Qore Episode 25: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Green Day Rock Band, PixelJunk Shooter 2, Clash of the Titans

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Lara Croft is back, and this time she’s joined by a fierce Mayan warrior named Totec. The Guardian of Light is a new, multiplayer co-op title coming to the PlayStation Network. Qore Host Veronica Belmont visited developer Crystal Dynamics to bring you up-to-date on Lara’s action-packed, puzzle-solving adventure…a departure from the Tomb Raider series.

It’s hard to believe 16 years ago Green Day achieved mainstream success with the release of Dookie, and today they’ve got a Broadway musical and their own version of Rock Band. Qore caught up with Billie Joe, Tre, and Mike in advance of the release of Harmonix’s Green Day Rock Band, which features — for the first time — new motion-capture technology of the power punk trio to bring their live stage performances to life.

Kyoto-based Q-Games is famous for its PixelJunk series of PSN exclusives, which includes PixelJunk Racers, PixelJunk Monsters, PixelJunk Eden, and PixelJunk Shooter. Veronica previews the upcoming PixelJunk Shooter 2 and PixelJunk Racers: 2nd Lap, and talks with company president Dylan Cuthbert about their special brand of 2D creative magic.

With Greek mythology popping up everywhere in pop culture, Audrey Cleo visits Game Republic in Japan for a preview of Clash of the Titans. This is the studio behind the PS3 games Folklore and Genji: Days of the Blade, and they’re looking to recreate the look and feel of the film while adding all-new creatures and environments.

All subscribers can download the demoscene title “detuned” for free, and all purchasers will have access to a Clash of the Titans PS3 theme. As usual, Audrey has a rundown of the latest Blu-ray releases, and this month we spotlight our first “Geek Hero”, Gary Whitta—a PC magazine editor turned Hollywood screenwriter. Green Day fans can test their knowledge in the “Name That Tune” mini-game, and don’t forget to try the Lara Croft-themed memory match puzzles to unlock Veronica’s outtake videos.

Look for Episode 25 tomorrow on the PlayStation Store update.

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  • you guys should have delayed the episode so you can make us a E3 episode :)

  • veronica belmont is HOT HOT HOT! :0

  • Oddly enough I was gonna download detuned tomorrow. Also about E3, I believe they put most if not all their presentations on PSN. Would be great if they could do Home Streaming for their Press Conference.

  • @ 3

    I think they will stream the press conference. They had the E3 space last years and Locust Star hinted at something in last week’s Home blog post.

    In other news, thanks Sony for not sending original subscribers a reminder to renew or give them a renewal discount like last year. I understand you advertised that subscribers received alot of free content, but there was substantially more content in the first year compared to the second. Don’t know if it’s worth it this year, especially with the rumors of a PSN+ on the horizon.

  • @Nader-Abudiix
    or better yet, they should just refund all the Qore subscriber their money back for the azz service Qore is. Just look at the European version of Qore and how much better it is and how it shows they actually pay attention of the audience.
    I hardly dough anyone on this blog is excited for Clash of the Titan video game. GreenDay Rock Band, another f***ing rock band game?
    Qore is an absolute joke in its second year. Do everyone a favor and start actually putting effort into this service instead of these halfazz episodes.

  • I don’t mind watching Qore….just as long as Veronica is in it :)

  • you better make an E3 episode, or prepare for a boycott of qore.

  • Qore = Snore. Sorry, won’t be getting this episode.


  • Wow… I am tempted only to see more PixelJunk Shooter 2.

    That game has me BEYOND excited. Agh! There is even concept art.

    Definitely temping me!!

  • When is Qore going to be like Firstplay in the UK? As of right now, Pulse is better than Qore. Which is why I didn’t renew my subscription.

  • Kevin, can you please ask Veronica Belmont to see if she would accept my marriage proposal? I hope she accepts it! She is my Goddess… a truly beautiful Goddess…

    But on serious note… Why did you CHOSE(!)- I mean CHOSE NOT to implement subtitle for every Qore episode?!?!? That is truly an insulting to me as a deaf person and to deaf community as well? I am not trying to whine, cry, complain or to make things more difficult for you. But all in fairness, I PAID MY MONEY FOR YOUR DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE!!! What did I get in return? For you to spit and f**k me off? That is so low of you. YOU ALL F**kers should rot in hell. I am not trying to be harsh, but that is my feelings is what I got from your service.

