Video: ModNation Racers, Fat Princess, MotorStorm, WipEout in Pinball Heroes Bundle 2

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PlayStation Fans and pinball lovers! Pinball Heroes Bundle 2 for PSP recently hit the PSN Store, and it’s packed with tables based on ModNation Racers, Fat Princess, MotorStorm and WipEout HD Fury.

Today, we’re showing you these tables in action for the first time!

ModNation Racers
Just like in ModNation Racers, this pinball table allows you to alter the look of your Kart, Mod and Track Props. Plus, there are opponents to knock past, and six different ramp entrances to hit. Each ramp entrance corresponds to a move that is available in ModNation Racers on the PSP or PS3. Combo-ing those moves will raise your Boost meter and increase your score!

Fat Princess
The Fat Princess pinball table channels the spirit of competitive princess capturing. Knock down the walls of the castle to rescue the damsel, feed your captive princess, and build bridges and catapults and upgrade hat machines using the wood and ore that you collect. Just be quick and accurate, because the enemy advances with each missed shot!

WipEout HD Fury
WipEout HD Fury plays like an exciting race in the grand WipEout tradition! There are multiple challenging courses, boosters to hit, and powerups to collect. Just be careful not to fall off of one of the ramps, or you will crash and lose a position! Win a race in first place to earn the most points.

The MotorStorm table features branching ramps which have eight different variations, each one representing one of the courses in MotorStorm. This pinball table also features 3 different multipliers from Tires, Vehicles and Boost. Just be careful not to boost too much and lose your multiplier in an explosion…

The Pinball Heroes Team and myself would really like to give our fans a mighty big “thank you” for all of your support and interest. As part of our thanks and appreciation, please be on the lookout for two new FREE Pinball Heroes themes available beginning June 8th. We will be bringing you two more on June 22nd.

Additionally, to any fans who are experiencing any issues with your in-game Trophy shelf please do the following to patch the game so that you chase down and acquire each of the tables’ awards. Highlight the Pinball Heroes game in your PSP’s XMB. Then, press the Triangle button to bring up the “Options.” Select “Update” from the “Options” Menu. At this point, your PSP should connect to the network and find the patch. Finally, just download and install it. We have also resolved the issues with the Online Leaderboards. Note: anyone who purchases the game AFTER the June 8th, 2010 PSN Store Update does not need to patch.

Well, that’s it folks. We hope that you are all enjoying the new tables!

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  • Very Nice!

  • Looking forward to the Fat Princess table immensely!

    • That’s great to hear, Plankfan. The Fat Princess table is part of this bundle. For US $9.99 you get all four of the above tables. Our original bundle is not necessary to enjoy this new bundle. Of course the original bundle is also still available for only US $9.99.

      Let us know in the comments what you think of the tables once you’ve had the chance to play them. :)

  • Good stuff. The Pinball Heroes series is fantastic. Everything controls just how you would expect from a pinball game.

  • Purchased day 1.

    I’m enjoying it alot mainly the Fat Princess table. Almost want the full game now. Hmm i wonder if advertisment was a driving force behind this game? It wouldn’t bother me cuz the concept of this game is golden!
    A+ job on these tables, just fix the trophies.
    Thanks for a good game!

    • Awesome news, WastelandDan! We’re really glad that you like the game so much. Advertising wasn’t a driving force behind the concept of the game. Basically, we wanted to make pinball tables, and many pinball tables are based on licensed properties like the Addams Family and numerous others.

      So, we decided to base our tables on SCEA game franchises! Seemed like a perfect fit.

      We have a patch available to resolve your in-game trophy shelf issues. Highlight the Pinball Heroes game in your PSP’s XMB. Then, press the Triangle button to bring up the “Options.” Select “Update” from the “Options” Menu. At this point, your PSP should connect to the network and find the patch. Finally, just download and install it.


  • I bought them on day one and they are as fun as the previous ones !

    • That’s great! Be sure to access the patch as described above if you have the original tables. This will resolve any issues you may experience with the in-game trophy shelf.

  • Nice, maybe I’ll dowload it when I get some cash

    • I hope that you get cash soon, Midgetguy! Based on your picture, I think that you’ll love the MotorStorm table.

