Coming to PSN: Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes for PS3

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Ahoy-hoy PlayStation.Blog readers! Nathan Vella here — I’m co-founder and president of Capybara. You might remember Capy from such PlayStation Network titles as the barftastic puzzle romp, Critter Crunch! Capy is back on the PlayStation.Blog after a short hiatus to talk about our return to PSN — this time we’ve teamed up with our pals at Ubisoft to bring you Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes.

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes for PS3

Now, some of you might be thinking, “what the hell is this game?” Well, imagine for a moment that the lovely Mrs. Puzzle and dashing Mr. Turn-Based Strategy got together and made a baby — that baby would be the battle system. Now, take that baby and raise it up on RPG adventuring, and you’ve got Might & Magic Clash of Heroes, a puzzle/strategy/RPG hybrid in 2D HD!

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes for PS3

Now, when Clash of Heroes was first published last year, it was showered in critical love and received numerous glorious awards giving Capy lots of reasons to celebrate. And, to celebrate we have taken all the awesomeness of the original, and ratcheting it up to 1000. Now we’re back on the awesome PlayStation Network with online & local versus multiplayer, a new co-op multiplayer mode, tons of balancing tweaks, new unit abilities and so much more.

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes for PS3

Also, we’ve taken our love of both high-definition 2D & traditional animation, and combined them to create the stunning visuals of Clash of Heroes. Critter Crunch artists Qiqo & Sylvain have joined forces with the rest of Capy’s amazing art team to bring you thousands of frames of 2D HD goodness. Capy believes that 2D gaming has a bright future ahead of it in the HD era, and we’re proud to be a part of a small group (alongside upcoming PSN awesomeness like Klei’s Shank) trying to push 2D HD as far as it can go.

I’ve included some screenshots in this post but, in September, you will be able to see the game in action on your PS3! As well, Clash of Heroes will be playable in the Ubisoft booth at this year’s E3, so definitely stay tuned for more news on this game.

Since you’re already online, you can hop over to the Might & Magic Facebook page and hit that trusty LIKE button. And while we’re talking “SOCIAL NETWORKING WEB 6.O DOT COM/INTERNETS”, you can follow Might & Magic Community girl Noemie on Twitter via @UbiXhane, as well as keep up to date with Capy via @Capybara_Games.

Just like the last time we were here, Capy will be answering as many questions as humanly possible. Ask away friends!

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  • September?! Damn, that’s in another 4 months. :( I need this game now.

  • It’s games like this, as well as Shank, that really blow me away when it comes to visuals. There are a lot of games that seems to be made or remade in a 2.5D style and they don’t have NEARLY as much detail as as game like this. HD (hand-drawn or high-def, take your pick) visuals are some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in this generation and I hope they continue. Thanks Capy, more money from my pocket.

  • September? Really? I have to wait that long…. damn. Seriously though. I love Capy and their games. I cannot wait for Clash of Heroes HD. It just may replace Critter Crunch as the prettiest damn thing on the PS3.

  • I think I’m going to have to buy this depending on the gameplay.

    The first two screens make it look like it might be somewhat stale and static, almost like puzzle game, but the 3rd make it appear to be quite a nice looking RPG.

  • I’ll keep my eye on this, I’m always a sucker for RPGs, turn-based is icing on the cake. Hopefully the trophies won’t be centered around multi-player.

    How much will it be?

  • Holy expletive, this looks cool. I agree with Tyrien, though. I’d like to see more on the gameplay. Hopefully a demo is released as well.

  • This is the best news I’ve heard all day! Day-one buy for sure!

  • Price?

  • I’m so buying this!

  • Will double dip for sure!

  • Fantastic design, I hope the animation is up to pair with Critter Crunch, that game had fantastic 2D animation. Keep the 2D sprite alive!!!

    • The same art team from Critter Crunch is working on Clash of Heroes HD – Qiqo for animation, Sylvain for Environment. Then we went and added the rest of the Capy art team to the mix as well.

      Some attacks have more than 125 frame of animation (just 1 unit).


  • I gotta get this because it’s by the dudes behind Critter Crunch although it looks kinda weird, though innovative. Looking forward to the release even if it’s many months away.

  • I loved Critter Crunch so damn much. This’ll be a day one buy for me.

  • The only thing that sucks about this is I have to wait until September to get my hands on it.

    Been salivating at the chance to play this ever since I heard the Area5 crew gush about how great it is.

    Love Critter Crunch and can’t wait to play this as well!

  • I’m guessing gameplay is similar to the DS version which was highly praised. I never played it but now that it’s coming to a system I own I might nab it depending on price.

