Community Theater Launches This Week in PlayStation Home, 2 Disgaea Spaces Packed with Games

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PlayStation Home is about connecting gamers through a universe of games, and this week will mark the launch of yet another powerful addition to our arsenal. The brand new PlayStation Home Community Theater serves to bring players closer to their favorite gaming websites, blogs, podcasts, videocasts (and other media outlets) while further uniting the enormous audience under the shared interest of awesome PlayStation games. This dedicated screen in PlayStation Home’s 10-Screen Theater provides a channel for bloggers and journalists to connect with the huge and diverse PlayStation Home community through exclusive videos specially crafted for PlayStation Home.

This week will see the introduction of our first partners in this new venture — PS Nation. As one of the most respected independent sites focused on PlayStation games, we consider this group of hardcore gaming aficionados to be a perfect introduction to our quickly growing roster of Community Theater participants. Glenn Percival of PS Nation had the following to say when we caught up with him the other day to discuss the launch of this exciting new community initiative:

“Our number one goal was to always include our community in what we do, so what better venue could there be than PlayStation Home? The biggest PlayStation community available! We can’t wait to bring our love of Minecarts, Sportsball, Torgo-Hype, and ‘Trophies Yo!’ to the PlayStation Home community.”

PlayStation Home: PS Nation Podcast

Stay tuned for more announcements regarding the PlayStation Home Community Theater. But for now, make sure you log into PlayStation Home now to check out the high-quality (and hilarious) content in the Community Theater, courtesy of our friends at PS Nation.

Launching this Thursday, June 10th are two new Disgaea 3 spaces, set to bring Nippon Ichi’s famed RPG franchise into the always-expanding, rapidly-growing, ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home. The first space — The Nether Institute, Evil Academy — contains six Prinnies (“Dood!”), Disgaea trivia games and tests, and more. Mao’s Room, the second space, has two games — including the Netherworld Millionaire card game. Players will also be able to collect a variety of clothing and furniture items related to Disgaea 3 as well as unlock three rewards from the title: gold, silver, and bronze “trophies” for your personal spaces! If you’re a fan of penguin-esque creatures with bat wings and a penchant for exploding when thrown (and if you are not then, really, get a sense of humor!), be sure to head into PlayStation Home this Thursday and immerse yourself in these two new Disgaea spaces.

PlayStation Home: Disgaea

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  • The only thing that I don’t like about HOME is that it is really slow.

    • When was the last time you logged in? I ask because load times have been reduced significantly with our 1.35 and 1.36 core client updates. In fact, we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from users that were once critical of the platform due to the load times since we deployed these updates. So if you haven’t been in Home for a while, give it another chance. You’ll see that with every passing day the service expands and is further optimized to meet the wants and needs of our users.

  • I know you CONTINUE(!!!) to ignore my request, my suggestion, or my concern- that is not far and not right. I wanted to know if you are planning on (or are about to) implementing Captioning or Subtitling in PS HOME during any given events? Because the last time, you had them, I was left out hanging dry – I wanted to participate the contests in order to win some awesome prizes/rewards… But I couldn’t because I could not understand what these videos were all about!!! That is not fair. WHEN are you going to do that for us- for me as a deaf person, for us- deaf community- and for those who does not hear very well, but well enough to appreciate the option you included in PS HOME?!?!? It is required by the law that every option should be implemented in order to make things more accessible for EVERYONE! You are truly a bastard one for not doing that. Please do something about that. (Understand this, I am not here to put you down or to look you down for that matter). Just wanted to see you do the right thing- so that way, I can continue to appreciate and enjoy my experience in PS HOME. Thanx.

    • That’s a great suggestion. We will take it into consideration for future events. Just to let you know, during most live events where there might be “door prizes,” those chosen to receive them are chosen at random. This levels the playing field for everyone who shows up to participate. Just show up! If there are prizes to be given out, you are already getting a chance to win.

  • I miss the savoryhate

  • welcome to the blog GW now ill read lol

  • Sweet! This came out of nowhere. Any addition to Home sounds like a good to me.

    Home is definitely on the rise if the LBP / Modnation spaces are any indication.

    • As always, we are always working on bringing bigger and better content for you. The Home community is such an amazing one, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

  • No E3 space like last year?

  • Hey Glass, I am not trying to make things more difficult for you as it already is. However, why did not you reply to my comment? Of course, it is very harsh- no question about that. But at the same time, it’s fair – and it is time for us to know your thoughts on this matter? Why don’t you give us your answer. I don’t care if the comment is all but nothing except that it is same: “We are actively (or currently) looking into this matter”, or “It is not possible to do this now, but in time…” or something like that. I don’t care – at least, as long as we can get the answer out from you. Have a sense of decency for once and give us your answer.

    I am becoming more frustrated as every opportunity was given in PS HOME and I could not participate for that obvious reason. That is not right. Not right at all.

  • Nice! Cant wait.

  • TORGOHYPE!! lol i love PS Nation! This is a step in the right direction with great community support. Can’t wait for next vidcast!

  • PSNATION FTW!!!!!!!!

  • This is going to be a wicked update.. Home employees… a 10 out of 10.. THE FAZEONES LOUNGE

  • PS Nation Yo!

    Their podcast is the single best thing to ever happen in Home to date.

