ModNation Racers PSP: Behind the Scenes Video Doc, Launch Trailer

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I’m back with two videos for you. First is the ModNation Racers launch trailer that shows what we feel is the core of the game: Racing and Creating wherever you are.

Second, I’m happy to give you the final installment of our behind-the-scenes look at ModNation Racers PSP. It was a crazy year, and in this video you can see it all come together as we get ready to ship for our May 25th shelf date. As you saw in the last video, we have some of the best programmers and artists in the industry and in this follow-up you can see how the entire team comes together, whether at 10am or 4am, to ship a killer game. Working side by side with us is our QA group. You met several testers and management in the last vid, and here you will see how integral this talented, dedicated group is.

This game has been an amazing journey and we are all very proud to be part of the ModNation family. Keep an eye out for some of the names you see in these videos while racing and throughout the community. Our guys have made some great Mods (including Biff and Gary, Mom, and the rest of the Career family), Karts, and Tracks that are some of our favorites. The thousands of creations that the community has already published is making our goal of unlimited download possibilities become a reality!

Hope you all have enjoyed the look ‘behind the curtain’ and enjoy the game as much as we do.

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  • wheres tha ps3 update asso? i like already have a 3d tv waiting to test out the 3dness dammit!

  • I’ve really enjoyed these videos you’ve put together. It’s a great look behind the scenes of development and really shows that everyone was dedicated to a fantastic ModNation Racers PSP experience.

    And I’m happy to say that I’m also very much enjoying the PSP version (as well as the PS3 one). The online community has been pretty good with creating some cool mods, karts and tracks. Online racing has been a blast, though I’ve only completed about ~65 online races. I’m hoping to play more, soon.

    Really fantastic job of replicating the PS3 ModNation Racers experience on the PSP. Thanks!

  • These behind the scenes videos are really interesting and I hope that there will be more of these for other games!!!

  • I really respect the hard work they put in the game but… the game is really unpolished and just bad…

  • @1

    PS3 can already play 3d games.

  • When are we going to get the blog post “MNR: The day We Finally Fixed The Game”?

  • Too bad the game is awful, what a waste of money.

  • Hey blog guys there’s some effed up HTML in the

    “Coming Soon to PSN: Gundemonium Collection for PS3” blog post.

    On the blog home page( nothing loads below the video.

  • Well done creating modnation for PSP! I will get it soon, playing it right know on PS3 but great to have on the go :D

  • Wow!
    That took a lot of hard, hard, hard work and dedication to build this game!

  • do the AI cheat in the PSP version like they do in the PS3 version.

  • Great great great vids, drama and game is great well done, now i need to get th e ps3 one lol.

  • An excellent game when you finished carrer mode you can unlock modjobs, create your mods, karts, tracks or play online and download or share your creations!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars :D

  • Will ps3 be getting some track editor DLC soon?(if so, PLEASE have some alternative tunnels like a glass tunnel or a tunnel that can be under water (so i can FINALLY make the under water level i’ve had in my head ever since the i first saw modnation at d3 last year)).

    However, before you work on any major dlc, MAKE SURE YOU MAKE THAT UPDATE ASAP!! okay? okay. i promise to buy the MNR soundtrack, but ONLY AFTER you fix the large amount of problems with the game still hanging around from the beta.

    1 more thing; i still miss that epic flaming donut glitch that you could make in the modspot if you kept drifting around the center for a bit. also you should have a score board of the longest continual drift in the modspot, that would be awesome since i (and from what i’ve seen a large minority of fellow MNR players) spend nearly as much time racing as we do drifting in the modspot with our fellow players just for the heck of it.

    remember, first update, then possible dlc =D

  • Might have to pick this up on PSP, seeing as how my PS3 broke before I could finish it on PS3, I just got the Big Boss Pack, and Sony expects me to pay $180 to get my PS3 fixed because of their faulty hardware.

  • Epic red 370z near the end. Totally didn’t expect to see it lol

  • I don’t see why people say the AI cheats. People now-days never seem to appreciate games that require dedication to beat. Guess what people “Good Games” challenge you. The satisfaction of defeating something requiring full effort and dedication gives a player tremendous satisfaction.

  • Alright, I tried to resist, but it’s just got to be said: if that girl on the right is dating the guy on the right, she can do better… >.>

    Anyway, PSP’s still broken, but that looks like a whole helluvalot of fun. And I’m not really much of a racing gamer. What can I say? I love customization. Nearly bought Soul Calibur 3 just because of the character creation- and I can’t STAND fighting games.

  • those chicks are quite yummy

  • This was awesome to see. Having worked in the game industry I know it can be super stressful but super fun and well worth the long hours and hard work. Great job getting the game out on time! It’s a blast to play on the PSP. :)

  • hey guys im having trouble with ModNation Racers psp go , everytime i try to go online my psp shut off , it only happens with ModNation Racers does anyone know why it happens?

  • thats great, when are we going to see a blog “hey guys it is here, we fixed the messed up things in the game” and maybe you will make a whole MNR community a bit happier.

  • @21

    Try charging it when you go online, worth a try.

    The PS3 version is great so the PSP when should be also and the AI don’t cheat.

  • Hey,

    In the Free DLC Air Raid blog it was quoted “We will be giving away a bunch of voucher codes in many different ways, and we will let you know which ones right here on the PlayStation.Blog.”

    I been reading every day and I see all the stuff about Modnation Racing, but where are more DLC codes? When do you plan to give more out?


  • @1

    The 3D Update has been on your system for a while, The last System Update was it, so you HAVE had it this whole time… You just haven’t had anything to play… Check the store there are 3D demos and 4 games have 3D updates waiting for you

  • Great work Vernon! You should be very proud. Now I need to go check it out.

    Thinking back: Playing the sims for hours on end in the back room at the record shop…you’ve come a long way man. :)

  • Mod Nation racers was a good game, but it was kind of bad at the same time. i love the game, but i hated the fact that there were so many things that were locked. overall, it was the best ever. i did like the graphics as well.

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