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July 30th Update: The content per month isn’t determined as day one content and is content that will be made available through the month.

If you have been paying attention to all of the news coming out of E3, you probably heard that we introduced a new subscription service called PlayStation Plus, which will be available on June 29.

PlayStation Plus Logo

PlayStation Plus is a service that lives on top of the current PlayStation Network. So, while users will continue to have free access to PlayStation Network’s unmatched and ever-growing suite of new and exclusive content, services, and community focused tools – just as they do today – PlayStation Plus subscribers will gain access to an exclusive set of features and content designed specifically for gamers.

When you subscribe to PlayStation Plus, you’ll get free games and DLC (pretty sweet), frequent discounts on PlayStation Store, early invitations to select betas of popular games, and free monthly episodes of Qore – our high-definition, interactive gaming lifestyle show. You’ll also enjoy new functionality such as Full Game Trial where you can “try before you buy” – play a Blu-ray or PSN game for up to one hour and then you can buy the game, download it and keep your progress and trophies. Another cool feature is Automatic Downloads that will push select demos, game related videos, patches and firmware updates to your PS3 so you don’t have to think about it. Total it up and you’ll get hundreds of dollars of value through the year with exclusive digital content from both our World Wide Studios Group and our publishing partners. And every month we’ll be adding new content and continually adding new features, making PlayStation Plus an incredible value, time saver and ticket to front-of-the-line access.

At launch, PlayStation Plus will offer subscribers the full PlayStation Network game, WipEout HD, full game trial of inFAMOUS, PSP minis and PS One Classics such as Fieldrunners, Age of Zombies and Rally Cross, as well as premium avatars, themes and DLC levels and map packs. Additionally, subscribers will always have access to their virtual library of free games for as long as they keep their PlayStation Plus subscription. In all, subscribers will get an unprecedented amount of value, access and convenience and, in the first month alone, will receive more than $50 worth of content.

PlayStation Plus will be available for a yearly fee of $49.99. We are also running a “limited time offer” giving subscribers 3 free bonus months for signing up for a yearly subscription – so those who
sign up now will get 15-months of PlayStation Plus. Consumers also have the option to subscribe for 3 months for $17.99.

You can sign up on the PlayStation Store or learn more about the exclusive features at

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  • Free cross game party chat then?

  • What if I’m a current Qore subscriber (July is my last month)? Credit for signing up to PSN+ to account for the overlap?

  • what bout xgc??? i will be buying the year as soon as it comes out :D

  • I’m so all over this once it releases!

  • awesome cant wait

  • oh yea no cross game chat?

  • Voice chat should be FREE for everyone. Bad move, Sony.

  • When can one expect to sign up?

  • SWEET.. its a MUST BUY FOR ME.. Hope we get CROSS GAME PARTY CHAT along with this too or to have over all PS3s at least

  • Can Susan Or someone answer my Question(S)

    Let says if i buy( I will) a 1 year Subscription and play the free psn games and earn trophies and then i stop paying will i lose those trophies from the psn games i played or not.

    With the Game trials i play for the one hour granted to me and not like the game will i be able to see or keep the trophies that i earned in the trail.

    will the List show up on my Trophy list when i play that game for that 1HR trial.

    If it does i don’t like it and i might not play the 1HR demo. If i can call it a demo.

  • HMM…I’ll have to look into this.

    Already get Qore and my monthly subscribtion is coming up, so I just may give this a try for at least the first year it’s out.

  • Sounds ok. I’ll give it a try.

    How long will the free 3-month offer last???


  • So when can I sign up because I can’t right now (just checked), and when does it start?

    Also, where is the cross game chat?

  • Now improve the social networking features and improve communication features.

  • Are the free 3 months only for people that already bought the subscription or is Sony giving everyone a taster of the new service?

  • It was all gravy until “for as long as they keep their PlayStation Plus subscription.”

    I don’t want to lease my games, but thanks anyway.



  • What happens if I buy content during my subscription of PSN plus Than decide to not renew. Does that mean the content no longer belongs to me, even though I bought it?

    What happens if you are already a current subscriber to Qore? Is that taken off?

    Will Plus be like Qore, where you gave us a good first year, but went down hill from there?

  • So much content….I’ll be getting so much that I won’t know what to do with my time!

    Thank you Sony!

  • BTW, what about those of us that currently have a year subscription to Qore? Is there something like an extension to the subscription once the paid year is over?

