It’s Official: Gran Turismo 5 Is Coming November 2, 2010!

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That’s right. At the Sony E3 press conference today at the Shrine Auditorium, SCEA President & CEO Jack Tretton unveiled a jaw-dropping showpiece trailer of Gran Turismo 5 that disclosed the big news – GT5 is officially coming on November, 2, 2010.

Toscana Suzuki SX4 WRC rome

As you can expect from any Gran Turismo game, GT5 will be bigger and better than ever, including everything from 950+ cars to a new and improved online component with expansive community features and custom race lobbies. Before you head off to pre-order the game that every racing fan is going to be playing, you’ll need to decide which version you’re going to get: the standard edition or the limited Collector’s Edition. And if you’re a true Gran Turismo fan, of course you’ll want to pick up the Collector’s Edition.

Gran Turismo doesn’t cut corners, and neither does this Collector’s Edition. It’s packed full of must-have items that were picked and designed for true car lovers: an exclusive 1:43 scale diecast Nissan GT-R Spec V, an in-depth 300-page car guide, a GT-branded key chain, a voucher for five (5) DLC cars, and a numbered certificate of authenticity, all housed in stylish, premium packaging. And you get all that for $99.99 MSRP.


The included diecast car is an exclusive 1:43 scale 2009 Nissan GT-R Spec V with a custom Gran Turismo livery designed by Polyphony Digital, produced by well-known collectible car maker Kyosho, who have been making some of the best collectible diecast cars for over 20 years. The 300+ page exclusive Collector’s Edition book from Polyphony Digital will be essential reading for GT fans, containing everything from the history of the automobile, to driving techniques, professional racing tips, car and engine basics and tuning know-how, and reference data about Gran Turismo 5. I want to warn you that the Collector’s Edition has a limited run, so pre-order it quickly if you want to guarantee your copy.

gt5 car

The exciting pre-order program for Gran Turismo 5 offers exclusive and beautiful in-game cars as bonuses, including the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Nissan GT-R GT500, McLaren F1, and more. Each car features an exclusive and stylish Gran Turismo-themed “stealth” livery custom-designed by Polyphony Digital, with select performance upgrades over the standard versions of the cars available in the game. Pre-orders offers will be coming soon at participating retailers for both the standard and Collector’s Edition versions.

Last but certainly not least, here is the brand new trailer for Gran Turismo 5 that debuted just a short while ago at Sony E3 press conference. Get a glimpse of some of the thrilling racing Gran Turismo 5 will offer, featuring World Rally Championship rally cars kicking up dust clouds at night, SuperGT cars racing through scenic Europe, NASCAR cars jockeying for position, the Stig on the Top Gear test track, and much more.

In the coming months leading up to launch, we’ll be sharing new game features and new cars and tracks. In case you missed it, be sure to go check out the full-length version of the GT retrospective trailer that debuted here on the PS blog. For those of you who fondly remember GT, this one’s for you.

Keep checking the Gran Turismo website for the latest screenshots, detailed information on the game, and other Gran Turismo-related news.

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  • WOW!!! I can’t believe it…. I FEL LIKE JUMPING UP AND DOWN SHOUTING THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!!! Thanks,just thanks! I think I saw Japan in the trailer because of the beautiful cherry blosson trees! To Kazanori Yamauchi=You rock!!! I wish I could give you a big hug for comming up with such a game!!! THANK YOU!!!

  • Prepare to line up game stores on Nov 2nd. Lets go on OCT 30th… LOL

  • One question:PLEASE REPLY!!! Can I get the collectors edition in stores instead of pre-ordering once it comes out????

  • I’m sold!

    Only if i’m told which song is on this trailer, seriously I’m not buying it till I actually know the name of the song first. . .

  • I hope Gran Turismo has a screensaver type of mode like Flower. Would love to have the scenery of the trees and the leaves falling in the night at 1:30. Of course, the scenes before and after it are amazing, too.

  • Wow, even my shazam couldn’t figure out what the song was and i’m still left wondering. I can’t wait for the game!

  • Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Nissan GT-R GT500, McLaren F1, and more…
    so, if we want to play with this cars we must pay $40 plus
    …that sucks,

  • Those cars will be available in the game it seems, it says “with select performance upgrades over the standard versions of the cars available in the game” so they’re just enhanced cars with a “stealth” livery as opposed to the normals ones in game. I guess kinda like the PSP GT cars, they weren’t exclusive cars, just exclusive paint schemes.

  • I bet it’s gonna be pushed back again. *cough*


  • omg finally!!!!!

  • I would pre-order it even for 200 $! I don’t care about money by this game. I love it since Gran Turismo 1 on PS 1!
    I will get this Collector’s Edition so fast as even possible …!

  • I know they wouldn’t release it unless it was awesome. I can’t wait for it, will pre-order CE ASAP.

    Digging the song, who sings it?

  • Finally!!!! No more delays..if it needs to be fixed send out an update. THANKYOU I’m sure this game will be worth the wait. guys dominated E3 well done.

  • its finally gonna happen im im so happy words can describe how i feel


  • I’m going to pre-order the collectors edition this week. I just hope the outer casing isn’t some flimsy paper box like the RE5 and SF4 collectors editions. I ended up tossing those cases in the trash.

  • for canada too?

  • If you have over 900 cars at least one of them has to be some stupid crazy car right? Like a cardboard box car?

    If they are all ‘real’ cars, that would be disappointing :(

    Make at least 1 stupid car for when you unlock all 900 or something.

  • This game is like 5 years in the making. I hope we get a detailed list of features and your letting the reporters play the game or demo to tell us more about it. The game looks great it is just after all the years of talking about it I’m not sure what all made it in the game. Looking forward to getting my hands on this game.

  • Excellent. Now please keep that date. Will be buying day one for sure!

  • this will hands down be the best racer, EVER.

  • Sweet! I have been waiting FOREVER for this game. KY knows how to make awesome racing happen. Gonna pick up the Collector’s Edition for sure.

    By the way… Any chance of getting back together with SPARCO or some other company and having an inexpensive driving rig for sale? I got the wheel, but no where decent or sturdy to put it. I also don’t have $300+ to put down for a crappy rig that has a center bar running between my legs.

  • Hi Stephanie!

    Thanks for you and your team’s hard work. GT5 looks better and better every time we get to see it!

    I’m wondering about the DLC content, and if there’s any chance that the preorder cars mentioned in the release date announcement might be available any other ways? The reason I ask is because of the way the Pre-order cars for GTPSP were made available on the PS Store, at a later date. Have you considered offering up those cars as a package, to your most diehard fans, the readers and commenters at the blog and forums?… or at least the people who bought GT5:Prologue?

    Also, any word on garage transfer from Prologue?

  • First day buy. Good job Sony.

  • @yayday or @53, dude you only got to drop 5-10bucks on the game to pre-order thats all, and then on release day whoever you pre-order from they are supposed to have it, its impossible for them not to have it if you pre-ordered. If you’re gonna buy it anyway, might as well pre-order it (unless you’re a risk taker/procrastinator), I pre-ordered GT5 back in early ’09 @Gamestop, im switching it to GT5CE though (nice packaging) but 5 bucks is really going to make or break you!?

    On Topic: Thank you Polyphony Digital, and Thank You Kazinouri Yamauchi for such a beautiful game, i cannot wait to be the first one in line to pick this game up on November 2nd. I might go to walmart at 11:59pm on the 1st of November and pick it up there, the sooner the better LOL, but a big thanks to the community and to the Developers and last but not least a thank you to Sony for finally releasing it!

    S O L D!

  • Will it be downloadable in the PSN like Prologue?

  • @79 more than likely NOT as Peter Dille once said before that most 1st party games are exclusive to blu ray and besides if that much content is on the disc i highly doubt sony to put a 50GB game on the PSN.

  • Finally!!!!! I now can get my PS3. Been waiting for the “real” GT5 to come out to get one.

  • is it gonna be in a paper like package(Resistnace 2 Collectors)

    or is it gonna be build to actually hold the 300pg book? cigar box style?

