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With the US unfortunately out of the World Cup, we can now return to our true national pastime: gaming. This week will see the launch of PlayStation Plus, as well as the release of Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip (first review linked below). On the blog, we’ll have more details on those, hear more about Journey and The Sly Collection, and continue rolling out developer interviews that we shot at E3.

And here are this week’s links!

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of June 21, 2010)

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  • This stuff is pretty cool. I like the idea of getting more products out there and into our hands with PS+.

  • man, E3 was fun….lots of good stuff

  • Gonna miss E3. Glad the MOH Beta got that patch. Any word on any other upcoming Beta tests heading our way?

    • None that I know of at present. That Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood one was announced at E3 (PS3 exclusive!), but no new details to share today.

  • E3 was awesome! I can’t wait for the PlayStation Move!

  • The FAQ regarding Playstation Plus pretty much sold me on it. I look forwarding to signing up on the 29th, then on Canada Day the video store finally comes to Canada! shaping up to be quite a week!

    • That’s good to hear. Note that Susan returned to the post later in the week to address some comments/questions.

  • That wasa tough game jeff. ghana was good.. i think those darn horns are way to loud,, I put the tv on closed captions and enjoyed the game, it waa unbearable to watch with thoe horns just a hollering… I hear they wan to fire the usa coach.. There no one to blame for that game.. Ghana just beat us in ot. hats off.. we’ll do better next time.

    Im rooting for brazil to pull this out this time..


    • I don’t think we can blame Bob Bradley… We just don’t yet have the level of talent of the top 10 teams of the world (Tim Howard excepted).

  • Ha Germany all the way! It would also be nice to get another Hot Shots game on the ps3 as well as the new Level 5 game. And while I’m here I would like you guys to finish off the ps1 final fantasy collection with origins, anthology and chronicles.

    I just love the ability to play at home on my ps3 and then when it’s time to go I can then continue to play on my psp. At the very least put the psp versions on the store so that they can be downloaded.

    Thanks and I look forward to next week!

  • well, i agree with #6 the game was tough but it was tough because we were passive and not agressive enough.also, ghana was playing dirty and the refs didnt help that much in that for the coming firmware update i wonder if we regulars(non-plus people) will get something xtra from it?

    in any case, i cant hardly wait for trinity universe this thursday since i already beaten hexyz force twice! XD

  • Hey Jeff! Can you get Ni No Kuni to come to the US and EU ? thanks.

    Studio Ghibli + Level 5 ftw!

  • hi jeff, is PlayStationPlus coming via firmware update?

  • Jeff any idea if the canadian video store will get all the content of the US store or will it have its own updates.

  • PODCAST BEYOND featuring the blogs own Jeff Rubenstein.

    Jeff this should be the semi-official podcast of playstation IMO.

  • So happy to have the video store finally coming to Canada. Now if we could only get hulu…

  • Jeff,

    Can’t wait to get my Playstation Plus on! As for the World Cup, USA just aren’t World class, Tim Howard included. He’s to heavy to get down low and his distribution is awful. He’s a good shot stopper but more is demanded from Goalkeepers these days. I’m sure you answered this a hundred times already but what’s your PSN ID? Do you ever get your FIFA on?

    Later bro!

  • jeff, thanks for reminding me that the game is due this tuesday.but i think that i should receive it by thursday or friday because of shipping.

    anyways,happy belated lakers win. i think that the mvp should have been to pau gasol since he played better than kobe bryant.speaking of championships and the nba.we could have a championship contender this season because free agency starts this thursday.alot of top players are free agents this year such as lebron,bosh,amare and dwayne wade. my hope is that we get at least 2 “stars” and a bunch of good role players.
    i just cant wait for this jeff…..

  • jeff you need to do something about the pricing for the Sly Collection.

    It’s $59.99 right now which doesn’t make any sense considering the fact that I can go on Amazon any buy all 3 games for a total of $20.

    I hope SCEA is silly enough to keep the price at $60

  • Hey Jeff, I have a question about PS Plus.. So my brother has his own PSN account (master account) and I have my own (sub-account) which I use for both PS3 and PSP. If he subscribes to PS Plus will I be able to play the Minis or PS one classics on my PSP go? Also how about the ability to upgrade from sub-account to master account? it’s been quite a few years now since I first got my PS3 and now I am old enough for it

  • @inFaMoUs1
    Yeah you can, but they will not be in 3D and will not have trophy support.
    Oh and GameStop list The Sly Collection for $39.99 *

  • @15 Kchow23
    You cannot upgrade your sub-account to a master account. I e-mail Sony customer service the other day and they told me that you cannot.

