PlayStation Network Video Content Update

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Hi Everyone – Time for this week’s video store updates.

For all the Canadians out there that have been anxiously awaiting news on the video store—we’ve been listening to your requests and we’re very happy to report—the wait is over! Starting 7/1, yep, CANADA DAY, we’re giving you another reason to celebrate! That’s right, the latest Hollywood new releases and your favorite TV shows will now be available for download on your PS3 and PSPs! More to come next week!

In other news: Entourage is here! Ari, Turtle, E, Drama and Vince…they’re all back, but are you caught up? Get up to speed on all six seasons of Entourage now available on the video store under TV Shows > Networks > HBO. After you’ve checked out all the great shows from HBO, move on over to the Free TV area and download free episodes of It’s Effin Science, Warren the Ape, The Hard Times of RJ Berger, and sneak peeks of True Blood! If you’re more or a film or anime buff, take advantage of sweet deals on vampire-themed films like The Vampire Journals, Fright Night, Brotherhood of Blood and awesome discounts on episodes of Naruto Season 4 under Deal of the Week.

Other new arrivals on the store this week…

TV New Arrivals: Black Panther—an exciting new animated series from Marvel, Futurama specials, and the latest episodes of Deadliest Catch, Deadliest Warrior, Ikki Tousen: Battle Vixens, Iron Man: Extremis, Law & Order Criminal Intent, Memphis Beat, Naruto Shippuden Uncut, Pretty Little Liars, The Good Guys, Lie to Me.

New Releases: Green Zone, She’s Out of My League, and Remember Me, starring Twilight’s Robert Pattison. Also check out Art of the Devil III, The Last Station, Dragon Tiger Gate, and a pre-theatrical release of The Extra Man, starring John C. Reilly and Katie Holmes. Have a great weekend!

Top Ten Movie Downloads:

  1. The Book of Eli
  2. Youth In Revolt
  3. Shutter Island
  4. She’s Out of My League
  5. Green Zone
  6. When In Rome
  7. Alice In Wonderland
  8. From Paris With Love
  9. Legion
  10. The Wolfman (2010) (Unrated)

Top Ten TV Episodes:

  1. The Boondocks | Season 3 The Fund-Raiser
  2. The Boondocks | Season 3 Pause
  3. Dexter | Season 4 Living the Dream
  4. Dexter | Season 4 Remains To Be Seen
  5. Dexter | Season 4 Blinded By The Light
  6. Naruto Shippuden Uncut | Season 1, Vol. 4 The Top-Secret Mission Begins
  7. Dexter | Season 4 Dex Takes a Holiday
  8. Dexter | Season 4 Dirty Harry
  9. Dexter | Season 4 If I Had a Hammer
  10. NBA Playoffs: The Finals 2010 | Season 0 LA Lakers vs Boston Game #7 06/17/2010

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  • OMG THANK U SONY I’m getting a psn card just for the store

  • finally! now my District 9 digital copy voucher will work

  • Quick question(s) Grace…

    Will the Canadian Video Store opening next Thursday have the same content as the US Store, with added Canadian content? Or will we have a completely different line-up?



  • Thats a good question, and part of me is glad to get this service after all this time here in Canada. I wonder the same thing is all content in the video store going to be like in the U.S? I guess why I’m a bit disappointed is that it took us years to recieve this service because of all the BS the CRTC put us through or maybe it was sony itself. However there are those of use who have the PS3 and stream movies and TV shows already so in my opinion what is the advantage of D/L content that has to be purchased through the PS store? Food for thought.

  • If its the same or at least similar to the US video store I will praise the Sony Gods like nobody’s business

  • Can’t wait for the Canadian Guys to be on here with more info.

  • @ Undead_Reapers

    In my case I am looking for info for my family as I talked them all into purchasing PS3s as their Bluray players. They aren’t exactly tech savvy, so having an easy to navigate Video Store to replace running out to Blockbuster really is great for them.

    Of course that is just my situation, everyone has their own requirements and meet them in different ways.

  • How did ‘The Book of Eli’ reach #1….? ‘Green Zone’ was good, though. — Anyway, is there any plans to include HBO documentaries? Even if it’s only the recent ones, very good idea.

