, or nullifying certain elemental attacks — don’t underestimate Meteorites!

In order to utilize Meteorites, you will need to have various types of Mana and Souls. You can obtain Mana through battle when you use weapons with corresponding Managraphics. Souls are obtained by efficiently taking out different types of monsters. How you place the Meteorites determine what Planetary Effects you will receive. And here is one important tip: the closer you place Meteorites to the core of the Planetary Rings, the more effective that Meteorite will be. It’s important to strategically place your Meteorites.

There is more information on the official Trinity Universe website, so make sure to stop by. You’ll not only learn game information, but you can also get special Trinity Universe wallpapers and read comics. If you want to start your Monday with a little giggle, these comic strips will be perfect for that. :-)

Thank you again for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed it! P.S. NIS America will be having a booth at Anime Expo in Los Angeles! So if you are planning to visit there, make sure to visit booth #203! Hope to see you there!

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  • again,looking forward to the game.will have to pick it up by thursday since it takes about two days for the game to arrive to my local question how many hours of gameplay can you expect to do from this puppy?XD

    also,are we gonna have wallpapers and the like for the ps3?? thanks,nao hope you have a great week and like i said before i will be looking forward for the news at your press event in july :0

    • Hello perrandy,

      Yay for the 1st comment!
      How many hours of gameplay…? Well, it is all up to how you play it, but I would say about 30+ for the average.

      As for the wallpaper for the PS3, I will look into it. I believe you can use the wallpapers that are on the Trinity Universe website for the PS3 as well though.

      Thank you for your support as always. And I hope you enjoy Trinity Universe!


  • Hmmm…think I’ll rent first….

  • Never heard of it.

  • Already pre-ordered the “Collection Edition” from the NIS Online Store. I live far away from NA/EU but I hope to get the game real soon. Can’t wait!! =) (And thanks to NIS for bringing so many fabulous titles to the west. Keep ’em coming!!)

    • Hi Moonglare,

      Thank you for preordering the Collection Edition at our online store! The art book is so awesome! Hope you’ll love it!


  • This game sounds pretty good. May have to pick this up.

  • Can’t wait to play it. It can not get here soon enough.

  • Is there a Japanese voice track?

  • No laharl?

  • can’t wait i’ll get it day one for sure!

    some question for nisa:

    1.can we get flipable or maybe double cover with rororina fryxell, Kishida mel Art for Atelier Rorona (if that cover with huge stave is the final one),but if you can change the cover please change it it will be awesome if you have cover art like japanese atelier totori Cover.

    2.if you can put more than one loli in Tri Uni cover why can’t you put one in rorona cover :p?

    3. are you guys interested localizing VN for console (not handheld(since PS3 just get first exclusive VN in japan this month with big name seiyuu in the list (white album)), you guys already entering anime publishing and a already have some experience with disgaea infinite (wish it has PS3 Version)

    I become your fan from PS2 era, when you guys bringing dual voiced niche JRPG to the west, at that time to people that fan of japanese seiyuu like me it is fell like oasis in the desert or a dream come true! so keep including japanese voice in your future release and don’t do stupid thing like “other” did ( I mean like cutting content since the west couln’t get it, or changing the Theme song, or even worse changing main character to some grumpy meat muscle)

  • YES There is a Japanese voice track. Don’t worry, the audio is good. It also is localized pretty well from what I’ve played.

    Nao: HAI!

  • really interested in this game. Is there a world map to explore or is it more mission/dungeon based sort of like Disgaea?

    And like someone else said, about on average will it take to complete Trinity Universe =D

  • I would love for there to be localized Visual Novels for the PS3. I would like to see “Clannad” brought over if possible. It would probably be rated Teen (Due to some language) even though the game is entirely All Ages.

  • Sorry, but I’ve never heard of this game.

  • Should have been downloadable at a budget price. I would have bought it that way. This way? Nope.

  • any update on the PSN avatars?

  • I really want to buy this game, but sadly I’ve got so many games unopened on my shelf that I have to get through before I buy anymore. Please don’t consider this game a failure if it doesn’t sell well right away–I will buy this game later, I just can’t do it now (I’m sure there are tons of others in the same situation).

    Thanks for bringing this game to the USA :) we really appreciate it.

  • Hi Nao!! I Love you!! …oops, that kinda slipped out….

    Anywho, ship those copies of TriUni already!!! Getting a little impatient waiting by my mailbox. For my wait, you should also send me my early copy of Atelier Rorona…..PLEASE!!! :)

  • I just want to say thank you NIS team for bringing Trinity Universe and Atelier Rorona over here.

    I love Battlefield but I’m a dork! I need my anime games like TU now and then!

    The only thing I ask is to tell your Devs in Japan to shorten up these games in the future.

  • NIS AMERICA! Hey, i just want you guys to know that i’ve been saving to buy a new PS2 slim just so i can play SAKURA WARS without the cutscenes SKIPPING as they do in my old PS2 and on my 80gb PS3. I cant even get it to start up on the PS2 because the game is printed on those dreadful DVD-9 (dual layer) discs. So my question is this, Will these games play on the system they are designated for???? or is there going to be a problem like with Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love????

  • Thanks NIS! Cant wait to play this game! how about the guide for this game is it going to be at retail also!?

