Update: Blade Kitten for PS3 – Levels and Combat

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You may already be aware that the Blade Kitten universe existed long before the game’s development team came together. In fact, the game’s creator and director Steve Stamatiadis (aka “Space Captain” Steve) started the Blade Kitten comics in 2001. It was the job of Steve and the team to elaborate on what existed in the comics, using them as a blueprint of sorts, and to translate them into environments that looked visually spectacular and made clever use of the movement system while supporting the storyline.


Blade Kitten is not only our first side-scrolling game, it’s also our first title intended specifically for download. One of the hurdles we had to overcome, due in part to the need to adapt to a new level-building pipeline, was that our levels kept getting built larger than we originally scoped.

Blade Kitten for PS3 (environment)

The levels in Blade Kitten range from claustrophobic sewer-like tunnels, to brightly-lit grassy plains that extend far off into the distance. There’s an urban marketplace filled with fruit stalls and shopping civilians, and a temple inhabited by a mysterious cloaked sect. It was easy for the team to get caught up in creating more areas for the player to explore. We had to keep reminding ourselves that this is a downloadable game and that we shouldn’t get too carried away as though we’re making a full-sized (and full priced!) product.

Still, I think you’ll be surprised at just how large and detailed the levels in Blade Kitten ended up being. In fact, one level was so large that we eventually made the decision to split it in half — and both levels are still pretty big!


Of course, a variety of level environments would be pointless without weird and wonderful selection of enemies to populate them. We have our version of more traditional armored soldiers and giant mechs, though my favorites are the odd-looking alien creatures that are unrelenting in their attempts to bite, pummel, slice, and spit poisonous goop on the player.

Blade Kitten for PS3 (Aclan)

Our goal was always to have a simplified combat system in line with traditional side-scroller titles like the Capcom classic Strider, but with the added bonus of having a fluid range of movement that enables the player to traverse the environment in new ways. One of the ways Blade Kitten differs from most other side-scrollers is that the player can engage in combat whilst climbing on walls and hanging from ceilings.

Blade Kitten for PS3 (blades)

The player can also purchase a variety of blades (yes, floating blades) with different attributes to help tackle particularly nasty enemies. Not only does Kit use the blades for classic hack-and-slash combat, but she has special perch attacks (accompanied by a brazen taunt, of course) that enable her to throw enemies, plus numerous moves that are easy to execute and visually cool.

And the end result? One BIG downloadable game, chock full of pick-up-and-play arcade-style action set within a sprawling, vibrant world. Our goal has always been to give you a game where mastering the controls comes fairly easy, because we want you to spend hours exploring every nook and cranny in search of hidden areas and special collectables. The team has worked hard to add that little bit of extra spice to your gaming experience, for those “completists” who want the added satisfaction of having knocked off all the bad guys!

The official announcement of Blade Kitten’s PlayStation Store release date is coming up very soon, so keep a look out. In the meantime… happy gaming!

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  • hmm looks cool :)

  • looks good……I would love a video to see what it’s like.

  • Yayz! It’s been awhile since we/I last heard from you. It’s quite a bit different to go from looking at concept art to seeing screens fo the game in action.

    Pretty swords, by the way. Customizability rocks. =)

    Also, quelle subtle, Spajdah. I suppose there’s some consolation in that you didn’t simply spam “first.”

  • @3 Jeigh

    Ya that delay has more to do with them stabbing sony in the back and going cross platform with the title.

    At least we’re still getting what appears to be a decent game and it’ll be nice to get some time to get around to this title eventually.

  • Yeah, its actually does look pretty cool

  • The comic was a little dissapointing to me, but I think that’s because it’s the type of product that screams out for movment and animation to tell its story, I think the game will be really enjoyable, which for people who really are fans of the comic, it might be even more enjoyable.

    • Steve Stamatiadis

      The game is way better than the comic and that’s coming from me!

      You’re right. When you see it all brought to life by our talented team WITH the great voice cast you’ll be blown away. Way more character and personality than my scribbles on a page.

  • I havent heard of this before but Im jotting it down on my wish list. This looks to be something I could really enjoy. The art style looks crazy

  • I’ve been wanting this for a long time.