    Please make this work and make this happen for all of us by simply implementing subtitles in every Qore videos in every episodes and Pulse videos, interview videos,etc. We have that right- THAT IS WRITTEN WITHIN THE LAW that every company MUST MAKE OPTIONS AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE!

  • almighty-slayer

    Best thing about this blog post is finding Veronica on Twitter. Because the free gift is rubbish.

    Looks like i will be sticking with FirstPlay in the UK and not renewing my subscription of Qore. FirstPlay >> Qore. Maybe you should get some tips from the FP team about how to make a decent programme

  • wow come on there are like a a ton other games that could be showed off that are not clash of the titans and, green day rock band, and the tomb raider game. come i wana c killzone 3, infamous 2, socom 4, new vegas, NOT some crappy bands rock band game

  • PixelJunk Shooter 2! :D

  • forzanerazzurri

    I love Ms. Belmont


    i have detuned, can i have another game, instead?

  • add me to your psn list Veronica <3


  • Trueffviifan ; Your point was okay until you use the “f” word…
    Next time if you want to be heard just ask without cursing maybe? :P

  • the crying still outweighs the real comments…sigh

  • @19 jimfear
    Maybe he and others been asking for this since Qore first came out 2 years ago and is being ignore?

  • Wow I was hoping for something more like Killzone 3, inFamous 2, Motorstorm 3, Resistance 3, LittleBigPlanet 2 or Grand Turismo 5.
    Damn making it difficult to consider subscribing again.

  • What about MGS: Peace Walker? I know you guys are saving Infamous 2, KZ 3, LBP 2 and GT5 for E3 but this game is coming out the same day!

  • My subscription expired in January. I’d sign up again if they gave away any decent freebies. It’s not like anyone would subscribe for the videos. I can get overviews of upcoming games on YouTube for free.

  • if we renew our subscription for third year do we get any discount like last year ? please let me know

  • BiezulbubBill69

    that downloadable lara croft game looks awesome!!

  • Thank Goodness this will be my last episode of qore, Im done with it and never looking back. Not a day goes by I don’t regret re-subscribing to this crap. Qore Sucks!!!

  • Finally you actually give Qore subscribers something more then jack squat.

    Unfortunately unless you give us 2 free PSone games and 2 free $10 PSN games, this second year is still a giant waste of money.

    detuned is about on par with getting linger in shadows free last year, but like I mentioned above, we got far more then just one $3 PSN game free last year.

    seriously, you still owe qore sunscribers an appology for that bait and switch you pulled on us. You never warned us “we’ve decided not to give you free stuff anymore”.

    Don’t post and run Kevin, you’ve read the months of complaints from Qore subscribers, respond to them.

  • Wow! I did not know Gary Whitta became a screenwriter. He was editor-in-chief of PC Gamer when I use to subscribe. It was a great magazine back then.

  • Am i finally done with my subscription for year two? Is this the month for early adopters?

    If so good ridden.1st year awesome, 2nd year suckered. cant say i didnt give it a chance


    at least you can access yours, my other account was banned for 30 days starting December 5th 2009 and guess what, IT STILL IS, I’ve missed many an episode of this service that I PAID IN FULL FOR.
    Um turn on my account as it’s been alot longer than 30 days now. thanks, that account has $1500 spent in home and psn games. I’d like to use them again sometime this year y’know I did buy them and due to a lack of any integrity on your end I still cant.
    I wish Chris Morrell was still werking with the blog, at least stuff got done and done right.
    Plus where’s my $225.00 for the removal of Other OS. Didn’t you guys just lose that case?

  • Sorry, but I’m holding out on this season. I’ve given Qore a chance, but there just isn’t enough in it for the money I’m paying for it.

  • So did they change Psn update to Tuesdays now instead of Thursdays?

  • I waited FOREVER to buy .detuned because I always thought it’d come free with an episode of Qore. When it never came, though, I bought it (about a month and a bit ago). NOW it comes free. I will not be returning to Qore as a subscriber next year. The first year was amazing with freebies and this year has been the most lackluster experience ever. Besides the occasional decent theme, all I’ve been given is one decent beta test and two free games that I already own. Oh, and dozens of themes… not even the dynamic ones, too.

  • qore blows
    i won’t be re-subscribing to this garbage
    there are so many things you can give out to people,
    home rewards, early demo’s, beta’s, dynamic themes, ps1 games, mini’s, etc… but i guess you’ll milk us for that when psn+ comes out right?

