LittleBigPlanet 2 Community Game Jam Gets the Creative Juices Flowing!

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As we close the books on E3 2010, I’d like to spotlight one of the games we showcased in Los Angeles this week. LittleBigPlanet 2 will be on its way to PLAYers, CREATErs, and SHARErs later this year, so we thought we’d help get this creative juices flowing within our great community. To do this, on June 4th, we invited a selection of talented creators from around the world to come down to the new Media Molecule studio in Guildford (UK) to check out LittleBigPlanet 2 and put the new creation tools to the test.

We gave the 15 attendees 24 hours to go nuts with the new game, allowing them to build anything they could think of. Here’s a look at a video from the event to show you what I’m talking about. And for a complete rundown of the Game Jam, check out for impressions written by the creators themselves.

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  • awesome!!!

  • I was very skeptical on a sequel to LBP 2, but what I saw truly was far beyond what I would have ever expected. However, the support on LBP1 was lacking, how will that change, if at all, with LBP 2?

    For instance the lag was always a major issue.

    • Disagree that the support was lacking with all the updates, dlc and game upgrades like the paintinator, water and online create mode – but you’ll be glad to know that the online experience has evolved as well as the new tools and gadgets.

  • This game looks AMAZING!!!

    Day 1 buy, pre-order, whatever I have to do to get this!


  • Jealous of their talent! They are truly amazing people!

  • I saw that helicopter level in another video… the possibilites looked endless. MM says you can’t make an FPS but i’m sure some freaks will find a way

    • Lol…I’m sure someone out there will do it too. Did you see the 3d shooter game they showed at the E3 press conference + on-site interviews? Mind blowing!

  • What i don’t get s how you make that puzzle game like we saw in the first trailer

  • I really like this kind of videos with the creators or fans. Good luck!

  • Mabye they’ll make LBP 2 PSP?

  • No Geosautus? Bummer, I would’ve loved to see his input on the new creation tools.

    • Unfortunately we couldn’t invite everyone and some people had scheduling conflicts and couldnt make it, but we have a few more events like this planned, so you still might see your favorite CREATEors represented in the future.

  • I’d have to agree that lag on the first one was pretty much unbearable. That and I never actually saw those counters in my profile move off of zero.

    All the same, bless Media Molecule for creating this, well, series now, I suppose, since it has really sparked a fire under the customization/creation/socialization aspects of gaming- hell, even a PSN game is doing it. You guys have started your own trend. That’s something to be proud of.

  • Looking at what the new tools allow creators to do leaves me in awe. Seeing what they acomplished in such a short amount of time its amazing to say the least.

    LBP2 seems to realize every expectation I ever had for the first title, all I can say is congraulations on another job well done!

    PS: One request, In the VERY likely event that LBPsp2 comes out in abit please for the love of all things Sack add ATLEAST an ad-hoc mode. If not Infrastructure mode aswell. That took SO much away from the PSP version for me and my friends. Other than that LBPsp was fantastic too!

  • Please do not put any sort of online creator trophies in this that will create the ****storm that was H4H.

  • Play and heart all my levels!!

  • Will this work with Move? Will it be bundled with it, but without the camera for those who already have the PSEye?

  • Definitely coming back to LBP2…. I should start LBP1 again… while my wife’s sleeping… or something….

  • You guys are killing me D:! Please hurry up. I’m dieing to play this! please let me in beta D:

  • Why not release a video of all the levels they made?

  • this game is awesome

  • ugh! I Want to play this so bad!
    Definitely getting it!
    Just wish a demo- or if i was lucky to get in one- Beta was released soon

  • Am I right in saying that only 9 levels were shown there. Where are the other 6 games they created?

    Can we also have a longer look at each level.

    Lastly, Awesome stuff! I’m looking forward to it.

  • @13 and @14


  • Lol, why’d they have to go and do that interview after being awake all night. I couldn’t even answer the first question; “Where do you live”, “Uhhh… Tor-onto Canada??”

    Lol, fml

  • THIS…..GAME……WILL…..BE…….AWESOME…..PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My brother and I bought our own copies of LBP at launch, and we won’t be getting this until there is actual proof that there will be support.

    Adding one creator pack and leaving the stale “news” page doesn’t count as support. Neither does online create which was advertised before it came out.

  • can’t wait for this :D

  • @25 Trust me, every issue has been fixed. The old news section was stupidly conceived and very hard and time consuming to update, they’ve rebuilt everything to be super streamlined within the game and out, using, the new social website for LittleBigPlanet.

    And if you’re talking about a lack of overall support, I don’t know what you’re talking about. LBP is the most developer supported title there is… next to Team Fortress, haha. The game is frequently updated, with new features, and packs. And anyways, its not like theres 2.5 million levels or anything…

  • We shouldn’t have a community within a website, it should be within the game. I can tell that they are fixing a lot of things, but what I found odd was how they took the time to remove the Play Create Share counter but not the news page. It seems like it will be easier to highlight users on a website than in the game.

    Furthermore, my brother found a glitch in LBP1 that allows him to have an unlimited thermometer. Does LBP2 have that? I don’t mean to be pessimistic, but this is the game that Mm themselves said was unnecessary before being acquired by Sony.

  • Toronto represent! Hope the level turned out alright. :P

  • Am I the only one who is kind of annoyed that there were no girls in that video?

    I am obsessed with LBP1, pulling alnighters when I have to work the next day just because I dont want to stop building a level… but I can not wait for the new one. It looks like there is going to be many more interesting tools

  • “I don’t mean to be pessimistic, but this is the game that Mm themselves said was unnecessary before being acquired by Sony.”

    They never actually said that. :)

    Besides the game is awesome and when you see all the changes you will know that it definitely is a worthy sequel. :)

  • Poms is the best creator so far. Love his work!

  • Hope you guys havent forgotten about me, the filmmaker! Hoping to make a sequel to LittleBADRomance using some new tools!

  • Mark’s response @2 is awesome. Trying to be the first poster is just taking nerd-dom a step too far. Would love to see a more in-depth look at these levels.

  • one of the problems i always had with the first is my creation were either never good or the good ones would not get played. hopefully i will finally be able to make something that is good and played as well.

  • Ooooh, a panda!

  • what new toolls with there be?

  • how many story levels are going to be in the game????

  • Oooh Syroc, so silly

  • @39 > Over 50 lvls if I remember well.

  • i’m new to playstation 3 internet in need for some friends please add me

  • I really want to know how to make na RTS

  • This game is going to be amazing! I hope it comes out for the PSP too.

  • looks cool.but i’d like to see what tools are used to change it from the side scrolling camera angle to all of the other ones.

  • If u buy an add on in lbp1 will it be expressible in lbp2

    for example the metal gear solid level pack

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