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Just another quick announcement to let you all know about our exciting third PlayStation minis title for PSP and PS3, Vibes, which will release on the PlayStation Store on June 8th at the price of $5.49. Vibes is an action-packed rhythm game that includes a lucky 13 music tracks, covering everything from Classical to J-Pop, to Psychobilly, to Punk. With three levels of difficulty your finger will be well and truly wrecked. ;)

The game is squarely aimed at fans of the rhythm-based genre and has a steep learning curve, so if you think you have conquered Guitar Hero then give this a try. Starting off on the Easy difficulty allows the player to get used to the control mechanism — the difficulty then builds and builds, and will push players to the limit on the harder difficulty settings.

One feature we’re particularly proud of is the music-video inspired background sequences during gameplay. These not only look awesome, but they’re also hilarious (if I do say so myself), and feature things such as pulsating ducks, throbbing buildings and flexing sumo wrestlers. If that list isn’t 100% WIN then I don’t know what is — and don’t forget these items and more are all in the same game!

Vibes for PlayStation minis -- PSP and PS3 Vibes for PlayStation minis -- PSP and PS3

When creating Vibes, our principle aim was to create an addictive gameplay mechanism, accompanied by a fresh art style. We’ve definitely achieved both those things and — for my money — made one of the stand-out PlayStation minis titles. For more details on the game check out the trailer above (which is also available via the PlayStation Store).

For those who need reminding, Vibes is out on June 8th at $5.49. Hope you like it!

Vibes for PlayStation minis -- PSP and PS3 Vibes for PlayStation minis -- PSP and PS3

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  • this look really good!

  • Is there a HD version of this video

  • looks like guitaroo man. this can only mean good things :P

  • This looks sweet!

  • Looks fun, I heart these type of games…multiplayer for ps3 would be nice…

  • This looks exactly like Beats. Probably not as feature packed aswell, will still buy though.

  • Looks really good. Will there be a European release on june 9th?

    • As long as all goes to plan Vibes will be released on the 9th. This game has been a long time coming we just hope you all enjoy it as much as we still do.

  • If this allows custom soundtracks as well, you have a sure buy :)

  • Oh [DELETED]. Definitely a buy

  • Great Idea!…I love the beats, the music, and the Idea. For me the art direction leaves little to be desired though. Lots of muddy colors and bland shapes.

  • This looks exactly like Beats and with Beats you could use your own mp3s…

  • Sounds fun! I loved hearing those beats in my sterio when I played the video. On a headset, it should be even better!

    Less than $6! WOOT!

  • Looks like you’re defending on Guitaroo Man… but the whole team. Sounds like fun. I like rhythm games so def picking this up!

  • “Pulsating Duck” – I’m sold on it.

  • I Hate it!

  • Sold! I really like the different tracks… a bit of everything. Which one are the other 2 titles that you released already? Good Luck with this project!

  • Sold here also. @YungTizz: why even leave a comment? Hater.

  • “covering everything from Classical to J-Pop, to Psychobilly, to Punk”

    None of these are genres I like :( Can we use or own music?

  • Awaiting moderation?

    What did I say?

    I just asked if I could use my own music because I didn’t like any of the genres mentioned above! How many times do I have to rephrase my post so you don’t censor it???


  • Look like Beats with a few notches beyond, will it be possible to use our own music and be able to change backgrounds?

  • reminds me of Beats. but without customs.

  • play_the_station


  • hi any1 know what day is naruto ultimate heroes 3 coming on the PSN ??


    Did I seriously just see a trailer for a superly amazingly awesome music game for the psp that will be coming out soon and for less than 6 dollars!?!?!

    This game looks AMAZING!!!! It looks really difficult too… which is EVEN BETTER! (so tired of those guitar hero/rock band people thinking they’re musical beasts because they can beat a music game with cheap plastic peripherals)

    basic-controller-played music games are the BEST! (DJ Max, Gitaroo Man, Parappa the Rapper, Space Channel Five) and Vibes looks like it will no doubt become one of my most played PSP games EVER!!!!

    LOVE IT!!!!


    I’m SUPER excited! There is NO WAY I’m missing out on this one!!!!

  • For those asking about custom soundtracks – it’s a mini and minis don’t support it – ever
    it looks cool but because of this and the steep price for a mini I’ll probably pass – qubixx looks fun though – like the old atari game from the eighties

  • hey mods , why would my previous comment be ‘ awaiting moderation ‘ ?
    no bad language and on topic .

  • aha.. looks pretty cool!

    anyone else read something else when they hit this line “….pulsating DUCKS, throbbing…”

    my, my.

  • Thanks to everyone for the comments. We hope you enjoy and if it is successful there is every chance of a Vibes 2 :) feedback will be welcome.

  • Remindes of The game BEATS

  • Can we use our song in this game like Beats?

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