Coming to PSN: Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes for PS3

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Ahoy-hoy PlayStation.Blog readers! Nathan Vella here — I’m co-founder and president of Capybara. You might remember Capy from such PlayStation Network titles as the barftastic puzzle romp, Critter Crunch! Capy is back on the PlayStation.Blog after a short hiatus to talk about our return to PSN — this time we’ve teamed up with our pals at Ubisoft to bring you Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes.

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes for PS3

Now, some of you might be thinking, “what the hell is this game?” Well, imagine for a moment that the lovely Mrs. Puzzle and dashing Mr. Turn-Based Strategy got together and made a baby — that baby would be the battle system. Now, take that baby and raise it up on RPG adventuring, and you’ve got Might & Magic Clash of Heroes, a puzzle/strategy/RPG hybrid in 2D HD!

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes for PS3

Now, when Clash of Heroes was first published last year, it was showered in critical love and received numerous glorious awards giving Capy lots of reasons to celebrate. And, to celebrate we have taken all the awesomeness of the original, and ratcheting it up to 1000. Now we’re back on the awesome PlayStation Network with online & local versus multiplayer, a new co-op multiplayer mode, tons of balancing tweaks, new unit abilities and so much more.

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes for PS3

Also, we’ve taken our love of both high-definition 2D & traditional animation, and combined them to create the stunning visuals of Clash of Heroes. Critter Crunch artists Qiqo & Sylvain have joined forces with the rest of Capy’s amazing art team to bring you thousands of frames of 2D HD goodness. Capy believes that 2D gaming has a bright future ahead of it in the HD era, and we’re proud to be a part of a small group (alongside upcoming PSN awesomeness like Klei’s Shank) trying to push 2D HD as far as it can go.

I’ve included some screenshots in this post but, in September, you will be able to see the game in action on your PS3! As well, Clash of Heroes will be playable in the Ubisoft booth at this year’s E3, so definitely stay tuned for more news on this game.

Since you’re already online, you can hop over to the Might & Magic Facebook page and hit that trusty LIKE button. And while we’re talking “SOCIAL NETWORKING WEB 6.O DOT COM/INTERNETS”, you can follow Might & Magic Community girl Noemie on Twitter via @UbiXhane, as well as keep up to date with Capy via @Capybara_Games.

Just like the last time we were here, Capy will be answering as many questions as humanly possible. Ask away friends!

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