Hoard: PS3 and PSP Dragon Combat Hits PSN this September

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This fall, the world’s first dual-analog firebreather is coming to PS3 and PSP via the PlayStation Network!

HOARD for PS3 and PSP

Developed by Big Sandwich Games, HOARD is an arcade-action game where the dragon is the hero. Your goal: collect as much treasure as possible from a living kingdom that grows around you. Burn down crops, strafe merchant wagons, and — best of all — kidnap fair maidens and force the kingdom to ransom them back for piles of gold! But watch out for vile knights and merciless wizards, who want nothing more than to gain fame by slaying a dragon.

HOARD for PS3 and PSP

Collecting gold at your hoard will level you up and give you upgrade points. These are used to increase your dragon’s speed, breath, armor, and health. Your strategy in choosing upgrades is crucial to scoring the most points possible on each map and rising to the top of the leaderboards. You can also complete challenges to earn Hoard Rankings and eventually become a Legendary Wyrm!

HOARD for PS3 and PSP

Cooperative play is supported for PS3 (both couch and online co-op), so you can get your fire on with your friends. Three different game modes and dozens of different kingdoms combine with a deep reward system and leaderboards to ensure you’ll get your treasure’s worth on this one.

HOARD for PS3 and PSP

Visit hoardgame.com for a developer blog, screenshots, concept art, and more.

Also, stay tuned for more info on HOARD at E3 Expo next week in LA, where the game will be available for a hands-on play!

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