  • @BloodyCow

    Thanks for letting me know it’s $40 at GameStop

    I usually shop on where’s it’s currently priced at $59.99

  • Any NEW news about Castle Crashers???. the last information was like 2 months ago lol

  • @17 I know… I emailed them too but that should change… and still waiting for an answer at my first question

  • Wow #5 and Jeff’s reply makes no sense

    That post and the post before it were noting but vague incomplete nonsense.

    Still no complete list of all the games, DLC, discounts etc for the first two months like was provided in other regions. Still no definative answer on what’s going to be done with current Qore subscribers(“Qore is not the Main attraction to PSN+” Are you kidding me? That answers nothing).

    whether the reason for lack of information so far is because you still don’t have your ducks in a row yet or you’ve made an active decision to not release that information yet, It’s completely rediculious that the service launches in two days and those to questions and several more have no answers yet.

    I still have no idea what you want me to spend $50/year for.

  • Will “Assassin’s Creed : Brotherhood” Beta be only for Playstation Plus users?

  • Where’s more info on Shatter multiplayer?! It’s still one of the best PSN games!

  • Will there a Playstation dedicated podcast hosted by the staff of the Playstation Blog??

  • @stargamerX

    Sidhe probably took a month off to watch the All whites go undefeated in the World Cup.

    Still no timetable on when it will be available yet.

  • Here’s the main reason why the U.S. lost to ghana just like they did last year, they underestimated them. They came in to the game saying this is the most unexperienced team in the world cup and were just blatantly gobsmacked at how they came at them from the get go. Everbody always underestimates african teams and it may be right to do so this WC(especially my team Nigeria) but in the next WC if they take HOMEGROWN managers and not over seas ones that are only there for the money then Africa will be a continent to fear. If you look at it Africa has the third best talent in the world coming after Europe and close to South America. Africans have the talent they just need the coach.

    So far everything in the WC has been going according to my predictions except the Mexico Argentina game, I expected it to be a draw and go to pens but whatever.

    Can’t wait for the FW update tomorrow, it better have more in it than just PSN+ and Security enhancements. -_-

  • Great list.

    Just picked up my copy of Transformers:war for cybertron from walmart for 39.99. (in canada) great deal for my canadain trans fans. Very awesome overlooked game (ign gave it a 9.0)

    Jeff, you were awesome (yet again) on podcast beyond.
    (you know just the right thing to say at just the right time)
    You smooth talker you.

    also….. i miss Chris.


    If you ever see or speak to him, can you ask him to swing by the blog and leave a comment or two.

    Thanks Jeff, your a champ.

  • Is there anyway for someone to answer me this question, so i subscribed to Qore like Last Aug and still have it till this Aug but if i get PSN+ it means i’ll get it for free now, so do i get anything extra?? i already payed till Aug of 2010. i hope you guys will offer something extra to those who still have more months on their subscriptions for Qore, maybe an extra free game?

  • Very excited about Move (played it at the NYC meetup, it was awesome!) as well as Playstation Plus, but am also interested in how Sony will address the concerns of Qore subscribers.

    Since I’ve already subscribed to Qore, Playstation Plus costs me $75 for the year for all the same content that other people will only have to pay $50 for (as long as they haven’t subscribed to Qore.) Is there a way to prorate our subscription? Or is it just “sucks to your ass-mar, Piggy?”

  • Hey isnt PSN+ free for everyone on the first 3 months??

  • @30…no it is free for everyone that buys a 1 year sub…you get 15months…there is no free trial as there is nothing to try…very little functionality is being added.

  • @28…can’t find the link but this has been answered…you get nothing…you have the choice of waiting for your Qore sub to expire before buying PSN +

  • @28, 29 Im in the same boat i have a few months still. But im not expecting anything extra. In the end it all works out with the store discounts and stuff. If you wanna join the club your going to have to suck it up and take one for the team(wallet). I dont understand why people think their intitled to money back or a discount just because they add it to a service.

  • @33
    What’s annoying is that a Qore subscription was supposed to offer what PSN+ promises to. If there’s still going to be exclusive content for Qore subscribers (beyond the traditional “here’s an extra theme”), honoring that by not giving it to PSN+ subscribers could entice me to get both subscriptions once the service launches. That’s not asking for much, since PSN+ has basically aborted any chances of me getting it prior to my Qore subscription running out. Conversely, once it runs out I’m not getting Qore if it comes at “subscriber” level with PSN+.

