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GI-MUNGOUS update for you guys today…so lets get right to it.

LBP What's New

Alex Evans REMIX’d

A few weeks back, during the Mm Community Jam, Alex, myself and the rest of the Mm team stayed up all night with our super-users. And when you combine no sleep + coffee / energy drinks / both with fun, creative minds and lots of laughter ensues. Particularly at my expense, as they found out I was the Marketing Manager for Genji: Days of the Blade. From then it was nonstop Genji talk, ending in a brilliant auto-tuned song dedicated to me, with brilliant lyrics and chorus of “Massive Damage” / “Giant Crabs”. Payback time…

New on the PlayStation Store

Marvel Costume packs and Level Kit coming July 7th!!!


Hey, True Believers! Coming soon to the PlayStation Store will be a whole series of official Marvel comic Super Hero and Super Villain costumes for your Sackboys and Sackgirls. Starting July 7th and every other week following, we’ll introduce four different Marvel Costume Packs, each with five different costumes depicting Marvel’s mightiest Super Heroes and most dreaded Super Villains. Starting Monday, will unveil the glorious details for each costume. But for now, here’s the full list to let your imagination run wild…

  • Captain America
  • Daredevil
  • Doctor Octopus
  • Elektra
  • Ghost Rider
  • Green Goblin
  • Hulk
  • Invisible Woman
  • Iron Man
  • The Human Torch
  • Magneto
  • Mystique
  • The Punisher
  • Rogue
  • Spider-Man
  • Storm
  • The Thing
  • Thor
  • Venom
  • Wolverine

Plus, we’re also unveiling a spectacular Marvel Level Kit, which includes a four levels of adventure against the evil plans of Magneto. And of course, while you play through the levels, you’ll collect a huge assortment of Marvel-themed music , objects , materials , stickers , and a special “Rooftop” background to help you CREATE your own dastardly levels. Stay tuned to more details on the Marvel Level Kit next week. Till then…

Make mine Marvel.

More DLC for LBP Fans!
Apart from the BIG Marvel news, several other LBP-esque items have hit the store for all you hungry for more Sackboy DLC

LBP “Soccer fan” Avatars (PSN)

LBP World Cup England Avatar LBP World Cup Mexico Avatar

LBP World Cup Argentina Avatar LBP World Cup Japan Avatar

LBP World Cup United States Avatar

Show your team pride with these new PSN Avatars. ($.49 ea)

Solstice Costume (PS3)

LittleBigPlanet AddOn - Summer Solstice Costume

Be sure to grab this limited timed release, this week – includes the longest beard in gaming history (FREE)

Unidentified Sacking Objects Costume + Level Pack (PSP)

LBP USO costume Addon LBP USOpack Addon

Aliens have landed! Download the Costume (FREE) and have an out-of-this-world time with the Level Pack ($2.99)

Heavy Rain costumes (PS3)

LBP HR Thriller Costume Pack

Dramatic – check. Mysterious – check. Sackful of costumes – Check. Check out the collection of Heavy Rain costumes ($5.99 or $1.99 each)

for the weekend


LittleBigPlanet AddOn - Competition Prize

We enjoyed the Alex Evans Remix so much we want to see what you can do. So here’s the challenge: take any LBP2 interview(s) from this months E3 coverage and remix it – then take your video and add it to a response to our YouTube video channel page. If it catches our eye/ear, we’ll hand out a few of the Rare Prize Crowns for your efforts.

Kids Competition EXTENDED

LittleBigPlanet - Game Changers Kid Competition

With summer here and lots of extra time on a lot of kids’ hands, our friends at the MacArthur Foundation has extended the LBP level design kids competition over the summer. Here’s your chance to win a new PSP. Click over for more detail.

More LBP shirts on its way to Hot Topic


Just found out that these two shirts will be available in-store for our fans. Be sure to check out your nearest Hot Topic on 6/28. Last we heard, previous shirts at Hot Topic sold out uber-fast, so make sure you get there before they’re out.

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16 Author Replies

  • Nice! Might have to buy lbp now, finally.

  • Thats alot of costumes

  • Oh snap! Get hype! Mahvel baybee!

  • Thanks Sony and MM! Can’t wait!

  • I can’t wait for the level kit, hope Plus members get a discount :D

  • YES!!!!!! MARVEL COSTUMES!!!!!! I’ve been waiting forever and forever for this ever since it was announced when? Two years ago? By the looks of the amount of characters, though, the wait was well worth it. Consider my money yours until these costumes quit coming out, Sony! ;)

    • Glad you like. It was actually only a year since we announced w/ Marvel, but you had me second guessing for a quick sec.

  • I’m so getting a world cup avatar.

  • Kudos on the Marvel love, but where’s Deadpool?

