Coming Soon to PSN: Gundemonium Collection for PS3

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Hello, everyone! We’re Enrique Galvez and Adam Milecki from Rockin’ Android. We are a passionate U.S.-based publisher of innovative and independently produced games from Japan. We grew up playing some unforgettable 2D games and it’s our goal to bring Japan’s next generation of retro-style 2D games to your PlayStation 3.

For this post, we’d like to tell you about our outstanding bullet-hell shoot-em-up trilogy, Gundemonium. If you’ve ever played Super Stardust HD, or game series like Gradius and R-Type, you have a good idea of what to expect from the “shoot-em-up” genre. This is retro arcade-style shooting and dodging action, no quarters required, no quarter given. “Bullet-hell” means just what it sounds like, too many bullets on-screen at once to count. Hopefully you’re not susceptible to shell shock.

Gundemonium Collection for PS3 (Gundemonium Recollection)Gundemonium Collection for PS3 (HitogataHappa)

In the Japanese indie-gaming scene, very few developers are as respected as Platine Dispositif. Their games provide plenty of solid white-knuckle-intense gameplay, and ageless retro-gaming style. If “steampunk,” alchemy, and dodging unhealthy doses of flying lead (while dishing plenty back out) sounds good to you, Gundemonium Collection has got you covered. Bullet-hell shoot-em-up fans, don’t blink. It’s time to take notice. Alchemical mayhem isn’t all these games have going for them, not by a long shot. The beauty and ferocity of the Gundemonium games is not-to-be-missed in both its mythology and aesthetic. Bullet-hell shoot-em-ups with a deep storyline?! It’s true, and with Rockin’ Android’s meticulous translation, you’ll be sucked in immediately. With the dazzling audiovisual prowess and innovative gameplay those in-the-know have come to expect from Platine Dispositif, you won’t want to leave.

Gundemonium Collection for PS3 (Gundemonium Recollection)

Gundemonium ReCollection is the first game in the Gundemonium trilogy. Its galvanized and finely tuned side-scrolling bullet-hell shoot-em-up gameplay sets it well above most other games in the genre. There are multiple playable characters, expertly crafted enemies and bullet patterns, a risk-and-reward bullet “Friction” system, a “Demonic Shift” ability that’s not for the faint of heart, and much more.

Gundemonium Collection for PS3 (GungeadlieGne)

GundeadliGne is the second game in the Gundemonium trilogy. It’s a second extra-strength dosage of the kind of pandemonium found in Gundemonium ReCollection, but with a dramatically game-altering “Flip Turn” ability. It’s surprising how freeing it is. If you’re tired of getting flanked in other shoot-em-ups, now you can turn the tables and get your revenge. GundeadliGne also supports two-player cooperative play, so a friend can join the action and cover your six.

Gundemonium Collection for PS3 (HitogataHappa)

Hitogata Happa is the third game in the Gundemonium trilogy. It combines the bullet-hell shoot-em-up chaos found in the first two games with side-scrolling vertical action. You’ll be taking control of an array of deadly self-destructive flying marionettes each with its own game-changing abilities. You’ll have to decide which to use, when they’ll fight on, and when it’s time for them to make the ultimate crash-and-burn sacrifice.

Rockin’ Android and Sony Online Entertainment are proud to bring the crown jewel of Platine Dispositif to you, the Gundemonium trilogy. Gundemonium Collection ($14.99 USD) includes all three Gundemonium games, Gundemonium ReCollection, GundeadliGne, and Hitogata Happa. The three games will also be available separately ($5.99 USD each).

We’re excited to bring the Gundemonium Collection to you. There hasn’t been anything quite like these games in the US, and that’s about to change.

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  • “If you’ve ever played Super Stardust HD, or game series like Gradius and R-Type.”

    You had me at R-Type :)

  • Looks great. I’ve been eagerly anticipating this since you announced your intentions of localizing it. Thanks for bringing us something different! I hope in the future you can continue to bring more of these independent games to the PS3 in the future.

    I have one questions though. You mentioned the price, but has a release date been decided yet?

    Thanks again for all your work.

