New Gran Turismo 5 Trailer, Revving up for E3 Expo 2010

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Happy Saturday, PlayStation.Blog readers! The pre-E3 excitement is building as we reveal new details about Dead Nation, MotorStorm Apocalypse, inFAMOUS 2, Killzone 3, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, LittleBigPlanet 2, PixelJunk Shooter 2, stereoscopic 3D gaming, and more news about our lineup of great PS3 and PSP games.

And one game I know everyone is anxious to hear more about is Gran Turismo 5.

Last night, GameTrailers and Spike TV unveiled the latest Gran Turismo 5 trailer in their hour-long pre-E3 special. The trailer features some brand new footage of the game’s gorgeous cars and detailed, realistic tracks. Even if you didn’t catch it, you’re in for a treat because here is the full version of the trailer, featuring a retrospective of Gran Turismo 1 through GT4 and all-new footage of Gran Turismo 5.

If you’ve been a fan of Gran Turismo, you may recognize some of that classic footage from back in the day. Since it first released on PSone, Gran Turismo helped to revolutionize the racing genre of video games, and this year, Gran Turismo 5 will set the bar even higher as the most realistic and comprehensive racing experience — and it’s exclusive to the PS3.

Stay tuned to the PlayStation.Blog and the official Gran Turismo website for the latest information on GT5 in the coming weeks.

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  • I love Gran Turismo. <3

  • Looks amazing, cant wait to get my hands on it

  • Yeah great another trailer of Gran Turismo 5 like we need that.

  • Gran Turismo Forever!

  • I can’t wait to finally get a release date for this game. I’ve been waiting 3 years for this. Day one purchase!

  • looks like a great game!!! :)

  • Holy Sh*t am i watching an actual race? GT5 looks amazing!
    Thats a damn good trailer right there.

  • Niceeee:)!

    and nice to know that you guys know that this is a game everyone is anxious to hear more about!!!

    thank you!

  • Great looking game…. but um…. RELEASE DATE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

    Spring 2013.

  • Hi Stephanie,

    It’s been a long wait for GT5, my friends and I over at the Playstation Gran Turismo Boards are really looking forward to a release date. What are the chances of getting the release date at E3 ?

    Thanks for posting,

  • This game looks amazing, as always. But for your sake Sony I hope you’ve got a solid release date come E3, this is just getting sad now.


  • SCEA should never be allowed to cut a GT5 trailer again. Truly awful.

    Just leave it up to PD to do the trailers.

  • GT1 and GT2 on PSN, pretty please?? I love these games.

    Also, GT5 release date, too??? We are patiently waiting…

  • “Stay tuned to the PlayStation.Blog and the official Gran Turismo website for the latest information on GT5 in the coming weeks.”

    …I hope we get.. not only some.. but A LOT of information already tuesday

  • OMG just release it already.

  • It seems like this year will really be the year GT fans get their deliverance. I really hope we get to see more at Sony’s presser.

    Also Ms. Yoshimoto, I was hoping that maybe somebody from PD could comment on a homemade trailer I did a last year. . So far I have gotten over 100,000 views and many positive comments.

  • It’s funny to call it the “E3 Expo” when Expo is included in the 3 E’s.

  • ..and to be honest.. there’s maybe 10 seconds of new…. in this trailer.. and still any footage

    don’t get me wrong.. with last guardian, GT5 is the game that I wait and love the most.. but now stop the never ending story, now it’s time to give us info.. features.. footage.. news

  • Wait…So now there’s damage done to cars now? Thats awesome!

  • #19 i can’t wait for that too! its so cool!

  • GT Forever

    this game is never coming out, Sony has done a piss poor job managing the production of this game.

  • Looks good. No rush on the release, guys. I’m glad you’re taking your time with it to make it darn near perfect for us at launch.

    Question: What is the name/artist of this song used in this new trailer???

  • Beautiful stuff, despite having some recycled footage. ;)

  • Its odd they didnt mention the release date. Sony seems to be revealing everything else before E3. Unless they have so much to announce they had to start early……

  • GT5 is a lie, and as such, I removed my pre-order… This thing is never coming out, and in the near impossible case where it does, it will never live up to the delays… Ridiculous…

  • Counting the days to get some real new info.

    GT fans can get some great on-line racing with the member races we hold here.

  • I just hope GT5 releases worldwide {{[[THIS]]}} year.

  • does anyone know the band performing during this trailer?

  • I must say, I am getting tired of these GT5 trailers. When are we going to see something new?

  • that-acmilan-guy

    The music of the trailer was horrible!

  • Don’t be pessimistic guys,
    I bet we get a release date at E3…
    I’m 95% sure!
    There are enough signs to be faithful!