  • God d–!

    That’s one damn good looking game. I’ve only seen damage on a few of the cars, but seeing a car without a door is enough to make me believe that, at the very least, SOMETHING has been put together for trashing your cars. Then again, I haven’t been following this game terribly closely. All the same, this is going to be one of the PS3’s crown jewels.

  • i have to say SONY E3 2010 all good loved it, BUT!!!! “it only does everything”…….LOL another E3 and no cross chat for the PS3!!! LOL! make the line say “it only does everything but no Xchat” and sry Jack Tretton, on your intro for playstation plus you compared xbox live to the PSN and said we get what they pay for, for free….. THEY HAVE CROSS CHAT WE DON’T! PSN has a better store but they have better multiplayer options, or is that going to be one of the options for playstation plus. But the again can you say; we have what the pay for , for free.

    I wonder if any higher ups read this. Any way I said my peace!

    Can’t wait for the PS MOVE!!!

  • I think we all been waiting for game for a little bit too long. Now if your like me, the kinda of guy who knew all the release dates from the beginning: Dec. 25, 2009, Mar. 13, 2010, and 3 QT 2010. Thats a long wait for use people who like GT a lot its been too long Sony.

  • Sony, you’ve truly outdone yourselves this year at E3. Infamous 2, LBP 2, Killzone 3, you snag Portal 2 from one of the most obnoxious 360 fanboy companies ever, you unveil the long overdue Twisted Metal sequel, and you put a date on the best realistic driving simulation game known to man. THANK YOU!

    Since you’ve been so good to us, mind lending us a few bucks so we can buy them all? LOL. Kidding, I’ll manage :)

  • @ Forgetful

    Stephanie confirmed Prologue garage transfer a long time ago, when she announced the GT Time Trial Challenge back in December. Here is the proof (her comments on post #4):

  • NoV 2nd I’ll wright that down but I would not be surprized if it gets Delayed again. I beleave it when I see it. It only does not have GT5.

  • I cannot wait. My dad used to play older versions of Gran Turismo to make me and my little brother to go to sleep quitely. I absolutely adored watching him play and I really liked Gran Turismo 5’s Prologue. Can’t wait.

  • How do I pre-order GT5CE instead of just the game????

  • Its still too little too late, nothing has changed. As previously pointed out there has been several “release dates” that have been announced only to slip by leaving us with nothing yet again. Dont believe it unless you actually see it on store shelves. To those who will pre-order the person who said paying $5 or $10 is right, when the game fails to materialize yet again you shouldnt spend more than you can afford to lose. One last note: I & others have said it before that this far too long wait has shown us. As good as GT was the wait is far too long and shown that we can live without this game. I was a hardcore fan but long ago realized this game cant live up to the insane levels of hype the absurdly long wait has generated.

  • If the date sticks I will be picking this up on time for my Bday…

  • definitely picking up the Collector’s Edition. Perhaps the best CE i have ever seen.

  • How much does a DLC car cost (so we can see how much the vouchers are worth)?

    Can we get details on the included book?

  • @91 ‘there has been several “release dates” that have been announced’

    Name one. Cite a specific date that Sony officially announced to the public. This is the first time. And they released pictures of the collector’s edition, to boot. NO ONE who isn’t a complete hater or cynic disbelieves it is coming out on November 2. There’s literally no serious reason to believe that. This isn’t, after all, “The Fool and His Money.”

  • i am so happy i cud poop. thank god its finally coming!!! not the poop, the game, lol.

  • omg id be willing to pay up to $200 for that here in Australia. Will this limited edition be released here in Australia??????

    i will cry if its not :(

  • will datta from gtpsp and prologue be transferable??????????

  • @98: The cars will be.Ive heard you can also transfer money but don’t count on that.

  • I’m a little curious, not sure if someone already asked about it or what… But at the end of the video what is it exactly their locking up in that vault…? It almost looks like a air intake on the top of a car… Anyone have an answer?

    Oh and for sure buy for me, you guys just sold me on the whole game and 3DTV with the head tracking, seriously can’t wait for this, Sony for sure took E3 this year!

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