Coming to PSN: Smash Cars: Virus Run DLC for PS3

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Ah, PlayStation faithful… we meet again! Scott from TikGames-Creat Studios here, with another PlayStation Network announcement to shake up that afternoon (or morning, or evening) slump that you all know too well. We at TikGamesCreat Studios are quite psyched to announce the release of a new Add-On Pack for our much-loved RC racing game, Smash Cars!

Smash Cars: Virus Run DLC for PS3

Surely you already know about Smash Cars, our tricked-out RC car racing game, right? Right? With real-time physics simulation and vehicle customization, players twist and turn, grind and gear up, perform aerial tricks and stunts while racking up points, bump into obstacles, blah blah blah. Our new DLC tosses in some great new features to enhance that fast-paced experience.

The new Smash Cars: Virus Run features an all-new online racing mode for up to six players to battle to the finish line. But this time, one randomly selected player quickly becomes the group’s foe! The “infected” car rushes the racetrack with the ability to contaminate other players. When the infected player hits an opponent’s car, the victim joins the effort. And, just to make things even more interesting, we tossed in a new Skate Park at the center of the island, complete with half-pipes and springboards to perfect your trick and stunt skills during the Virus Run mode.

Smash Cars: Virus Run DLC for PS3

Smash Cars: Virus Run DLC for PS3 Smash Cars: Virus Run DLC for PS3

Adding to the tears of joy (or fear) we know you’re all shedding, TikGames-Creat Studios is thrilled to show how we’ve been listening to all of you that have sent countless emails, blog responses, bulletin-board posts and screams from rooftops. We’re including the feature that has been, by far, the most requested for Smash Cars: local two-player split screen! Gamers can now race their mini-cars past angry beach-goers and over boardwalks while playing against friends and family, and show just much better they are than everyone else. The Add-On will be available for download on June 8th in North America for $2.99.

Smash Cars: Virus Run DLC for PS3 Smash Cars: Virus Run DLC for PS3

On a serious note, we know that a few of you original Smash Cars owners had some trouble with our online multiplayer mode. We really want to thank all of you for the feedback (some folks were incredibly generous with their time!) and to let you know we indeed have been listening. Available June 8th in North America, a free patch will be available for automatic download for all Smash Cars owners on to improve your online multiplayer experience.

We say this every time, but it will never, ever get old: Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your support and feedback. We can’t do what we love without you. And one more thing… be sure to join our Facebook page and follow @CreatStudios on Twitter for updates live from E3, including our just-announced PSN-exclusive title TerRover!

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  • Great! I love smash cars. With Split-screen it is going to be awesomer! I will be getting this.

    • Thanks fedex682! As a Smash Cars lover, you definitely won’t be disappointed by the new features.

  • Love this game, Infected sounds super fun! Yeah I’m getting it!

  • Bought this awhile back. That half pipe looks fun. 2 player split screen is going to be sweet. I love Creat Studio games!

    • Thanks so much for your support, BigRon3400! We absolutely love making games for fans like you.

  • My 5 year old and I love this game!! Thanks for the update!

    • You’re very welcome, jbsmooth7. Enjoy playing with your five year old in split screen mode!

  • Wow, Why haven’t I heard of this game till now, I remember playing a game like this on my PS1, I’m going to have to pick this up :P

    • Well, II-KiLLER-ll, I’m thrilled to be the one to introduce you to Smash Cars! Our team loves feedback, so let us know what you think of the game.

  • You’re very welcome, jbsmooth7. Enjoy playing with your five year old in split screen mode!

  • awesome cant wait for this!! scott, you and your fellow employees rock!! i have all tic/creat games,keep churning out more and we’ll keep buying them. also its great to see you all supporting this game still. its one of my favorites, now with online multiplayer it will be even better!! keep up the awesome work!!!

    • Thank you, daniel3334! Your feedback means more to us than I can express in a measly comment. We want to see our fans happy, and we’ll continue to make (and update) games you’ll love!

  • Smash Cars is pure, simple, awesome FUN.

    Great to hear there is DLC for it and at that price how can I refuse?

    Very much looking forward to this, DLC is always best when it adds new gameplay elements.

    Love Tiki-Creat’s attitude to their work and the community.

    Oh and lastly, if anyone was on the fence about buying this game…hop over to the other side, it’s so much fun to mess around with for 10 minutes or an hour.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself, Demonized. Please let us know what you think of the new content on our Facebook or Twitter!

  • Ooh, this looks great!

    A fine addition to an amazing game!

  • Why is it every time Scott Hyman posts here, I feel the urge to buy whatever he’s promoting? It’s only because of him that I’ve bought so many Creat titles :P Someone should give that guy a raise.

    • Awesome to know all my brainwashing practice wasn’t for nothing, CheckMark! Just kidding, but I hope you’re very happy with the Creat games you’ve bought so far.