  • aghhhh this is what I have been looking for lately and thier slim to none that are fresh and new. The ability to buy them seperately is great but I think Ill simply have to get all 3. Hope the soundtrack rocks my speakers!

  • Good lord. I hope this paves the way for those Cave shooters we’ve been missing all these years! And wasn’t Gunbird 2 supposed to come out on the PSP, like, 3 months ago?

  • RockinAndroid001

    Thanks for your comments. The release date is just around the corner, June 15th. In the meantime check out the official website. We are huge fans of the genre so you can expect more from us.

  • Man $15 for all three seems like a steal.

  • oh man this will be bought on day one you had me at retro 2d shooters i freaking love EM! you guys are awesome keep up the good work i want MORE!

  • I cannot wait to play this game! I hope to hear about more japanese imports making their way to PSN and PS3 in the future!

  • Good price, and co-op is ALWAYS good!

    “There hasn’t been anything quite like these games in the US, and that’s about to change.”

    Music to my ears XD

  • Hurry up & release this!!!!!!!!! XD Can’t wait!

  • Looks cool, kinda Touhou-ish. Really wish someone would port DeathSmiles over.

  • Guys anyone know what’s up with the Playstation Store? I’m still having trouble accessing it on both my PSP and PS3. I’m getting that “The service is not available in your country/region message. Maintenance was over yesterday so anyone have any idea what’s going on?

  • RockinAndroid001

    I’d love to release the Touhou series, we still haven’t given up on that yet. Zun is a tough nut to crack, lol. With the support of SOE the Gundemonium games will pave the way for more Japanese indie games. “All your base are belong to us” still love that.

  • I’m glad to see shooters are popping up on the PsN, Keep up the good work.

  • I’d love to see this budding trend continue with stateside releases of the two or three dozen other good shmups on the JPN PSN. I’m STILL waiting for Einhander and Raystorm HD, and if it comes to it, I may have to look elsewhere for my fix.

  • you know i would buy anything touhou game related so if there’s anyway to get those on psn i would really jump around with joy

  • For those wondering when this comes it, it its June 15th.

  • this reminds me of those Touhou games hopefully they aren’t too expensive.

    • Actually not expensive at all, the bundle contains Gundemonium Recollection, GundeadliGne and Hitogata Happa for $14.99 and individually for $5.99. That’s cheap hmm maybe too cheap, just kidding. The Gundemonium games are bullet hell shooters and the developer Platine Dispositif is good friends with the Touhou developer.

  • Day 1 purchase of all three games for me!

  • Look up at the title it says “Coming Soon to PSN: Gundemonium Collection for PS3 ? PlayStation Blog” Need to fix the “?” mark.

    But this game looks friken awesome. Same as your avatar Enrique. Can we expect trophies? Also $15 is a super great price for a collection

    • Were loving all of the positivity on this blog. Yes we have PSN trophies, Recollection has 12, GundeadliGne 10 and Hitogata Happa 13 trophies. We have additional details and videos on the official website.

  • day one

  • Wait checked the link. OMG OMG I FRIGEN WANT! Trophies, remote playable, snap shots, AND YOUTUBE! OH YESSSSS!!!!

    • Nice your in top of it. I was a tad slow on my response, hahaha.

    • The YouTube feature is great for those moments when you can’t believe made it out of that level in one piece. It’s great for bragging about your awesome skills.

  • Awesome price for all 3 games. Definitely will buy in 2 months after release. Thanks PSN.

  • SOLD, bullethell shmups are whats sorely lacking in my PS3 experience. I have to pull out my PS2 or get a xbox 360 to get some ridiculous bullet pattern dodging fun down. you hear that sony? MORE SHMUPS!

  • Any plans on bringing the Touhou series to the USA?

    For those who don’t know here is what the Touhou games look and play like: (Watch in High quality)

    • We have a great strategy for his games but he’s denied Italy and Germany as well as working with Rockin’ Android. That is not to say we won’t keep trying, also he seems to be warming up to us. He’s good drinking buddy of Inagaki San the developer of the Gundemonium games, so you can bet Zun is keeping an eye on things.

  • Day one!

    I think comparing it to SSHD, Rtype, and Gradius isn’t really fair since it’s completely different style of game. Nothings wrong with those games, but I think people who expect it to be like those games are going to be blown away by how much more intense games like these are. They’ll never know what hit ’em!

