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It’s a weekend of work catchup for me, but I’m still hoping to slip in a few hours with Red Dead Redemption and possibly ModNation Racers‘ track editor. Split/Second beckons, too. What will you be playing?

Oh, and with the E3 clock counting down rapidly, don’t miss EU PlayStation blogger James Gallagher‘s series of E3 retrospectives, starting with PlayStation at E3 1995 and PlayStation at E3 1997.

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  • When will Qore be coming this month. I hope it’s the Tuesday of the Sony press conference, with some info on… well anything Sony has been talking about lately. LBP 2, SOCOM 4, iNFAMOUS 2, so much good stuff.

  • AHH i cant wait for E3.. it seems so close but far away. I want to hear most about the progression of PSN, and if new features are coming.

    Also Sony, what are you guys saving for E3?! You’ve already announced LBP2, Socom 4, Infamous 3, and now Motorstorm 3 has been LEAKED!

    I hope you guys arn’t just announcing stuff now and will then just talk about those announcements at E3, I want to see some Surprise announcements! lol


    Ace Combat coming home to playstation would be a greatly welcomed surprise. even if its just the same one that Catbox360 stole from us.


    or even Zone of the Enders 3

  • Syphon Filter: Logans Shadow for PS2. It’s 2010 and I can still pre order a ps2 game, my brain can’t handle this.

  • Hi Guys, figure here is as good a place as any to bring up some share criticisms.

    -Needs a flag system for doubles that slip through.

    -why are joke entries approved? “Gears of War 3 on PS3”, “Pokemon on PS3”, “remove MP3 and Divx support by username: Copyright owner” etc. They make a mockery of the share page.

    -I get the feeling that good, well written, inclusive ideas dont get posted because they are similar to incomplete poorly written ideas that were there first. I think this causes good ideas to get little to no traction sometimes.

    -Personal level: My idea of when a Game is released simultaneously on both PS3 and PSP(such as Modnation Racers, MLB the Show, Madden etc), include a digital copy of the PSP version in the PS3 release either on the disk or a voucher was incorrectly rejected.

    -recognising ideas that were inacted should happen two as some have already happened.

    -Nothing new is getting any votes. Of the top 200 ideas in +-, only like a dozen of them were not posted in the first two days. and the rest were posted in the first week.

    • Thanks for this. Once E3 mania is over, we’ll be sitting down with Share to address some of these issues. We have a great start already (over 1 million votes now!) but there’s definitely some rough edges to smooth over. Nothing specific to tell you now, but Share will be evolving over time.

  • Lets just go over all the games that have been officially announced before E3.

    Socom 4
    Killzone 3
    inFamous 2

    Those are 4 HUGE titles. I really shutter to think what Sony is making room for. It can’t just be Move. I am guess we will see Agent, The Last Guardian, and that game from Bungie.

    • There will be plenty to talk about, as well as much more info coming out of SOCOM 4, LBP2, Killzone 3, and inFamous 2.

  • jeff, what do you guys leak or announce stuff before E3? i like surprises.

  • serously, you guys have better have something big at E3 that will blow our socks off. i mean, you guys are announcing games that are not just AAA exclusives, but they’re E3 caliber sized announcements…

    • Nothing to share for now, but you’ll definitely want to peep the PlayStation press conference on Tuesday, June 15th at 12pm to get the full story.

  • Keven Butler’s title at E3 should be something like VP if leak prevention and there should be a video of all the crazy stuff he did to keep something secret and reveal it at E3.

  • Hey Sid,

    I think it would be really smart to include the tracking ball on top of the navigation/sub controller for Playstation Move.

    I played the Gladiator game in Boston :) and I loved having two controllers tracking my movements.

    I would be blown away if I could do that with a game like Zelda or Demon’s Souls 2. Using a bow and arrow, sword and shield, two lightsabers, so many possibilites. Although, we need to be able to move our character (Navigation controller). Combine the two and I think incredibly rich experiences could be made!!! :)

    What do you think?!

  • -I’m playing Demon’s Souls Great and fun game. i thought that as RPG i will have to read a lot but it’s not like that.

    -I have a question about Killzone 2, if i buy the European Killzone 2 (in my country it’s cheaper than american version and also in spanish) can i play it on my ntsc playstation 3? i have always play zone 1 games. and the dlc’s from the usa store will work in the european killzone 2??

    – Any news about Castle Crashers?

    Thx (:

  • Demon’s Souls is great! I was terrible at it :), but the game oozes mystique. As for Killzone 2 & DLC, I believe these won’t work because the software has to be the same region.