    I gotta ask tho, since it’s Ubisoft… how bad is the DRM? Gonna be like Capcom with Final Fight?

    Also, 2D ftw!

  • It looks very interesting but i thought it would be out like next week loll September is still far away

  • You guys are awesome will buy day 1.

    I play Critter Crunch way too much on PS3 survival mode is the devil

  • If this is truly a real RPG with nice HD graphics like it shows then I will definitely buy this game! This might be the first “RPG” ive seen this entire console generation on PS3, more so than FF-XIII if thats the case.

    • It’s definitely not a pure RPG – it has RPG elements galore, but the battle system is a really funky hybrid of puzzle and turn-based strategy.

      Turn-based Puzzrategy? Puzzurn-based Stratagle? Something like that…

  • Awesome news!
    Did you tweak the boss battles for this new release? I beat the game, but I must admit my strategy for the last boss depended quite a bit on luck.

    • We certainly did – Lead Designer Greg is in his balancing lab as we speak, making sure to tweak the bosses in the best possible way.

      And that’s just the tip of Greg’s balancing/tweaking/change work on the HD version…

  • I really enjoyed Critter Crunch; it’s one of the best puzzle games I’ve played. Capybara has some truly great artists.

    That said, any dynamic themes coming in the near future?

    • To be totally honest – we’re freaking swamped :)

      We’d love to rock some dynamic themes and more for Critter Crunch, but our little studio has to finish a few games first.

      Thanks for the love :)

  • Capy.. is it ok to admit that I love you guys?

    After how amazing Critter Crunch looked and played.. I cannot wait for this one!

  • Was hoping it would come out sooner, anyways can’t wait to play it.

  • Wow, looks very very good. I like Hi-Res 2D Art, especially when they’re animated well! I want some video clips and if it looks good, D1D (day 1 download) =)

  • Sounds and looks outstanding. The gameplay recipe makes me believe this will be Capy’s best come September.

    I’m investing in a 60″ (3D) TV in about a months time, this in 1080p should look absolutely glorious.

  • I will most definitely be picking this up when it comes out. How many hours of gameplay would you guess that this game has? Thanks for showing us PS3 gamers some love!

    • The game is BEEFY.

      The main quests represent 15+hrs, and then there are side quests, bounty hunting, special BATTLE PUZZLES and so on.

      It’s anywhere from 20-25hrs or more if you feel like 100% it :)

  • This cannot come out soon enough. I’ve played through it on the NDS and I would love to play through it again in HD with all the added tweaks!

  • Two questions if you will :

    -Do you know what you’ll be pricing this at? A little early, I know, but one of the more attractive things about Critter Crunch was its price on release ($5.99 if I recall). I understand if this costs more since it’s an improved version of a full DS game.

    -Any guesstimates on single player campaign length? Are there multiple difficulties, new game+, or unlockable extras?

  • Ignore part 2, I see 24 beat me to the punch, heh

  • Is this an PS3 exclusive?

  • looks interesting.. i may have to check it out

  • Knowing this…
    “The main quests represent 15+hrs, and then there are side quests, bounty hunting, special BATTLE PUZZLES and so on.

    It’s anywhere from 20-25hrs or more if you feel like 100% it :)”

    Any chance that you can lobby to have this be a platinum trophy PSN game?

  • Some questions :

    1-Will we also get an UMD release.

    2-Any difference from it’s DS counterpart.

    3-Will you be publishing DLC, (DS Is not practical for DLC, but i guess psp might have a chance)

    4-Any multiplayer abilities for this game, the psp party software they released this year is great, hope i can use it with your game.

    • Some answers:

      1- Clash of Heroes HD isn’t coming out on PSP, so no chance of UMD.

      2- The biggest differences are the online/offline 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 battles, alongside new unit abilities & artifacts.

      3- TBD… But if people pick the game up, there’ll be a good reason to do DLC

      4- MP is via PSN, PSP support likely wont happen. Sry.

  • The screenshots are in 720p — will the game not be 1080p like Critter Crunch was?

    Can we look forward to more HD audio like in Critter Crunch? who is doing the music for this release of M&M?

    Will the local co-op play be available for the main story/campaign mode? This was one thing we felt was missing from Critter Crunch.

    Will all of the story/campaign trophies be attainable in co-op mode? I really don’t like games that make me replay an entire story/campaign more than once in order to get all the trophies.

    Need to give props to the PixelJunk guys for making awesome 1080p 2D games as well, even if the art isn’t hand-drawn. PixelJunk Eden was the reason we bought our PS3!

    keep up the awesome work!

