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We’re still catching our breath after a wild E3 week, but look for a lot more developer interviews and game details for at least the next several days here on the Blog, including an epic David Jaffe/Scott Campbell conversation.

Just a few things to link to this week; we tried to capture at least one story on every title we showed at E3, but feel free to link everyone to anything you think we missed.

Oh, and Happy Fathers’ Day!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of June 14, 2010)

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    • Wow, I just opened so many tabs in Firefox. Thanks Jeff!

      I still crave for more PlayStation Plus details. Are you guys aiming to offer the same products to all subscribers worldwide, or will it be regionally defined?

    • Just wanted to say thank you again….E3 was awesome…and you guys are all too kind.

      Go Gators!

    • I’ll agree with Mr. Andrefpvs. PlayStation Plus needs somet fleshing out. However, unlike many people over the last week that have been screaming their little heads off, I’m quite well aware that you guys were busy doing interviews and gathering information for us rather than sitting at your computers and exchanging e-mails with officials that you already have access to.

      I’m confident you guys will get us all of that information soon. (The Qore subscription and trophy questions are particularly pressing.)

      By the way, Jeff… You wouldn’t happen to have any cardboard cut-outs or keychains or anything left over from E3 that you won’t be needing do you…? Not for me, of course- just out of curiosity for the readers at home… and me. =P

      • We do have *some* schwag yet to give away, like Medal of Honor beta vouchers, and 1 last Kojima-autographed Peace Walker PSP bundle. Stay tuned to the Blog and our Twitter account for details on how to win.

    • Oh, and before anyone asks again, I can answer the question as to how games and such will stop working at the end of your subscription: go to your PS3’s games section, Triangle, Information. You’ll notice that there’s a spot for Expiration date (or something- I haven’t looked in awhile). In the past it was never used: it’s a simple as that they will start using it.

    • Sorry, one last follow up: I should have noted that my above explanation is contrary to the idea that they will simply somehow hi-jack your PS3 and wipe your hard-drive clean of the things you got. Resubscribe and I assume they all start working again- the expiration date is pushed to a year from the date you subscribed.

    • im wondering about playstation plus is it gonna be free for 3 months starting june 29th and after that we have to pay if we want to suscribe further or do we have to pay starting june 29th if so im gonna look forward to having playstation plus

    • The link for “60 seconds with The 3rd Birthday” is wrong.

    • Any talk from Sony about bringing White Knight Chronicles 2 to NA? I really hope the process is a lot faster than it took for the first WKC to come here

    • Dude, you need to pay more attention to Motorstorm: Apocalypse, it will be a great game and there arent any stories in this post.

      Here’s a good preview:


    • I saw Cross-Game Voice Chat being announced as one of the PlayStation Plus features on one of the official PlayStation websites but was deleted soon after. What’s up with that?

    • Hey Jeff can you Contact UFG about their game MNR. Most of the online community is getting the message, “You have been unauthenticated and/or kicked from the servers” and we have no idea what is going on. The worst part is that their isn’t a single UFG dev saying anything about it on the forums. So could you please contact them.

      As for E3 it was just ok. Only positives for me were K3, Kevin Butler, InFamous 2, and GT5 release date. Not a twisted metal or Portal/valve fan(I know how much he mocks us and how big his appearence is but honestly I couldn’t care less). Sorcery was good but the whole Move pricing is what draws me away. I’m going to need 2 moves, and nav controller. Most games need 2 moves which is really annoing. PSN+ well there was no major incentive in there(cause I really don’t play that many network games), 3D all I can say is “$2,100.” And too many talking and montages and hardly any live demos. But still PS has GRAET GAMES coming and all these peripherals can jump out of windows for all I care. I play games to relax not jump up and burn calories(I have a gym for that.

    • jeff, happy father’s day to you and to my pther fellow ps bloggers as well!
      anyways,good press conference but like you know. you guys spent too much time showcasing the move thingy and the 3D…the only rpg that i saw showcased there was the pirates of the caribean and the sorcerer game(looked like much like harry potter,really)

      also, we didnt get more info on the psn plus service and by the way, i think that there are people that are confused about it. but i guess that everything shall be sorted out in time

      at least, your presser didnt go wild as the konami, what a bizarre and crazy event that was.they had luchadores,glee singing,a couple of guys dancing to a vid,a guy that beheaded himself and to top it all off…one mirrion troobs XD LOL!

    • I was going to add this to my previous comment but there’s a character limit.

      So. I can’t believe The Last Guardian wasn’t there, I know TGS, but still you could’ve brought Agent. -_- Also I know this is a long shot but Jeff any chance you can talk to your Boss about bringing back the Legend of Dragoon series?


    • Jeff, quick question:

      I don’t remember seeing a trailer for The 3rd Birthday on PSN. Any chance we can get that up there? Thanks!

    • Can you shed any light on PS3 Firmware 3.40 being released this week!?

    • *music starts* “I saw stars dancing on the water” *music*
      “I heard Elvis… singing blue suede shoes” *music continues*
      “I read the Cross-Game Voice Chat announcement on a PS website”
      OOOps! That’s not how this song goes right? *music stops* Skweeeek! Bing Bam Boom! *instruments go flying* Crowd boo’s and the band leaves.

    • @ Jeigh, i’ve seen the expiration date used on multiplayer betas



    • happy father’s day to you, jeff, and all the ps3 owners!

      now, please clarify: will all cars (premium and standard) in gt5 have dash board/c0ckpit view while driving? every gran turismo fan wants to know this.