  • GT5 will be out this year, and they will give us a release date in less than a week. So, chil’out ok!
    And the damage of the Impreza is from a veeeery old trailer…

    Name of the song anyone? It’s a cool one!!!

  • Sony, I have to tell you something when this game comes out please close down Polyphony Digital they take way to long just to make a Racing game seriously just close the studio down. Sony don’t keep wasting your money. Just telling you just close the studio down look at the Forza Motorsport they made 2 game on the 360 that didn’t take like 5 to 6 years to make just close this effin studio down that all I need you to do

  • Please Sony!, give us the Release Date and Lots of information about the game, and please talk about the Premium Car thing…

  • GT3…man that brings back some good memories

  • @32 chilidogs

    your dumb. you want 200 people to lose there jobs over a game that will be virtually perfect. just because it took long? no. I’m sure they would’ve cancelled their money if they felt money was being wasted. no one here is anybody to give tips to a corporation.

  • You forgot Socom 4…

    Anyway YEAAA!!!! Gran Turismo has been my only racing game I’ve ever played from 1-3 didn’t get 4 or 5: prologue. Can’t wait for this one though. :)

  • @32

    Please, before comment studipities, I think you need to get some info… GT5 was pushed back, not ’cause of PD will, but ’cause Sony marketing, called Sony CEO, decided to have before GTpsp instead of GT5, and then, another bad decision from CEO was the will to implement Move and 3D to the game… So, don’t tell things that only sound stupid and make me feel you are just a child that reads N4G ok!?

    So… song anyone? =D

  • I love having videos that work on my iPhone. Thanks sony!

  • You people complaining about how long it’s taking for GT5 to come out are rediculous. Do you people not realize GT5 content wise is probably by far the biggest video game ever created? And all that content is skinned in extremely high resolution textures and graphics? It’s SOOO much data! I wouldn’t even be surprised if Sony is going to be breaking out the first 100 Gb Blu-Ray disks for GT5 due to all the content. AND all that content is at 1080P resolution which is twice the amount of data space than 720p resolution data. AND the game is running at 60fps. Do you people have any clue how much work that is?! I’m thinking when it’s all said and done multiple MILLIONS of man hours will have gone into creating GT5.

    Quite a few games, that aren’t even CLOSE to as huge graphically, and aren’t even in the same solar system when it comes to content as GT5 have taken 5 years to make. Look at Alan Wake…THAT took them 5 years, LOL. FF13 took over 5 years. As have many others. Alot of good, and even some not so good games take about 5 years to make.

  • With all due respect Miss Stephanie, I think we’ve seen enough trailers and YouTube videos of GT5 to last a lifetime. Don’t you think it’s time Sony gets the show on the road already?

    BTW – nice trailer.

  • I’m REALLY looking forward to GT5.
    I hope there will be some sort of collectors edition.
    Maybe include the original Gran Tourismo (with trophy support), a soundtrack, exclusive cars (or car colors, like GT-PSP had for pre-orders).

  • @37

    You are just as bad as 32 since you are just basically spreading dis-info. Sony didn’t “decide” to push back GT5. Sony would want that game out ASAP. GT5 got pushed back because Kazonori Yamauchi (or however you spell his name) SAID it was being delayed. Not only is Yamauchi-san almost compulsive when it comes to the perfection he demands, but YOU (meaning fans) demanded realistic damage modelling which now also has to go through KY’s compulsive perfection screening. Also NASCAR got added when EA gave up their rights pretty late in GT5 development, which ALSO has to be prefect. I have no idea when WRC licencing got picked up, but that ALSO has to be PERFECT. And who knows what else Kazonori decided to add late in the proccess, all of which has to be perfect.

    You people on the internet who just like to blame EVERYTHING bad under the sun on Sony are just as bad as the people making stupid comments like #32.

  • they should do remakes of gt 1 &2 like they did with god of war I wouldnt mind paying $40 for both games

  • I gave up on this one a long time ago.

  • Dang, i’m hard :)

  • Oh and @ Jeff Rubenstein (stien?)

    It REALLY makes no sense that these videos don’t work on the PS3 browser when they are embeded on the PSBlog, when these same exact videos work perfectly on the PS3 browser when watched directly on Viddler. What is up with that? There must be something wrong with how you are embedding them.

    Since you guys are never going to actually fix this problem, could you guys start adding a link to all PSBlog video posts directly to the Viddler page of the video for people who are stuck using the PS3 browser like myself? It seems like the easiest solution to the problem.

  • So amazing! I’ve been waiting for this day to come :D YEAH!!!!

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