  • I´m really looking forward for this game, hope it will be available tomorrow for purcharse.

  • OMG! TU i love tjhis game so HYPE! i have been waiting for this baby! wowo yeah
    better than anyother game out there yeah ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • My fiancée found out about this game through my PTOM that I bought, and when I told her you guys were bringing it here she immediately preordered it. She’s ecstatic!

    Now, she’s also a big Ar Tonelico fan. Don’t you think Ar Tonelico III is just awesome? Doesn’t it make you want to bring it to America ;)

  • Great to see this game is coming out over here. I hope you guys at NISA are working on getting Ar tonelico 3, Atelier Totori, and Neptune localized after Atelier Rorona is done!

  • i preordered the game earlier this month. I’m just waiting for it to ship go i can go to gamestop and pick it up lol. ps3 is the true home of jrpgs this gen. it just took a while to pick up steam.

  • I can’t wait to play this it should be fun. With the NISA’s July event coming up. Say if Zettai Hero, Hymn Princess, Prinny 2, Classic Dungeon & La Pucelle: Ragnarok are not shown then should I give up hope?

    Also seeing as it looks like Tecmo Koei has no plans on bringing Uncharted Waters out in North America. Is there any chance NISA could bring either the PSP or PS3 versions to North America?

  • Already ordered, can’t wait! Thanks NISA, totally looking forwards to this and Rorona this fall and hopefully Ar Tonelico 3, Totori and Neptune in the near future :)

    It sounds like a bunch of my favorite English dub actors/actresses are in the cast! And thanks for continuing to provide dual-languages (especially now with blu-ray so plenty of space) so that we get the best of both. :)

    Can’t wait till the game arrives!

  • I’m willing so much to see Ar Tonelico 3 and Neptune being localized in the West as well!!

  • Still coping with my FF-XIII disappointed (its very good, but sub-par for an FF game) so gonna have to wait for reviews for this one. Good luck though with it!

  • thank you for being you NIS america.

  • Yay! Is this game going to be $50, I’m so forgetful.
    Really you should have posted the video on Trinity Universe also. Just because it was really nice how it gave a look at a lot of the other systems including the Meteorite. Which looks pretty cool…. kinda reminds me a bit of Grow Book, by the sounds of it.

    When is the Press Conference for NISA again also? And for those of us not being able to attend is there going to be a Prinny Bomb or a blog post to recap the major announcements? Because after tomorrow.. on the NISA site Trinity Universe is the only game on the front page that has not been released, so there won’t be anymore. Thanks for the post once again Nao!

  • Can’t wait to get my copy this week!! Thank you NIS and Nao!!! :)

  • I’ll pick it up if I see some good reviews.

  • Really excited, cant wait! Thanks you so much NISA and please bring more Games to PS3 :)

  • Does this game support custom soundracks?

  • I forgot about this game for a while. Still very interested in it though. I’ll pick it up as soon as I get the chance.

  • Please ‘fix’ the new shipping rates at the NISA store. They’re ludicrous!

    Now it costs me 23 dollars to get a single PS3 game shipped to Canada…

    I preordered TU before the new store opened so at least I’m good with that.

  • Number 15’s comment.

    I’d buy Mao, Adel, Almaz and Raspberyl avatars in a heartbeat! I hope it happens.

  • I could go ahead and ask here why in the heck NIS America is so great about getting games here with superb voice acting and the like when every other company makes it sound like they have to sacrifice 10 virgins to localize games?

    Either way, the whole darn industry could take a note from NIS America, especially Namco Bandai and a specific Japanese only RPG half the world has been ranting.

  • I might just have to pick this up tomorrow. =)

  • yea i be buying this asap when it releases… i love any game that involve etna flonne or PRINNYS “throws a prinny and watches it explode” mwaaaaaaa

  • Nao Zook

    Is Wendee Lee a voice actor in this game?
    Please Answer. That Yes or No is a deciding factor. And if I just don’t get an answer I have to assume the answer is No.

  • really hope it hits my local wal-mart tomorrow or at least hit it at all, i can’t get to a local gamestop as easily :\

  • Can you do Japanese voices with English Subtitles ?

  • This is Stupid SONY, Make SUB-Account into MASTERS account, all my trophies are on ART-IS-WAR but oh no not HOME or PS+, also I have 6 ps3’s (3 broken) and I can’t buy ANYTHING or put anything on my new PS3 not to mention the $227 worth of content which is now all loss enless I pay $150 to get ols ps3 fixed, BS FIX IT SONY YOU CAN HAVE MY OLD PS3′S JUST DEACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT

  • I already preordered it, so I can’t wait to play this game! I’m so excited! Trinity Universe is gonna be a good experience. Keep up the good work, NIS!

  • Just preordered it just waiting for it come and I am also looking forward to the new altier rorona game as well! my life just gotten a bit colorful thanks to this game!!!

  • i want to play it when it comes out.

  • @41: Not 100% sure, but none of the English VAs in Trinity Universe sound like Wendee Lee.

    It sounds like she’s playing Cuderia in Atelier Rorona, though.

  • @37 Yeah I agree the shipping rates are a little ludicrous on the new site right now. 20 bucks to ship the trinity universe collection to North Dakota is a kind of crazy.

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