Hands-on with Time Crisis: Razing Storm for PS3 and PlayStation Move

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Namco Bandai‘s upcoming PlayStation Move shooter will include three full games on one Blu-ray disc. The centerpiece, of course, being Time Crisis: Razing Storm, the newest and most sophisticated game in the Time Crisis shooter series.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm includes a fast-paced “on rails” Arcade mode that enables one player – or two, in same-screen co-op play – to blast hordes of terrorists, soldiers, and sci-fi battle mechs. In the Arcade mode, it’s all about unloading heavy firepower at anything and everything in your way: you aim by pointing the Move, shoot by pulling the trigger, and reload behind a protective riot shield by pressing and holding the Move button with your thumb. The PlayStation Move controls felt precise and responsive. But if you’re a poor marksman, or saddled with a novice co-op partner, fear not: the Arcade mode mercifully includes unlimited continues.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm for PS3 and PlayStation Move

Time Crisis: Razing Storm for PS3 and PlayStation MoveTime Crisis: Razing Storm for PS3 and PlayStation Move

The Arcade mode has you mowing down hordes of enemy combatants, and supports two-player, same-screen co-op.

Razing Storm’s Arcade mode is fast, frantic fun, but Namco Bandai is also adding a beefy new Story mode to this PS3 version. The Story mode differs in its control scheme, playing more like a full-fledged FPS. You aim with the PlayStation Move and maneuver using the Navigation Controller – holding a DualShock 3 or Sixaxis in your left hand works just fine, as well. By dropping the “on-rails” approach of the Arcade mode, the Story mode opens up more flexible gameplay possibilities: you can take cover by pointing the Move upwards, and cook off a grenade’s fuse to trigger an airburst explosion. The Story mode’s advanced control scheme plays into Razing Storm’s online PSN multiplayer, too, which will support up to eight players in a competitive deathmatch-style setting.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm for PS3 (Story mode)

Time Crisis: Razing Storm for PS3 (Story mode)Time Crisis: Razing Storm for PS3 (Story mode)

The new Story mode allows you to control your character’s movements with a Navigation Controller or DualShock 3.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm will also ship with two bonus games: the full arcade version of Time Crisis 4, as well as a new arcade lightgun title called DeadStorm Pirates. Both titles are fully compatible with PlayStation Move, and much like Razing Storm’s Arcade mode, look to be ideal for two-player party sessions.

Deadstorm Pirates for PS3 and PlayStation Move (bonus mode in Time Crisis: Razing Storm)Time Crisis: Razing Storm for PS3 and PlayStation Move (Time Crisis 4 bonus mode)

The full arcade version of DeadStorm Pirates (left) and Time Crisis 4 are included as bonus games with Razing Storm.

In addition to the central PlayStation Move and Navigation Controller support, Time Crisis: Razing Storm supports the GunCon 3, the peripheral that shipped with the PS3 version of Time Crisis 4. You’ll also be able to toss your PlayStation Move into the upcoming “Shooting Attachment.”

What do you think of Time Crisis: Razing Storm’s multiple play modes and bonus arcade games? Sound off with any comments or questions, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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  • Day one buy sounds awesome, cannot wait for Move, I’ll be picking up Socom 4 and The Fight as well :)

  • Will their be GunCon support for these as well?

  • bundle with Move and I might buy Move

  • Nice Support for this game, make it more interesting…

  • “got you’re ice cream cone ready?” Yeah let’s go!!

  • Yes, i think the is a great idea. Move and this game sounds like fun!!!!!

  • @2
    Read Everything in The Post
    In addition to the central PlayStation Move and Navigation Controller support, Time Crisis: Razing Storm supports the GunCon 3, the peripheral that shipped with the PS3 version of Time Crisis 4. You’ll also be able to toss your PlayStation Move into the upcoming “Shooting Attachment.”

  • I WANT THIS!!!

    SEGA: Bring your light gun games, PLEASE! House of the Dead, Virtua Cop etc.

  • NM I need to learn to read apparently lol.

  • I miss the days of light gun games, which is ironic, since when they were in their heyday (PS1 era) I all but ignored them.

    Will get this, most assuredly.

  • YeWest_is_da_man

    It looks kinda cheesy just holding this glowing cylinder and pointing it towards the t.v. like it’s a gun. To be fair, this whole commercial was meant to be cheesy, and of course nobody ever said waving a glowing techno stick around was going to look appealing… I’m still going to get this, but I was kinda expecting to see them using the “shooting attachment” I had heard about… it’d at least make it seem a little better- plus allow us to see if the extra attachment was really worth getting.

    Alas, this is about the game, and the fact that you get 3 games in one was already a sell on top of the fact that this is something that I know the Move will excel in… but after seeing how intense and action packed just “Razing Storm” was… it’s even more locked up of a purchase than before… if that was even possible…

    Way to go guys! Making me more and more excited for the Move!!!

  • will it have in game custom soundtrack, home support such as gamelaunching (as a party not featured) and can u bundle this with move

    • The first two I don’t know; nothing’s in the cards for the third question. You can hit up Namco Bandai on Twitter at @namcobandai and ask them!

  • looks intense !

  • I was already sold on the Move, But this makes me want it even more!

  • I am sure this is probably not your department, but since you are Namco, I might as well wonder why Tales of Vesperia for PS3 has not been localized. It’s not like it doesn’t have a fanbase. Look at any RPG thread. It gets brought up multiple times. Anyway, just saying…

  • If you’re using the ‘upcoming “Shooting Attachment”‘ with Move will you actually be able to sight down the barrel like you can with a lightgun or is this going to be more of the really working right kind of thing we see on Wii?

