Video: ModNation Racers, Fat Princess, MotorStorm, WipEout in Pinball Heroes Bundle 2

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PlayStation Fans and pinball lovers! Pinball Heroes Bundle 2 for PSP recently hit the PSN Store, and it’s packed with tables based on ModNation Racers, Fat Princess, MotorStorm and WipEout HD Fury.

Today, we’re showing you these tables in action for the first time!

ModNation Racers
Just like in ModNation Racers, this pinball table allows you to alter the look of your Kart, Mod and Track Props. Plus, there are opponents to knock past, and six different ramp entrances to hit. Each ramp entrance corresponds to a move that is available in ModNation Racers on the PSP or PS3. Combo-ing those moves will raise your Boost meter and increase your score!

Fat Princess
The Fat Princess pinball table channels the spirit of competitive princess capturing. Knock down the walls of the castle to rescue the damsel, feed your captive princess, and build bridges and catapults and upgrade hat machines using the wood and ore that you collect. Just be quick and accurate, because the enemy advances with each missed shot!

WipEout HD Fury
WipEout HD Fury plays like an exciting race in the grand WipEout tradition! There are multiple challenging courses, boosters to hit, and powerups to collect. Just be careful not to fall off of one of the ramps, or you will crash and lose a position! Win a race in first place to earn the most points.

The MotorStorm table features branching ramps which have eight different variations, each one representing one of the courses in MotorStorm. This pinball table also features 3 different multipliers from Tires, Vehicles and Boost. Just be careful not to boost too much and lose your multiplier in an explosion…

The Pinball Heroes Team and myself would really like to give our fans a mighty big “thank you” for all of your support and interest. As part of our thanks and appreciation, please be on the lookout for two new FREE Pinball Heroes themes available beginning June 8th. We will be bringing you two more on June 22nd.

Additionally, to any fans who are experiencing any issues with your in-game Trophy shelf please do the following to patch the game so that you chase down and acquire each of the tables’ awards. Highlight the Pinball Heroes game in your PSP’s XMB. Then, press the Triangle button to bring up the “Options.” Select “Update” from the “Options” Menu. At this point, your PSP should connect to the network and find the patch. Finally, just download and install it. We have also resolved the issues with the Online Leaderboards. Note: anyone who purchases the game AFTER the June 8th, 2010 PSN Store Update does not need to patch.

Well, that’s it folks. We hope that you are all enjoying the new tables!

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