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Are you excited yet?

The most exciting week in the gamer’s calendar is upon us. We’re kicking off E3 week in just a few hours with our 3rd annual PlayStation.Blog E3 Meetup.

In case you missed the announcement, the first 150 fans in the door are gaining access to Tuesday’s PlayStation Press Conference (must be 18 or older to get into the presser). We’ll have some cool, incredibly rare prizes to give out, and maybe even some special guests ;) Don’t let the long list of RSVPs fool you, if you can make it out tonight, you should at least give it a shot. We’d love to meet you.

We’ll recap the event tomorrow on the blog, and I’ll also share our E3 interview schedule so you can get your questions in as well.

Now… I’m going to head over and see if there’s anyone in line :) Keep an eye on our Twitter to see what’s going on.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of June 7, 2010)

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3 Author Replies

  • wheres the little commentary before the post? relaxing your fingers for E3? lol

  • 2 more days for e3! I wish I was in Cali, but I have jeff and the ps blog crew for all the news!!!

  • heh, those videos are still pretty intense, even if they are fake :P

  • E3 tomorrow! Good luck Sony!

  • Hey Jeff! Sony should make you host the next E3. Your good enough for it.

  • I can’t wait for –
    |____….____| :)

  • Hey Jeff,

    Will the Sony conference make its way onto the PS Store again this year?

    • Absolutely. Should be there on Wednesday’s update (they have to convert it and break it into easily-downloadable pieces), and in glorious HD.

  • Woow 1 day left! im so excited, please announce new IP’s! cant wait!

  • Any Fortune Hunter editions left to give away? :)

  • ok! 2 days to go for sony’s press conference.i hope you guys have any megatons left to announce. i was hoping that you would post a list of streaming sites for the event. just in case this blog gets overwhelmed with so many hits for people trying to see the live event (pardon my redundancy)

    in any case, i think a google search will sufice :o

  • e3 is here! feels like e3 09 was just yesterday

  • Can’t wait for the Sony conference, looking foward to some surprises or atleast some more info on all the huge games already announced. Should be a great e3 overall!

  • It will be in Home Live Right?

    Can’t wait for it. It seems as though this is shaping up to be one fir the history books. :)

  • I know whose better then Jack Jeff: Kevin Butler!

    P.S. can’t wait for Jack to say “FFIX will be on PSN later today” :p

  • Jeff, to explain myself further:

    I know that games will support the double move controller(gladiator duel, etc.) config. Although, I find that to be limiting. With that config. you can not move your character. You will be a stationary object(the game could move for you but that wouldn’t be fun)-gameplay is limited.

    I think it would be great to have the navigation controller with tracking capabilities, so you can move your character in the game world and have dual tracking capabilities.

    Think Oblivion, Demon Souls, etc, moving through the expansive world with the navigation controller and then when I get into a battle I can use the tracking capabilities of the navigation controller to block(while also being able to strafe and move) and then the move controller to attack.

    I think this is a really great idea that should be looked at. I think this would really help hardcore titles and introduce possibilities that would attract the hardcore players (We don’t just want social and shovel ware games like the critics have stated). -Also, if a game doesn’t want to use dual tracking or analog/dpad just shut off the tracking ball/deactivate analog/dpad.

    I won’t keep bothering about it. Just wanted a response.

  • So much hype! AAAHHHH. This is like my favorite time of the year. Le Mans, Formula 1 Montreal, E3, ALMS at Lime Rock Park, days at the beach, and beautiful weather. The only one I am missing is E3. Ugh. Can’t have it all.

  • e3 is my hero!! can’t wait!

  • Whoo whoo whoo (fist pumping) E3 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So, is the PS store going to update each day of the week this week? Usually the store updates on tuesday, and in one of your earlier responses you said when the store updates on wednesday…

    I think last year the store updated each day, if my memory serves me correctly.

  • Jeff, do we get anything for the people back home, like the Uncharted 2 E3 shirts last year?

  • Oh, and also, did the Modnation Racers beta creations transfer over? I know the demo creations did, but I was wondering about the beta, because that is where I made my best stuff.

  • Hey Jeff, what are the first PS3 3D games coming out around E3.

  • E3 Come on Sony

  • 自分のIDでサインインちゃんと出来なくてちょっとイライラつくんだけど。。。

  • Word!

  • will there be good news for Canadians at E3 Jeff?
    or is the presentation only apply to US and UK people?

  • Any word on when that official PS podcast is coming? Or did it get scrapped? Was curious

  • o noticed the psp has a internet radio feature which i have used b4 i was wondering if ps3 is gonna have that in the near future and will it allow you to listen to internet radio ingame?

  • That’s so cool. Audience passes to the PS conference… Man, why arn’t I in LA? One yeah, you’ll see.

  • How do I get me one of those Kevin Butler posters?

  • Finally started Modnation Racers.

    Just in case anyone is wondering, it’s worth every penny.

  • Microsoft just renamed Natal Kinect.

    Buzz, Singstar, Eyetoy Kenetic.

    Why is Microsoft ripping off Sony Europe. Shouldn’t SCEA be ripping off Sony Europe?

  • Hey Jeff, will the sony conference be live-streamed on the PSB? or will i have to watch it somewhere else?
    Thanks! can’t FREEKIN’ wait!

  • hey, will you guys be showing any Castle Crashers Demo during E3

  • I got a ticket!!!!! Thanks!!!

  • i was #152 on the list and i made it to e3 :D

  • thanks yall…Go Gators….go right to E3…Thank you soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • please show an EIGHT DAYS trailer

  • hey Jeff, so is sony’s conference monday or tuesday?

  • Saw the pictures of the meetup on Facebook, that Kevin Butler poster was awesome lol…I knew I should’ve went. Damn Laker game!

  • Those two crashes outside of Ciudad were just…

    Wow..and within 4 hours of each other.

    Lets see whats up at my first e3 :D

  • With all this game info we’ve been getting pre-E3, I hope Sony has something epically awesome up your sleeves! (Like PS2 classics maybe? ;] )

  • So you can only get into the meetup but not the press conference. If your under 18 ?

    Then I fail to see the point in going personally. Thats like giving me desert without dinner.

  • I’m somewhat excited and very nervous… I’m afraid E3 will be plagued by nothing but 3D and move, instead of actual games (surprise games, not just more trailers for the ones already announced). Also release dates for the ones we have already been waiting on for so long, like GT5, which better be final, and better be this year :(

  • Can’t make it. Keep me posted.

  • o noticed the psp has a internet radio feature which i have used b4 i was wondering if ps3 is gonna have that in the near future and will it allow you to listen to internet radio ingame?
    Budget Travel

  • @ Jeff reply #7

    Sweetness :)

  • The ps3 browser sucks so bad I can’t watch E3 AGAIN !!!!

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