  • neorudemovement

    i was just wondering why a new location or map never came out for this yesterday, im really looking forward to this great edition to an already fun game.

    if you dont own this yet grab it! you get so much milage out of this affordable psn title. seriously folks, do yourself the favor.

    thanks for the continual effort on this title.

  • Not to sidetrack your post, but I just want to say that TerRover is looking awesome. Can’t wait to see more of it.

    • I don’t mind at all, JetSetFuture. In fact, I’m thrilled to finally be able to shout about TerRover from the rooftops! We’ll be posting all updates about TerRover on our Facebook and Twitter pages if you’re interested to hear more. :-)

  • i need to play more of this on my own profile. i got it because my niece loved the demo and now it has split screen we can play together.

  • yea i have this and wakeboarding hd, great gmes! will get add on.

  • Can’t wait!

  • Thank you soo much for updating the multiplayer for the game. I love doing online races, but it just got a little discouraging at times connecting to people.

    It’s great that you kept on supporting this game!

    • Of course, gus_xl! We never want to disappoint our fans. Please continue to let us know if there are any improvements you’d like to see in our games. We’re great listeners.

  • Thank you scott…I’ve praised this game every chance I could.
    I was hopeing for some new car bodies/paint schemes as well but this will do no doudt. Mabey those things could come in the future if this sells well for you guys. HOPE SO I love this game.

    Also I would like to see some more single player tracks added as well.

    • DANO69, I hope you’ll be happy to hear that everything you suggested is being discussed. Thank you for the feedback and the praise!

  • Wow, I never thought this game would get DLC. Will Wakeboarding HD have some DLC as well ?

    • It’s definitely possible, Bilouze! Keep telling us what you’d like to see in the future and we’ll do what we can.

  • Any bundle of game+DLC? price? Thanks

  • Can’t wait for this! 2 player splitscreen = yes please

    • Oh man, I know how hard it is to wait, Seafea_. Try keeping your mouth shut about exciting announcements like this and TerRover! Your patience will pay off :-)!

  • Thanks for considering my question, I just love bundles!

  • Hey Great to hear the news, You guys rock. Are their any new trophies included with this pack by any chance?

  • Wow I’ve never heard of this game until now. Looks fun. I like how you actually reply to everyone’s comments, unlike the person who runs the PSN store.

  • It is great to hear that you decided to add splitscreen multiplayer. I wanted to get this game but splitscreen was a deal breaker for me.

    Now that that is added, it looks like you have another customer.

    • We’d be happy to hear any future suggestions from you, Cruizer8! If you have any feedback at all, feel free to post on our Facebook page ( and we’ll be listening.

  • I downloaded the demo for this a while ago…. never got around to playing it… I should fire up that demo… better late than never. ALSO nice to see developer support with PSN games. Always a plus

  • Oh I love your games. Looks like I’ll need to pick up a PSN card soon.

  • Scott Hyman.. This is a wicked one.. a 8 out of 10.. THE FAZEONES LOUNGE

  • sony suppose to bring “hovercraffts” into playstation HOME at one time, maybe ya can make em RC Cars aswell, talk to them!

  • [DELETED]. I bought this game the week it was released, surprisingly challenging. Split screen should be great fun with my friends! Thanks Creat!

  • I love many Tik/Creat games. I need to try this. Any free code for me? :P

    • Happy to hear from a fan, Grouken! No free codes laying around, but we sometimes hold giveaways on our Twitter ( and Facebook ( pages for special occasions.

  • a week ago I deleted Smash Cars because I was a little bored of it and Now you are releasing dlc ?
    I guess I’ll have to re-download it again soon .
    Have all your games except hamster ball , the demo wasn’t much fun but your others are great games .

    How about a smash cars track creation tool dlc and some of that awesome play/create/share other games get ? that’s what the best part of some of your games is ….. well back to create some planet minigolf holes .

    • Thanks for the suggestion, FJ1100_rider. We’re always tossing ideas like that around, and the more feedback we get, the more likely we are to do it. Keep the suggestions coming, please!

  • Well, this is great for people that can play multiplayer, but a huge disappointment for me. I’ve been waiting forever for new tracks and was extremely excited when I began reading the article. Way to murder my happy face. :( Looks like the wait continues…

    • Reef1978, we’ll do what we can to turn that frown upside down. (Wow, did I really just type that!?!?) Seriously, stay tuned, and keep letting us know what you want to play.

      Split-screen was made as a direct result of feedback from players. If more tracks and track editors are what you all want, please let us know!

  • Split screen=Instant buy, I hate how most games don’t come with that feature anymore, that’s why my sister love LBP and MNR, now we’ll be adding this to the list, thanks so much Creat Studios I love your games!!

    • So thrilled to know you’ll enjoy it, Maguss. As I said above, it was the customer feedback asking for the feature that prompted us to make it.

  • This is such a fun game. I actually never buy games that get low review scores from ign (my trusted game news source). But this happened to be the first time I completely disagreed with them, they gave it a 7/10 or something? I would give it an 8.5/10. The game is great! And I am glad I bought it.