    Castle Crashers is coming! (^_^) Here’s our update from a few weeks ago:

  • Playing WKC all weekend, this game is almost endless, its great.

    Can’t wait for E3, I took the day off from work so that I can watch the Sony Conference live, hope it doesn’t disappoint.

  • Hey Sid, yep, me again. Can you please look into why Grace Chen (who posts the store update) doesn’t answer ANY, ZERO, NADA of our questions? Or better yet, you could do it. You do an amazing job with your posts, maybe you could do us a favor and reply to us. I know that you may not be at liberty to discuss certain details, but something is better than nothing at all. Mike (who posts the store update on the eu blog) does the job of communicating with the audience and does it well. Please, i beg you!

  • Any Motorstorm news?

  • Here’s my recap of this week in playstation: psp got absolutely nothing while we still release stupid minis and other crap. We here at playstation take strong pride in releasing a crap system like the psp go where u can’t get any of the good games 4 the psp like the already released but not in the playstation network Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3. We know it’s not fair to post the demo and then never post the game but we only do it because we hate all psp go owners.

    • Hey, don’t knock minis! :-) Have you tried Monsters Probably Stole My Princess, or Freekscape? There are some gems for sure.

  • I knew Joe Danger would be good, but not 9.5 from IGN good.

  • Where’d the mobile site go?

    • We’ve been asking about this, it’s a known issue, but the cause is still being tracked down. Apologies for the delay!

  • I just got platinum on Red Dead redemption and I just bought ModNation Racers to begin my platinum hunt on that game. Anyway that’s what I’ll be playing alongside FIFA 10.

    Anyway Sid I rally hope you guys have something in store for us at E3 besides the games you’ve already announced and the Move, stats and 3D because that will make for an uneventful E3. Please say that you guys will have those megaton announcements at E3.


    PS Add me. :)

  • Hey Sid,

    since inFamous 2 has been unveiled along with KZ3 & LBP, will the Sony E3 press conference blow us away with and shock us all? Just asking.

  • sorry I meant LBP2.

  • Motorstorm 3 leaked today, looks like it’s set in a post-apocalyptic setting! Awesome!

    PS – Sony is “leaking” this stuff on purpose folks…we all knew these sequels were coming, and Sony knew we knew. I’m sure we will see more of them at E3

  • Sorry for piping into this debate Sid.
    E3 media briefings are now a massive contest between consoles over who had the best show, not so much Nintendo judging by their passionless, dismal performance last year… Microsoft has definatly upped the stakes the last two years and Sony has acted accordingly, neither side want to lose.
    If AAA games are being announced pre E3 Sony must have a megaton or two hidden away that is going to set fire to forums everywhere once revealed.

  • Have you made anything for MNR yet Sid? I’m still waiting to finish the career before I publish anything (Some of these grudge matches are hard!!!).

    • Yes, I had a sweet-looking (decent-playing) track, but I got overzealous and messed it up. I gotta fix it and publish it — I’ll let you know when it happens :-)

  • I doubt Sony is dumb enough to not have any surprise games at the conference. I think we will see some,hopefully like FF 14 where it was a utter surprising with no leaks or rumors at all.

  • What’s the next announcement before E3 Sid, Resistance 3?

    • It’ll be Sid’s E3 Flight HD, where you dodge baggage fees in 1080p while trying to get to the best window seat. Look out for the Flight Cancellation monster!

  • Lol @25 reply

    So, even though you’ve pretty much announced all your awesomes BEFORE E3, Sony can still win this. How, you may ask?

    Announce a ICO & SOTC HD collection, coming out this year

    Confirm the Last Guardian release date, and it better be 2010.

    If they can do that, everything else will seem insignificant :D

  • @jeep deep-there is no way in hell last guardian is out this year,we will be lucky to even get it next year but i think its fall next year. Sid is probably mad that Resistance 3,starhawk and possibly syphon filter 5 are known for E3. it would be great to see something else though that no one saw coming. jack tretton kind of hinted this in an interview.

  • Where the heck is Wardevil? Also, why isn’t there a at least a d pad or analog stick on the PSmove? And why not just add a bulb on top of the navigator?

  • I gotta admit, im a bit skeptical about sony and its E3 this year, I mean come on, they’ve announced AAA games like Killzone 3, infamous 2, lbp2 and GOW gos before the show! I really hope sony has some big surprises instead of just showing us trailers and gameplay and details from the already announced games. Those 4 games are definitely worthy of E3 announcements, but nope.

    Im a bit skeptical like I said, I really hope sony’s E3 isnt just about move and 3d mainly, I want to see some awesome new things. Of course showing new footage/gameplay and telling us details on the new titles wouldnt make the sony show bad, it would just make it predictable and I dont know if it would be enough to “win” E3.