  • My QORE subscription is up in AUG how does that work when I buy PSN + ? And this is bought day 1 thanks in advance lol

  • Sounds like a good enough value. I’m all for it, but there’s no way to own the content you gave us once we no longer have the service? That seems a bit strange.

  • Just bought Qore 2 months ago… Will I get a discount on PSN Plus?

  • Sweet can’t wait for Cross-Game Chat that will be included in the Firmware 3.40 that PSN+ requires!!!!!

  • Why are people thinking that the games and such will be free? Think of it as a rental service with nicely added benefits!

  • Cross game chat FTW!

    And as for the game trail, we download the entire game? So say, like MGS4? download all 45+GB of data?

  • so not a fan of the “for as long as they keep their PlayStation Plus subscription” If you give content it should be a permanent gift. especially since we are paying you for the benefit.

    Will cards be available in store or are we forced to subscribe only though Sony?

  • if I cancel, I can’t play previously received games? my trophies will disappear? what about PS1 games received through PSN+ imported on the PSP? How will that be monitored? Or is it through the “download history” that I won’t be able to download again…

  • And what about online backup of game saves. I would be willing to pay this amount just to have my game saves on a remote server and tied to my PSN, so if my PS3 fails again I wont lose everything.

  • Are we getting a downloadable version of LBP for free if we subscribe to 1 year like EU?

  • Where is Cross-Game Voice Chat?

  • I’m already sold on PS+ but I just need to know if those feature’s you’re talking about mean things like integrated Netflix, Facebook, and similar items.

    On a sidenote, would there be any major Home enhancements, this wasn’t even touched for the first time in a few E3’s.

  • So what would the price be for UK/EU users?

  • @xuipid Not a good idea. Otherwise you would get people doing it just for the sake of getting the freebies that come with it.

  • sounds great geting this ASAP I’m sure more stuff will come to the future?

  • I’ll be signing up day 1. Sounds like a great deal and I’m glad the current PSN is staying the same as it is and free for those who aren’t interested in PS+

    But the question of the day still seems to be, what about cross-game party chat.

  • @ Myke-Myke… about the 3 month offer…it’s only 3 mths free if you get the Year subscribtion:

    We are also running a “limited time offer” giving subscribers 3 free bonus months for signing up for a yearly subscription – so those who
    sign up now will get 15-months of PlayStation Plus. Consumers also have the option to subscribe for 3 months for $17.99.

  • 32@ Punters looking for a 12-month subscription will have to fork out £39.99 GBP, which will give you around £200 GBP worth of free content in the space of a year. A cheaper option is also available in the form of a 90-day subscription, which amounts to £50 worth of free content at £11.99.

  • I’m down with this, but I do have a few questions, largely about Qore. How will this work as an existing Qore subscriber? Also, will this replace the need for a Qore subscription completely? That is, do we count as “subscribers” for the exclusive content, or is there even going to be exclusive Qore content anymore, or will all that now be folded in with the new plan?

  • This seems pretty sweet! I’m signing up as soon as this is released. =)

  • and the Cross game voice chat !?!!?

  • How many games do we receive a month? is it 4 games like Europe? I need a solid guarantee before I pay for this.

    Also, can i turn automatic downloads off? I don’t want my console filling up with bad demos and PS updates I don’t want.

  • Okay here’s what’s not clear:

    I understand as long as you are subscribing, the games that are free to subscribers are free to you to play (or you can still buy them flat out to have after your subscription is done).

    But! What about DLC? If you give subscriber’s free DLC, does that DLC remain even if their subscription ends?

  • Give me a beta to DC Universe online! I’ll subscribe to this for a long time :)

  • Well I for one was really looking forward to a cloud save feature as I have had 3 PS3’s stolen and lost all the saves.

    What about multiple users on one system do I have to buy each of my kids and my wife a separate subscription?

  • How long will the 3 free months be available for and will the games that are tied to the subscription be playable while offline as well as on multiple PS3s as regular PSN downloads are?

  • I’m signing up for the year subscription, and I can’t wait for games with Move and I may possibly be getting the whole 3D thing in 2011. I really am thankful for everything Sony, this was a great step in the right direction. e3 briefing was beyond awesome, and Portal.. just wow.

    But please, PLEASE, can we have cross game chat. Not being able to talk to my friends just because they have brought something different fin the plethora of games available is ridiculous to me.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Qore, I am half-way through my subscription, how will that be affected?

    Any ideas to what features may be coming?

    Some major questions need to be answered before I can commit. I am very interested in supporting Sony but will it really be worth $50 a year.

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