    • Community Theater YO!

      I’m personally so proud to have them join us in this venture. Stay tuned for more awesomesauce ahead!

  • I was expecting some news about E3 updates for Home this week, but no mention of it at all. Does this mean there is nothing coming?

  • Can we get some kind of update on Home clubs? What is the video screen for. Has this feature been forgotten. Has my 5 dollars gone to waste? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • WOOT, thanks for posting this GlassWalls! The spaces will have unlockables yes? Why didn’t Locust_Star post the blog this time?

    • I’m still here – I just wanted to give GW a chance to break the news for once, especially since the Community Theater has been his pet project for quite some time.

  • Awesome alot of these latest additions have been good. I am still wondering where that personal trophy room is…. Any news on that?

  • PS Home reminds me of “Salute Your Shorts” TV show on Nickelodeon back in the day. I’ll just wait for “The E True Hollywood Story” to find out how it all ends.

  • Nice job Torgo and the two J’s, I listen to your podcast every week, and am very glad to see you become more a part of the PS family. You deserve all the praise for the effort and work you do bringing PS fans the latest scoop. Congrats fellas!


  • Oh, where are we going to watch E3 in Home this year? In the theater? Was hoping for the Presentation Podium space.


  • Good update, cant wait!!!

    When are we going to know when the new HCV’s are chosen? jw

  • FINALLY WE GET THIS SPACE!^_^ no more traveling to JAPAN!!… when are we getting the playground and the other one GW? and any new signs of a new Central plaza?

  • @footballrule

    I’d surmise that it’s because it is the week before E3. Probably busy with awesome announcements like public voice chat. =\

  • Cool still debating whether to redownload Home hopefully this will not effect the audio version of the show much

    • It will not affect their current podcast, but serve as an extra stream of their great stuff in high resolution video just for the Home community.

  • @tearsofash

    I hope so. Would be nice to have Public Voice Chat back.

  • finally we get the disgaea japanese space! i love you nisa/scea!

  • I agree with @TrueFFVIIFan- The man deserves an explanation.
    How hard can it be to integrate frikkin subtitles anyway?

  • PSNation is awesome!, been a listener for quite a bit. Saw you last night GlassWalls in the theater!

  • TheImmortalReese

    cool a new theater. does it actually have movie trailers? or just psn videos????????????????

    • We have many grand plans for the Community Theater, the first being the introduction of some great gaming industry partnerships, like PS Nation, to bring you top quality and exclusive video content. No further comment, so stay tuned!

  • Oh hi!


    I can’t believe that we FINALLY get a Disgaea space!

  • You guys think you can get sites like IGN in Playstation Home?

  • xSolidShoota666x

    Why is PSNation in Home? They never cared about Home until they managed to get a spot in it. Their community doesn’t care about Home either, just look at their forums. All the people there are saying “Time to reinstall Home.”

  • Stealing L_s’s job there Glass? Nice post, and nice and early to :D

  • More updates to home we didn’t ask for. :)

  • Will there be an E3 space this year?

  • hahaha well good to see you on the Blog Glass, and yes do tease us about E3 :P

  • Oh cool, two new Disgaea 3 spaces! It was awesome meeting the PSNation guys and watching them on the screen, lol. :)

  • Looking good great job with home, now if you can do a Playstation retro space to celebrate the Original Playstation and put some PSOne montage videos, this is just a suggestion. Thanks for Home!

  • PS Nation? Bah! I mean, that Josh guy is cool and all but we only get to see him in the first video, then it’s back to just voices. I wish he was on camera all the time! :p

  • Great job GW! But even though I’m aware you won’t comment on it, don’t forget we still want to be able to play our own music & videos in our personal spaces. Please do not forget about media sharing. You’ve got picture down pack, now all we need is audio & video please :o)

    Keep up the good work!

  • Hi, Can I get a double deluxe with a side of trophy room? Who are you talking to gawwd.. reply to me! congrats on your first blog man. how does it feel?

  • lol@Phillip_J_Fry

  • Congratulations again, PS Nation! And thanks for the great post, Mr. GlassWalls!

  • Disgaea!!! *flaps arms and falls on floor*
    Maybe NISA’s getting closer to getting some PSN Avatars…
    Here’s hoping for Trinity Universe themes or avatars for when it comes out…
    *gasp*… Need… Tri… Uni…

  • Please fix the Gamers Lounge. The frequent crashes it brings upon mine and others PS3’s make us want to avoid it entirely. :(

  • Yes, do ignore all the E3 questions. Very “community specialist” of you.

  • @imajinetion he cant answer everything

  • Keep the old Japan spaces coming please. Any hints on if we’re getting the Capcom Sky Lounge?

    Also, while I do enjoy the PS Nation podcast (haven’t listened since Mark left though :/), I have to agree with SolidShoota.
    Torgo and Mark have never cared for Home, even saying that they “haven’t and never will buy a virtual pair of pants.”
    I know they have the hook up with Prof. PlayStation and what-not but after hearing what they’ve had to say about Home since it first came out, it’s a little hypocritical of them to act like they like Home just to get they’re name out they’re.
    Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Torgo, fivespot, PJF, or SavoryCade, I just find this whole situation interesting is all.

    end rant.

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