Community Theater Launches This Week in PlayStation Home, 2 Disgaea Spaces Packed with Games

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PlayStation Home is about connecting gamers through a universe of games, and this week will mark the launch of yet another powerful addition to our arsenal. The brand new PlayStation Home Community Theater serves to bring players closer to their favorite gaming websites, blogs, podcasts, videocasts (and other media outlets) while further uniting the enormous audience under the shared interest of awesome PlayStation games. This dedicated screen in PlayStation Home’s 10-Screen Theater provides a channel for bloggers and journalists to connect with the huge and diverse PlayStation Home community through exclusive videos specially crafted for PlayStation Home.

This week will see the introduction of our first partners in this new venture — PS Nation. As one of the most respected independent sites focused on PlayStation games, we consider this group of hardcore gaming aficionados to be a perfect introduction to our quickly growing roster of Community Theater participants. Glenn Percival of PS Nation had the following to say when we caught up with him the other day to discuss the launch of this exciting new community initiative:

“Our number one goal was to always include our community in what we do, so what better venue could there be than PlayStation Home? The biggest PlayStation community available! We can’t wait to bring our love of Minecarts, Sportsball, Torgo-Hype, and ‘Trophies Yo!’ to the PlayStation Home community.”

PlayStation Home: PS Nation Podcast

Stay tuned for more announcements regarding the PlayStation Home Community Theater. But for now, make sure you log into PlayStation Home now to check out the high-quality (and hilarious) content in the Community Theater, courtesy of our friends at PS Nation.

Launching this Thursday, June 10th are two new Disgaea 3 spaces, set to bring Nippon Ichi’s famed RPG franchise into the always-expanding, rapidly-growing, ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home. The first space — The Nether Institute, Evil Academy — contains six Prinnies (“Dood!”), Disgaea trivia games and tests, and more. Mao’s Room, the second space, has two games — including the Netherworld Millionaire card game. Players will also be able to collect a variety of clothing and furniture items related to Disgaea 3 as well as unlock three rewards from the title: gold, silver, and bronze “trophies” for your personal spaces! If you’re a fan of penguin-esque creatures with bat wings and a penchant for exploding when thrown (and if you are not then, really, get a sense of humor!), be sure to head into PlayStation Home this Thursday and immerse yourself in these two new Disgaea spaces.

PlayStation Home: Disgaea

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