Live from E3 2010: PlayStation Press Conference

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This is the what you’ve been waiting for: PlayStation’s E3 press conference, kicking off at noon Pacific. While we were able to get 150 of you into the Shrine Auditorium, there’s probably a few of you wondering how you can follow the action. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to find out what’s going on. You can stream video from a number of sites, such as GameTrailers, GameSpot, G4, and IGN.

Can’t stream video at work/school/your low bandwidth location? SCEE‘s James Gallagher and myself will be updating you live in traditional text fashion via CoverItLive. Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter. We’ll be tweeting pics straight from the press conference. However you follow along, enjoy the show!

We’re not done when the show wraps up – in fact, we’re just beginning. Keep an eye on the Blog starting at 2pm, as we’ll have posts, news, and trailers from the stars of the show.

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  • I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  • I hope that Sony brings its A game today.

  • Just outplay Microsoft today, guys.

  • SONY!! SONY!! SONY!!! S!! O!! N!! Y!! It’s been a long morning! 1 HR wait feels like forever.

  • yes! lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is gonna be the longest wait ever

    Clean house sony!

  • Where we can watch this from ours PS3s? I’m trying to find a stream site that really works with PS3 browser with HD quality. No success until now… (very sad that our browser is so poor…)

  • Woot!!!

  • Kevin Butler! Come on Sony!

  • F this. Give us a live stream dammit

  • Playstation move + Star Wars Unleashed II = Epic success!

  • The best 2 hours of every year is about to start again. Let’s hope this will continue the tratiditon. Hive em Hell Sony. :)

  • There better be a video/demo of The Last Guardian.

  • I hope it’s better than what Microsoft did.

  • bring ur A game sony kick sum M$ a** wait that wouldnt be hard lmao hahahahahahahaha

  • it’s KB time!

    kevin butler right now and kobe24 later tonight.

    go lakers, go sony!

  • @ 10 Learn to read posts.

  • Nintendo will be a hard act to follow. Good luck, guys.

  • WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GO SONY~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE EM HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST~!~!~!~!~! SONY SONY SONY SONY!!!!!!!!!! PSN PSN PSN PSN !!!!! (not spamming but cheering btw) lol :p BRING EM HELL!!!

  • I’m ready for the conference. I hope you guys bring out something that will make us faint with surprises or exclusive partnerships. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  • truly the 2 things i want to see more then anything. MAG getting some more advertising in the show…. and… A NEW KEVIN BUTLER COMMERCIAL

  • Sony got it. Nintendo lost and im not that interseted in xbox 360. comon the title we have =in store are unbelievable ^^. CAN’T WAIT FOR THE MEDAL OF HONOR BETA JUNE 17 FOR ME I OWN BAD COMPANY 2 VIP AND PRE ORDERED MEDAL OF HONOR ^^!

  • Please let there be really awesome 3D announcements! I just got my full 3D set-up (TV and glasses) and can’t wait to get full use out of it. I hope they announce PS3 Blu-ray 3D support, and a bunch of new games that will be in 3D. Sony is the only one paving this road and I know I can expect awesome things from it.

  • epic win but the blog should stream the conference

  • Please don’t focus on Move… Please don’t focus on Move… Please don’t focus on Move…

    Take note from MS and the Zelda presentation. Motion controls are a disaster. Don’t fall into this trap Sony!

  • Awesome. Thanks Jeff! Are you going to do any interviews today?

  • I hope they give us most of the features that Xbox live users get…Cross game chat for example. And I’m not sure if anyone else knows but the UK has a Music channel…and a TV service too! The U.S. is missing out on a lot of stuff that is already out there. AND release Gran Turismo 5 already! SHEESH!

  • Hurry up and start the show, Sony! I have to go to work soon lol!


  • @17 ZAANOS
    I want one form the blog guys. You know, hosted by Jeff and the crew or by KB

  • Yes almost time for the show

  • i hope they announce a firmware update to be able to download immediately after the conference that will blow our minds.

    Playstation Move
    FF Versus XIII and XIV ONLINE

    can’t wait

  • OMG I can’t wait! sitll 40 mins to go

  • I actually thought Nintendo did fairly well. It wasn’t earth shattering, but I appreciate the revival of some pretty decent side-scrolling franchises.

    If Sony pushes the Move as had as I anticipate then I don’t see them coming out on top this year.

  • Details about the paid service would be nice. Nintendo had a strong conference but…its Nintendo and all of their games look ugly on my large television. Bring the good stuff Sony!!!

  • Play station needs to just own it the more money they make the better games they make

  • I’m so excited. Can’t wait. Wish I got G4tv in HD =[.
    Hopefully the PS store has all the trailers from the show online later today =]

  • Go getem Sony!!! 8)

  • I hope GlaDOS brings the suprise here

  • Hoping its really good, gonna have to bring teh A game after what Nintendo just did.

  • waiting…….

  • can u guys also put the times for eastern times? i figured out the time the conference starts just everything else needs eastern time to

  • okay, just saw the last part of the nintendo press conf and let me tell you that the new handheld blew me away!

    however,as a playstation fan i hope you guys will do and show better things.because if not, then there’s gonna be lots of pretty disapointed fanboys.

    go sony GO!

  • Yeah, I’ve seen G4’s live “commercial free” footage of E3 before, complete with commercials and innane drivel from G4-twits who aren’t even part of the presentation. Pass. Gametrailers will suit.

  • @djdeath2009 just add 3 hours to it.

  • omg i have to watch this and Brazil vs PROK and this

  • here is what i would like to see today

    Kevin Butler awesomeness
    Agent news/footage
    Top notch exclusinves
    PS2 classic hits coming to store

  • No official Sony feed on the web? Every other media briefing this week did. It didn’t even start and I have to give Sony the lowest ranking on video presentation of the event in my head-2-head scorecard :/

  • Bring the show home Sony, after all the PlayStation 3 Only Does Everything and with 3D, and PlayStation Move that just pushes the bar even further.

  • why don’t they steam this conference to the ps3 console itself

  • Can’t wait. Lame that I can’t go because I’m not 18 Geez, already an age limit for everything. I fail to see the difference between 17 or 18. I mean is it legal wise or something ?

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