    • Thank you. “They’ll never know what hit ’em!” comment is spot on. You gotta have strategy.


  • I was complaining about touhou a while ago but do not worry i will be getting this!

  • These look great. Do these games support the custom soundtrack feature?

    • The Gundemonium games do not support the custom soundtrack feature, but something to thing about for future releases. Thanks.

    • The games do support the custom soundtrack feature. Oops, our awesome in-house programmer, brought this to my attention.

      “The games do support the custom soundtrack feature. You can play your own music and it will mute the game’s music. Our games support it through XMB, rather than through the game menus, so it’s just the “standard” custom soundtrack feature people from 360 games (and some PS3 games) rather than a ‘true’ one.”

  • Day 1 purchase

  • This is, by far, one of my much-anticipated games on the PSN, aside from FFIX. :) I heard it’s coming out this Tuesday.

  • The ps3 really does need more shmups. And its not like good shmups can be cranked out either. Too bad Cave has some sort of 360 allegiance, but that’s beside the point. I’m interested in INDIE games. Cave is amazing, but I won’t be holding my breath for any ports..

  • Is the coop online?
    Do all games support coop or is it just gundead?

  • Just GundeadliGne. No online co-op.

  • Thanks Kawaii Sara.

  • PuppetShoJustice

    Each game has at least ten trophies? I’m impressed. Sounds like good fun for someone who enjoys trophy-chasing.

    Looking at the website, there seems to be a lot of depth with the different characters playing differently and all.

    I may well have to buy this.

  • Hey Rockin’ Android dudes, what independent games have you guys been playing recently? Has anything interesting come out? Just wondering what’s going on on the other side of the globe.

  • Getting the game!

    I hope this paves way to more Japanese shmups. :)

  • This shameless rip-off makes me angry, and same with the people who care for some reason. Especially since the developer is affiliated with ZUN; even more shameless. This is just an excuse! I mean, come on; all of the Touhou games are free and undoubtedly better. Am I a fanatic? Am I a troll? Maybe, but why should I care? Seeing this makes me want to slap all of you across the face. And “bullet hell” just sound stupid.

    My $0.02. Take it or leave it!

  • O…kay. Touhou isn’t even free unless you’re pirating it.
    It may be indie, but that doesn’t mean it’s free.
    Likewise, ZUN clearly doesn’t want Touhou to be commercial…
    …But that only means he wants to keep it indie and in his control.
    He himself sells it, after all. For, y’know, money.

  • I’ll let you know that I’m buying the bundle, but I mainly want it for what happens to be what, the second vertical-scrolling shmup on the PS3? (I guess technically there’s one for PS1 and one or two old and crappy ones in the Namco Museum package, but meh).

    Seriously, this is the most under-represented genre on the PS3… Next to solitaire card games, of course.

    Thanks for giving an alternative to the clunky 1942 Joint Strike.

  • THANK YOU so very much for bringing us these great shooters to the PlayStation Network! I look forward to buying these awesome looking games, and the price point is perfect! I’ve been waiting for some great bullet hell shooters to hit the PSN forever it seems, and the wait is finally paying off. :) Keep em coming please! :D

    • Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing comments. If you have more questions feel free to ask or head over to our official Gundemonium website to view individual trailers and gameplay info. Arigato Gozaimasu!

  • Looks interresting!

    Will there be a demo? I’d love to try it out before buying?

  • This is great news. If you bring these to steam I might have to buy a third time.

  • As long their is an achievment system, I could go with it.

  • cool did not know they were “good friends” i just hope it will be very hard like those touhou games i played this is a 1st day buy from me cant wait!

  • Oh man, I feel like such an idiot thinking I’d be able to play this on my psp. Almost makes me want to get a PS3 if games like this will be released on the network. Buy up guys, I will eventually.

  • this looks 1000x better than Söldner-X. At least this is authentic J-Shoot em up experience, where as Soldner X was a lame attempt replicating eastern influenced shoot em ups.

  • its fun but Hitogata Happa wont install on my psn…

  • It’d be cool if you could buy the soundtracks off of PSN or something.

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