      Let us know what you think when you get the chance to play the tables!

  • The tables look like they could use some more depth; I bought the Pinball Hall of Fame for PS3 and haven’t found a reason to go to any other pinball sim, and I probably never will.

    • I think that you would be surprised at how much depth are in our Pinball Heroes tables. We have deep tables as well as more casual tables. I think that’s why we have encountered so many fans who have different favorite tables.

      I’m obviously biased, but if you ever get the chance to try out our tables (4 original ones plus these 4 new ones), I think that you’ll enjoy them.

      Take care, DarkAkatosh.


  • ^

    What are the most recent add-on tables for that game?

    Oh, that’s right, there are none and never will be any.

    • We are all proud of these new tables and we are fortunate to be able to update the game and bring them to you.

      I hope that you’re enjoying the new tables, DancingRobot!

  • These tables are great on the psp….Thanks for the patch

  • There in our base killing our DUDES!!!

  • Woot! Dang I need this game (Bundle two)
    If you don’t have bundle 2, can you update it?

    • I’m not sure that I understand you, Jetup. Well, I understand the part about needing this game and “Wooting!”


      But I’m confused by your second line. I can say this, if you download Bundle 2 now, you will not need to patch the game. If you don’t have Bundle 2, then you do not need the patch. The patch is really for people who had at least one of our original tables and then got this new Bundle. Since it’s fixed now, anyone who gets Bundle 2 from now on, does not need the patch.

      I hope that made sense. I’ll try to stay active here on the blog for a bit to answer any questions that I can.

  • Lmao to my choice of words
    I should have said “If you don’t have bundle #2, can you still update it with the first set of tables?”

    Well, it’s been answered though.
    *Looks around while silence fills the room*

    Dang, Ima have to wait till Friday to get bundle #2. Don’t have money now, paid rent :)

    • You’re kidding me, right? Who would choose to pay rent when they could use that money to buy Pinball Heroes?!?

      j/k ;-)

      Let us know what you think when you do get the chance to buy the new tables, Jetup. I look forward to hearing your opinions!

  • I picked this up when it came out, really enjoying the new tables. The fat princess one is kicking my ace, but it’s still a lot of fun. Really loving the Motorstorm and Wipeout tables though, VERY well done

  • I love most of the new tables, but I can’t really say I’m a fan of the Fat Princess table. Since the other three tables are all based on racing games, it would have been cool if you went with another racing game (like Gran Turismo) and just made this a racing games bundle. Three out of four ain’t bad, though (the same as the first bundle, where I wasn’t a fan of the Pain table).

    Overall though the game is excellent, and it’s definitely the game that’s been getting the most attention on my PSP as of late.

    • “Overall though the game is excellent, and it’s definitely the game that’s been getting the most attention on my PSP as of late. — RockgamerXIII”

      I think that I’m gonna print that up and put it all over the walls here!

      hehehe But in all seriousness, I really am glad that people have different favorite tables. I think that it shows that the tables have a good amount of variety to them.

      Thanks for the kind words!

  • I want to get these sooo bad but I just spent all I could spare on Mod Nation Racers for PSP and PS3, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, and a bunch of LBP and MNR DLC…I had the bundle in my cart for checkout 4 separate times before I decided against it…if I had seen this video earlier I might have gotter it.

  • Well Seiven, if you aren’t able to get it now, you can always pick it up later. I think that you’ll like them whenever you get the chance to play them!

  • Hey! I downloaded these tables day 1 and i gotta say, I love ’em. My favorite is Fat Princess ’cause it’s a lot like the actual game and WAY more in depth than any other pinball game. I’m still trying to understand the wipeout one, but yeah… they’re great tables. Thanks for them!

  • Hello Josh, I hope you are great.
    I have bought this bundle about one or two weeks ago but there is no trophies for this new bundle, it just appears something like “text 1 – text 2”. Do you know how could I fix this issue?
    Thanks a lot

    • Hello lbrahack! I am feeling pretty great right now, I hope that you are as well!

      We have provided a patch to resolve the issue that you are experiencing with the trophy shelf. Please do the following:

      Highlight the Pinball Heroes game in your PSP’s XMB. Then, press the Triangle button to bring up the “Options.” Select “Update” from the “Options” Menu. At this point, your PSP should connect to the network and find the patch. Finally, just download and install it.