  • To many comments above- true. I do agree with them. Beside my real beef with no option for captioning or subtitling… I find that very troubling and upsetting. I certainly do. However, what upsets me the most is that Kevin or other representative From Sony or Qore team did not appear to show their care by answering our questions, making brief comments or to interact with others once the post is up related to Qore aspect.

    I will make my decision once I receive an honest answer from Kevin (I am looking at you real hard. Don’t think I am saying bad things about you or to put you down, but of course, you should know the real reason why I am upset) or from someone who is with Qore team… Either way works just fine with me. My renewal subscription will have to depends entirely on this team to show us that they are interested in working with people and to listen to our comments/feedback… Hope you- this time around- you will do right by us. Seriously.

  • @34 you are a baby heavy rain dynamic theme was provided by qore and PSN has “make.beleive” dynamic theme free. all the E3 games will be featured in Qore when they release I prefer this to pre release HYPE and Nintendo esque VAPORWARE. Qore rocks. free high velocity bowling, SPYRO and .detuned plus MAG and MDNATION RACERS and other demos (GOD OF WAR III!) and the video is pleasing to look at (Veronica is hawt!)

  • So…What does everyone think the chances are that episode 26 will come with 2 free $10 PSN games and 2 free PSone games to make year 2 on par with year one?

    Yeah, fat chance.

    Please Sony, own up to this terrible year two you choose to give us without warning and do something about it.

  • poisonedsodapop

    I remember downloading that free episode of Qore whenever awhile back. It was… interesting. And by interesting I mean boring. Waste of a gig. This one actually has a game I want to know about but I still will not be purchasing. I just don’t think it’s worth it. Sorry Sony. But good to know Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is far enough along that they can share some info.

  • man i knew i should have waited. i bought detuned about 2 months ago. man why does this always happen to me. when they release a full game i already own it…. DAMN. but oh well. as for green day rock band i already have it. o pre-ordered it threw game stop and i was send a code yesterday so i can download all 47 tracks off the game. now i just need to make it to game stop to pick up my game YAY. Well at least this episode might be promising dont know yet though till it can be downloaded. And before i forget i agree with perrandy Veronica Belmont is H.O.T. and she aint bad looking for being 27.
    Info here -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veronica_Belmont

    Well anyways i am looking forward to this qore since there is always more then what they tell you about (and sometimes not much more). i always look forward to qore episodes every month…. man it is almost time to get a new hard drive so i can still keep all my qore episodes on my ps3…..


  • Veronica is great, Sony needs to steal her from tekzilla and show her off more :)

  • @ poisonedsodapop

    dude the Christmas special they had in 2008 was lame but they also have a lot better stuff on them now. you should try it some day you will be surprised. the free episode was made kinda cheap so dont knock qore till you can really see what it is like. i have been a qore subscriber for 2 years now and still am loving it

  • @ vinnyg32

    I agree. she is a great host. they need to sign her a contract and pay her more and give her her own show (an actual show that will come out once a week)

  • .detuned sounds interesting — “So what the heck is .detuned? It isn’t exactly a game or an art piece like Linger in Shadows. It is a user-driven music visualizer that allows you to create your own visual performance to accompany your favorite music tracks on the XMB, simply by using the SIXAXIS controller to manipulate and interact with objects within a scene. It also has its own music and a performance you can watch, too!” – Rusty Buchert // Sr. Producer, Sony Santa Monica Studios – https://blog.playstation.com/2009/10/14/detuned-available-tomorrow-on-psn-for-2-99/

    The content of this episode is still lacking. I like that you’ve added mini-games and such. That adds some value. There still feels like Qore is really behind in providing valuable core content for gamers.

  • i know UK has firstplay, but if it had qore too, that’d be sooo kl XD

  • Kevin did another post and run, goodie.

  • Looking forward to PJ Shooter 2 info. Please more dynamic themes, and what about PSN avatars? A really cool one would be the Qore logo.

  • @kolobear

    all it is is just a mini game with a dude in a chair and you control him in dancing and you can also speed up and slow down the music that is on the ps3 hard drive

  • This episode was descent. The Tombraider/Pixeljunk were ok the RockBand was stupid (not everyone is emo!) as far as the downloads go, .detuned was fun :D ……. FOR THE FIRST 5 MINUTES ›:(

  • @49 Ohh yeah and Clash of the titans was interesting

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