PlayStation Move Developer Diary: The Shoot for PS3

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The Shoot is a title exclusive to PlayStation Move, an arcade shooter where you are an action hero and the PlayStation Move motion controller is your gun. Listen to the director and shoot your way through five different spoofs of classic B-Movie themes: the Wild West, undersea monsters, haunted house, mobsters and a robot invasion. Shoot through parts of the highly destructible set to see what they’re really made of.

You can use the PlayStation Move to activate special powers. Shoot into the ground to generate a shockwave and destroy all your enemies in one blast, spin on the spot to slow time with Showtime, and fire in the air to activate your all-powerful rampage gun. No more need for buttons or foot pedals — just duck behind cover and dodge projectiles, using the PlayStation Move. You can even co-star with a friend in your own action movies!

Oh, and don’t forget about Challenges. We’ve taken our movie themes and applied them to motion games like underwater baseball and haunted house bowling, and a few more surprises…

Putting The Shoot together has been a brilliant experience for me and the team at Cohort Studios. The PlayStation Move has been a joy to work with from day one, giving us amazing accuracy and opening new opportunities to take the shooter genre forward in the game’s design. Putting the PlayStation Move and the PlayStation 3 together, we’ve created a fast-paced, fun-filled action title that wouldn’t be possible with traditional controls or even a lightgun. Check out the video to get a taste of what The Shoot has in store for you.

We really hope you enjoy the game when it comes out around the launch of the PlayStation Move. Looking forward to seeing all your high scores!

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  • …and so the Shovel Ware begins.

  • In the video, the gun reticle is bouncing around like…well…like a Wii game. What happened to accuracy and precision?

  • @ Dax, you really had to start the comments off with a disparaging remark like that? Geez…

  • Seriously.

  • Looks fun. Should open the door to the Resi Evil Wii games too..

  • The detailed lighting and destructible sets look great. Will the game render in native 1080p?

    Who do you have doing the soundtrack? Will live musicians/instruments be used?

    Will there be HD audio (24-bit and/or losslessly compressed) for at least some of the assets? Caching HD audio assets onto the hard drive is preferred for me, if it means a game can take advantage of the PS3’s HD audio capabilities!

    I love the leaning mechanic, a really nice touch!

  • Looking forward to seeing how this works with SOCOM 4. I just hope this doesn’t make a noticeable hit on graphics/framerate in games.

  • Destructible Environments = WIN! Looks pretty fun! Will this be a full-fledged Blu-Ray release or PSN?

  • One thing that scares me about this tech is the PS Eye. I remember having the hardest time playing the Eye of Judgment due to the camera not recognizing the cards because of low light or uneven lighting. Until I try this for myself, I’ll always have doubts.
    Not to mention, I’m not impress at all with the launch titles. They all look like bargain bin or cut your lost titles. No offense to the devs.

  • Not impressed. We may have to wait for the second generation of move games to make fair judgement though.

  • First rule when recording an interview, don’t give the interviewee a swivel chair to sit on, as they will most definitely swivel.

    Otherwise, I’m interested to see how the game works with the Move.

  • An on-the-rails shooter with shoddy aiming controls?!


  • excelent!

  • The pointer shaking actually shows precision as your hand shakes. Depending on the application, different levels of smoothing can be applied but increasingly strong smoothing reduces responsiveness so it’s a balancing act.

  • I’m all for traditional light gun shooters on PS3 with Move, but I’m absolutely against the dodging thing shown in this video.

  • Looks great!

    Remember, in the internet age of video game discussion, apparently everything sucks even if you haven’t tried it yet.

    I picture this as maybe a $15 – $20 downloadable PSN title, which would be great.

  • When the video started i thought i was seeing game footage, driving around that town. THAT would have been impressive. I’ll continue to wait and see, hoping for the best.

  • Sony… don’t try to out Wii the Wii.. you will not win.

  • I suppose I could see one of my young cousins getting a kick out of this. I suppose what really determines my thoughts would be whether this is BD or PSN release.

