Try Blue Toad Murder Files for just $1.49

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Here it is, the news all you bargain hunters have been waiting for – not one, but two special offers for Blue Toad Murder Files.

Firstly we’ve put all our lovely episodes together into one “virtual” box to bring you the Blue Toad Box Set – all six episodes can now be purchased together for $26.99.

And for those of you that want to try out just one episode before you buy the full season, we’ve put Episode 1 into the sale at $1.49. If you like what you uncover, we’ll take the sale price off the Box Set (reduced to $25.49) – after all you don’t want to pay twice for something!

To celebrate this offer we’ve just released some new screens and concept art to whet your appetite.


BTMF_Chef MM_Mayor_Expressions

If anyone hasn’t caught up with us on the Blog before and doesn’t know too much about Blue Toad Murder Files, here’s a quick summary. It’s a six episode murder mystery game exclusively for the PlayStation Network, developed and self-published by us. As one of the famous Blue Toad detectives you solve puzzles, interrogate suspects, use your powers of observation and investigate clues to uncover the strange goings on in the quaint and sleepy English village of Little Riddle.

Episode 1 will only be in the sale until July 20, 2010 so be quick. Happy super sleuthing!

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4 Author Replies

  • For that price, how can you not try it out.

  • sounds like a great deal, ive wanted this for a while

  • Worth it. Very fun to play with someone else.

  • I picked up the first bundle of episodes, will the supplement be on sale to complete the set?

  • I really need to stop myself from buying PSN games day 1 :P, i bought this game when it was released and got all its trophies to 100%, i liked it, bring more games like this plz!

    Wont you guys give your first day buyers something spacial?

    • Hey Destiny89,

      Really glad you enjoyed Blue Toad so much, we love hearing people’s experiences of our games.!

      I’ve been asking the store team if there is a way we can recognise people that bought the game on day 1, to do such things as you requested. I don’t know if the tech is quite there just yet, but it’s something we’ll keep asking for and coming up with ways we can show how much your support means to us :)


  • thats a good deal. i might try it at this price since i have 2.19 left on my wallet. i was waiting for a dynamic theme for that price though. but alas it hasnt happened yet and i dont think they’ll go below the current price of 2.99 :0

  • In, on, out, off.

    It will be out of sale but still on sale July 20th.

  • I’ve been wanting to try this game. That’s an awesome price for Episode 1, so I’ll definitely pick it up!

    One question: Can I earn trophies with just Episode 1, or do I need the whole bundle?

  • Definitely going to try this. This is a good opportunity to give this a shot.

  • I’m just waiting for it to show up on the store O___________O

  • Cool – but the 20th of July??? Why not TODAY? Is July 20th a birthday or anniversary? What gives?

  • That’s a great deal, I bought it when it first came out, its one of my favorite PSN games (if not my favorite) and now there’s no excuse for not having it.

    If that pos trine could have a platinum, this should have (Siren too!). Also, I hope there are plans for a sequel!

  • @Curtisio

    It says it’s on sale till July 20th meaning it’s on sale for 4 weeks starting today.

    Reading comprehension FTL :p

  • @10: it’s on sale *until* the 20th of july, not just on the 20th of july.

  • Why does it still say $7.49 on the price for Episode 1?

  • @Cheshirekatt21

    Sale starts with the store publish later on today most likely.

  • Shouldn’t that reduced price be $25.50? Otherwise, it’s a penny cheaper to buy them separately :)

  • I wondered that, too. I’ll have to look it up later on today. The game seems cool. We need a new version of Where in the World is Carmen San Diego!

  • This serie always appealed me but I always found myself having too many games to play. Now I have no excuse to not get a taste of it.

    25$ sounds like a great price for 5 more episodes, too.

  • For anyone who hasn’t bought this yet, it’s really well done. My husband and I loved the whole season and found it well worth the original asking price. Getting it for this cheap is an absolute steal! Everyone we’ve recommended it to has also really liked it, playing it with and without their kids.