  • I’m totally pissed off.. You just made an official announcement for GT5 and after many.. I mean MANY year of wait.. we STILL have doubts for an announced fetaure

    *Standard cars do not support vehicle interior camera views.

    but there’s sites that CONFIRM that’s wrong

    like kotaku and igamereport

    NOW PLEASE STOP WITH THIS TRICKS and give a simple and OFFICIAL answer.

    can we expect an interior/cockpit view when we’ll drive a standard car or not?

    please.. this confusion is pretty unfair.. and let me say.. a bit unprofessional

  • the PSN+ is it going to be 50$ with or without the taxes?

    cuz it would be a shame if it was without taxes :)

    and another thing is it’s all about PSN Store and nothing else

    except for the auto download,are we going to see some other PS3 services? like cross game voice chat,hulu,etc.

    Thnx Jeff and sony <3

  • Oh great another boring update?.Still waiting for more support for Custom Sound Track’s as well as a better way to communicate with my friend’s by being able to text them when I’m not on my PS3! & a longer Friends & Ban List The..360 has these feature’s..Can’t wait for Cross Game Chat!..But you guys still need to improve the :sad: PlayStation Network! Quit making us buy your childish toys Sony! You should concentrate on better FIRMWARE UPDATES as well as what I posted in my comments!..Cheers!

  • Hey kids its not charge to play online you fools! lmao! I rather PAY 2 PLAY ONLINE TO GET RID OF THE DAMN HACKERS & CHEATERS! THE 360 has these feature’s as well as Exclusive deals like Call Of Duty they get the DLC way before the PS3 does all thank to Sony!
    I watched E3 2010 nothing impressive if you ask me the only thing was Twisted Metal!..Oh my god seriously Sony you are losing your
    originality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHARGE NETWORK RULES! WITHOUT IT YOU MIGHT AS WELL SHOOT YOURSELF!

  • Xbox? Really? Are you serious? Do people still own those archaic devices? Mabye I can pick one up at the next yard sale too.

  • Why is there a picture of Deux Ex for PS2 on the side of the screen? lol

    Anyway, can’t wait to see more about Journey.

  • @#35

    I think in regards to with or without Tax, that depends on where you purchase it from. By that I mean, where you live when you purchase it. Some states handle internet purchases differently when it comes to tax. For instance in FL where I live, I pay no tax on internet purchases through my psn.

    I’ve checked the PSN early once this morning to see if I could sign up yet, probably a bit premature yes but I’m a little eager to get in on this. I’ll most likely hold of spam checking the psn till a little later this afternoon.

  • From the GT website:

    “The massive lineup of cars from past Gran Turismo games has been beautifully recreated through the latest technology and the Playstation 3’s cutting-edge graphics.

    Gran Turismo 5 feature an astounding 800+ cars, a vast collection covering a wide range of eras and categories.

    *Standard cars do not support vehicle interior camera views.”

    So it’s confirmed, no c0ckpit view for 80% of the cars in GT5. What a major disappointment. Think I’ll pick it up second hand.

  • I’ve left like 10 Share Ideas, and they never get posted. WTF!

    Here is my most recent idea:

    ***Make PS Move controllers with One analog stick.**

    If the move controller had one analog stick, you could have two move controllers. Think of socom4, how are you supposed to turn around? If there was an analog stick, u could rotate the cam with ease.

    This would add a new demension. The way it stands, with the move and subcontroller, you are removing the Right analog stick. Therefore hampering the control scheme. Instead of blatently stealling the Wii concept, why not scratch the “sub” controller, and add one analog stick to the move controller. Clearly its probably too late to make this so. But if you think about it, the analog stick is very important.

  • That Sorcery game, looks horrible. In the E3 demo, did you notice how enemies were never behind the player? HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO TURN AROUND in these games? The Lack of an analog stick, sets in stone the idea that the Move controller can only be used for casual games. Heavy Rain, Flower, Pain, whatever… I don’t care if it is a disc based game. Socom or kill zone… The only way to turn around in these move games, seems to be like the old resident evil games…. push down on L stick and press a button at the same time.

    Now, I have never played with the move, and have never held the device in person, so I have no first hand knowledge on the device.

  • sony’s doin fine atm aren’t they??

  • GIVE US AN ANSWER ABOUT GT5… AND STOP JOKE WITH US!! just an answer in 5 years dammit……

  • hi im sorry this isnt a game but a tech question. Can your hdmi output get damage and your RCA out put still work?

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