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Hi Everyone – Here’s this week’s Digital Comics update, plus some news about a fun new Facebook application:

Digital Comics 6/9/10

This week Marvel releases the first four issues of Ms. Marvel (2006). Follow the adventures of Marvel’s hottest lady as she battles the Brood! Don’t forget to catch up on some more Thor too – issues 7 through 12 are out now.

IDW treats us to three new series: Arcane Legions is based on the board game of the same name, The Last Unicorn is an adaption of the acclaimed novel by Peter S. Beagle, and The Murder of King Tut adapts James Patterson’s best selling novel (a must for Egyptologists).

Also, check out these titles, now available for FREE:

  • GI Joe Cobra #1
  • Star Trek Mirror Images #1
  • Astro Boy Prequel #1
  • The Ghoul #1
  • Dreamland Chronicles #1

Check below for the full list of new arrivals and as always, head to for more info or to view our full catalog and pricing.

Here is the full list:

  • Arcane Legions # 1
  • Atomic Robo Vol.3 # 5
  • Beyond # 3
  • Criminal (2006) # 10
  • Criminal (2008) # 1
  • Devi # 3
  • Donald Duck and the Beach Training Camp # 0
  • Donald Duck and the World Cup Mission # 0
  • DoubleDuck # 5
  • Eleventh Hour # 1
  • G.I. Joe: Operation Hiss # 4
  • The Last Unicorn # 1
  • The Lexian Chronicles # 6
  • Ms Marvel (2006) # 1
  • Ms Marvel (2006) 2
  • Ms Marvel (2006) # 3
  • Ms Marvel (2006) # 4
  • Murder of King Tut # 1
  • Powers (2000) # 9
  • Powers (2000) # 10
  • Ramayan 3392 AD # 3
  • The Sadhu # 3
  • Scrooge McDuck and the Precious Rubber Ball # 0
  • Snakewoman # 3
  • The Taming of the Scrooge # 0
  • Thor (2007) 7
  • Thor (2007) 8
  • Thor (2007) # 9
  • Thor (2007) # 10
  • Thor (2007) # 11
  • Thor (2007) # 12
  • Walk-In # 3

And finally, starting this week, welcome to the world of Superpower Friends, the new Facebook application from PlayStation Comics:

Superpower Friends - Digital Comics

Here’s how the app works…
The app generates questions about how you would feel or what would happen if your Facebook friends suddenly gained the abilities of some of your favorite comic book characters, from Wolverine and Captain America, to Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse.

The app randomly selects one of your Facebook friends and then generates a question based on a comic character’s ability. The questions will fuel some witty responses, which you can post to their walls… or you can simply move to the next question. You will have the option to change your friend and generate your own customized question, if you wish.

Gain Coins!
Every time you answer a question you are rewarded with a coin, which can be used to unlock additional features within the app.

Spending those coins…

  1. After gaining ten coins, the app will enable you to unlock a screen which displays every answer about you that your friends have completed.
  2. After gaining five coins, you will be able to send a superpower gift to a friend.

Visit and start playing now!

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  • MANGA? Please

    oh first!

  • Now you guys know full well that I can’t even access PSN to even get these. Don’t tease me like this.

  • Thanks for more free comics! I still have to catch up on my reading from the comics I bought last week, but you know, I would make time if we got some Deadpool, or maybe some Marvel Team-Up? Hopefully soon. Love the digital comics, they’re great! That Facebook app sounds awful, though.

  • Please tell Marvel to release Spider-Man 2099 (and the whole 2099 series for that matter, for times when there are cross-comic arcs, like the Fall of the Hammer arc).

    k thx bai

  • a request…digital comics on the ps3,please!

  • Seems like a fine week, but maybe future weekly updates each comic-name could be linked to more information about that specific comic.

    I’m a dedicated PSP user who purchases through it directly, and this would let me check out new comics easier.

  • Now that I got my PSP I have spent more money on comics than I thought I would. Keep it coming Can’t wait for the Deadpool

  • Grace,
    Any word on what is going on with Locke & Key?

  • Give me the Silver Surfer already and where are the God of War comics at? I picked up issues one and two and the GoW comics are great, just saying it would be nice to be able to read them without breaking the plastic again.

  • God of War comics are published by Wildstorm (DC) which don’t have any digital comics out as far as I know.

  • artform-fazeone

    The Beyond # 3 & Star Trek Mirror Images #1 is worth checking out.. Senior Manager Grace Chen.. Excellent update.. a 9 out of 10.. THE FAZEONES LOUNGE

  • I enjoy the comics very much. Marvel and IDW are my 2nd and third favorite publishers. Now whats my first? DC of course and i promise if you get batman (especially year one) ill buy every single one, or even repurchase the batman that i already have. Please get some DC and even manga.

  • I hope that 3 things are announced at the coming E3;
    1)Manga is coming to the comic store
    2)And the video and comic store are coming to Canada!

    Don’t let me down Sony!

  • Canada.

  • Um…

    GI Joe Cobra #1 is $0.99

  • Don’t worry about Resistance comic series. I got tired of waiting and bought them.

  • Are these viewable on PS3 too yet?

  • GI Joe Cobra #1 is $0.99 It’s not Free.

  • GI Joe Cobra #1 is free, we’ve just checked.
    Locke and Key will be with us once it’s been released. It will also come with special extras.
    No Canada or PS3 yet…
    @Korlithiel if you go to you can browse all the comics to find out more info.
    PS Do download the free Ghoul issue, it contains an audio commentary track – look out for the new Extras tab!
    /Pete @psncomics

  • boba and jango fett 2 piece costumes would be nice lucas arts and sony

  • Lucifuge_Rofocal

    it would be nice to look at this on the ps3

  • lmao lucifuge

  • Great update, and thanks for the free comics!
    @ #19 snowcrashed (Pete Stott): I’m looking at the free comics section on the PSN Store right now, and while G.I. Joe: Cobra #1 is listed in that section, it says the price is $0.99. Some kind of glitch, maybe?
    Keep up the good work!

  • @Locke_VI how very strange! We’ll look in to it again. Thanks for letting us know.

  • I have the PSN comics in CANADA. There’s a way.

  • @Locke_VI You are correct. Some people are not seeing the item as free. We’ve tried twice here – one PSP shows free one shows $0.99. We’ll investigate and get back to you.

  • @Dragonbox How?

  • When will there be an update for the reader? We still can’t delete any comics we read or don’t want anymore :[

    Oh and not to mention no ability to store them on an M2 Memory Stick for us Go owners.

  • why can’t i get it or movies, if i’m registered in the US?

  • DC comics and SCE IP comics?


    I love having free comics! Gives me a chance to read a sample of some comics I would have otherwise never given a chance!


    Thank you! GREAT COMIC UPDATE!

    (And I’m trying the facebook APP now!)


    More Sonic comics please KTHXBAI

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