    All the same, the attitude put forward from many of these comments is kind of embarassing. Hopefully, the devs can extract something useful from them. The twit blurting out “shovelware” as the first comment is clearly not helping.

  • I agree with Dax. When I’m playing a shooter, I’d like to not see my cross hairs jerking all over the place, even when it’s sitting in one spot. I think the Playstation move should compensate for a person’s naturally shaky hands. For example, when I played Resident Evil: Dead Aim with the GunCon 2, it made a life and death difference that at times when my hand became shaky and I missed a very important shot. People are going to have their arms up constantly when using the Move, their muscles will eventually get tired and struggle a little to keep their arms raised and further increasing the shakiness of a crosshair. There should be a type of “buffer zone” that the move uses, so that whenever the globe stays in that buffer zone, there’s very minimal movement of the crosshair on screen. This kind of programming needs to go into the PS3s firmware. If it’s left up to game developers to do that, we’ll just see mediocre games. Implementing this idea right in the hardware’s programming or the firmware will allow developers to better work with the Move. If you guys developing the Move can work this out, meanwhile maintaining the proper responsiveness of motion controls, awesome.

  • Can’t wait for the third party accessories that will integrate the move controller to be more like a light-gun. Maybe even a rifle with Move innards etc…

  • I’m excited for Move, but tbh, this game looks like a garbage Wii game.

  • As long as it has local multiplayer and isn’t the price of a full game, I’m sold.
    Looks like a great pick-up and play game for when friends are over.

  • I really don’t want to point my arm at the tv and imagine that i’m holding some sort of gun, as you can see the arm starts to shake after a while and get’s tired. If we were to get some sort of holder, like something that resembled a submachinegun – we could hold it like a real weapon with both our hands and the stability would be far more accurate.

  • The problem is every time someone says the movment of the Crosshairs or something similar is jerky it’s because of the accuracy of the controller and the fact that human beings aren’t as smooth moving as we’d like to think. When they dial that back to make it smooth people claim the controller doesnt do 1:1 movement. Make up your minds, which do you want?!

    I will admit that I’m waiting eagerly for REAL Move games that arent trying so hard to court the Wiimarket. Wii games get played for about 3 days and then get stuck in the closet. But I also recognize that we’re talking about the first gen of games and they have to show proof of concept more than they need to create a 40 hour RPG and they need to develop these games fairly quickly so they can only polish these games so much and have time to remove bugs before the whole playform launches.

  • the part were he was moving to actually dodge missiles was really cool if more games support head tracking like that and do something unique with it then im sold

  • and o0o i hope its psn game not a full fledge 60 dollar game

  • @DAX;

    First; The reason the crosshairs are “bouncing” around the screen is from the developer’s hand shaking. It’s so precise, that it is picking up the slightest hand shake.

    Second; Go be an ass somewhere else.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Why is the reticule so loose? Checkout the youtube of one of Valve’s game using motion controls correctly, no loose reticule there.

  • I do agree that the fact that we’ll be holding the controller will lead to quite a few groans, rather than if we were holding a gun-looking thing that can be easier to hold. Nevertheless, I’m really looking forward to this game. As of right now, I don’t expect anything that will make me go OMFG!! I expect to see fun games, and that’s all. Looking at the footage of this game, I see fun. This is the types of games that make you go to Dave & Busters or Gameworks, or wherever it may be that you like to play arcade games! Just because some people might not enjoy this type of gameplay as much doesn’t mean that nobody at all does. I know for sure that I’m picking this one up!

  • @usagi704 I would have agreed w/ you normally about dodging things… but end of day it comes down to preference. Myself, I did get tired of the point n shoot and I ran across an Arcade game called “POLICE 911” [youtube it] and it was fun and actually a nice little work out [after like $10 later my legs were on fire & i play sports, lol].

    It could just be an added bonus to have some type of movement, but again, it comes down to preference, and I respect yours, just try it when it comes out, I am sure there will be some type of demo.