    My only complaint at this point is that there should be a platinum trophy for getting all the trophies across all the episodes, given the price. Hopefully this will be fixed for season 2! :)

    PS: Thanks for including homosexual characters; it was probably the best reveal of the last episode! It’s sad this is noteworthy, but this is why it’s good to support indie gaming! :)

  • Hi Jade,

    Spotted a small error in your post. It should read:

    “Episode 1 will only be in the sale until July 20, 2010 so be quick, Sharpish!”


    We have a review up at:


  • PPS: Can’t wait for TellTale’s Puzzle Agent to come out on PSN! It’s been a great year for adventure gaming on PS3 with Blue Toad Murder Files, Sam & Max Season 3, Tales of Monkey Island, Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, etc!

  • Good stuff, hopefully some more people will get into the series with these deals. I know I was pleasantly surprised by and enjoyed each episode. :)

    Are there any plans to release an XMB wallpaper / theme of any of the characters? One featuring the Colonel and his ducks would be pretty funny!

  • My husband and I love Blue Toad Mysteries. Fun, engaging, and I loved the whole style and artwork of the game. I hope there is a season 2 as well!

  • Well, for $1.49 I’ll be sure to try Episode 1 once the store update goes up.

  • That was a brilliant move. Hopefully tons of people (like me) buy the first episode to at least prove that this kind of thing works.

    However, how do these arrange themselves on the XMB? Six games or one that just keeps updating?

  • @26, it’s one game that acts as a launcher for the episodes. Siren: Blood Curse did something similar, and I prefer this style over TellTale’s approach (thus far) of having a separate XMB entry for each episode.

    Trust me, you won’t be disappointed! :)

  • I’m in, this sounds like something the wife will love.

  • I always thought the butler did it but since we have a sweet deal to try this game out, it’s time to really see if the butler is guilty.

    Thanks for the special price, it may just give me that impulse i was waiting for to purchae all the episodes.

  • Always glad to hear of sales on the PSN.

  • When is this happening?

    Still regular price for me.

  • It’d be nice if the store finally updated. I read this post hours ago and I want to play it already! =)

  • brilliant game mate! fun and generous silver and gold trophies. I love the story, the British humor and the characters. I also picked up the 1-3 bundle on day one, so would like to see a 3-6 sale soon.

  • I had high hopes for this game, but it’s marred by some glaring weaknesses:

    1. It has no replay value. Once you’ve done a puzzle, that’s it. It’s the same puzzle if you attempt to play against a friend or decide to replay the game at a later date.

    2. The trophies were clearly an afterthought. No custom icons for each trophy and the trophies are simply duplicated in each episode.

    3. The price of the game is too high (even at this discounted rate). If the game had replayability, $30 would seem fair. Unfortunately, $30 for roughly 6 hours of total gameplay is steep by today’s standards.

    4. The player has no connection to their characters. You select from one of 4 playable characters, none of which have a distinct personality. They all have similar facial expressions and they’re all voiceless. The latter is surprising considering the great voice work for each of the NPCs.

    I’m hopeful Relentless Software spends more time on a sequel to add these features. With the advent of 3D and the Move, they could create a truly special puzzle/mystery experience.

  • @20….and now you just gave away a plot twist?

  • Been on the fence about this game for a while. For $1.49 I will definitely give it a try.

  • nice, ill try it for sure. i always wanted to buy it but i had other things to finish

  • cool. Think I will buy ep 1 :)

  • The store finally updated. Playing it now and it’s definitely worth the cost. I’ll be getting the other 5 episodes, too. Good stuff.

  • sweet! I rally wanted to try this game, now I will! Thanks for the discounted price!

  • TheNamekianClown

    So what happens if I want to get Episode 1 while it’s $1.49, but can’t get the rest if I like it until after the sale is over? Will the 2-6 pack still be available, and for the same price, or will I just have to pay that extra $1.49 again? Not like it’s a big deal, just wondering.

  • I really wanted this series but I don’t feel like the sale is appreciative enough to a potential consumer. Bundles 1-3 and 4-6 are normally $14.99 while the entire set is just $26.99 on sale. I’m saving $3.00? This isn’t like Sam & Max where I was clearly saving $10 last week. It’s barely a discount. I want this series too but if it was only at $19.99 for the entire set.

  • Hey Jade, when’s the next Murder File coming out


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