  • Hey Mark! Josh here–it was awesome to meet ya at E3! Cool that Game Changers Kids got extended over the summer—us Game Changers Adults are preparing to do our required levels (we start sometime between July 1st and December 1st)—-PLEASE if you guys have any pull in it try to get Sony to give LBP2 to the libraries and such so we can do our levels in LBP2—I can’t overstate how much I’d love to do my levels in LBP2 ;-)

    When I do finally get LBP2 I know what my first ride-oriented task will be: doing a LBP version of Six Flags Magic Mountain’s X2 ride complete with onboard audio and effects ;-) (


  • I have officially lost my mind! Rogue is my favorite Marvel character & my favorite superhero! I can’t believe she made it as a DLC character in one of my favorite games! I will be buying them ALL! Thank you so much for joining forces w/ Marvel! I would love some PSN Avatars of these Marvel characters as well!

    Thank you so much!

    • LOLZ. I can’t wait till you see the costumes starting next week. Keep a pulse on as they reveal more.

  • Massive LBP updates woo. Awesome epic remix. LOL. Thanks for throwing in tons of characters for the Marvel update1 I hope you guys plan on doing additional Marvel costume updates. I would buy them all.

  • Cool remix track :D


    Dude this is freaking awesome! Im totally picking up those Marvel costumes!

    @#8 Are you serious? No matter what comes out people still want more…will you ever be satisfied???

  • Wow awesome news! I can’t wait for this one. Good to see some quality dlc for lbp1 even with lbp2 on the horizon!

  • these t shirts are AWESOME

  • How about some Luke Cage?

    & some Reed Richards so we can do some Fantastic 4 platforming!

  • WTF!?
    Marvel is known for many of its famous characters…. INCLUDING DEADPOOL!!!!! PLEASE ADD HIM TO THE DLC COLLECTION!!!!

    besides that, everything else is pretty cool too.

  • awesome

  • Any hope for a DC one?

  • Simply AWESOME!!! It’s about time…FINALLY! Have been waiting on this announcement since last year……and you are finally not disappointing. Great Job!

  • all this would even more awesome if i could buy it

  • Can we get the Kick-Ass crew in LBP?

  • Are costumes going to be backwards compatible from LBP1 to LBP2? Like, can I use my kratos costume I got for preordering LBP1 in LBP2?

    • Of course – buy with confidence my friend. All DLC bought on the PS Store will be backwards compatible for LBP2.

  • When is the “Soccer fan” pack dropping? Or am I blind?

  • Elektra and Daredevil suck.
    Should have pick Gambit and Cyclops.

  • daaaaaaamn this is awesome!!!

  • MEXICOOOOOO SACKBOOOOOOOOOOYYYY!!! hahaha I got it as soon as I saw it on Tuesday. Thank you!!!

  • OMG more shirst?!! I’m gonna be broke!!! I just bought a new HDD, now I have to buy more Sackboy Costumes and the levels and then the shirts even though I already have one!!!

  • Aww WTF I just looked up the shirts and they’re only for females, what gives?!!


  • How do I send my video as a response to the Youtube Video Channel Page?

  • hey, I already have this costume: Invisible Woman .. but you can’t see it ;-)

  • Thanks Mark. Found it.

  • Three questions:
    1. If I buy them now, I can play these Marvel levels in LBP2 as well, right?
    2. Any plan to extend the Marvel partnership to LBP2, so you can make Marvel levels with the new tools?
    3. Can you make MLB/NBA sackboy avatars as well?


  • oh also.. disney princesses. happy to see Marvel, but was also wondering if they still will be coming? (and when?)


  • ARGENTINA!!!! YESS!!!!! buying that costume right now!!!…(from the us store) thanks!!!)) :D:D

  • Uhg, where’s the Canada Sackboy :P Haha

  • Awsome Marvel costumes I’m a big comic reader (got one today) and Ive been waiting anxiously to get the marvel costumes. However I’m sad to see no Deadpool. Any hopes of him getting a costume later or stickers in a pack with with his logo.

  • BOUGHT!!!! i want that sackboy too!!!

  • no remy, how disappointing

  • with LBP2 coming out so soon, it almost seems pointless to be buying additional content for LBP right now, unless it’s all transferable. but yes, there being marvel characters is great, though my three favorite characters (Deadpool, Gambit, Nightcrawler) weren’t included.

  • going to have to add some funds to my wallet,that Marvel pack is a definite purchase

    this is off topic but does anyone know why the ModNation trophies don’t show up on I’ve synced them but they don’t show up

  • Getting them Day One. Will all the costumes that you unlock from Single-Player in LBP 1 transfer over to LBP 2? Or just the DLC?

    • Let me check. I *think* your LBP1 save will be transferable. Maybe a question for an upcoming FAQ. Stay tuned.

  • July 7th is a wednesday….I thought PSN store updates are on Tuesdays…BUT ANYWAYS….I can’t wait for the Marvel costumes and Levels!!!!!

  • YEAH!!! Little Big Planet just keeps getting better and better. Good work guys.

  • So where is the Giant Enemy Crab/Massive Damage track? I was actually looking forward to hearing that one.

  • To buy this DLC, I’ll hit my wallet for massive damage.

  • @HMS_Victor | June 25th, 2010 at 3:28 pm

    Its Soccer not Football in America….. Keep your football crap to the rest of the world.

  • how about LBP marvel avatars?

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