      Have fun!

  • i think thats what the patch is for…

  • oh! it’s working now! Thanks a lot Josh!
    I am selling my PS3 today because I am going to move but I am pretty sure that I’ll keep having fun with my PSP and Pinball Hero until I get a new one!
    Thanks again Josh, hugs.

  • Earlier today, I decided to hit Triangle and see if any of my downloaded PSP games had an update available. I found that Pinball Heroes was now at v3.00. Curious what the update was for, I searched online and came upon this blog entry. What a surprise to see that the update came out this very day that I happened to check for an update!

    Was there an earlier update, though? A v2.xx update, I mean, because I’ve only been aware of the initial release version.

    By the way, thanks for pricing the series lower. I bought one of the tables back when they were $4 each and am glad that it’s 4 for $10 now.

    • Hello onmode_dash_ky,

      That is certainly a curious coincidence! Regarding v2, I believe that was simply an internal version of the game while we were in the process of making the awesome-ness that is v3. As for the price, yes, we like making the game more affordable to everyone!

      Thank you for your interest in Pinball Heroes. :-)

  • Any chance of these being on the PS3? And a Huge Mega Bundle on every table?

    Also, props for taking the time to reply to every single comment!

    • As for the PS3, I honestly do not know anything at this time. Unfortunately, that’s the same answer for the “Huge Mega Bundle.”

      Thanks for the props! I will continue to reply as long as I am able to. I’ve got other work going on as well, so this level of response won’t last forever…

  • I think $9.99 is a bit expensive for only 4 pinball tables. I think $5.99 would have been a bit more reasonable

    • I understand the desire for things to be cheaper Spinout209. However, I think that at $2.50 per table, you will get a lot of value out of Pinball Heroes. I hope that you change your mind and give us a shot.

      Thanks for commenting, though!

  • Sean I haven’t bought them yet cause I just got Joe Danger yesterday, and I thought the PSN store will be down today, I will for sure buy these though!! Within the next few days. Oh yeah I also have MGS Peace Walker. Wow too many games!!

    • I’ve heard good things about Joe Danger and MGS: Peace Walker. Hopefully you’ll let us know what you think of our new tables when you get the chance to play them!

  • Hmm…a little late on the update, I already bought these with nary a concern considering how much I loved the original tables. My wife and I are always going back and forth topping one another’s High Score.

    The new tables are fantastic, but I think my favorites are ModNation Racers and Uncharted.

    • It’s fantastic to hear that you loved our original tables, SarshelYam. Pinball Heroes: bringing a husband and wife together! That makes a softy ole’ romantic like myself happy.

      Thanks again! Please spread the word of Pinball Heroes to your friends…


  • Not looking forward to being screwed out of another game…
    3 . 2 1 strikes again…


  • Lestatdelioncort


  • Looks cool, but I wonder if the Modnation Racers pinball table takes a lot longer to load than all the other ones.

    • hehehe

      OK, we can take some friendly ribbing. I hope that you get to try the new Pinball Heroes tables, phinnv8!

  • ^^ I see what you did XD Speaking of which, i made ModNation Statcards for people to use on sites and forums etc. Check them out.

    Thanks for supporting other games IN your games Josh, it’s always been one of the coolest things in the industry seeing crossovers/cameos of other games :D

  • Josh, what is your score? ^^ which is your favorite table?

    • I don’t really want to get into the scores, but personally, my favorite table is MotorStorm. Now, to be fair, I am INCREDIBLY biased on this since that is one of the tables that I spent the most time working on. As I’ve said before, I really like the fact that players have different favorite tables. I’ve read that some people really like the Pain table and some people have it listed as their least favorite. Personally, I like it. I think that chasing after the PAINdemonium bonus is challenging and really fun. But, to each their own.

      I’m really pleased that you guys are enjoying the game! Please spread the word…

      Thanks! :-)

  • Really cool tables. I love the games itself and you have ported them really good on the tables. Congrats!

  • Wanna Try The ModNation 1!!!