    • im getting playstation plus the $50yr one when it releases but before i do i wanna know will there be any ps2 emulation added with the new update and/or cross game chat added, and i dont know if you guys know this but alot of people really want to know when White knight Chronicles 2 will get a release date for NA im hoping and praying sometime between Q4 2010 or Q1 2011

    • Quick question will the Psn store start putting all the games on the store for those of us that have psp go have been disappointed since I got mine. I bought it to play the Naruto game that just released for psp and not on the store to play just the demo. Will they start requiring that games on disc for psp also have a pspgo downloadable.

    • Some of the articles that I read on the web were also noting how the cross game chat was not even mentioned at E3 and was not mentioned as part of Playstation Plus. When will be hearing on that or reading on the blog about it. Also how soon will the blog have the new firmware video up for us to see what upcoming features are coming?

    • boom!!!

    • Will you add the new videos in tomorrow update? like Sorcery, Portal 2, 3rd birthday and so on.


    • hey Jeff last weeks meet up was awesome.I bet next year will be even better, i don’t know how but you guys will figure it out oh and thanks 4 the E3 passes that was definitely the best i even got to meet David Jaffe

    • @death187666

      Boom to the power of Boom!

    • E3 was excellent. I just watched it again :)

      I was just wondering with the World Cup on TV(Football/FIFA), at every game there is the SONY advert in the stadium(advert about SONY’s 3D), why can’t they stick the ‘PS3′ logo on it sometimes? It would be a VERY good erm advertisement for the PS3 i think! :)

    • The 3rd Birthday looks wonderful to me. I can’t wait for more videos and previews.

    • any light if we are going to get X game chat in the new update? i would like a simple yes or no. thanks in advance bc i know sony would not make his fans wait another 4 years right? apart of that, do u think Sony/SE would be showing FFVS13 in the Tokyo Game Show?


      Ohh god ur suck an Eye Licker just to get goodies from jeff. pathetic.

    • Hey Jeff! Today is my Birthday!!!!

    • Jeff i still cant believe how you guys didnt have Motorstorm Apocalypse have its own time to shine at the press conference , the game looks spectacular in 3D , anyways thanks for letting us be part of the conference and the E3 show itself , i got to play almost all the playstation games you guys had on the show floor and im getting a good amount of them when they get released for sure , hope to see the whole psn functionalities on the psp someday lol and lets hope the U.S. can beat Algeria next wednesday

    • we need more collections

    • Hey Jeff,

      Just wanted to know, will there be anymore details about Ghost of Sparta? I heard there was a 2010 release date? Could you shed more info, and any news on a demo?


    • Man im REALLY Excited for the Ps move now……………….

      probably even a Day one purchase!!

    • @ DarkOne_PR

      Noo, yer sucktch am EYe Lcikersh. Niche shlurring by da vay.

      Tool Shed.

    • Will The Last Guardian be at TGS this year?

    • Any confirmation that the 800 standard cars in GT5 will not have c0ckpit view?

      It’s a pretty important topic getting a lot of discussion on forums and the more people are left in the dark the more people’s feelings for the game sour. Why PD don’t have a community manager like the Turn 10 devs beggars belief.

    • Hey Jeff…
      As you are working on yoru PS+ FAQ can you make sure it is clearly explained whether it is tied to the machine or your PSN id.

      I own mulitple PS3s and it seems silly that I’d have to buy PS+ multiple times.

      Also…if it is tied to the ID…do all other people on that machine get use of the features of plus…IE…on one of my machines I have my 3 kids on there with individual ids…do they get the benefit of + on that machine too?

      Thanks and I look forward to these questions being addressed in your FAQ.

    • No link to the exclusive Eat.Sleep.Play. interview that was given before Sony’s press conference at E3?

    • Any news on when their going to update the E3 Sony conference vid part 4 on the psn store? Lol watching it in HD awesome!

    • For those wondering about the E3 Conference part 4, it’s been up since Friday under the E3 Day 1 section.

    • Cross game chat nearly four yrs .i been paying for it on my live but.Sony we need to step it up on the online i am sorry but the truth.Yes i thank you for it being free …Only lets make it better with more features.If no chat i may give up on sony.

    • I love my PS3, it’s an amazing system. And I like to support SONY. I’m kind of bummed tonight though. Just found out that DC Universe Online is 15 bucks a month. Sigh….I was really looking forward to that game. It’s not that I can’t afford the monthly fee, I just refuse to pay more than once for a game. Yes I understand that it takes money to run a perpetual game like that, but I refuse make recurring payments to play video games.

    • I’d be great if PlayStation Plus would give annual discounts for Suscriptions to games like DC Universe Online. Let’s say instead of $15 a month, a PS+ suscriber would only pay HALF a month, I think I’d be great for the games and great for PS+, what do you think?

      And yes, I’ve submitted this to PSblog Share, now really tell me what you think?

    • lol at Ramman02, “boo hoo,im gonna give up on sony because I cant talk to my friends through my ps3 when were playing different games!” its not a big deal, certainly not a big enough deal to stop supporting playstation because of something like that. Im sure most people that complain about cross game voice chat will not even use it very much.


    • i have a question,i cant get movies from ps store
      because my first 2 yes 2 ps3 got y.l.o.d,im i
      going to have the same problem wit ps plus?
      if anyone has any info please share

    • Make sure to get the Hosers over to talk about the Video Store coming July 1st eh.

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