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E3 2010 is over, but the information onslaught certainly isn’t — we’ve got lots of new details on a slew of upcoming PS3 and PSP games like Final Fantasy XIV, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Look for a few more interviews to hit next week. Dead Space 2, anyone?

As for me, I’m planning on a quiet, tranquil weekend interspersed with sessions of ultraviolence in the Medal of Honor beta. I might also get around to finishing Red Dead Redemption, though my progress has slowed considerably — every time I try to complete a mission, I can’t help but take potshots at birds or skin animals.

What will you be playing?

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

  • E3 Interview: Final Fantasy XIV — A new trailer, and some tantalizing possibilities for this upcoming PS3 MMO from Square Enix.
  • Ready at Dawn on God of War: Ghost of Sparta — The game’s director explains why Ghost of Sparta “will single handedly show the true power of the PSP.” Check out those screens!
  • Hot Shots Tennis Hits PSP June 29! — New RPG elements, an E3 demo, and a Helghast guest: catch up on this PSP release with this brief primer.
  • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit at E3 — The folks behind Burnout, Criterion Games, take the wheel in a game world they say is four times bigger than Burnout Paradise.
  • Try Blue Toad Murder Files for just $1.49 — An affordable new to play this humorous six-episode murder mystery game for PS3.
  • Get MAG Interdiction Today, Double XP This Weekend — MAG’s new “Interdiction” DLC pack is live, and Zipper’s Jeremy Dunham gives the full tour.
  • Got 2 Bucks? Start Practicing for the Next Warhawk Tournament Today — Warhawk’s “Fallen Star” DLC goes 75% off in advance of an upcoming tournament. Saddle up, people!
  • PlayStation Store Update — Red Dead’s free new co-op DLC, MAG’s “Interdiction” DLC, Sam & Max Episode 3, and tons of price drops round out this week.
  • DC Comics Now Available on the PlayStation Network for PSP! — We got yer Batman: Hush and Green Lantern right here. Check out the freebie selection, too, including God of War and Fringe.
  • Trinity Universe for PS3 Next Week, Atelier Rorona Update — Catch up on NIS America’s E3 2010 announcements, and new videos to boot.
  • PlayStation Home’s E3 Booth an Enormous Success + Toy Story 3, Community Events, and More! — E3 was a big success story for PlayStation Home’s virtual booth. Also get a look at “Andy’s Room” and the “Top Avatar Competition.”
  • Now Available on PSN: Burnin’ Rubber for PSP and PS3 — Judging by his Twitter feed, David Jaffe is an awfully big fan of this arcade classic — you might know it as “Bump ‘n Jump.”
  • What We’re Playing: Medal of Honor for PS3 – Win a Beta Code! — Medal of Honor moves to the modern day, so we spread the love with a Twitter giveaway.
  • Dead Rising 2 E3 Interview — I’m curious to try this “Freedom Bear” weapon combo. A teddy bear packing a machinegun? Yes, please!
  • PlayStation Plus: Your Questions Answered — Answers to your questions about the PS3’s upcoming subscription service: PSN Store discounts, early access, full game trials and more.
  • Hands-on with Time Crisis: Razing Storm for PS3 and PlayStation Move — Jeff and I mowed down digital terrorists at E3 using the PlayStation Move. And yes, I crushed his score.
  • Late Night with Killzone 3 – Tonight! Jimmy Fallon tries out Killzone 3 in 3D on Late Night, and we’ve got full video. This almost makes up for Taxi
  • UNCHARTED 2 “The Lab” Weekend: Sniper Extermination Starts Now! — Grab your Dragon Sniper rifle and hit the servers — this experimental new gametype is for a limited time only.
  • Enslaved: Odyssey to the West video interview — The creators of Heavenly Sword are back, and they’re packing some serious Hollywood talent, including LOTR’s Andy Serkis!
  • PlayStation Network Video Content Update — Great news, Canada: the Video Store is coming your way! New content includes Green Zone, Futurama, Deadliest Warrior, and more.
  • Digital Comics Store Update — Big news this week, with DC adding 80 comics and a new version of the Comics Reader app that integrates fan-requested features.
  • Fatter Princess: Fat Roles DLC and Fourplay Party Feature with Patch 1.06 — Pirate, ninjas, and giants (yes, please) join the party with new DLC. Bonus: The new patch adds a fan-requested co-op feature.
  • LittleBigPlanet Community Update — Be sure to watch the Alex Evans LBP2 remix video: it’s loaded with eye-popping examples of LittleBigPlanet 2’s powerful new tools.
  • E3 Encounters: Deus Ex: Human Revolution for PS3 — This upcoming PS3 RPG-shooter has conspiracy theories to spare and a cast of shady characters.
  • Play the MAG Beta with Zipper!

