ModNation Racers: Official Soundtrack Available Now

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The importance of music in a game can’t be understated. It can make all the difference, no matter what type of game you’re playing. Getting the right music was tricky for ModNation Racers since it needed to not only feel like racing, but also to capture the creative spirit and unique visual style of the ModNation Racers universe. Thankfully, United Front Games did a great job finding the right guys for the job.The end result is an upbeat mix of rock, hip-hop, and funk music composed by a handful of talented composers, including Peter Chapman, Marc Baril, and Melissa Reese, who are all featured on the soundtrack.

ModNation Racers OST

We are now happy to announce the release of the ModNation Racers soundtrack on PSN for only $7.99. The 16-track soundtrack, featuring 15 songs from the game as well as a bonus track, can also be found on iTunes.

Here are a few of my favorite tracks:

ModNation Theme


This bonus track is the official anthem for ModNation Racers and everybody who worked on the game is required to sing it to themselves once a day.

Here to Have Fun


This track always elevates my mood… probably has something to do with the vocals saying something about partying all day.

Put Your Headphones On


This track invariably gets me nodding my head when the chorus kicks in. It’s good driving music too, although I have to remind myself when I am in my car not to boost too much and that drifting is probably not a good idea.

We hope you enjoy the soundtrack as much as we are and, of course, if you haven’t already, pick up ModNation Racers out now on both PS3 and PSP!

Also, if you have any questions on how the music or soundtracks are put together — ask away and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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  • The songs are awesome!! Wish the songs were $5.99

  • Awesome music! :D Makes me want the game even more ._.

  • Here to Have Fun is also my favorite! :D

  • i only heard the songs for modnation racers for the psp are the music the same or diff or what cus i love the psp music versions and most likely after E3 (i sence great stuff comin out for the psn then) ill get the music if and only if the psp version music is on it ether way great game it is

  • I love ‘Put Your Headphones On’, it is the best song in the whole lot in my opinion, it has that feel of The Go! Team like that one song from LittleBigPlanet called ‘Get It Together’. I love your music guys, I plan on buying it soon! ;D

  • Fix the game then i’ll start buying DLC and the soundtrack. Deal?

  • Get rid of the region lock please! My online friends are around the globe and won’t buy this amazing game until they know we can all play together.

  • My favorite is “Here to Have Fun”.
    I might purchase the soundtrack, but 8 bucks is a little too much for me…

  • Cool but fix the game first (Load times!! Cheap as hell AI) region lock…the list goes on….

  • i love the sound track, but for 16 songs (to be honest i only want 4 of those songs to begin with), 7.99 + tax is too much for me to justify (for the same price i can get a ps1 classic.) please consider repricing the sound track, and then I’ll consider buying the sound track.

  • Yay! Love the music in the game and I wondered when I could pick up the soundtrack!

    A bit bummed that it’s only through PSN and iTunes. How about Amazon’s MP3 store?
    Or let us purchase PSN-released albums, like this, on the PSP/PC PSN store? On the PSP/PC is where I’d be listening to those soundtracks most.

  • I don’t get it!!??? Can we fix the game 1st before release things like this? Look, I love Sony more than the next guy, and you can even call me a fanboy! But there are too many things wrong with this game right now! Stop with the fluffing, and fix game first, then come out with the DLC etc, etc….

  • I want a list of things UFG is working on this game to make it better, and fix the things!!!! This is BS!!!

  • Im not getting the logic here. You guys wont make Media Go available on Macs, but you’ll sell your music on iTunes!? I dont have iTunes because I dont have an iPod/Phone/Pad, I have a PSP, you know, the thing you created to be an iPod killer. You marketed as a multimedia device, yet I can’t buy music using the PSP PSN, what’s up with that?

    I really want this soundtrack, but since I don’t have a PS3, im now forced to download iTunes, and create an account, which is just plain asinine. You yourselves, are creating opportunities for the, “Guess I should get an iPod/Phone/Pad.”, comments.

    • I hear you loud and clear. Soundtrack releases like this are still pretty new for us so I’ll make sure your comments get heard as we move forward.

  • I was actually disappointed by the soundtrack for this game. I thought it would be more extensive and more enthralling… The in game music (especially during load times, create mode, and sometimes the modspot) really gets annoying. Even so, I splurged the ridiculous 8 dollar price for the three or so tracks that I actually liked. xP Bravo sony, you make money either way.

  • Does anyone know when they will be making a patch for mnr that fixes the “lost connection to server” problem?

  • bought the ModNation Theme song love that one!

  • It’s worth mentioning that the rapper on “Win the Race” is a guy from Toronto named “More or Les”. He’s really awesome, and has a bunch of great stuff out. Also, one of the composers (Peter Chapman) has a bunch of stuff out as Peter Project you should check out. It’s pretty similar stuff.

  • WTF!? It’s $9.99 on iTunes!!!!! YOU GUYS SUCK!

  • AMAZIN sound trackz XD

  • Now release more Soundtracks on PSN please. I’m still waiting for the LittleBigPlanet Soundtrack to be put on there.

  • where do I find te soundtrack in the media go

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