    • Cool! LaZy_GiRL, I hope that you get the chance to play it soon.

      In some ways, the ModNation table is a little bit more casual than some of the other tables. It is also relatively easy to get multiball going, which is hectic and fun!

      I like the idea that we have some casual tables and some hardcore in-depth tables. I hope that you guys appreciate that the way that I do!

  • just wondering if theres a date for when its gonna be released in EU cos the taables look really good.

    • Thanks for saying that the tables look really good, kassimmahmood!

      As for an EU release…we don’t have a date yet, but we are hoping that you will have access to our game as soon as possible! The WipEout and MotorStorm franchises are developed in Europe, so I am very interested to see how those Pinball Heroes tables are received there.

  • Bought the pack when it launched and had the trophy bug, but I loved the tables and just kept playing anyway. Thank you for releasing the fix today! Now that I know the tables a little better, should be pretty easy to rack up those trophies.


    I love that you can turn the PSP on its side to see the whole table. Unfortunately though it’ll only go where you have the buttons on the bottom and use those. Well, how can you nudge the table?

    Why not include a control option where you use the directional pad to move the flippers and then you could still easily reach the nub to nudge the table?

    • Thanks for the comments, MS3Boy!

      With regards to your request:
      Firstly, we were concerned that you may not be able to press the Up and Down directions on the D-Pad at the same time (meaning that you wouldn’t be able to hold both flippers easily) so, we decided that the vertical orientation should be with the Shape buttons at the bottom.

      You can use the Circle button to nudge the table. Press the Circle button with either X or Triangle to nudge the table from the appropriate side.

      Here’s how I hold the PSP when playing in vertical mode:
      I use my left hand to support the “top” of the PSP and use my thumb to access the Analog and my finger on the Left Trigger (left flipper). I use my right hand to support the “bottom” of the PSP and use my thumb for the Triangle button (right flipper). Personally, I find this to be the most comfortable way to use the PSP 1000, 2000 or 3000. You can certainly do this with the PSP Go, but it may take more time to get used to it.

      When chasing down the “no nudge” in-game trophies, I like to use the PSP Go in it’s “closed” state to avoid any temptation of using the Analog.

      I hope that this is helpful, MS3Boy!

  • GAME LOOKS GREAT but the video ads, for the love of god grrrrrrr.

  • i will definetly consider picking this up now that ive seen the trailers!! Looks so good to play.

  • And here I was hoping they were going to announce price drops on these games. Fat princess is over a year old and still no price drop.

    • On the bright side, 4 brand new Pinball Heroes tables for only US $9.99! Personally, I think that you’ll get your money’s worth out of that.

      Thanks for commenting, vrillusions!

  • I havent bought this game because Im confused. Do I have to buy a game first for this to work or can I buy a bundle and it will work? Basically are these add ons or standalones? I want it.

    • If all you buy is Bundle 2 then you will be able to play the 4 tables included in that bundle (ModNation, WipEout, MotorStorm and Fat Princess). Later on, you can add the original tables if you like (Pain, High Velocity Bowling, Uncharted and Hot Shots Golf).

      I hope that this helps, BEASTXJASON.


    You just need to buy any table and automatically will download the main file.

  • Had a blast playing the Uncharted table, hopefully I’ll be able to pick these 4 tables up soon. The Fat Princess table looks the most interesting. Also, any news on maybe an Uncharted 2 table?

  • PHEW! Just hit the #3 spot on the Motorstorm table leaderboards! I was really suprised with how much I love pinball heroes now. I bought the bundle because I own all 4 games that the tables are based on and figured it’d be fun to play occasionally. It has since become the sole reason I play my PSP as much as I do these days. Good job guys. Motorstorm is my favorite table.

  • Im going too get one of the 4 games

  • Josh,

    First I just want to say I’ve [extensively] played all eight tables and loved them all! You have a great franchise going on there and love to see it continually progress with additional tables and other features.

    One thing that has been on my mind for awhile, however, is I would really love the ability to play these games on my PlayStation 3 just so I could use a widescreen monitor and put the game in landscape mode for that really all out pinball experience. I’ve tried to do that with the video output cables for the PSP and as most people know the screen size is pretty dismal.

    Thank you!

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