    • The game’s gonna be 720p for many reasons… I know this is probably not what people want to hear, but it’s the best for the game right now.

      We’ll be aiming for HD audio, and it’s the same audio team that did Critter Crunch

      There’s no story co-op… the game simply wasn’t designed to handle it. Co-op is a Versus battle mode.

      I need to give props to Pixeljunk as well, cause they rule hard :)

  • (reading replies)

    I’m glad to hear there’s longer animation sequences in this game than Critter Crunch, but will there also be more variety in the sequences? Like, two or three different sequences for certain actions (e.g. walk cycles)?

    • There’s 45 units, 10 heroes, 60+ NPCs, 50+ maps… Capy is a small team so doing tons of variation would result in the death of our artists. You dont want that kind of blood on your hands… trust me…

      Quality over quantity!

  • im digging the animeish look!

  • Looks amazing. Can’t wait to get this.

    Critter Crunch was excellent, and more than worth the price, but I do wish they had more local co-op than the survival mode.

  • Wow… this game looks so bleedin’ awesome. Hope the RPG aspect is decent. Look forward to tryin’ it out.

  • A puzzle / strategy / RPG hybrid.. Awesome! a 7 out of 10.. THE FAZEONES LOUNGE

  • can we expect some DLC on Critter Crunch?

    I know this is no question based on your News, but i really would like to see more Lvls for Critter Crunch. Barf Barf…

    Oh and btw this sounds interesting, i hope we will get a demo on it ;)

    Greets Sama

    • Like I said, Capy is SWAMPED right now trying to get a bunch of games out the door. We’ll do what we can to give Critter Crunch some more love at the first possible moment we aren’t drowning in work :)

  • Is this game anything like the heroes of might and magic on the pc?Because i have seen some characters that are in both the games.Like the characters from hell or the forest people.

    • The game takes place ~40 years after HOMM5, so you get to follow some of the HOMM Heroes as young adults.

      All the factions & Units are from the M&M universe as well!

  • How strong is the game development community in Toronto? I’m from Oakville and have followed your team closely, and you seem to be the only AAA development team in your area.

    I’m asking because I have a business idea, but it doesn’t work without a strong development community.

    • Toronto has one of the best development communities out there – on the indie side. If you’re interested, you should check out, which is a bi-monthly gathering of all folk indie in the GTA (devs, journo’s, enthusiasts, etc).

      As for “traditional” developers, there’s a handful as well.

      In short, Toronto is an amazing city to be a small independent developer in.

  • Game sounds interesting. Plus 2D I so enjoy 2D. So nice and crisp. I truly enjoy the look of 2D games & wish more developers would make them. So thanks for making a great looking 2D game.

    One thing I am wondering does the game support PSP/PS3 remote play? I would like be able to take this nice looking game on the go.

  • Definitely buying, but September? adolson am sad. :(

  • September? Butbutbut…I want to play this now ;_;

    I think I saw a trailer for this on Gametrailers a while back and have been stoked every since. I’ll definitely be picking this up day one. Makes me wish there were more story driven PSN games available.

    Keep up the good work guys! It sucks that I’ll have to wait 4 months to play, but appreciate getting a well polished, completed game. It really shows how much it hurts the final product when games are rushed out earlier than they should be (Just look at almost every movie based game that gets released…)

  • Along time from now. Going to get this game though!
    How long did it take to make?
    Is it still in development?
    Can we see a remoteplay feature?

    • the 3-and-a-bit months will FLY by… trust me…

      We’re still knee-deep in development, fixing bugs, making animations, gameplay balancing, and so on :)

  • Bought Critter Crunch day 1 and loved it. Will be doing the same for this. I love your games!

  • Have you guys thought about doing psp versions of all your games. I think they would work well.

    • While we’d love to do some PSP-loving, we’re a small company who’s got a lot on our plate already.

      In short, no PSP stuffs any time soon.

  • I’m interested in this. For what it’s worth, September really is too bad; college happens then and summer is personally a much more appealing timeframe.

  • Critter Crunch is easily the best puzzler on PSN!
    And easily one of the best overall games on PSN period.
    Me and my wife had the number one spot on the leaderboards for the co-op mode for awhile. We were so excited we actually took pictures! Lame I know but awesome as hell too…… we’ve since been dethroned :(
    Anyhoo, can’t wait to see more and can’t wait ’til september.
    Keep up the good work Capybara games!

    • Thanks for the kinds words & support – it means a lot to us.

      We’ll do our best to keep making games you & your wife can enjoy!

      The people who are now #1 in the Critter Crunch Coop leaderboards hit a million-point combo, so it’s gonna take some serious work to dethrone them :)

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