    @4 STFU dude seriously. I don’t care if the game becomes cross platform. If it’s a good game then I want it to be profitable. There are many great Playstation only downloads that don’t get enough of a boost in sales simply because it’s exclusive.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s exclusive or not. What matters is that companies that make good games should profit off of those good games, and not releasing it on the 360 is a sizable margin of loss that I’m not going to ask them to commit to.

    My biggest concern is wanting to enjoy this game as much as I think I will, I would hate to get the game and not enjoy it hardly at all. Hopefully we’ll get a demo, even though I’ll probably buy it as soon as I finish the demo, I can only hope that there will be one.

  • Thanks for the update, I can’t wait to play it. I’ve been keeping my eye on this title ever since I saw the first post about it. I will definitely be picking this up!

  • ShadowPhoenix18

    Oh thank goodness, finally! I hate to ever be impatient, as I appreciate the process of delivery and am usually pretty composed about waiting…but I’ve REALLY been looking forward to this, and I honestly check every update hoping for at least some info on its impending arrival. Thanks for slaking my thirst, Heidi, at least for a small while. :-D

    • It’s great to hear how excited you are about the game – thanks! We’ll endeavor to keep the blog updates coming as fast as we’re able!

  • Looks Cool

  • How big is going to be the game file?


  • Let me quote:

    Steve Stamatiadis | March 5th, 2010 at 4:40 pm
    “Yup PSN Exclusive.”

    I guess the microsoft money truck made a stop at the Krome Studios ;)

    • Steve Stamatiadis

      Well it actually was an exclusive back when I said that, then Atari came on board to help us get the game out to more people. Don’t get angry that people with other consoles can play the game too – it just means that there’s a better chance that we’ll be able to do more games like this in the future. Which I think would be cooler in the long run but that maybe just me.

      Mind you if anyone knows the location of one of these magical money trucks, call me :)

  • When does it come out?

  • i am fine with it coming out on multiple consoles….however what upsets me is when….aka….the microsoft money truck comes around and the developer signs off the exclusivity and PSN doesn’t see it for another year….!! i was really looking forward to Raystorm HD and Alien Breed….but alas….:(

  • as long as the game run good on ps3, i think thats all us gamers should care about and not what other console its getting put on, at least for psn based games

    main character reminds me of Lin out of Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter…cant wait try this game looks real nice

    any date on EU release?

  • This is going to sound by cynical and bitter.

    Wasn’t it showcased running on the other system despite supposedly starting off as psn exclusive? Kind of like maybe, after the process to retool the game began, the ps3 version became an afterthought. Especially given how bad multi-platform games on the PS3 have been recently (almost going full circle back to 2007 quality).

    Bayonetta is unstable 20-something fps, vaseline smeared mess on the PS3. The matchmaking didn’t work Aliens v. Predator [b]mp only[/b]. Lead and Gold, which is download only, is buggy and laggy ridden mess (too bad as the actual game is pretty fun). While I can’t blame you for trying to maximize profits, I can’t help but think the ps3 version is just getting churned out now.

  • well i am mad in this case that it is no longer exclusive because it resulted in the delay of the release date for PSN…


  • I remember when this was exclusive to PS3… I also remember when it was due out late April, early May… So it was delayed for M$… *sigh*

    Lies Beget Lies.

  • I’ll probably get it on 360 now, considering that I have more space on my 360. We’ll see.

  • Can we get a demo? I’d like to see how tight the controls are.

  • artform-fazeone

    Blade Kitten looks good.. This side-scroll title, is going to be a hot one… a 7 out of 10.. THE FAZEONES LOUNGE

  • This game actually looks really fun!! hahaha

  • @8 MakaiOokami

    Really? So you paid all that money for your PS3 only for it to be under utilized? You don’t care that the one company who happens to be charging for online and seems to exist to bleed us all of our money far more than what sony has been doing doesn’t bother you in the slightest?

    I like exclusives, I want more exclusives to help sell my systems importance to other gamers. It’s called keeping the product relevant.

  • I won’t buy this game even if it gets a price drop and demo. You come to the PSBlog, say it’s exclusive, and then delay the game to release it on other platforms. You could’ve at LEAST made it a timed exclusive for PS3. I hope the game flops and sales poorly.


  • hey slurpee queen, home is a free service…

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