  • Sid’s E3 Flight HD?!?!?!?!???

    Thats why im driving twelve hundred miles to your meetup……

  • Sid, will there be any earth-shattering E3 announcements from Sony? Just saying yes or no will satisfy me!

  • Motorstorm 3 official announcement Sid? i mean it got leaked already so might as well announced you know lol anyways LUNATICS UNITE!!!! cant wait to see it in action , hope Evo has done their job and taken Motorstorm as a franchise to the next level , again LUNATICS UNITE!!!!

  • Hey Sid,
    Another great week for the Playstation family.
    Just wanted to know if we would be getting any info this week regarding the E3 coverage in Home.


  • @27

    One can hope….

    Nah, you’re right. Ico took 4 years to make, and Shadow took 5. Logic dictates it’ll take 6 for The Last Guardian. But still. I REALLY REALLY hope they make a SOTC/ICO collection. My bro moved out and took the ps2 and ICO and SOTC, WHAT THE HELL DO I DO NOW?

  • in regards to the psn store, is there a date for Final Fantasy IX? no offense to upcoming new games, but older rpgs is my interest.

  • I know this is off topping but, when is Sony gonna gives us the feature of cross-game chatting? It’s #1 on the list and I realy want this feature.
    Please answer!
    Thanks! :)

  • MrMondayNighttt

    HOPEFULLY Sony will announce a fully REDESIGNED XMB!

    Im sorry but I feel that the XMB on the PS3 is just stale, even with my dynamic themes, Its fine for a PSP but not for a console in my book.

    I have a bunch of friends that feel the same way. The Xbox live menus look better and are more fun to navigate,the current xmb needs to go.

    I hope that the Premium PSN will feature a much Improved FLASH WEB BROWSER(PLEASE!) and a new futuristic Menu design.

    Come on Sony wake up!! We need to lure as many xbox live members as possible!! Please Give us new Visually attractive Menus!

  • @22 wow this is a leak fest but its making me want to watch e3

  • Hey, Sid. We were having a debate on Rock Band’s forums as to whether a “Album Completion Discount” similiar to the one used by iTunes was currently possible in the store. Could you clarify?

    • Boy, that sounds like a question for the Rock Band folks at Harmonix — I wouldn’t know where to begin! ^_^

  • If sony dont announce FinalFantasy 7 remake Exclusively for ps3 this year, consider sonys e3 doomed.
    not other game will give an impact like that.
    whats sonys left?
    resistance 3? thats obviously coming.
    motorstorm 3? its a good game but nothing to be blown away
    KZ3. announced
    infamous 2. announced
    so really for the love of GOD….. just announce FF7!
    BTW wheres my Sephiroth SackBoy? Huh? hummmmm….?
    And in terms of Updates, announce In game Cross Chat and then BAM!SONY has just won E3 for like 5 years ahead.

  • @darkone- yea im sure a remake of a 1997 game will blow people away. i rather them not do that crap,original games should stay in their original form not be remade.

  • when will our american psn finally be getting all the ps1 classics europe already has that we don’t like a bugs life, some more obscure Disney games, and most importantly FF9 (the greatest FF ever made on the ps1)?

  • Skateboardingfan

    final fantasy is ok its not the type of anime game that gets you intrested like kingdom hearts.

  • And still no 6.30 update for psp

  • Honest question:

    Doesn’t it seem contrived to bar FFIX from release until E3?

    Square has given you the rights to publish it’s IP (which seems rare US probably, as there are barely any PSOne classics.) and you decide to affectively tax it by withdrawing from release in the region that has seen a PSOne drought?? I mean, it isn’t a miracle that you are performing that can only be shown at E3.. It could be released at any time you decide.

    • These digital release dates can shift around for a wide range of reasons, such as a regional/local requirement or perhaps a minor bug or technical hiccup. There’s no ETA yet for FFIX, but it’s coming soon!

  • Hey Sid, When i got my ps3 last year i noticed that you couldn’t play music and (most) games at the same time.
    Will this ever change, sorry if alot of people ask this, it’s my first post.
    Any news would be appreciated :)

  • I’m not worried about Sony’s E3.

    Just because they announced games before E3 doesn’t mean that they can’t blow us away.

    Remember Uncharted 2 last year? We all knew that was coming, but the demo they showed was MIND-BLOWING! It would be awesome if they do that with LBP 2, inFamous 2, MotorStorm 3, etc.

    And I’m sure they have some non-Move related surprise games left like ModNation Racers last year.

  • Damn Sid you are dedicated…you were up early/late just to reply to the blog, Thank you sir!!

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