    Courtesy of Jeremy Dunham

  • Zipline Podcast, Episode 9 — We’re joined this week by Seth Luisi, Game Director here at Zipper Interactive and almost certainly the person most synonymous with the SOCOM franchise.
  • MAG Server Maintenance — This coming Monday, June 28th, a number of PlayStation servers will be down for maintenance for approximately two hours beginning at 1am PDT (4am EST). This scheduled maintenance will affect MAG as well as the official MAG blog.
  • UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves banner

    Courtesy of Arne Meyer

  • Support your team in UNCHARTED 2 MP — 16 different versions of Drake and Flynn representing the 16 countries whose soccer teams have made it to the second round in South Africa as of today.
  • Multiplayer level cap increase live — The maximum level attainable in UNCHARTED 2 is now 80, and is designated by an in-game badge that uses the roman numerals XXX.
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    • COOOL

    • Hey Sid, I have a question about PlayStation Plus that I haven’t seen asked yet.

      Will us members be getting any special symbol or representation that shows the people on our Friend’s List that we’re PS+ members, and also so we’ll be able to identify and see the people on our own Friend’s Lists that are also PS+ members?

    • Like the uncharted 2 news!

    • Also, will you guys answer some more questions on the PS+ post, there are 10 pages and you guys didnt even get past the 1st page??

    • I’ll be going retro and playing Suikoden over the weekend on my PS3, while playing something cutting edge on my PSP (Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker).

      Any word on Konami wanting to launch Suikoden II on the store? I’m dying for more.

    • At the top of the post, I’m sure you meant Deus Ex: Human Revolution and not Deus Ex: Human Resistance, right?

    • OMG the video store is finally coming to Canada. Now they can all quit whining.

    • @7
      Indeed, though they actually HAVE quit whining and are groveling at Sony’s feet now. Goes to show everyone who said they were insatiable that they actually CAN shut up when they get what they’ve wanted for two years, no?

    • More 3rd Birthday info please.

    • Hey guys, it would be really nice if you actually answered our playstation plus questions.

      Both blog posts were largely incomplete or vague nonsense.

      Several people asked for a complete list of free games, Avatars, Themes, discounts, DLC etc for the first two months like was provided in other regions and you still havn’t provided said list.

      Several people asked if current annual qore subscribers would be offered a discount for upgrading/migrating their subscriptions to PSN+ and all we got was a vague reply about how Qore isn’t the main attraction(well he actually said contraction) to PSN+ which doesn’t actually answer the question.

      Could you please, PLEASE get your ducks in a row and actually answer our questions so we know what the heck you want us to spend $50 a year for.

    • Why would you suggest someone post on share to ask a question you don’t know the answer to?

      Suggesting Share only makes sense if the answer is “no, but feel free to suggest it and maybe we will include it at a later date”

      • I honestly don’t know the answer. But putting it in Share is a way of cataloging it so it can be easily referred to later, just in case. It is a productive step.

    • So it launches in 3 days and you still havn’t finalised everything?


    • One question about this Fat Princess update…

      Is this update also gonna affect the PSP title?
      Because it’s a shame to release THREE new jobs only for the PS3 version if people only own the PSP version.

      So I’m just wondering if an add-on like this will affect both the PS3 and PSP titles.

    • Plus is instant win for gamers… the influx of cash allow for improved services that we take for granted. It also give you content for both the ps3 and for the PSP since minis and ps1 titles run on both….

      All I ask is a comics app for my PS3 plz….I have a nice widescreen monitor even…

    • My birthday today and in a couple days video story in Canada? Thanks PlayStation

    • Comment #2

      When the details of Playstation Plus were posted on the European Blog someone posted pretty much the exact same question. The official red post response is that you & others will have a symbol beside your user name/ profile to identify you as a Plus subscriber. An orange ‘+’ i believe it was

    • @Sid Shuman

      Can you please pass the question along to the people at playstation plus, will there be occasional discounts on PSP Games, or will it just be PS3 games (Excluding Mini’s)?

    • why suggest uploading to share if it has been a couple of months and not a single suggestion in share has been implemented?

      • Plenty of Share suggestions have indeed transpired — we’ll have more to show on that topic soon!

    • Thanks #18. EU PS rep replied with an answer about PS+ question while Sid just told the guy to “submit it to share”. All he had to say was “let me find out next week and update you”.

    • Hey Sid, can you please give me Sony’s Corps. or HR Number? I am having a difficult time with their customer care (it really sucks), and I need Sony’s Corp or HR number?

    • I’m sorry our mood seems crancky Sid, but it seems that psn+ is a big deal and nobody from the blogs has bothered to answer ONE question regarding the program. This shows lack of professionalism (unlike the eu blogs) and sadly there is no one to communicate our likes, dislikes, questions, frustrations, etc., and since you actually reply to our questions we are hoping that you could help spread the word and tell other bloggers from this site to reply to the community’s needs. Thanks as always.

    • @Seeing_Red_Again

      On the blog they said you will have a kind of marker that shows you are a PSN+ User. I’ll link the comment if I can find it.