    My biggest gripe in the game was actually one of the levels. I think the 2nd to last level, it was a time trial. It was WAY too hard. I quit playing after that because I just couldn’t come close to beating it. Great game though. :)

    • While we do love our buddies at IGN (Did you notice the link to their TerRover preview above?), please feel free to let them know that they may want to give Smash Cars a second look. :-) Like us, everyone who works in games is (or should be) always open to feedback.

  • Sorta’ looks like a hybrid between Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars and Burnout. Shameless plug BTW but Battle-Cars is on sale right now for $4.99 :3

    • Oh, dude… you’re plugging on our blog!?!?!?! Ahh, it’s ok. We love PSN, and nothing bad comes from having lots of good games on PSN. Especially ours! :-)

  • Hey there Scott,

    Looks like a great add-on for a pretty fun (and affordable) game. Quick question though: will split-screen only be available in the Virus Run or will the upcoming game patch also put split-screen into the main game. The way it’s written is confusing, I can see that splits go in the regular racing but I wasn’t sure if the only way to get the split-screen overhaul was to upgrade with the DLC pack?

    • Hey, nixie. Thanks for the kind words.

      So, the way it’s written is confusing? Uh-oh. I wrote it. That’s not good. Hmmm…

      But seriously… Split-Screen is for local gameplay, for two players. Virus Run is for online gameplay, up to six players. The Virus Run concept wouldn’t really work fs your sitting next to your buddy, as you both would know who is and isn’t infected right away.

      Thanks for the question!

  • Looking good I really hope for a bundle but consider buying it without the bunddle, buy or not to buy, buy…

    • Thanks for the suggestion, DarthDanMan. You’re not the first to ask, and we’re talking about it.

  • Hopefully this DLC will bring more online players as right now theres only a few and its hard to find any matches.

  • Whether I end up playing Smash Cars much more in the future or not (I do like it, but life continually drains my time), I heartily support your company’s work, so I’ll buy this addon immediately of course.

    And TerRover looks like a fun little game as well; I’m very fond of most of the small-shop stuff you and others have released. Best wishes for long-term success.

    • Thanks so much, JimInPT. We greatly appreciate your support, and we’ll keep working to make games you want to play.

  • Whoa Scott, track editor? I didn’t even know that was on the table. That would turn my frown into a Joker smile! If you guys released a decent track editor with a couple more track themes, I’d pay another 10 or 15 bucks for it. This game isn’t just one of my favorite PSN games, it’s one of my favorite PS3 games. It just needs more content!

    Release a good track editor and this is a game I will come back to for years. I know it would also grab the attention of my friends who have their eye on it, but don’t want to pay $15 for a short PSN game.

    If you guys do release some new sets of tracks then maybe you could have one that takes place inside of a mall. That could be pretty funny, or a park with people walking their dogs, kids on swings, people playing soccer, etc.

  • Reef1978, I can’t make any promises. But the more feedback we get about what you and everyone else wants, the more likely we are to make it. Blog responses, Facebook, Twitter, email… however you send us the message, we take it all seriously.

  • Just picked up Smash Cars a week or so ago and love the sounds of the DLC that’s coming out. Still have a bit to finish up in single players as some of these time trials are proving tricky.

    Always a nice treat to get some DLC that adds some new gameplay features as it’s not really something you see happen much these days. Definitely will be picking it up once it’s released.

    Also didn’t realize how many games you guys have out there, and may have to start looking into a few. Picked up Hamster Ball a couple days ago which I’m hoping to get started on this weekend :)

    • Glad to hear you’re excited about the new content, Boxster17! We do have quite a few titles out there, and if you want to find them all in one place, check out our TikGames/Creat Studios publisher page on the PSN. Good luck with the time trials!

  • This truely is a great psn game! I totally agree with everything that (Reef1978) said esp. the track editor and the in the mall level. Looking forward to any dlc you guys throw our way though. Oh and great job Scott on all the blog responses. If only the rest of the blog had this type of response effort. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks so much for the feedback, PrizeFighterX6. Continue to share your opinions with us–we’re listening!

      The best part about making announcements on the blog is talking to you guys. The pleasure is all mine. :-)

  • Finally, an update to Smash Cars. I thought you guys had abandon it. Glad to see that its still being supported, any details if there are future DLC for this game in the future? If not, then are you planning on a sequel? Hope so.

    • Abandon Smash Cars?! No way, Sirynx77! As long as you guys keep lovin’ our games and asking for more content, we will continue to consider additions in the future.

  • Great game… On a side note, you guys have now set the standard for replies to comments. I expect nothing less from anyone else who posts on this site.

    • Happy to be setting the bar, STIFF1. To us, it’s a simple motivation. We want your feedback! Communicating directly with our fans is half the fun of making games.

  • Hi, I bought the recent “virus run” DLC and was looking for some info on that hidden trophy. What needs to be done to unlock it? Me and my fellow trophies hunters would appreciate it thanks.

  • Can i at least get a hint?

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