Dead Space 2 for PS3: E3 2010 Interview

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At the conclusion of Dead Space, space miner Isaac Clarke was, shall we say, a little unwell. Though Clarke’s body survived his first encounter with the Necromorph, the same can’t be said for his mind.

We caught up with the creative director of Dead Space 2, Visceral Games’ Wright Bagwell, to learn more about the game’s gargantuan new setting, new enemies including the Tripod and the Pack, and new combat abilities including the Javelin gun. Watch our interview below to learn more.

Notably, Dead Space 2 will feature a bigger, deeper universe than the first game. No longer stranded on a dinky deep-space mining station, Clarke now prowls a labyrinthine interstellar complex called “The Sprawl,” comprised of hospitals, schools, churches, and unspeakable things that go bump in the night. Visceral Games has confirmed that the Church of Unitology, the cult-like Necromorph worshippers introduced at the conclusion of Dead Space, will play a far more direct role in this sequel. Naturally, Visceral Games is keeping its lips tightly sealed on the specifics of their involvement, but we can’t imagine it’s going to end well.

Dead Space 2 for PS3

Dead Space 2 for PS3Dead Space 2 for PS3

Dead Space 2 arrives on the PS3 in early 2011. At the 2010 E3 Expo, EA announced that the limited edition of Dead Space 2 on the PS3 will include Dead Space: Extraction with full support for PlayStation Move and Trophies.

Dead Space 2 for PS3

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