Coming Soon to PSN: Tehra Dark Warrior for PSP and PS3

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Tehra Dark Warrior is an RPG hack-and-slash game set in the time of knights and dragons. As you navigate through each level, you encounter numerous enemies or varying size and strength. Using the power of your sword, you battle through while grabbing and slashing everything in your path.

Tehra Dark Warrior for PSP and PS3 (PlayStation mini)Tehra Dark Warrior for PSP and PS3 (PlayStation mini)

Tehra Dark Warrior for PSP and PS3 (PlayStation mini)Tehra Dark Warrior for PSP and PS3 (PlayStation mini)

The game is set in the land of Sistar, a city laid to waste due to endless war between the humans and a tribe of vicious mythical demons called the Urka’h. As Tehra, the main player in the game, you move through realistic 3D environments aiming to grow stronger and gain more skill to ultimately defeat stronger enemies. Throughout the game you’ll meet a number of creatures, including the likes of Orcs, the undead, Mages, enormous Trolls and some of which will be unknown to man. Tehra was created as a hybrid human-devil to mediate the conflict and maintain peace. With the help of demon blood, Tehra can switch from human to demon, wherein her attacks are stronger and deadlier but require more energy.

Check out Tehra Dark Warrior when it hits the PSN Store (soon!) for $4.99.

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  • Still don’t like Heroes of Sparta
    Maybe i’ll give this a try though

  • eh it looks ok so far.

  • As long as this isn’t a mini I’ll buy it just to support the genre.

  • Wow the game is incredible for that price.

  • This looks terrible.

  • This game looks amazing, for $4.99, that’s a steal.

  • looks pretty cool! i’ll definitely be picking it up!

  • Does it have trophies and how many?

  • Wow, $4.99 = buy

  • $4.99 for something that’s an RPG is a steal… I’m very intrigued…

  • PSP+PS3 bundle?

  • unrealted but do you have stuff for the confrence still? i want at least 2 supprises that i care about!

    btw love this!!!

  • @3,8 and 11

    The game is a mini, so no trophies and this one like most recently will work on PS3 and PSP.

    Same guys that made the DynoGems mini.

  • how much is this looks good

  • not bad looks pretty good

  • Prolly cuz I’m lame , but for some reason, I look at this title and cant help but wonder y chains of olympus does not play on my ps3? …anyone?

  • Could this game’s main character embody the word “womanizing” any more? When are game designers going to learn to have respect for their characters, their games, their audience… and for people in general? Such a waste, because now I have absolutely NO interest in buying this game.


  • $4.99? wow! thats a great deal. Looks somewhat like Golden Axe but better =)

  • I like the genre and will buy it for just that reason. Maybe we can see it grow up from a mini and get a psn exsclusive treatmeant for ps3 only.

  • As long as it doesnt pull a Hero of Sparta (RE: Crap game) on me I’ll get it.

  • Sweet, thanks for bringing this over to USA as this was on UK side

  • looks exactly like god of war, except god of war is epic

  • I am assuming this is a Mini, but could someone confirm this? This is huge news if it isn’t. Cross-system compatibility for non-Mini games would be great, and news of something like that could suggest the announcement of some sort of expanded cross-compatibility strategy at E3 next week.

  • It looks very good for a Minis, Im just hoping it wont be a horrible port like Hero of Sparta.

  • i looking forward to this game to have another role playing game to collection is there any word on when this game will be coming or will we find out after E3 lol

  • @BReal
    Yeah it’s a Minis also a port of a iPod app

  • I think it looks pretty cool for $4.99
    I can easily see myself buying this, as I generally have trouble reconciling the $59.99 new games.

  • I still can’t see 3 quarters of all videos or 3 quarters of all websites with the absolutely horrible Netfront mobile browser I depend on. After owning my ps3 for 20 months the experience keeps getting worse. I am incredibly pissed I can’t learn about my system or participate in the community without a microsoft or mac operating system.

  • It really don’t look amazing, I say delay it and do more work on it, graphics, and gameplay, and make the price $14.99.

  • game looks terrible. the goofy jump animation at the end made me chuckle.

  • Why are people acting like they’ve never heard of a mini before!? For the love of God, they’ve been out since October of 09, and how can you people not tell one by now. Start going to people. You get heads up on future mini’s, which they have been promoting this one for like 6 months, and they do fairly good reviews on minis. Though they can be hit and miss, this title got a pretty good review, but im not fully convinced.

  • only girl gamers will buy this game:/

  • Looks like a game that easily could have been a full-fledged title at 50 dollars back in the PSone days. Interesting. I’ll probably check it out. One of the better looking Minis I’ve seen.

  • Looks pretty good for the price.

  • That outfit looks uncomfortable. Still, at only $4.99, I might as well pick it up.

  • For $5, yes. For it to look this stiff to play and blocky in 2010, eeesh. Hope there’s a demo.

  • Everyone is mentioning how poor it looks, but regardless of it being 2010, I think it looks great for a mini. I think everyone is considering this from the PS3 side; someone even suggested you wait, amp it up, and charge 14.99. Well…then it wouldn’t be a mini, and wouldn’t be able to play on the PSP. I always felt minis were meant for the PSP first, but the recent ones are made to allow play on the PS3 so that you can experience some of the more unique minis.

    Let’s be reasonable, fair, and considerate in our judgment of other people’s work. Considering the context, the game looks great.

  • game looks good for a product of an armless narcoleptic monkey. what? not made by monkeys? pass.

  • Bear in mind, it’s a PSP game that can also be played on the PS3. It’s not going to look like a PS3 game.

    For a PSP Game, it looks (and plays quite nice), and while it’s an iPhone port, it’s a much better one than Hero of Sparta was.

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