  • I’m really excited about this game. I loved playing it in the arcade whenever I went to Dave & Busters. I also own a Guncon3 from TC4. Definitely my most wanted Move game. I plan to buy two moves and two light gun attachments just for this game.

  • Why isn’t this available to pre-order yet? It’s my most-wanted launch title for Move. Already pre-ordered 2 remotes, 1 nav controller, Sports Champions, and Kung-Fu Riders. Now I just need to pre-order this and I’ll be set for the 19th. Also, can you guys talk to Amazon.com about doing some release-date delivery on the Move stuff? I’ve pre-ordered through them, but as of right now they don’t have release-date delivery. I’d really love it if I could order through them AND get my stuff on the day one!

  • is thi8s game gonna be 60 dollars or 40 dollars

  • Looks great. Thanks! I have been waiting for a new light gun game – feel like I was the only one that bought Time Crisis 4… Also, please suggest to whoever to bring back the Point Blank series.

  • Oh! Another question: Do you guys have some information on the trophies? Is it going to be like God of War Collection, where each of the 3 games on the disc is it’s own title that you choose at launch of the disc, and each having its own trophy list with 3 total platinums, or is it just 1 game that allows you access to all 3 games worth of content from a single menu, and one list of trophies with 1 platinum? Are there going to be trophies for the Time Crisis 4 content?

  • all i want is a re-release of the first 3 games there by far the best light gun games ever made

  • This and Kung Fu Riders will be my first Move games. Hope to hear a solid release date for this game soon.

  • That looks so awesome. It’s been too long since I played a proper shooter like this. :P

  • You can tell, Namco loves their extremely cheesy commericials. That one commercial for their strange muscle Wii game was classic. This Time Crisis will be a good party.

  • yesss cant wait for the game. i just need to pre order. one question
    is the gun attachment coming with the game or sold separately?

  • Quick question, Time Crisis 4 didn’t had trophy when it first came out on PS3. Because this game is getting rerelease with Razing Storm and nowa lot of game now has trophy support? Will this version of Time Crisis 4 now have PSN trophy support?

  • In addition to the central PlayStation Move and Navigation Controller support, Time Crisis: Razing Storm supports the GunCon 3, the peripheral that shipped with the PS3 version of Time Crisis 4.

    Now that is what I wanted to hear! At least now people know your not forced to buy another gadget but instead use the one you have already purchased (GunCon 3).

  • please do a move bundle……….

  • I’m moving my coffee table out of the way right now.

  • so if i wanna play with my family, i gotta waist 100 plus dollars for two move controller. and that doesn’t include the game? thanx sony but no thanx…

  • It looks great guys, I’m sold!!! 8)

  • does the Move vibrate when you shoot in Time Crisis?

  • well this looks enticing and all but as a classic namco bandai i have a feel of dissapointment. they could do a release of the first three games of the Time Crisis series.
    And theres one classic namco bandai lightgun series that was ideal for parties that could make great use of PS move, of course i’m talking about… POINT BLANK (Gun Bullet) . Dr Don and Dr Dan would love to get their hands on Move but might never happen. one day i might not have a tv that can play the classic ps1 versions so think about a remake

  • How much will this game cost?

    • No clue on pricing details, I’d keep an eye on online retailers a little closer to the game’s Fall release date.

  • One question, does the PS Move have vibrate function?

  • Three games in ONE!? That’s AWESOME-JAWSOME!

    But seriously, that’s pretty damn cool. Certainly makes for strong justification to purchase it. I’m actually really liking how developers are starting to pack multiple games into one package. Win-win!

  • Finally another use for my GunCon 3’s. I’ve got 2 of each GunCon iteration so it’s nice to see I didn’t blow my money buying 2 copies of TC4 in order to get this newest one. Bring on the Sega shooters, Point Blank, Warzoid, Area 51 etc etc! I hope all the Move rail shooters will support the GunCons. I really want more GunCon games.

  • ThePerfectMurder

    Always loved TC. One of the reasons I will get Move.

  • LOL, thanks sid. adding vibration to the move along with the gun attachment for this game, makes it a buy for me.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    The video would be a lot better and immersive looking if they showed it with the gun attachment.


    sorry for the caps i’m so %$#$#$@$ excited.

    Reload Re Re Reload LOL i miss that sound

  • Sold for Deadstorm Pirates alone!!

  • Really, really happy to hear that the Guncon3 is supported. Bought a second one used from gamestop for 2-player goodness. Glad to hear more games are coming. The mini-games in Time-Crisis 4 are the only thing that holds my interest any more.

  • Nice, Love Time Crisis, 3 game in 1, 8 player online, Move Support, just makes it much sweeter.

    Next we need Konami bring over Police 911. Ask them on twitter for us Sid ;)

  • PuppetShoJustice

    At least now I know how stupid I’ll look holding a Move controller and using it as a gun.

    Do not want.

  • I, for one, can not wait for Playstation Move. First Socom 4, Killzone 3, Sorcery, the list of Move games, and now Time Crisis. This title looks fantastic, as I like multiple games being shipped on one disc. Seeing a fall release, there’s nothing more definitive as far as when to expect Time Crisis to hit shelves?

  • I’m not gonna lie, I already have a Wii, but I just might have to pick this up, along with Sorcery, and Socom for PlayStation Move.

  • Question is, will the Move gun be as accurate as the old CRT guns? I did not like TC4 when I tried it… it seemed like it was not as accurate, and to compensate the “splash” was huge in comparison to TC1-TC3.

    If the accuracy of the Move shooters is as good as the good old days, I’ll buy in… bigtime.

    +1 for Police 911. That game was awesome.

  • I’m sold on Move, first Echochrome II and now Time Crisis.

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