  • As a Canadian, thank you so much!!!!!

  • Finally the video store is coming to Canada thank you Sony.

  • Need ability to buy whole TV seasons for a discounted price when compared to buying every show individually. That’s how it is on itunes. Also subtitle options and more catalog/older TV shows and movies added.

  • @7

    There’s not even a documentary genre, it’s kinda sad, they need to add that too, that would literally take a Junior Developer 1 hour to implement.

  • I am really happy to see that Sony is making effort to give Canadians the best of the PS3 can offers.

    I have a question, will there be anything available in french?

  • Thanks!!

  • Video store coming to Canada is still the highlight of E3 for me. Excited to get caught up on HBO shows without having to buy the discs that start to accumulate a lot of space for one or two viewings. Thank you to whoever was responsible for finally making this happen.

  • feels good knowing i will be able to rent movies in a week thanks sony:)

  • Thanks Grace for the update, but when and where can we expect details for the Canadian Video Store? Thanks~

  • Congrats to all the canadians but what about latin americans countries!?

  • very happy to hear about finally getting videos in Canada!

  • What shows will be available day 1 for Canada?

  • and finally PSP digital copy vouchers will work

  • ya all try it out

  • Thanks so much, Grace! Keep up the great work!

  • You guys are clever!
    That’s good timing for the Video Store in Canada. Very nice.

  • Thanks for finally bringing it to Canada. Here’s hoping its not only half of the content that the US version has.

  • Of course the day I leave to go spend a weekend with my girlfriend is the day you finally bring the video store to Canada :p

  • Superstrokey1123


  • Why is there no csi, great update :)


  • good now maybe the canadians can quit cryin and spammin the blog canada has what 33 mil ciz while america has over 300 mil lol ya we got it 1st more ppl to offer it to than euro than canada but next will be canadians will fuss why did it takes yrs

  • yes!! thanks for the love.Canada FTW!

  • When will Deadwood, Life and Times of Tim, and Carnivale be coming from HBO? in HD? I’m loving re-watching The Wire — the video and audio quality on the PSN downloads are better than on the DVD release!

    I’d also like to be able to buy Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Boy Meets Boy frm Bravo, as well as Big Gay Sketch Show from Logo.

    BTW, why are both a stereo and surround audio track included on HD titles? Why not just include the surround audio track and let the PS3 downmix to stereo as necessary? I’d rather have those extra bits used to the up video bitrate/resolution, or on 24-bit audio.

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    Glad Canada is finally getting the video store.

  • OMG! just got my hands on God of war IIi videos from the PSNstore. thanks sony, this is amazing!

  • PSN Video Store has the Worst Quality Videos in SD. SD videos are about 1.4 GB and is vastly sub par to DVD quality and cost more/same to rent. The image quality rage slightly above VHS but lower than Netflix Streaming and Hulu at 360p. SONY please fix the SD image quality or lower the cost substantially!

  • “It Only Does Everything”
    even in Canada
    thank you!

  • also having the comic store come up at the same time as the video store on canada day would realy make us go EH?

  • @14 digital distribution is not yet for the collector , once your ps3 breaks beyond repair , you lose all your video content …. backups will not work on another ps3 .

  • Now, if we could only buy seasons instead of one show at the time. But I read some rumors that a premium verison of Hulu is coming to PS3 so that may not be an issue anymore.

  • @29

    Are you a product of the American education system?

  • Thanks Sony !!!!

  • Mexico?

  • LaunchpadMcQuac9

    why would you pay for a tv episode when u can see them for free useing you’re ps3 online

  • i want to know if the movies download section are going to be dual audio (english and French) because my kids only speak french.


    Thanks Everyone at Sony whom made this happen. Thank you Grace for your patience. Now next winter will pass by quickly as I will not run out of things to watch. Thanks again. 42

  • you guys need to add some more older movies that are really good.

  • cant wait for the Canadian video store


    It’s July 1st, Where is the video store Grace? I’m sitting at my ps3 this very moment and I dont see it!!!!

  • Happy Canada Day!!!! Yeah still no videos

  • I can’t find the video store. Is it not updated yet? Or are you going to update it at the same time as the usual Tuesday store updates?

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