    • Link to the plus symbol comment Philaroni is talking about:

      Maybe the EU blog could make up an internal faq so the U.S. bloggers can find out what’s going on. Someone at Sony knows all the details, right?

    • “Posted on 24 June, 2010 at 3:56 pm by SpyDudeFX
      Oh yeah some kind of designation on our profiles would be nice, 360 adds a gold burst. We should get an icon or something similar.

      Posted on 25 June, 2010 at 12:09 pm by James Thorpe
      Hi, thanks for your comments. Keep an eye on your friends list on the XMB this Tues ”

      Post 359,

      Been reading through some of the comments, and some people are so dumb and really don’t understand anything, for example a couple are demanding more free items, Plus gives away 40+ games anyway.

      I’m sure getting it, just to support Sony’s PSN. XD

    • Well…maybe its because US consumers are over demanding drama queens , that even when or if they take the time to carefully read the details . they still over complicate the simplest of things . yeah sure alot of questions went unanswered , but alot of those questions were either

      1. repeated
      2. Something that you could have answered yourself by reading and comprehending the post
      3. a combo of both

      I thought the info was simple and straight forward ,People … not only would you not devour entire games in hours if you picked up a book every now and then .. but simple things wont be so confusing.

    • @ #2

      There was a reply to it on the EU PS Blog. He said there will be a plus beside your name in the friend’s list location. In his words: Posted on 23 June, 2010 at 7:07 pm by James Thorpe

      Hi Seany1, there will be a Plus icon next to your PSN ID on the friends list

      link(remove asterisk): h*ttp:// comment # 10

    • EDIT to comment 25

      also the comment # 10 isn’t part of the link

    • first post on this forum

      hey sid,
      whats your psn? i dont wanna add you or anything you can blank out some parts but i wanna know when im killing a sony employee on MOH this weekend :) look out for me tomorrow :D this game is so great and no more crashes!!! i dont need christmas or move or 3d, MOH please :)

    • @NEOpunisher

      Some Share ideas have been done already. Someone suggested trophy sorting and that happened. I suggested moving the store update day to Tuesday and that happened.

    • Sid (or whoever reads this)- I think everyone’s just a little on edge as the service launches this Tuesday, and, unlike the EU users who read the EU blog*, we have no idea what’s being offered the first two months. I know that the NA divisions of pretty much every gaming company (Nintendo, Sony, etc.) use suspense and intrigue (read: they keep you out of the loop just in case the details are a turn-off for you) to keep people interested, but it just seems a little unfair that they know exactly what they’re getting themselves into day one*, and we don’t.


    • Here is one not complaining about psn+ I was just wondering if Ni no Kuni: The Another World would perhaps be localized and released here? It looks like a very fun open world jrpg and we are in desperate need of those. I’ve also heard that the PS Move might be implemented in this game. Level 5 seems to be on a roll.

    • Sid, about your reply to No. 30, would you be able to get Level 5 to the blog, or have an interview with them so we (or you) get the chance to ask that specific question to them (Localizing Ni no Kuni: The Another World)? Please?!

      I don’t know anything about it, but I just saw the trailer and fell in love. It is a beautiful game, with gorgeous visual, beautiful music, and from the looks of the trailers, amazing gameplay. And just as B-Real206 said, we are in desperate need for these kind of games.

      Third Party Developerss have been ignoring the PS3 this generation when referring to RPGs, so please, get the word out to Level 5 AND Sony to get this game to the US PLEASE!!


    • Get Level 5 and Tetsuya Nomura on the Blog!!!

    • As far as this new service goes, will we see more PSP back catalog games offered digitally? Not necessarily for just PSP GO owners but supporters of Digital Distribution as well? I’ve been waiting patiently for titles like Crisis Core to hit PSN.

    • @ Comment #13 Sid Shuman

      Well okay then, maybe their releasing it for PS3 for now then maybe sooner or later it’ll come out for the PSP title… If so… PSP title owners must wait.

    • DigitalDevilSaga

      I’ll be playing Final Fantasy XIII, Star Ocean, and Just Cause 2, not to mention studying my Playstation history since I’m entering The Tester casting call competition!

    • Sid- Yes, I already saw that blog post. It’s nearly identical to the EU blog post that I linked to, except for the details of exactly what content we’re getting on Tuesday and next month. I’m talking down to each individual game, avatar, theme, etc. Regardless of the separate timetables, the service launches tomorrow, so I’m sure the specific content has already been decided upon, so why withhold the information? I’m really just playing devil’s advocate here, I know that it’s not directly in your control. Just trying to vocalize a concern that others are having that… well, aren’t vocalizing it very well. :p

    • It is cool to hear that David Jaffe is a fan of Burnin’ Rubber / Bump ‘n’ Jump. We are fans of his games too!!!

      Hopefully people will check out Burnin’ Rubber, Express Raider, and Lock ‘n’ Chase for PSN Minis!!!

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