  • The problem is every time someone says the movment of the Crosshairs or something similar is jerky it’s because of the accuracy of the controller and the fact that human beings aren’t as smooth moving as we’d like to think. When they dial that back to make it smooth people claim the controller doesnt do 1:1 movement. Make up your minds, which do you want?!”

    Both through the use of sensitivity settings! One for cursor movement speed, another for inertia, or smoothing, or whatever else i’m not thinking of.

  • @NickiChaos

    Try laying your arm on your lap when you play. It makes a difference since you can still point while sitting in a relaxed position. Trust me. It worked for the wii, it will work fine for this. It’s like if you held your pen/pencil like a remote you wouldn’t write well, but if you hold it in the way you hold it normally, its no big deal. So just like you don’t hold out your dual shock in the air to play, you don’t have to hold this remote out to play either.

  • Ummmm so they expect me to pay 60 bucks for this game? How bout 20?

  • every move game been British trash so far.

  • i really hope Sony has something impressive to show for Move at E3

  • Am I the only one that sees the potential for realistic weaponry with MOVE tech? Give it a chance people…if its a gimmick, then its a gimmick, and some people will have fun messing around with it, but if it really takes off like Sony hopes it does, isn’t that awesome for everyone? It’s not like if your not interested in the Move, that its existance will destroy your gaming. Just don’t get it!

  • Awesome. More games to look forward to!

  • Looks ok I guess. If they really want a rail shooter, they need to strike deals with Sega and Capcom so we can have Virtua Cop and a Resident Evil Chronicals game on the PS3.

  • It looks ok I guess. If Sony really wants a rail shooter, they need to strike up a deal with Capcom and Sega. That way we could have a Virtua Cop sequel and maybe a Resident Evil Chronicals game on PS3.

  • @37: I agree, that’s what I hate fanboy. I will say that the Move look promising and I hope it open up to multiple Wii ports like Resident Evil chronicles. Also, I read about Sengoku Basara 3, I wonder if that will make use of the Move. Also you remember 7 days back in 2006, that was thought to be cancelled but it turn out it wasn’t and now after seeing Move, implement it into 7 days and I think it would rock that game.

  • honestly, there is an easy way to get rid of the ugly twitching reticles. get rid of them completely. if it is truly one to one then it should be point-shoot.

  • CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM: If you ask me, the game should let you hold the stick vertically so it feels more like you’re holding a gun and *aiming* at things (with the imaginary barrel), rather than *pointing* at them (with the tip of the wand). The ”bend your wrist forward awkwardly” position is not a natural or intuitive way to hold a firearm (pretend or otherwise). You should at least give the player the option to ”point” or ”shoot”. I realize the way the controller is built, you couldn’t really ”pull the trigger” with your index finger, but you could at least ”release the hammer” with your thumb (if you hold the thing backwards?).

    The key here is to not think like you’re building a Wii game. You don’t need to mimic what other people are doing just because other people are doing it.

  • I wanted to watch this video in full screen, but I guess the whole site is messed up, and none of the vids will do it.

  • So glad I spent $75 on my Guncon3 now. Really awesome to see new shooter games coming out that rely on an onscreen cursor, because “looking down the sights” isn’t accurate enough.

    Can you guys even try to put in support for the Guncon3 as a hidden option in this game please. I’m kinda sick of Time Crisis mini-games.

  • look closely at around 1:10… his hand is shaking alittle bit.

  • Please license a gun peripheral so I don’t have to make one out of duct tape and a broom stick thanks

  • To Dax and all who are constantly complaining and nickpicking about what Sony is doing or not doing is dumb. IF you don’t like the PS MOVE then don’t buy it plain and simple and secondly sony has bend over backwards trying to make the PS fans happy, when they finally give us new like the Playstation move ppl start bashing it. the point i’am try to make is this no matter what Sony does you still going to find something to complain about.

  • @Dax_Australia It’s bouncing because he’s taping the button to shoot.

  • Looking forward to trying PS MOVE at E3. Probably be my first stop.

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